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Thu, 03 Jan 2013 01:23:12 PST



Sun, 07 Oct 2012 09:28:17 PDT


Hello folks!
We are participating in THE MENS DEPT.
The event will run from October 5th to October 31st. 
We have made a desk set with locker. Some omakes (clip light , stool, and so on) are included in the package.
* You can't put the clip light off.
We are happy if you all have fun with it!

こんにちは! THE MENS DEPTに参加しています。
イベント期間は、2012/10/5~10/31 です。

And please visit other shops in this event too!
They have wonderfull stuffs:)
他にもすてきなお店が沢山参加しています。 ぜひ遊びに来てくださいね!

The Mens Dept SL / Flicker

* We have revised this item.
And we send new version whom bought old one. If you haven't got new virsion, Please send yacchan Clip a note card with the transaction history ( please name the note card "requesting : new version"). Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

もし、近日中に修正版が届かなかった場合は、ノートカードのタイトルを「requesting : new version」とし、購入履歴を記入の上、yacchan Clipまでお送りください。お手数おかけしますが宜しくお願い致します。

*Y's HOUSE*Group


Group gift!

Tue, 02 Oct 2012 01:29:18 PDT


We had made Hot Green Tea set with heart patterns for last Fifty Linden Fridays. And this time, we have remaked stools of Hot Green Tea set by mesh.There are 2 kinds and 2 stools make one set. 

We set one of these as a group gift.
The gift is at the yard in our main shop as usual. 
It's available from 2nd of Oct. to 8th of Oct.
After that, we are going to set a proper price on it.

Sit on the stool, and have a green tea:)
(Please attach the cup after sitting. Then you can see drinking animation.)

The price of Hot Green Tea set for ”Fifty Linden Fridays” remains 50L$ till 8th of Oct.
And we put some gachas which had been made for past event.
(thanks for many requests!!)

今回の”Fifty Linden Fridays”は赤いハートの緑茶セットを出しました。



 ”Fifty Linden Fridays”の緑茶セットは、


*Y's HOUSE* Wooden Stool 01-a,b (PW) [MESH]
-prims- 2prims(each stool)
-permission- no copy / no mod / transfer ok.
-poses- 4 poses (2 for girls/ 2 for boys)

*You can change the poses with ↑or ↓ key.
*The position adjusting system is not included.
*These stools are made with mesh. Please use mesh-visible-viewer.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Y's HOUSE*
*Y's HOUSE*Group

*Y's HOUSE* Hot Green Tea set-11 [HEART]_for FLF

Fri, 28 Sep 2012 05:45:21 PDT


We are paticipating "Fifty Linden Friday" this week.
And please visit other shops in Fifty Linden Friday too!
They have wonderfull stuffs:)



-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fifty Linden Fridays Group
Fifty Linden Fridays Flicker
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Y's HOUSE*
*Y's HOUSE*Group

New stuff and Group gift!

Sat, 08 Sep 2012 20:07:35 PDT


I have made new shelfs. There are set on the our main store.
Please come and see them:)

And, we set *Y's HOUSE* ID Shelf 04 [white/mesh]_H700 (one of the new shelfs) as a group gift.
The gift is set at yard of our shop as always. Please activate your group tag and touch the signboard.
The term for gift is from  9th of Sept. 2012 to 15th of Sept. 2012(JPT/1week).
We hope you all love it!

*We never send or set same gift after the term.
And then, we will set the price for *Y's HOUSE* ID Shelf 04 [white/mesh]_H700 to normal and it will be avaiable as normal item.

*Y's HOUSE*Group  


そして、今回つくった棚のうち、*Y's HOUSE* ID Shelf 04 [white/mesh]_H700をグループギフトにしました。


*Y's HOUSE*Group


Fifty Linden Fridays

Fri, 31 Aug 2012 07:34:57 PDT


We are paticipating "Fifty Linden Friday" this week.
We mark new stuff(shelf) with 50L during the following period.

