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<3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3

Hey everyone, I wrote this blog post so long ago ...


Hey everyone,

I wrote this blog post so long ago and people still swing by to comment here, which is cool. As evident from the ongoing conversation, this is a case that still haunts many of us, including popular podcasters like Generation Why and several others.

Due to the length of time since the publication of this post, Blogger won't instantly publish your comments without my approval now. Although I'm not as active in Second Life anymore, I do still check the Emerald Wynn email address a few times a month and that's when I see your comments pop up there for approval. If you don't see your comment posted right away, I promise it'll get here eventually. :)

Thank you as always for reading. Peace and love to Elisa and her family. ♥ – E.

Someone has compiled all the personal posts from h...


Someone has compiled all the personal posts from her Tumblr here-
Also a mixture of postings from her Instagram/Tumblr/Blogger here-

I had tried to add an additional comment but it di...


I had tried to add an additional comment but it didn’t make it so I thought I would try again… I still think this is like a miniature version of 911. I could draw a few parallels. Though we saw the towers go down in front of our eyes and have videos of it… we still aren’t certain about how and why they went down just as they did.Same here. We know Elisa drowned but how and why she got in the tank is a mystery. There are many strange ‘coincidences’ connected with the 911 tragedy. Same here … the weirdest is probably the TB test kit having the same name as the deceased. But the Dark Water thing is pretty spooky too… and just like the video in 911 we have a video here… it is a strange video. I could go on but will leave it at that for now. Now this to me is some really creepy stuff. Actually 911 is pretty creepy too. But the real ‘problem’ I have with this is outside the event itself. Reading between the lines so to speak. This to me looks like it was planned… again like 911. But who did the planning … and what is really behind all this. There are questions that are behind this that in their import are pretty frightening …Your post is long and thoughtful… there are so many questions raised by her case it is pathetic how few answers… did anybody check on her cell phone? Did they get stats from her provider? What about the video… it really seems to have been edited. And is that really her..? And Imbolc… St. Brigid’s Day… its February 1st… the date of the video and may have been the date of the murder…You left this out from Ether Fields: “It is a weariness that keeps me at a standstill.” It is a fantastic line. She was very far from stupid, and though she may have been bi-polar, she was very sane too. I don’t think this was suicide. It was something … different.I begin to see this horror as a sort of constellation. It has various ‘focal’ points. Her blog is one … One of them is the Cecil, but the Cecil harbors several such nexus points- the elevator, the water tank, her room(s) seem to be invisible focal points to most of us- another invisible focal point would be the club she visited. I read somewhere that when she arrived at the Cecil she walked in with two men, and they were carrying some sort of box. Hmmm.Another such point is the TB scare. This outbreak has more than one component and probably has more to say to us than we think. Of course it is a fact that UBC- her University- was heavy into TB research. Just curious. Now from another site that has some details about TB:“The best way to incubate pathogens is providing the perfect environment such as water tanks that are not irradiated by the sunlight. Elisa Lam was missing for nearly three weeks which are the perfect period to incubate Mycobacterium tuberculosis and transmit the disease through the water tank. An infection can cause bloated tummy and internal bleeding which can be misunderstood as a sexual assault....Was Elisa Lam infected by Mycobacterium tuberculosis which LAM-ELISA target? Was Elisa Lam a victim of the LAM-ELISA experiment to examine pathogenic behavior in human brains? Is Elisa Lam's death a result of bioterrorism?” I think this is extreme but it is another point of view. And of course another focal point would be the movie Dark Water… if this didn’t harbor the spooky parallels it does it could easily be dismissed.I liked your post. You took this quite personally. So to speak. Particularly the following… “OK, I have to break the serious tone of this post for a minute to say SHEEEEEEEEZUS that could be the grossest thing I've ever heard. I'm sorry, but WOW. I would probably puke for WEEKS if I was one of those people. "We're not well mentally," said British tourist and hotel guest Michael Baugh, 27. YOU THINK?On Feb. 20, officials issue a "do not drink" order to guests and residents of the hotel. (Um, too late?)”Like for rea[...]

Emerald, Thought I would try one more time... cou...



