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Preview: Beauty Salon Cri-Cri

Beauty Salon Cri-Cri

Hair Shop in SL

Updated: 2018-03-06T16:25:03.989-08:00


Cri-Cri Main Store & KDC Store closed


  Hello.  I'm sorry for my long absense!  Today I have a sad news to Cri-Cri customers:(

Cri-Cri main store in Omotesando SIM is CLOSED because of Omotesando SIM closing.

  I hope I could build new main store in somewhere but I won't be able to have PC till next September and cannot work in SL till then.
  Therefore I will keep Cri-Cri booth in other mall as long as I can but I'll stop creating products and building new shops.
  I'm very sorry and thank you for being fun of Cri-Cri!






Important Notice from Cri-Cri


To Customers

Thank you for your attention.
Today I have an important notice about my shop.
I have to work for Self Defense Force from April, 4th and live in its base.  It'll be hard to play SL since I cannot bring my PC to there at least 7 months.
 I'll keep my main store for 3 months but I cannot support customers service well.  I'll try to go to internet cafe and reply to your note card but I'm sorry if it be too late.
Just in case for transferring bug, I took away Gift vendors.  SIM lag sometimes causes transfer missing X(
In order to reduce note cards of inquiry, please do not send me note cards for review copies or events.
I'm really sorry.
I don't have any information about my new job and I don't know when I can get PC and play SL.  I'll send group notice if I get info about it.
Thank you very much and plz keep in touch w/ Cri-Cri!




お問い合わせに関しましても、ブログ用サンプルやイベントのお誘いはご遠慮願います ○┓


Beauty Salon Cri-Cri

gShort01 update, Cri-Cri


Hello, Cri-Cri found mistake in gShort01 hair(pic is above) and updated it to ver.3.1.
If you have CriCri-gShort01 series, please visit our main store and update them.

How To Update:
Please visit main store and read the update machine to see which hairs you can update.
Update cards are in the folda or in shopping bag or shopping cart.
Please touch the bag/cart and select "Get Item" from the dialog menu to get update card.

Cri-Cri main store:


2.アップデートカードを装着し、「Loading comple」とチャットするのを待つ

Cri-Cri main store:

Cri-Cri@FTLO Ice Festival


 Hello! Cri-Cri released ladies' hair and treasure hunt hair!

New Hair: Cri-Cri+ KnitCap.F
*24 hair color change(w/ mesh parts)
*11 cap color change
**Only sold in FTLO Ice Festival till 26th**

FTLO Hunt: Dec,5th - Dec,26th
About 50 shops participate in FTLO Ice festival and each shop provide exclusive 100L product and treasure hunt prize.
Find Snow objects in the SIM and get prizes inside it:D
Cri-Cri provide knit cap hair which is 1 color version of 100L knit cap hair.

FTLO Ice Festival:

Also Zombie Popcorn Hunt in Cri-Cri Main Store

FTLO Ice Festival会場にてレディースヘアとトレハン品をリリースしました!
New Hair: Cri-Cri+ KnitCap.F 
**26日まではFTLO Ice Festival会場のみの販売となります**

FTLO Hunt: 12月5日~26日

FTLO Ice Festival:

本店にてZombie Popcorn Huntも開催中ですヽ(・∀・)ノ

ZPHunt and new hairs!


Hello. Cri-Cri made new hair brand "Cri-Cri+" and released 2 ladies' hairs, man's zombie hair for Zombie Popcorn Hunt3.

First of all, I made new brand " Cri-Cri+" to make different hair styles from Cri-Cri.
Cri-Cri hairs were Japanese casual styles, but for Cri-Cri+ I'm gonna make more normal hairs.
Selling price is also different from Cri-Cri. Cri-Cri+ sells only fat pack and they are 300L.
I don't have time to re-build store so it's little messy, sorry about it XD

New Hair:
1. Cri-Cri+ SidePonytail
2. Cri-Cri+ TwinPonytail

Both hairs include:
*24 Hair color change(can change mesh & other part differentry)
*4 bangs
*Hairband/or Bow color change

These functions are in just one hair (change styles by dialog) and price is 300L.
You can also buy gift card ( you need to visit our main store and get hair from exchange machine).

Zombie Popcorn Hunt:  Dec,1st -15th.
Cri-Cri participate on ZombiePorporn Hunt 3.
Cri-Cri is going to put man's zombie hair and also put ladies' hair which I used in ZombiePopcorn Hunt 2.