SLT : On August 31st(Fri.) 0:00-24:00
JPT : On August 31st(Fri.) 16:00-On September 1st(Sat.) 16:00

And please visit other shops in Fifty Linden Friday too!
They have wonderfull stuffs:)

今週の 「Fifty Linden Friday」 に参加しています。
下記期間中、新作のID Shelfの白が50L$になります。

 SLT 8/31(金)0:00~24時間
JPT  8/31(金)16:00~9/1(土)16:00

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fifty Linden Fridays Group
Fifty Linden Fridays Flicker
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Y's HOUSE*
*Y's HOUSE*Group
Coming soon!
新作のID Shelfは、来週お店に出す予定です。

Fifty Linden Fridays and Group Gift!

Fri, 03 Aug 2012 08:56:20 PDT

*Y's HOUSE* [Display] Basket03

My great love for basket makes me make another basket.
I have made baskets for summer. Different versions of past one.
There are many new baskets lying on the floor of our main store.

I set one kind of them for Fifty Linden Fridays.
You can get it at 50L$ only during this Fridays.

And I set the other colore as a group gift.
Please activate group tag and touch the vendor, and you can get the gift.
Please come and see them:)


そのうち1色をFifty Linden Fridaysに出してます。


Fifty Linden Fridays,This week, the designers are:

Silent Sparrow  
House of Fox  

Happy shopping!!

Fifty Linden Fridays Group
Fifty Linden Fridays Flicker
 *Y's HOUSE*
*Y's HOUSE*Group

Fifty Linden Fridays and New stuff!

Fri, 06 Jul 2012 02:39:07 PDT


Hello! Information for new stuffs and an event.

We are paticipating "Fifty Linden Friday" this week.
We mark new stuff(bench) of a different color with 50L during the following period.

SLT : 6th of July(Fri.) 0:00~24:00
JPT : 6th of July(Fri.) 16:00~ 7th of July 16:00

And please visit other shops in Fifty Linden Friday too! They have wonderfull stuffs:)


今週の 「Fifty Linden Friday」 に参加させていただきます。

SLT 7/6(金曜)0:00~24時間
JPT  7/6(金曜)16:00~24時間


Fifty Linden Fridays Group
Fifty Linden Fridays Flicker

*Y's HOUSE* ID Bench [mesh]
-permission-  transfer.ver
-prims-  7prims
-colors- 座面6色(脚の色は黒と白の2種類)
        Seat/ 6 colores  legs/ black or white
-poses-  6ポーズ(男用3ポーズ・女用3ポーズ)
(pose by shimako Bade)
         6 poses included (3 poses for men, 3 poses for women)
         (poses by shimako Bade)
These benches are good for relaxing in the garden.
We made these with image of "remakes of used benches".
The legs are made from cast iron and there are two colores(black or white).

One person can sit on these benches.
6 poses (3 for men, 3 for women) are included.
You can change the poses with ↑or ↓ key.

*The position adjusting system is not included.
*These benches are made with mesh. Please use mesh-visible-viewer.



 *Y's HOUSE*
*Y's HOUSE*Group


Wed, 11 Apr 2012 10:16:01 PDT

One of our pictures is used without our permission at header of some event-sites or blogs.

We are sure to inform in our blog and group-notice when we participate to events.
We have no concern with other events (events without our information) or their hosts even though our pictures are used.

So please check our blog when you want to confirm.


私たちはイベントに参加する場合、必ずブログやグループノーティスでお知らせしています。 私たちからのお知らせが無いイベントやその主催者とは、私達の画像が使用されていたとしても無関係ですので、ご注意ください。

