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Second Life and Times of a Digi Doll named Topaz, with a bit of other randoms thrown in.

Updated: 2018-03-06T11:13:41.178-08:00


Trying to blog more..really..


Just a quick one, cuz I promised! I did this pic as an inside joke with a bud <3. Must find more booty poppin anims cuz they make me happy!
I've been wanting a pose pole for ages, and was stoked to find out there was a decent one on sale for only 50l! There's 10 or so poses, so you'll be seeing some more of this herr lil doo dad. Maybe there will even be a cameo from a friend :O.



*Sings* Haters wanna Hate, Lovers wanna Love, I don't even want none of the above... 8D I've always wanted to look like this in RL lol.

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Tis Been A While


It's been ages since I blogged here. Going to try to make an effort to keep this one up! A lot has happened since my last post. More to come soon lil blog that nobody reads! <3




I had to blog this look, I really REALLY like it! Uh Oh list time ya'll.
  • A) This T-shirt is my all time fave, ever. Irie Campese the creator, is tops on my list of designers that I'm extremely impressed by.
  • B) The hairband is something from my store.
  • C) The skin which is absolutely gorgeous was made by my good friend Sileny.
  • D) The rockin tatt is a limited freebie :O.
  • E) The tape is semi new from Sinistyle *win*
  • F) And you can never go wrong with Lamb hair and Fishy Strawberry Jeans.


I wanted to post a little something from this past weekends Project Themeory. It has been by far my favourite theme since it started. It pretty much broke my bank, and sent me way below my budget for savings. was well worth it :D I'm only showing a few of the items I got cuz I'm queen lazy. Yus!(image)

Sweet sweet cute Monster Hoody! It's got a knitted texture that looks soooo cozy, and the sculpted hood couldn't have been put together better.

This is a shot of the front of my store, note the dino hangin out front to greet visitors. It's from the incredible D-Lab. I have sooo many items from there and could certainly not pass up the steal of a deal that was their themeory item! The little airplane above the dino is also from D-Lab. I got it for my son because he likes ducks and he likes planes so score to me.

Fin, Ciao.

Veschi Sale



The oh so amazing Veschi is having a 50% off sale on all items except new releases until May 5th. I luff! I'm in absolute awe with many of the talented designers in SL. I love the fact that I have access to so many different genres, styles, circa's and the best part is that SL's pretty current when it comes to the latest trends and fads. Being a stay at home mother, keeps me busy and I find it hard to keep up at times. If it weren't for SL as a hobby I'd have no idea what's going on in the fashion world apart from Lady Gaga lol. Anyway here are a few goodies from Veschi. Go grab them while you can at the discounted prices! She's also having a promotion where if you buy a fatpack marked with a blue star, send her a note with your transaction info and you qualify for a draw to win the WHOLE Veschi collection! :D

The jacket is from Veschi. Friggin, frackin HAWTE I tell you :)
(image) Bottoms from Veschi, yummy yummy ruffles, also comes with a skirt option.

(image) Sorry about the pic, I'm lazy. Skin is from Ugly Duck Gacha 1. Fade Lei rocks socks so go buy and support her. I had the pleasure of meeting her, she's a self taught artist with morals and is trying to make a living from SL. SO go buy stuff NAO. She's an absolute doll. I bought some more goodies from Ugly Duck and Hat Mechanic that I'll show you soon.

Luff n Sticky Stuff,


A Wonderful Creator, An Old Pic, and a bit of a piss off



I was so wonderfully surprised by the generosity of Miss Jas Core owner of VivaPoses. I've seen her oh so awesome glitter photo box cube quite a few times on the feeds recently. I went to check out her store and of course joined the sub-o. The next day there was a message from her stating that there's a mini hunt in her shop for gift cards! :O I have to ashamedly admit that I was a bit of a greedy swine and snatched up as many as I could. I ended up getting the cube and bought another pose prop, that I'll be using very soon. Thank you Jas for your creations and kindness, please keep em coming!

(image) A picture I took on St. Patty's day and finally got around to fixing it up. Yay!

(image) And finally a slight piss off. This happens to me quite a lot...:/ I'm NOT knocking anyone, or trying to be a bitch..yes I know this happens to everyone..RL and SL. BUT, I spend good hard earned RL money here, and I have a right to my opinion and of course rant.
A store announced a closing sale, a wonderful store BTW. Anyway we had untill the weekend to reap and spend until everything was gone "forever". All items were priced at half off or less, sweet! I ran there because time is of the essence for me, bought up loads and was happy. Then 3 days later I get another note saying that for the next few days, everything was now reduced to 25L or less...WTF?...WTF? This including ALL the items I just bought like 3 days prior. If I had waited, I would've saved atleast 600L or more. >:O
Sad to see them go, wonderful creations etc. Oh! and I forgot, they had some boxes set up at the landing point that were for sale for 5L each. Me the dummy bought them not realizing they were FREEEEE sub-o gifts from no more than a month ago. *SIGH* Anyhoo, bye bye, be well thank you for the sale and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.