FTLO Ice Fest: Dec 5th - 26th
FTLO web:
Cri-Cri joined Ice Fest and will provide hunt hair and 100L product.

 Cri-Cri+Main Store:


平素よりCri-Criをご愛顧頂き有難うございます┏o ペコ

これからもCri-Cri/Cri-Cri+をよろしくお願いいたします(*・ω・)*_ _)ペコリ

1. Cri-Cri+ SidePonytail:
2. Cri-Cri+ TwinPonytail:



Zombie PopCorn Hunt3:12月1日~15日

メンズヘアの製品版はまだ未完成なのでもうしばらくお待ち下さい┏o ペコ

FTLO Ice Festival:12月5日~26日

FTLO web:





 Hello!Cri-Cri started to sell products in EUPHORIA shopping SIM, and joined cool event!
Many stores in Euphoria are going to set their 1 black procuts to 50L on Nov,26th (PST time)...1 DAY ONLY.
I set unisex hat hair to 50L so I think anyone can enjoy it:D

Cri-Cri @ Euphoria:


早速SL時間の11月26日にBlack Friday Saleというイベントに参加いたします。


Muffler Gacha


Hello! Cri-Cri released L$20 Gacha Muffler :D
No copy / No mod / Trans OK L$20 each.
No color change.
With resize script.

Cri-Cri Main Store:

No copy / No mod / Trans OK

Cri-Cri Main Store:

Main Store Opened



Cri-Cri & *daydream & Madoromi main store was renewal opened today in Omotesando SIM!
Cri-Cri set Pick prize gift, and furniture shop Madoromi put Opening gift :D
Cri-Cri also released new ladies hair (170L for each, 400L for fat pack).
There are my friends' shops area in front of Cri-Cri store.
Some shops sells Cri-Cri limited color so don't miss them:D

**Cri-Cri owner cannot log in to SL for 1-2weeks.
Please sleave cricri Core a notecard if you have any question.
Please do not send me IM. Tt might be gone before i come back:(

Cri-Cri Main Store:

より楽しく買い物していただくために、友人のお店にお願いして正面の建物に商品を置いていただきました(この場をお借りしてお礼申し上げます_○/|_ 土下座)

IMだと消えてしまう恐れがあるのでご用件のある方は、ノートカードでお願いします(*・ω・)*_ _)ペコリ


Main Store is closed


I came back to SL but unfortunately main store will be closed for couple weeks.
You don't have to worry...Cri-Cri won't stop service. I'm just preparing  for new main store in Omote Sando SIM, and you can visit our branch shops in malls :D
Since I'm still busy in RL, it'll take long time to open main store.
I'm sorry about it and hope you keep in touch w/ Cri-Cri <3
Thank you!


SLに戻ってきましたが、本店の移転準備が間に合わず、しばらく支店のみの営業になります(-益- ;)
お手数ですがその間支店をご利用下さい_○/|_ 土下座

今後ともCri-Criを宜しくお願い致します(*・ω・)*_ _)ペコリ

Updated SnowWhite Hair


Cri-Cri updated CriCri-Bob01-SnowWhite hair to version 1.1 to fix no-hair part behind the bow.
Please update by update machine in main store or get new products from hunt object.
Thank you!
****Snow White Hunt****
Period: Sep,15-Sep,30
Start Point:

Cri-Cri Main Store:

gHat05&06 update


Hello. Cri-Cri found bug in gHat05&6 hairs.
I added 4 hat colors, so please visit our main store and update them if you have one.
Thank you

==============How To Update ==============
1. Visit main store and read the update machine to see which hairs you can update.
2. Wear the update card and wait till it says " Loading complete".
3. Touch the update machine and get new one.

**Update cards are in the folda or in shopping bag.
Please touch the bag and select "Get Item" from the dialog menu to get update card

Cri-Cri Main Store:



==============アップデート方法 ==============
2.アップデートカードを装着し、「Loading comple」とチャットするのを待つ

Cri-Cri 本店:

New Hair & Hunt!