私たちの参加の有無を確認したい場合は、*Y’s HOUSE*のブログをチェックしてください。

2012 Spring Sale! New stuffs! and group gift!

Sun, 15 Apr 2012 01:23:37 PDT

Hello:)We've made a sofa with ottomans.These are some variations of a prize for past event (limited prize of Choice!2011).There are 2 versions. The position of the ottoman is different (left or right).These sofas are available in creatorspavilion Spring Sale at half of normal price.(After the term of creatorspavilion Spring Sale, the price will be set to normal)*transfer.ver=400L$→200L$*copy.ver=1200L$→600L$=Sale Schedule=JPT : END 2012.4.16 mon am0:00SLT : END 2012. April 15 sun am8:00The spring sale in creatorspavilion has already started. Thank you for waiting.Please visit creatorspavilion, many stores has already set their vendors.こんにちは!オットマン付きのソファを作りました。イベント(Choice!2011)のプライズとして作ったソファの、素材違いを含むバリエーションです。オットマンの付く場所が左側と右側の2バージョン用意しました。   creators pavilionのスプリングセールで販売いたします。セール期間中は通常価格の半額です。(セール終了後は通常価格にて販売します)*transfer.ver=400L$→200L$*copy.ver=1200L$→600L$=セール日程=日本時間 : 2012年 4/16 (月) AM0:00 までSL時間 : 2012年 4/15 (日) AM8:00 までセールは既に始まっています。お待たせしてすみません。既に設置されてるショップさんもたくさんいらっしゃいますので、ぜひ、遊びに来てください。-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2012 SpringSale *Y's HOUSE*SpringSale 詳細 / creators pavillion+switch公式サイト --------------------------------------------------------------------------------= Group Gift! =Well, it is a long time since the last gift. Thank you for waiting:)We set *Y's HOUSE* Sofa03-Right [Denim/Indigo] (one of the new sofas) as a group gift. The gift is set at yard of our shop as always.Please activate your group tag and touch the signboard.The term for gift is from  27th of Mar. 2012(JPT) to 15th of Apr. 2012(JPT)(till the end of creatorspavilion Spring Sale).We hope you all love it! *Y's HOUSE*Group  *We never send or set same gift after the term. And then, we will set the price for *Y's HOUSE* Sofa03-Right [Denim/Indigo] to normal and it will be avaiable as normal item.そして、今回つくったソファのうち、*Y's HOUSE* Sofa03-Right [Denim/Indigo] をグループギフトにしました。ひさしぶりのギフトになってしまってしまいました。ごめんなさい。いつものように本店の庭に置かせていただきます。配布期間は3/27~4/15のクリパビセール終了日までです。気に入っていただけたら嬉しいです。*グループギフトの配布期間終了後は通常価格での販売になります。期間延長や再配布は致しませんので、予めご了承ください。*Y's HOUSE*Group -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Y's HOUSE* Sofa03-Right, Sofa03-Left [Denim]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -permission-  transfer.ver and copy.ver-prims-  13prims + 6prims (Kago Box)-colors- 5 colors-poses-  3 positions x 4 kinds of poses (total 12 poses)(pose by shimako Bade)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This sofa is covered with denim and full of cushions.Some baskets for storing miscellaneous goods are under the sofa.(The baskets are not linked with sofa)Three persons can sit on this sofa. We think it's better for female avaters.Three positions (seat, back and ottoman) have poses.Each parts have 4 kinds of poses / total 12 poses.The poses are changeable  with ↑ and ↓ keys.A c[...]


Fri, 09 Mar 2012 20:52:48 PST


Hello, it's been a long time.

Move for F of Japan (A fund‐raising campaign in SL for Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake at 11/03/2011)is going to end at the 31st of March 2012.
We, *Y's HOUSE*, are participating to this campaign and donating all proceeds of *Y's HOUSE* Cafe001” to the Japan Red Cross Japan relief donation via Move for F of Japan.
And *Y's HOUSE* Cafe001” is going to be discontinued at the same time of ending campaign.
*We have no plan to sell this building again.

-Vendors for donation(till the end of Move for F of Japan)-
  *Y's HOUSE* Main store
  Chirihama cafe
  The site for supporters' shops of Move for F of Japan   (fantasic and beautiful place, please visit when you have time:)

-Move for F of Japan-
Earning calls
Message(12th of March 2011- start date)

We greatly appreciate your cooperation.