Thought I would try one more time... couldn't tell if the post went thru or not...

I find her case haunting too; very. I had forgotten all about it, I think I came across on the site ‘well of high strangeness’ like easily over a year ago, well a reference to it, but it was some time ago now and I had looked at it remembering it as a disappearance. Just a couple of days ago I looked at it again, it was stuck in my mind, and I found myself going down a rabbit hole.

Now having looked at many bits and pieces I find her case makes me think of 911, a miniature version of 911. There are so many weird details that don’t seem to lead to anything and yet they do lead somewhere. Of course there is so much junk on the internet about the case it is hard to separate fact and fiction unless you take some time.

Here is a connection that seems totally off the wall but yet seems strange enough to include. You may know of it. Aleister Crowley, the English occultist, had a stay in the Hotel Cecil. Not this one in LA but the one in London the Cecil Hotel may have taken its name from… while he was there he wrote Jephthah:

Jephthah in the Old Testament was a judge known for defeating the Ammonites and after his victory he sacrificed his daughter as a burnt offering. You can find her name in the Pseudo Philo… it was Seila. Well if you rearrange the letters it is Elisa.

More here…

It is a peculiar coincidence.


I am trying to find her Facebook page and can'...


I am trying to find her Facebook page and can't seem to find it. In addition can someone send me the link to all of her social media accounts? I only found her tumblr and I could not seem to find posts about her "West Coast Tour" album that is mentioned all over google. I have been following this story for quite some time - it is fascinating and disturbing. I really want to find out more answers and learn more about Elisa Lam - the human being not the media persona.

"On 2/19/2013 at 1000 hours, the decedent was...


"On 2/19/2013 at 1000 hours, the decedent was found in a rooftop water tank by a maintenance worker for the hotel....911 was called and Los Angeles Fire Department #9 responded to determine death at 1022 hours"

"On 2/19/2013 at 1249 hours, Officer Sanchez reported this death to our office"

Please observe a moment of prayer for the soul of Elisa Lam - our thoughts are with her family and friends in on this 3rd year anniversary.

A Hoax....???


A Hoax....???

Please take a few moments today to commemorate the...


Please take a few moments today to commemorate the death of Elisa Lam early this morning three years ago.

May she rest in peace! :(

My god Emerald, I just stumbled back upon your blo...


My god Emerald, I just stumbled back upon your blog and I am so happy you are blogging on occasion again. This post has given me tears (the laughing kind and the more emo kind) <3

Your welcome, anytime, Em! And thanks for the plan...


Your welcome, anytime, Em! And thanks for the plant which I needed to resurrect the other night as I have been offline for a spell! I wish you link to my blog was to something new and shiny but I have gone on a sabbatical for the time being.

We're all very glad to have you on Lithe!

I have that house! Here's what's currently...


I have that house! Here's what's currently surrounding me, it's like a freakin' country banjaroo around here! (I do love the house, though. Adorable. Come over any time, seriously!)

Planned. It does seem planned to me. Like a low bu...


Planned. It does seem planned to me. Like a low budget "found footage" or independent horror film. When I see this it feels like she is acting. Deep down I believe that someone convinced her to help them make a little horror film. What better reason to go to the Cecil? What a clever way to hid a murder? Cover it up with strange coincidence and odd victim behavior. Make the crime so bizarre, so out there, that it becomes the stuff of legend. So much false evidence and wrong leads will pop up that the authorities will merely give up.

Happy Halloween! And thank YOU for always making ...


Happy Halloween! And thank YOU for always making my inventory not seem horrible! (mine is over 200k too)<3

hard candy ..exactly...i thought,,its gotta be a b...


hard candy ..exactly...i thought,,its gotta be a bit planned......

Waaai~ I remember that dinosaur~!! *snugs Em* You&...


Waaai~ I remember that dinosaur~!! *snugs Em* You're always welcome on my sky cupcake. Or my Linden House.

Wow, Ive been haunted as well by her story. I jus...


Wow, Ive been haunted as well by her story. I just thought reading myself when you said that you were going to think about her creepy video when taking an elevator. Me, thinking always about this taking it at job or at home, looking at the cold buttons and searching for something else inside the mirror.