Hello! Cri-Cri released new ladies' wavy bob hair.It contains 4 hair colors, 19 ribbon tex(also hide), and 4 bang types for each.You can change them easily by dialog (please take a copy and go resize>load>delete scripts when you are in laggy place).The price is 170L and it's no modify/no transfer.Cri-Cri Main Store: Popcorn Hunt2 will start in 6 hour! So many cool stores are taking part in this hunt.You are searching for the one of a kind ZombiePopcorn Doll in his Red/White striped popcorn bag.Please visit for further info.The start point is:コンニチハ!!(゚Д゚*)(。_。*)ペコリCri-Criです。女性用わしゃわしゃボブをリリースしました!髪4色・リボン19色(OFFも可能)・前髪4タイプ入りでL$170です。ダイアログで簡単に変更出来ますが、重い場所ではコピーをお取りになった後Resize>Load>Delete Scriptsでスクリプトを全消去することをお勧めします。Cri-Cri 本店:本日16時頃よりZombie Popcorn Hunt2が始まります!人形が赤と白の縞々のポップコーンの袋に入ったオブジェを探していくハントです。詳しい情報はをご覧下さい。スタート地点:[...]

New Ladies Hair


Hello! Cri-Cri released 1 ladies' hair!
gST05: 4 hair colors, accessory color change/off, L$170 for each.
It's no modify, no refund, so please try DEMO to see all funcitons.

Cri-Cri Main Store:

KDC mall is going to renewal open at 6:00 AM on Aug, 6th.
Many cool shops provide luckey boards and gift so don't miss it:D
KDC Mall:

gST05: 髪4色、アクセテクス変更/Off機能付き、各L$170。

Cri-Cri 本店:


uShort&uCap update


Sorry Cri-Cri found errors in uShort and uCap series.
Please visit main store and update again if you have them.
Thank you!

申し訳ございませんでした┏o ペコ

Cri-Cri Main Store:

New drape shirt from *daydream


Hello! This time i'm going to write about new shirts from my friend's shop *daydream!
Her store is next to my main store :)
She always makes punk clothes so maybe it's first time to make casual one.
This shirt is so simple designed but very well-done and matches many pants and skirts.
Each colors is L$110 so it's not too expensive :)
I hope you like them<3

from left to right :D

Hairs: Cri-Cri, Truth, Cri-Cri( will be released on 6th), Cri-Cri
Belts: COCO, Handmade, Set w/ pant
Pants: Milk Motion, Milk Motion, Tres Blah, AOHARU
Leggings: AMERIE, Luck Inc
Shoes: Maitreya, hoorenbeek,, AOHARU
Accessories: (watch) Kumaki Glasses Style, (Anklet)Maitreya
*daydream & Cri-Cri main store:

Main Store moving, update, new hair!


Hello! Cri-Cri has many news today...about new main store, updating, and new hair.1.  Main Store MovingOn July, 27th, unfortunately Adorable SIM was gone and all stores moved to Little Cat GreenEyes.I closed shop for a while for updating hairs and building new store.Maybe some people had trouble finding my shop X( Sorry for taking long time to tell you new LM XDNew LM: UpdateWith this moving, I updated almost all hairs to new scripts which enables hair part adjustment (Some hairs are also changed hair textures).Update Exceptions: luckey board hairs(except gST04 KDC LB hair) ,2Wave2,3, gift hairs.Please visit main store and read the update machine to see which hairs you can update.Update cards are in the folda or in shopping bag or shopping cart.Please touch the bag/cart and select "Get Item" from the dialog menu to get update card.Please check update machine and see which hair you can update.3. New HairCriCri-1Wave04: ladies' pony tale hair (picture is on top).4 hair colors and 10 hair band colors for each. L$170. NO MODIFY.(Japanese)コンニチハ!!(゚Д゚*)(。_。*)ペコリCri-Criです。本店移転・アップデート・新作のお知らせです。1.本店移転について7月27日に諸事情によりAdorableSIMが消滅し、全店舗Little Cat GreenEyes SIMへ移転することになりました。本店建設と髪のアップデート作業でしばらく店を閉じていたので、ご連絡が遅れました。どうも申し訳ございませんでした_○/|_ 土下座移転先:アップデート本店移転と同時に既存ヘアを新しいスクリプトにアップデートしました。アップデート内容:髪のパーツ調整機能追加、一部の髪を新しいテクスチャーに変更。アップデート対象外商品:ギフトやラッキーボード品(gST04KDCを除く)、2Wave02&03本店にあるアップデート機にアップデート可能な商品を記載していますので、アップデートカードをご持参の上お試し下さい。アップデートカードは購入時のフォルダ又はショッピングバッグ/カートに入っています。バッグ/カートから取り出す際は、タッチし、「GetItem」ボタンを押して下さい。3.新作 cricri-1Wave04: ヘアバンド付きポニーテールヘアです。 各ヘア髪4色、バンド10色入りです。編集不可です>< DEMOで全機能ご覧頂けるのでお試し下さい┏o ペコCri-Cri Main Store:[...]