2012年3月をもって、「Move for F of Japan」(2011年3月11日に発生した東日本大震災の義捐金をSL内で募る活動団体)の募金支援活動が終了となります。
私ども*Y's HOUSE*は、この募金支援活動に参加し、*Y's HOUSE* Cafe001”の建物販売収益の全てを「Move for F of Japan」を通じて「日本赤十字義捐金窓口」へ送金して参りました。
この「Move for F of Japan」の活動の終了とともに、*Y's HOUSE* Cafe001”の建物販売も終了となりますことをお知らせいたします。

  ・Chirihama Cafe
  ・「Move for F of Japan」協賛ショップさんの募金商品の販売会場

-Move for F of Japan-



Seasons Gacha

Wed, 18 Jan 2012 23:51:04 PST

Are you enjoying "Seasons Gatcha" from 14th of Jan.
And at last.. We could get ready and set the Gatcha today.
(sorry, we know we are late X( )

The Theme for this event is "Winter".
So we made hot Japanese Green Tea sets.
One package has 2 types (wearable set and rezable set).
The wearable teapot includes pouring animation.
And each of two wearable tea cups includes their own animation.
In addition, we put a funny omake(extra). You can wear it:) have fun!

"Seasons Gatcha" is full of lovely items and gatchas.
Many people are having fun!
Please come and play Gatcha!

1/14から始まってる「Seasons Gatcha」。


 1Play 45 L$ です。

「Seasons Gatcha」は連日たくさんの人で大盛況のようです。

-Seasons Gatcha *Y's HOUSE*-

-event detail-
 *Y's HOUSE*
*Y's HOUSE*Group

New Stuff and Gift.

Thu, 22 Dec 2011 00:13:09 PST

(image)   (image)
We made new versions MONAKA and Silver tray table.
And we set other gifts there. 
Long Rug(Navy) and bucket(?) hat.
Please come and see new items! 

新しいMONAKAとMONAKAに似合うシルバートレイテーブルを 作りました。
 *Y's HOUSE* 
*Y's HOUSE*Group

The Nest Holiday Party

Wed, 21 Dec 2011 01:09:00 PST

We are participating The Nest Holiday Party Event at The Nest.(until January 2nd, 2012/SLT) We have made wall hook rack for "The Nest Stockings"and limited collars(Vintage Flashlight,Wooden Chair 02) for The Nest.The Nestで、The Nest Holiday Party が始まっています。(2012年1月2日まで)”The Nest Stockings”用の壁面用のフックラック(オーナメント付き)と、Vintage Flashlight、Wooden ChairのThe Nest 限定カラーを作りました。*Y's HOUSE* Vintage Wall hook rack (WP).-PERMISSION-   Mod no, Copy no, Transfer ok,-price- 25L$Other limited items for The Nest.*Y's HOUSE* Vintage Flashlight [Star]*Y's HOUSE* Wooden Chair 02 (aka / 3Tex)-PERMISSION-   Mod no, Copy no, Transfer ok, Please come and see new items!    よかったら見に来てください。*Y's HOUSE* The Nest branch  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------details / イベント詳細- The Nest Holiday Party----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Y's HOUSE* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [...]

New stuff!

Mon, 12 Dec 2011 04:30:02 PST

(image) (image) (image)
We have just released some new items!
There are brand new items and new variations(for winter) of existing items.
And some miscellaneous goods for display.

The hall tree is use for hanging hats, overcouts, or bags.
It would be good for display in shops.
And there are new narrow versions of iron shelf.
The leather boxes are same as existing one.
Some candols are ready!
You can turn on/off the fire by touching a wick.

The new items are in our main entrance.
Please come and see new items! 

We also set a group gift there. 
The term for gift is from  10th of Dec. 2011(JPT) to 25th of Dec. 2011(JPT).
The group gifts are in our main entrance and in the yard(as always).
They are same gift.
And please notice, we never send or set same gift after the term.
*Y's HOUSE*Group




配布期間:12/10~12/25 ( 日本時間) 
*Y's HOUSE*Group
 *Y's HOUSE*
*Y's HOUSE* The Nest branch

New versions(for winter) of round chair.