I'm such a D.W.E.E.B.


Oh Hai Mr. Sexy, Juiced, Meat Mountain Actor Man. You are something kinda ooh and you make me go MMMMmmmmm!!!! You will will never be as cool, sweet or beautiful as my husband is to me, for he is perfect in my eyes. But DAMN! everyone's allowed a fantasy or two, or three :OOO. Lucy Lawless is one lucky bish.

Takin the Duck Over The Bunny This Easter


I am so very elated about this free skin available at the pose fair this weekend! Fade Lei creator of Ugly Duck, made this low lag skin for both male and female avs. I have to say that this is one of the best free "low lag" skins I've ever gotten. I'm in love with Ugly Duck skins!! Fade is definitely one of my top favorite designers in SL. Girls got talent!


I love you Ugly Duck, I'm coming to spend some dollas on you real soon.

Lady Gaga Has My Heart


Alejandro, Alejandro, Ale, Alejandro. Don't call my name.

What's with me and blue tint? :O




ZOMG! Getting better n'est pas? *wiggles eyebrows*


How freakin bad do I want to learn how to make my own sculpts and be a PS genius?? Pretty bad let me tell ya.

New Emerald Buglets..<3


FTW? LMAO...i had a jacket AND pants on...or so my inventory said...LIAR!


Hawte! 8D

Guilty Pleasure's Are Dangerous


I need to think of a story to put here. I'm quite pleased with the pics so I posted them first. More to come soon..I hope...


Lunch Break at Zombiefest


Woohoo! Zombiefest! Totally my kind of jam. This was one of the best events I've ever been to, and best of all it's for a great cause!


Making Friends at Zombiefest



We ate her shoes


We came upon this tasty morsel of a young lady, while trolling around some random back alley. I have no idea why she was there all by her lonesome. She was really nice, but her blood type gives us indigestion, so we ate her shoes instead.


Thanks so much Becca for playing with us! You rock!

Thank You!


I'd like to thank everyone that came out to support the opening of my lil shop TazzMania! I want to thank everyone who blogged and everyone who came by to check it out! Making stuff is a new, fun, and exciting hobby and learning curve for me. I don't expect to become some crazy designer or anything, I don't have the skill, or time for that. But, like I said it's fun and I'm learning new things all the time. I'm moving the store to a new location cuz I was running low on prim space, I can't wait to set up and get things going again. I look forward to getting better and offering lot's of free/low priced items for us po folk out there xD.

P.S. To the haters.....
I'm not trying to be "original" or special in any way, shape or form. I'm just less, no more. You don't like my stuff? Good for you, I'll ban you from my plot, so you don't have to endure the torture that are my creations. Why don't you use your stolen photoshop and make something better? Or, read a book perhaps? Kthxbai. <3

Bambaclats, Sketelbams and FassyHoles..Take a Number


Before I even start..I want to apologize to Adriane and Griffy. They're probably the ONLY one's who read this blog and I never or barely swear around them. I just find it inappropriate since they're both so classy and have manners, they're a rare breed. Sorry guys for the potty mouth that you are about to read.A rant that is long overdue from a pissed off, tired of B.S. Taz. My very first list! Wewt! Of things that make me wish I had a gun, but glad I don't. Or rather, make me wish I was some crazy hacker.....1. DON'T ASK ME FOR MONEY! RL or SL. Fuck off and get a job you fucking bum. I know you go through your whole friends list asking everyone for some money. Have you no damn shame? No pride? Don't you care that people are sick and tired of you begging when we're in a depression and things are as tight as they are? I played SL for almost 2 years before I started using any real money and I NEVER EVER asked anyone for not even 1L. Unless you're a close friend or SL family, forget it the answer is and always will be N.O. spells NO.2. DON'T BE A FUCKING BITCH. Ya I know you have mood swings, you me and the next joe has them, sorry you're not special. I really don't care if you're in a bad mood just cause...hate to break it to ya..but nobody does. One minute you're sweet as pie and the next you're scorned or whatever and you wanna get snarky and nasty. How about this? Let me give you a nice bitch slap to get you out of your funk. Hey whatever works right? Why so serious? Cuz I didn't follow your "rules" relax it's a game bizatch. See me? With my tiny violin? Ode to you. Since when did it start being cool to be a bitch or an asshole? What's so bad about your RL that you have to be such a jerk off in SL? Boo fucking hoo. And if that's the case, then maybe you shouldn't be in SL for society's sake. Since when did it start being cool to be rude and nasty to others, strangers or not? And how come I never heard about this trend?3. I KNOW YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF YOU NARCISSISTIC ENABLER BUT DON'T BE SO CONCEITED. Why do you like to write in your profile and in chat about how cool you think you are, how hot you look and that you're totally taken. So sorry to burst your bubble, but YOU'RE NOT. You're not better than anyone else and most people will agree with me. Unless you've saved a life, or went through some crazy traumatic experience only to survive and learn from it, then you need to EARN some respect. 4. MAMA SAYS "IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, THEN DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL". DON'T talk to me about my AV, if I want your damn opinion then I'll ask for it kay? Unless we're close..I don't want to hear what you have to say..really. There might be something about you that makes me want to yack, my choice is to keep it to myself. SL is supposed to be fun, I assume that most people make their AVS a reflection of what they like and of their RL character/aspects. Ain't nothing wrong with that. That's some pretty personal stuff, so why diss them or me because you don't agree? Do you work for Chanel, is your name Karl Lagerfeld? No? Oh excuse my ignorance, let me offer you a nice hot cup of STFU. There there all better now? And if we ARE close...I don't mind the odd joke, or your negative feedback put in an endearing way, I'm not that uptight. Just do it tactfully, like I would for you, if I said anything at all. That's about it for now. I'd like to think of myself as a pretty easy going person so my list is not very long...but damn there are a lot of idiots out there, I can only handle so many. There's a silver lining to this cloud and that's the wonderful people that I've come across tha[...]