9 Hour Luckey Board


Hello. Sorry for my long absence X(
Cri-Cri made luckey board hair for Heaven's Island Rave Party!!
The hair is black color only, and there are 2 hair band colors.
Since this hair don't have new script, this hair might cause lag.  So please take a copy and delete scripts when you visit laggy place.

Luckey Board will be avairable at 1:00 am -10:00 am (PDT), on July 18th.
The product version will be on sale in some day.

There are many luckey boards there from some shops.
Hope you enjoy cool DJs and luckey boards!

ご無沙汰してますCri-Criです(*・ω・)*_ _)ペコリ
商品版はまだですが、黒色ヘアの期間限定ラッキーボードをHeaven's Island Rave Partyに設置致します。

素敵なDJがたくさん曲を回してくださるので是非おこしください( ゚∀゚)ノ゙

Heaven's Island Rave Party:

New Hair/Hunt/Update


Hello! Cri-Cri released 2 new hair, 1 hunt hair, and update some hairs!➊uHat01: unisex hair with 2 hat types.☑5 hair color change☑17 hat textures☑170L for each, 600 for full pack☑No modify No transfer**Please try DEMO before buy**(Japanese)帽子2パターン付きユニセックスヘア☑各5ヘアカラー☑17帽子テクス☑各170L、フルパック600L☑編集・取引不可➋Bon10: Ladies' hair with 2 hair styles.☑4 hair colors☑10 Ribbon colors/Ribbon on/off☑170L for each, 600 for full pack☑No modify No transferThis hair is avairable only in Accessory Fair2010! We are going to sell this in mainstore when the fair is over.(Japanese)お団子&ポニーテール付きヘア☑ヘアカラー4色☑リボン10色(取り外し可能)☑各170L、フルパック600L☑編集・取引不可4月まで当ヘアをAccessory Fair 2010会場で先行販売いたします。フェア終了後、本店及び各モールに設置予定です。✯Cri-Cri & Brillante Cat Hair: Cri-Cri and Brillante collaboration hair.☑3 hair colors & 3 ear colors.☑Treasure Hunt Gift! from Mar,7th in Accessory Fair 2010 SIM. Please see GLANCE website for further information.(Japanese)アクセ屋のBrillanteさんとのコラボ商品です!☑髪3色、耳3色☑トレハン賞品。3月7日からAccessory Fair 2010SIMにて。詳細はGlanceのサイトをご覧下さい。==========About Update==========☑CriCri-Bon09 series☑CriCri-Dread01 series☑CriCri-gST04 series (includes KDC LB hair)**Please attach update card and touch update machine in our main store**   We are working on updating exist hairs in order to put new script which enables hair-part adjustment. It'll take long time but we are planning to update all products.Please keep update card which is in the product folda, shopping cart or paper bags.You have to visit our main store and show the card to update machine to get new hairs.     (Japanese)Bon09、Dread01、gST04シリーズ(KDCラキボヘアを含む)をアップデートしました。髪のパーツの調整機能を新たに追加しました。アップデートカードをご装着の上、本店のアップデートマシンをタッチして下さい。他の既存商品もアップデートしていく予定ですので、付属のアップデートカードを大切に保管して下さい。Cri-Cri Main Store: Fair 2010:[...]

CriCri:Limited L$50 hair!


Hello:) Cri-Cri is going to sell L$50 unisex hair from Feb,14 to Feb,17!
No color changes but Valentine's limited color:)
The regular L$170 version will be released in a week. We are still working on it nowXD

From this valentine's hair, we are going to put new scripts which enables hair part adjustment.
We will update all our past products to new scripts after testing it by this hair!!
Update notice will be send by group notice and our blog.

Please try DEMO and read notecard in DEMO vendor.
We cannot sell modify hairs nor refund.
You can try all function by touching DEMO. Please consider carefuly before buy.

Have a wonderful Valentine's day <3



通常バージョンはまだ製作段階なので1週間ほどかかるかと思います _| ̄|○))




Cri-Cri Main Store:
KDC Valentine's hall:
HOLOHOLO mall (2F):

Luckey Board is over


CriCri KDC luckey board is over and taken away just now.
We are glad that so many people visited our mall.
Thank you so much <3

ご来店くださったお客様、本当に有難うございました(*・ω・)*_ _)ペコリ

New Hair!