Sun, 11 Dec 2011 23:08:23 PST

 We have made new versions(for winter) of round chair, warm corduroy and fluffy fake fur.(pose creator:shimako Bade) And wool rug is ready to suit new round chairs.You can change the textures by touching the rug.(owner only)We hope you like it:)ラウンドチェアのカバー(クッション)の素材違いを作りました。あったかコーデュロイとふわふわフェイクファーです。(pose creator:shimako Bade)  ラウンドチェアに合わせて、ウールラグも作りました。タッチでテクスチャチェンジ(5色)します。気に入っていただけたら嬉しいです。 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Y's HOUSE**Y's HOUSE* The Nest branch[...]

*Y's HOUSE* Vintage Flashlight   Just released! :D

Sun, 11 Dec 2011 05:34:10 PST

 We released a remake of antique flashlight.(It's not a camera!!;)The flashlight has particles(snow.. and so on) too.A few particles appear in small range, just around you.  You can switch on/off the particles, so it will suit to any situation. *It might take a little time to be able to see the particles.These flashlights would be also good for your room display or wearing as an accessory.The permission is no-copy, no-mod, OK-transfer.It will be a good for gift.A package includes a rezable flashlight and 3 wearable flashlights.1. You can turn on a light with touching.2. The particles (snow) appear by touching the flashlight twice. 3. You can turn off by touching the flashlight 3 times.*Can-box is the vendor.*White version and x'mas version are DEMO*Midnight setting is recommended when you try DEMO.*It might take a little time to be able to see the particles.We hope you like it:)リメイクした古い懐中電灯をリリースしました。(カメラじゃありません ;) )Flashight はパーティクル(雪など)も出ます。自分の周囲だけの控えめなパーティクルで、オンオフが出来るので、シチュエーションに合わせて楽しんでいただけたらと思います。懐中電灯として以外にも、インテリアのディスプレーや、アクセリーとしてもお使いいただけたらと思います。パーミッションは、トランスファーOKのみです。ギフトにもお勧めです。Rezする物と装着する物(3カ所/男女それぞれ用)がセットになっています。1. 1回目のタッチで光が点灯消灯します。2. 2回目のタッチでパーティクルが出ます3. 3回目のタッチで消えます。*缶BOXがベンダーになっています。*白とクリスマス限定色がDEMOになっています。*DEMOは深夜設定にしてお試しください。*パーティクルが見えるまでに、多少時間がかかる場合があります。気に入っていただけたら嬉しいです。----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Y's HOUSE* Vintage Flashlight-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------permission-Mod no / Copy no / transfer ok-collar variation-The flashlight has particles(snow) 全5色(雪のパーティクル付)期間限定版Xmas.ver (snowflake/雪の結晶パーティクル付)term : 2011.12.5~12.25The Nest limited .ver (star-shaped particles/小さい星のパーティクル付)term : 2011.12.17~2012.1.2-contents-*Y's HOUSE* Vintage Flashlight [collar name]_Rez*Y's HOUSE* Vintage Flashlight [collar name]_wear(right hand)*Y's HOUSE* Vintage Flashlight [collar name]_wear(Neckstrap-F) pose*Y's HOUSE* Vintage Flashlight [collar name]_wear(Neckstrap-M) pose*Y's HOUSE* Vintage Flashlight [collar name]_wear(shoulder-F)*Y's HOUSE* Vintage Flashlight [collar name]_wear(shoulder-F) pose*Y's HOUSE* Vintage Flashlight [collar name]_wear(shoulder-M)*Y's HOUSE* Vintage Flashlight [collar name]_wear(shoulder-M) pose----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Y's HOUSE**Y's HOUSE* The Nest branch[...]

Group Gift

Sun, 11 Dec 2011 20:38:05 PST


*Y's HOUSE* 2011 Christmas Kilim
*Y's HOUSE* Cushion Tree
*Y's HOUSE* Ornament (Heart/Star)
We have made  kilim for x'mas as usual in this season.
(This time, No pose included.)
And we also made stacked-cushion-x'mas tree,
heart shaped ornament and star shaped ornament.
(The ornaments are not for stacked-cushion-x'mas tree.)

This x'mas-kilim is third one in *Y's house*.
It means all of you have been supporting us for long time.
We really appreciate your support!