Carnival of Doom Sadly I Bid You Adieu


I was so sad to learn that most of the rezzable sims are clsoing and will be gone from SL for good. Especially the Carnival of Doom. I loved that place. Despite the array of "odd" characters that I came across there, I was so in love with it's dark beauty. I have a fetish for dark carnival/scary So Carnival of Doom was like a second home to me. There really is no other sim like it and don't think there ever will be. I managed to snap a few pics of the side show and hope to get some more before it's gone.




I've been trying to teach myself Gimp for ages now, but it's only in the past month or so that I've really made some progress. Here's the result of some crazy beginner tinkering


Ode To Michael


I just wanted to do a quick post regarding the untimely death of the master himself, Mr. Michael Jackson.

Yesterday I freaked when I saw that MJ had passed away on the local news. My heart sank and I got shivers, I just couldn't believe it. I am a HUGE fan of him and have loved his music since I was a small child. My mom used to play all of his stuff when I was little and I LOVED every single song that he did, there's not one that I didn't like. I remember when Thriller came out and I wanted to watch it so bad but when I finally saw bits of it, I had nightmares cuz it was just that good. Then in the 90's when he released the song "Black or White" I was smitten yet again, I even entered a dance/lip sync competition with that song and came in third place! I was like 10 or 11 at the time.

Growing up as a teen and in my early twenties I stared listening to a lot of the Jackson 5 songs, and was constantly blown away by his voice even as a child! A DJ friend of mine did a crazy remix of the song "One More Chance" with the song "Money Power Respect" and it was sick! I'll never forget it. It's funny cuz when it came to Pop music in the 80's most were either Madonna or Michael...I was 100% Michael all the way and will be to the end.

Throughout all the negative controversy that he had to endure, I always prayed deep in my heart that all those allegations were never true. The media is a great thing but in many cases it's a cruel monster that destroys the lives of many people to make a quick buck and Michael Jackson was definitely one of it's worst victims.

I just want to say that I love Michael and his music, he made me very happy, his voice was that of an angel and his dancing puts the devil to shame. I hope he's in a better place now and that's he's in true peace. He's going to live forever in the hearts of his fans and through his music and second to none videos. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us and you literally truly were one of a kind.



Heheh note to self here....I sowwy I've been neglecting my lil ol blog but I pwomise i'm going to come up with something good! I'm just waiting for a win in the chair at Canimal! It's the only prize in a chair that has slipped through my greedy fingers and I will NOT stop stalking it until I get it! Stay tuned ja?



(image) I'm tryin real hard to learn the Gimp just for fun. I has a big boner for fashion and I love putting together outfits and taking pics! I mean Taz is *MY* doll and we like to play dress up. XD

Ambushed! (Submission for the Katat0nik Animal Crackers Contest)



I was the luckiest girl in SL the day I found out I was one of the winners in the competition I entered! This is the photo I submitted. Huge gigantore thanks to Kat and Adaire for choosing my photo!!! I now have an awesome Katat0nik collectors item! Woot! Plus the whole animal crackers collection. Say Wha?

My Bebeh!! Taken on April 24 2009 13 Months Old


I'm so proud of him!

Calling all SpookS! O.O


Aww mah poor lil Bro he was scared! We we're trying to call Elvis but we got George Burns instead! :/ I held his hand for comfort but truthfully I was just as scared as he was!