Hello:) Cri-Cri released 3 new hairs and 1 luckey board!(コンニチハ!!(゚Д゚*)(。_。*)ペコリCri-Criです。新作ヘア3種&ラキボ1つリリースしました!)KDC Hair Mall was just opened today so all the hair shops there provide gift or release new hair! Cri-Cri is going to set luckey board till Feb, 9, 0:00 PDT.  The hair color is KDC original color, and you can change 10 ribbon colors or take it off.  This luckey board is only at KDC mall, please make sure that we don't have it in main store.(昨夜日本の髪屋だけのKDC Hair Mallが正式オープンしました(°Д°)全ての加入店が新作やギフト等を用意してくれているそうです。Cri-Criからは1週間限定ラキボを出します(・ω・*)KDC特別カラーです。リボンは通常商品と同様10色&OFF付きです。KDCモールのみの設置となります)Unisex dread hair. Each color contains males' and females' but they are almost same. The shape of turban is little bit different.  11 turban colors and 4 hair colors, L$170 for each. Full pack costs L$600. Sorry that this is resizable but no modify, so please try DEMO to see wheather it fits your hair or not. You can try all funcitons by DEMO.(ユニセックスドレッドヘア(*゚∀゚)ゞデシ!!男女両方入っていますが、帽子の形が微妙に違うだけでほぼ一緒ですw帽子を11色、髪を4色に変更可能でL$170、フルパックはL$600です。リサイズ可ですが編集不可なので、DEMOで事前に合うかお試し下さい。DEMOで全機能お試しいただけます。)Ladies' long hair.  This hair contains 3 bangs, 10 ribbon colors, 4 hair colors, and the top hair on/off. You can change these by dialog.  Each hair costs L$170, and full pack is L$600. Sorry that this hair is no modify again.  I'll try to make hair adjustable script but I don't have time to make yet X((レディースロングヘアです。前髪3種類、リボン10色、髪4色入りです。お団子ON/OFFも付いてます。各色L$170、フルパックでL$600です。)At last, ladies' pony-tale hair.  Each hair includes 10 ribbon colors and 4 hair colors.  L$170 each and L$600 for full pack.  Please try DEMO before buy:)(最後にラキボヘアの商品版(。・ω・)ゞデシ!ポニーテールヘアで、リボン10色、髪4色入りです。各L$170、フルパックL$600です。ご購入の前にDEMOをお試し下さい。)KDC Hair Mall: Main Store:[...]

Gifts from fiend's shop


Hello! My products will not be released till tomorrow so I'm going to introduce my friends' shops.(コンニチハ!!(゚Д゚*)(。_。*)ペコリCri-Criです。新作は明日まで出ないので、今回もフレのお店をご紹介をします!)First of all, I'm going to introduce an opening gift from Madoromi & IZM.  They released gift chair which turns to Japanese Kotatsu table from stump chairs.  You can change pose by touching chairs and change its shape by long touch.  4 people can sit on it:) ONLY 3 PRIMS! Don't miss it!(まず初めにまどろみ&...izmからのオープニングギフトをご紹介します!タッチでポーズ切り替え、長押しで2パターンに変形する椅子です。3プリムで4人座れます!)Main Store:, luckey board from Daydream <3(次はDaydreamさんからのラッキーボード情報(・ω・))Border shirt 15 minutes luckey board with original color :) Other colors are L$120 each. Well textured :D(15分のボーダーシャツのラキボです。オリジナルカラーです(・ω・)他の色はL$120で売ってます!生地がいい感じです❤)Main Store:  Last, freebies & group gifts from si*na : museum!(最後にsi*na : museumからのフリービー&グループギフトです(・ω・))Potted plant, body pierce, ring, and further more...brooch! Her store is high quality jewelry shop which also receive order made.  Si*na : museum & Gasp collaborate boot is also sold there.(鉢植え、ボディーピアス、指輪、そしてブローチのギフトです(・ω・*)オーダーメイドも請け負っているHQアクセ屋さんです。Gaspさんとコラボしたブーツも売ってます。)Main Store:[...]

Low Prim Furnitures!