We wish you  Wonderful Holidays!
have fun !  ;)




yacchan Clip , shimako Bade
The term for gift is from  10th of Dec. 2011(JPT) to 25th of Dec. 2011(JPT).
The group gifts are in our main entrance and in the yard(as always).
They are same gift.
And please notice, we never send or set same gift after the term.

配布期間:12/10~12/25 ( 日本時間) 

*Y's HOUSE*Group

The Seasons Hunt Autumun

Mon, 17 Oct 2011 04:46:46 PDT

We are participating "The Seasons Hunt Autumun".We've made the Retro Hallstand, Piano stool, Rug(3tex)and little items for Seasons Hunt.I'm glad if you feel Japanese retro.Please enjoy!Seasons Huntnoために、レトロなコート掛け(ホールスタンド)、ピアノ椅子、ラグ(3柄)、小さい秋の雑貨等を作りました。懐かしい雰囲気が伝わったら嬉しいです。最後のシーズンズハントをお楽しみください!Go to *Y's HOUSE*:) -The Seasons Hunt Autumun-(SLT) October.15 AM0:00 - October.29 AM0:00(JPT) October.15 PM4:00 - October.29 PM4:00-Official Blog- Stores- Seasons Hunt(ers) Group-*for more details □Seasons Hunt Official Blog*Y's HOUSE* Retro Hallstand (RW)_Seasons Hunt.ver-------------------------------------------------------------contents -*Y's HOUSE* Retro Hallstand (RW)_Seasons Hunt.ver...full set (30 prim)*Y's HOUSE* Retro Hallstand (RW)_Seasons Hunt.ver (14 prim)*Y's HOUSE* Brass Hook_Seasons Hunt.ver (1 prim)*Y's HOUSE* Piano stool_Seasons Hunt.ver (6 prim)*Y's HOUSE* Rug_wool07 (3 texture)_Seasons Hunt .ver (2 prim)*Y's HOUSE* [Display] Bud vase/KURI_Seasons Hunt.ver (3 prim)*Y's HOUSE* [Display] Acorn_Seasons Hunt.ver (5 prim)------------------------------------------------------------*Y's HOUSE* Retro Hallstand (RW)_Seasons Hunt.ver You can open and close the counter with touching wall (owner).*Y's HOUSE* Brass Hook_Seasons Hunt.ver (Spare parts)*Y's HOUSE* Piano stool_Seasons Hunt.ver2 poses are included. Changeable with ↑ or ↓ key.(pose by. shimako Bade)*Y's HOUSE* Rug_wool07 (3 texture)_Seasons Hunt .ver3 textures (changeable with touching)*Y's HOUSE* [Display] Bud vase/KURI_Seasons Hunt.ver (3 prim)*Y's HOUSE* [Display] Acorn_Seasons Hunt.ver (5 prim)These are not linked with the Hallstand.-----------------------------------------------------------*Y's HOUSE* Retro Hallstand (RW)_Seasons Hunt.ver壁面をタッチすると、跳ね上げ式カウンターの開閉ができます。(オーナー限定) *Y's HOUSE* Brass Hook_Seasons Hunt.ver真ちゅう製のフック(SpareParts)*Y's HOUSE* Piano stool_Seasons Hunt.verピアノ椅子は、2つポーズが入ってます。(↑↓上下の矢印キーでポーズチェンジします/pose by. shimako Bade)*Y's HOUSE* Rug_wool07 (3 texture)_Seasons Hunt .verラグはタッチでテクスチャチェンジ(3柄)します。*Y's HOUSE* [Display] Bud vase/KURI_Seasons Hunt.ver (3 prim)*Y's HOUSE* [Display] Acorn_Seasons Hunt.ver (5 prim)これらは、コート掛け(ホールスタンド)とリンクしていません。----------------------------------------------------[...]

Choice!2011 Prize!