However what gives me more troubles to sleep is her las pic with that dark outfit, her left hand hanging at side in a strange pposición... We never know what she was thinking that day. Before reading your entry I had already thought about her meeting someone... I know many ppl traveling alone but in her case... Having boyfriend, friends... Why going alone? Maybe she planned everything from the start. Going to a gloomy place like that hotel...

I've edited this post about 9,000 times. It ma...


I've edited this post about 9,000 times. It makes me look like a dysfunctional, unstable, train-wreck tenant. I maybe should have titled it "How to Abuse the Hell Out of a Parcel." I can imagine the "Project Runway" judges talking about my "taste level." Looking at some of these photos, I cannot imagine what the hell I was thinking at the time, except "Weeeeeeee!" I also have to give props to all my neighbors and thank them for not launching a massive campaign to boot my ass out of there. One of my favorite memories is of Sehra sending me a really polite message asking me if I could so something about my summer snowstorm that was drifting into her yard. And hunting for dozens of my breedable (and by then, dead) baby chickens at the bottom of the ocean.

If anything, the whole thing was an artistic expression of mania at its finest. Like those articles you see featuring self-portraits by artists on various mind-altering substances and prescription drugs.

I don't take antidepressants or other mood-altering medications anymore, as evident by the more sedate trailer I've spent my last year living in. I'm on a more natural kick now. It was a fun, wild ride though!

I didn't mean to get so sentimental and sappy in this post, but damn, I will always love the place, and my landlady. ;)

This brought tears to my eyes! I've loved read...


This brought tears to my eyes! I've loved reading your blog over the years and have laughed out loud at some of the crazy concoctions you've thrown together on Bluebonnet. When I heard that Alicia was going to be changing the sim, you were my first thought. I hope you are able to find a happy place on SL again and I look forward to what you come up with in the future!

Stop making me cry! *laughs* Thank you so much fo...


Stop making me cry! *laughs* Thank you so much for living on Bluebonnet these past several years. You made that section of land fun and interesting and utterly enjoyable to see. No matter what is built there next, any time I am in that area, I will always think of it as YOUR place. ♥

Hi there, posted a new Elisa Lam video "Elisa...


Hi there, posted a new Elisa Lam video "Elisa Lam - Blue Child Odyssey (2Q13)".

I hope you enjoy it.

Hunter Thompson

Nobody really knows about what happened to her pho...


Nobody really knows about what happened to her phone... She was a target the moment she arrived in LA because they specifically took advantage of her bipolar disorder to erase the tracks? Either she had a stalker or was communicating with a stranger that knew about her disorder but I think she talked about having relapse on her tumblr? So her personal health issue is accessible to the public. She seems like a smart girl though, picking Cecil has to be motivated by someone she was communicating with. I definitely believe the premeditated theory.

thanks for replying to my comment and checking the...


thanks for replying to my comment and checking the camera speed out... also, I noticed for some reason my message about SL FB Page came out with a wrong word... the word Decline for some reason was there but I have no idea how spell check got that from what I typed... there is a post during her time of still being missing for a CECILE. It is public and it is the only way you can get to sarah lam's profile. Just wanted to clear that up. It was really odd to me; too that she wore the same outfit as the little girl named Cecil e in the American version of the movie "Dark Waters."

Great meditation on the subject, Em! (You will nev...


Great meditation on the subject, Em! (You will never drop off my blogroll, fwiw, but then mine isn't on a massive number of blogrolls anyway.)

Immersive virtual reality is just not for everyone. We are special people and we have a special place thanks to Linden Lab. Mayo Clinic recognizes the value of SL in augmented virtual reality for one example of where a large company has seen SL's worth but it's special, too.

I would love to work for Linden Lab, too, but they would just be paying me for doing what I presently do, unpaid. Well, except for all that escort service--um, customer service stuff I used to do.

Take a look at the Drax Files. LL is doing pretty well with his videos showing real people and their avatars doing interesting and complex things. I do wish they would hire you because you are such a wonderful writer.

My blogroll would have 100% less Em if you dropped...


My blogroll would have 100% less Em if you dropped off of it! I couldn't have that.