Hello:) Today I'm going to introduce my sculpt teacher's furniture shop, Madoromi.  Her furnitures are all low prim and contain tons of original animations!(Japanese)コンニチハ!!(゚Д゚*)(。_。*)ペコリCri-Criです。今日はBlenderの先生のお店、「まどろみ」をご紹介致します。低プリムでオリジナルなアニメ&機能満載のとにかく凄い家具です!!)It's hard to explain all her furnitures because her products have too many functions such as this 9-way chair XD  3 people can sit on this chair or 3 poses are avairable if you sit alone.  You can change the chair shape to 9 ways by touching for coulple seconds. This is only 3 prims and copy ok version costs 1500L, trans ver. is L$400.  You can easily rearrange your home within a second:) So fun<3(Japanese)もう凄い家具が多くてご紹介しきれません(;´Д`)1個紹介するだけで9個分とか・・・wこの椅子なんと3プリムで3人も座れて数秒タッチで9変化します(°Д°)他に人が座ってない場合そのポーズにタッチで座ったまま変更も可能です!コピー可はL$1500、トラ可はL$1500です。これがあれば数秒で模様替えできちゃいます!!)Which inspired me the most is this 5 ways tree.  I was soo excited and impressed when she showed me this.  These are ONLY 9 PRIMS!! And you can change them by touching the trunk of the easy and so fast to change.  6 people or poses are avairable, and only L$600 ( Trans only).This Madoromi store was builted recently and lack of descriptions so far.  So please try and touch all her products to find cool functions :) You can find products outside the building too.(Japanese)先生の商品で一番感動したのはこの5変化ツリーです'`ァ'`ァ(*´д`*)'`ァ'`ァ見せて頂いたとき興奮のあまりリアルに半泣きしました><6人座れてたった9プリムです!幹をタッチしただけでがががっと変形します!トラ可でL$600です。プレゼントにもお勧めです!まだ本店は出来たてであまり説明とかないようなので、実際座ってタッチしまくって機能を探してみてください❤生で見たら本当に感動すると思います!!ちなみにお店の外にも木など展示販売しています。)Madoromi Main Store:[...]

Unisex Knit Cap Hair



Hello :) Cri-Cri released unisex knit cap hair today.

Each hair has 4 hair colors and 20 cap textures, copy only and costs L$170.
The Full pack is L$600 with 20 hair colors :)

Please try DEMO at main store or KDC hair mall!

Thank you <3

Main Store:



髪4色、帽子20色入り(。・ω・)ゞデシ! 1つL$170、20色入りのフルパックL$600です。
本店とKDC Hair Mallで販売していますので是非お試し下さい(゚ロ゚)


New Hairs & Updates


(Japanese)コンニチハ!!(゚Д゚*)(。_。*)ペコリ Cri-Criです新作&バグ修正アップデートのお知らせ(*゚∀゚)ゞデシ!!【アップデートについて】対象商品: 1Wave02-All、1Wave02-E、mShort04-D、Bon08-E、Bon08-All内容: 間違ったカラーを修正。方法: 商品購入時に同胞してあったアップデートカードを装着の上、本店カウンター横の棚にある赤いベンダーをタッチして下さい。Bon08に関しましては本日修正、その他に関しましてはAdorable移転時に修正致しましたので、それ以前にご購入された方はお手数ですが、本店にご来店頂き、アップデートをお願い致します┏o ペコ【新商品】gST03: リボン付きストレートヘアです。リボンは20色に変更可能(&OFF)です。前髪・後ろ髪ともに2パターンにチェンジ可能です。ヘアカラーも4色入ってます(*゚∀゚)gHat07: ベレー帽風ニットキャップ付きヘアです。帽子は18色、髪4色入りです。今回は帽子を消して、てっぺん禿にできるようにしました。お手持ちの帽子に合うかお確かめの上ご購入下さい。当商品は編集不可です>< あくまでオマケ機能ですので、調整等のご依頼もご遠慮下さい┏o ペコ(English)Hello. Cri-Cri released 2 new hairs and updated some hairs.[About Update]Products:  1Wave02-All, 1Wave02-E, mShort04-D, Bon08-E, Bon08-AllChanges:  Corrected wrong hair colorsHow to:  Please wear updatecard and touch the red box.  It's on the shelf beside counter table in Cri-Cri main store.Bon08 was corrected today, and others were corrected in the end of December...please visit Cri-Cri main store and update hairs if you purchased before then.  Thank you.[New Hairs]gST03:  Straight hair with big ribbon.  20 ribbon colors and 4 hair colors are included.  You can also change front hair and rear hair to 2 types.gHat07:  Knit cap with pony-tale hair. You can change 18 cap tex and 4 hair colors.  When you select "*BALD*" button, the cap turn invisible and you can wear your own hat.  But sorry that this hair is no modify and I don't support adjusting hair.  Please try DEMO and see wheather it fits your hat or not before purchase.Cri-Cri Main Store:[...]