Tue, 20 Sep 2011 16:53:54 PDT

---------------------------------------------------------------------------*Y's HOUSE* Sofa02 [Denim/White]_Choice!2011.ver----------------------------------------------------------------------------permission-  copy ok , modify no , transfer no-prims-  13prims + 6prims (Kago Box)-poses-  3 positions /total 12 poses(pose by shimako Bade)---------------------------------------------------------------------------We've made a sofa for three girls as a prize of Choice!2011.This sofa is covered with off-white denim and full of cushions.Some baskets for storing miscellaneous goods are under the sofa.(The baskets are not linked with sofa)Poses have been made with the image of girls-talk-party.(chatting, relaxing, dozing)Three positions (seat, back and ottoman) have poses. Each parts have 4 kinds of poses / total 12 poses.A cushion will be send when you sit on the back part. Please attach the cushion(R upper leg). It will be better with it.The positions of poses are set for woman/girl avatar.No position editing system is included.Please check the DEMO by looking and trying them at our main store before exchanging the stamp card.We are happy if you like it. have fun!---------------------------------------------------------------------------*This sofa is available only as a prize of Choice!2011.*We have no plan to sell same sofa as prize in any cases after Choice!2011.*We never exchange the stampcard for the prize after the term of Choice!2011.*Please do not ask us or send IM to us about this.---------------------------------------------------------------------------*for more details□Choice!2011 Official Blog□*Y's HOUSE* stamper amd prize (DEMO) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Choice!2011のプライズとして、3人用のソファを作りました。オフホワイトのデニム生地貼りで、クッションいっぱいのソファです。ソファの下には、収納用のカゴが付いています。(カゴは、ソファ本体とリンクしていません)ポーズは、おしゃべりに夢中になる女子会のイメージです。しゃべりつかれて寝てしまうポーズもあります。 ソファの座面、背もたれ、オットマンの3カ所に4ポーズづつ入ってます。合計で12ポーズで、上下(↑↓)の矢印キーでポーズチェンジします。背もたれのポーズは、クッションを持ったポーズです。sitするとクッションが送られてくるので、装着(右上脚)してください女性アバター向けに位置合わせをしてあります。位置合わせの機能はついていません。本店でDEMOをご覧いただけます。スタンプカードと交換する前に、お試しいただきご確認ください。気に入っていただけたら嬉しいです!---------------------------------------------------------------------------*このソファは、Choice!2011限定プライズです。*Choice!2011の終了後、同じものを店頭で販売する予定は有りません。*Choice!2011期間終了後のカードとの交換は出来ません。*これらに関してのお問い合わせは、お控えください。---------------------------------------------------------------------------*イベント詳細□Choice!2011公式□*Y's HOUSE* stamper amd prize (DEMO) ---------[...]

New!! *Y's HOUSE* LD Chair 01 [Denim]

Wed, 14 Sep 2011 22:24:30 PDT


*Y's HOUSE* LD Chair 01 [Denim]
-Prims-  6 prims
-Poses-   6 poses (changeable with ↑ or ↓ key)
-texture- Seat/Back...5 textures
                (changeable with touching shadow prim)
                Legs...2 kinds (Red wood, White paint)
We've made the chairs for living room, dining room, lounge.
There are 2 kinds of chairs with different legs.
You can change the 5 denim textures of seat/back.
We made the back view of the chair with paying close attention.

6 poses are included.(3 poses for boys, 3 poses for girls)
(pose by. shimako Bade)

These new chairs' height would suit for dining tables (for displaying)
that we had released before. If you have the tables,
try setting them together.

We hope you will like them
Please enjoy!

*Y's HOUSE* LD Chair 01 [Denim]
-Prims-  6プリム
-Poses-   6ポーズ(上下キーでポーズチェンジ)
-texture- 座面+背もたれ...5テクスチャチェンジ
脚...Red wood, White paint の2種類---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(pose by. shimako Bade)

*about products for displaying*
Some of our products have the word "Display" in their object name.
The "Display" series are made for just displaying or making atomosphere of the room.
No script or no pose is included with any "Display" series,
even though it's a chair or a bench.
Please check the products  by looking and trying them at our store before purchasing.



Sat, 10 Dec 2011 01:53:33 PST

After an interval of 2 years, finally....The Creators Stamp Rally of SecondLife "Choice!2011" will open!And We are going to participate in it. This is our first participation.Many wonderful stores are going to participate too.Please see choice2011 official site for more details(stores, prizes).(*The prizes of other stores will appear to the site as they are ready.So check it often.We have finished putting the stamp cards into Choice! items.After getting the stamp card, please visit all 20 stores and collect 20 stamps.Exchanging at Event Hall is going to starts at 24th of Sep.Please look forward to it!*1 package includes 1 stamp card.*Some of our products are excluded from choice! items. 2年ぶりにスタンプラリーイベント”Choice!”が開催されます。私達*Y's HOUSE*も参加させていただくことになりました。今回も、素敵ショップさんが沢山参加されてます。イベント詳細、参加店舗さん、プライズ等につきましては、Choice2011公式サイトをご覧ください。( *プライスは順次発表されますので、時々チェックしてくださいね。*Y's HOUSE*本店のChoice2011対象商品にアイテム交換用のスタンプカードを封入済みです。*1パッケージに1枚のカードが入っています。*一部対象外の商品もございます。スタンプカードを入手されましたら、全参加店舗を回ってスタンプを集めて下さい。プライズの交換は、9月24日(土曜日)スタートです。お楽しみに!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------□Periodstart : September 24, 2011(Sat)close : October 24, 2011(Mon) □LocationChoice!2011Event hall□*Y's HOUSE* stamper□Choice!2011 Official Blog□Flickr□Choice! Fun Group □Support Creators ShopBody Language / Love Soul / Feather / Picnic / **DP**yumyumVooner / *Edelweiss* / +mocha+ / NINIKO / YABUSAKA / Sick *chronokit* / HPMD / +grasp+ / Zero Style / *Y's HOUSE* KAMI-HITOE / Honey kitty / HANAUTA / tram--------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Y's HOUSE**Y's HOUSE*Group[...]

Gacha for event at The Nest

Tue, 06 Sep 2011 01:47:48 PDT

We have a small branch at The Nest SIM (for House&Garden stores). And now, we are participating Labor Day Sidewalk Sale and Gatcha Event at The Nest.(until September 8th/SLT) We have made colorful Kago Bags (straw bags) for Gacha, though we were a little late for the opening of the event. They are small bags for putting just a purse and a cellular phone in. They will be very good accents of your fashion. House&GardenショップのためのSIM ”The Nest”のモールに、 小さいスペースをお借りしてます。 そちらのSIMで、ガチャ&セールイベントが開催されてます。 (9/8まで/SLT) ガチャ用にカラフルなかごバッグ作りました。 お財布と携帯が入るくらいの小さ目のバッグです。 ワタクシ、大遅刻参加ですが設置させていただきました。 お洋服の差し色にどうぞ。-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------details / イベント詳細-The Nest Labor Day Sidewalk Sale and Gatcha Event*Y's HOUSE* Gacha is here. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Y's HOUSE* Kago Bag 01_for Gacha-PERMISSION-   Mod no, Copy no, Transfer ok,-texture-   There are 10 kinds of textures.-price-  30L$ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Y's HOUSE* The Nest branch *Y's HOUSE*[...]

*Y's HOUSE* The Nest branch and Opening Gift

Sun, 14 Aug 2011 18:21:35 PDT


Hi all!  How have you been? 
It's been verrry hot in Japan.

We have a information.
We've got a first branch at  The Nest .
The Nest is very beautiful SIM.
And there are many pretty stores.

Please visit and take a walk!
And have a look at our new branch:)


The Nest というSIMに初めての支店を出しました。
The NestはとてもきれいなSIMで、


*Y's HOUSE* The Nest branch


"*Y's HOUSE* HUNT" is ended.

Sun, 07 Aug 2011 22:34:14 PDT

Group exclusive"*Y's HOUSE* HUNT" is ended.
We are greatful that so many people have enjoyed the hunt. 
And this time, many people joined our group! thank you so much!!
We will continue trying to have fun event  to make you all happy.

Thank you very much.

グループ限定"*Y's HOUSE* HUNT"終了いたしました。