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Worldwide Industries specializes in unique and fun clothes and accessories in Second Life. Worldwide Industries is a partnership of designers Minde Mills and Ichibod Etchegaray. Check back regularly to see what's new, and when you are in-world, please joi

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New Look at WWI

As you've probably noticed our style is evolving. Our look is definitely more fashion forward, with looks that real girls like myself can wear. Not that there isn't a time and place for those sexy revealing clothes....but we feel a "been there done that" mentality and we're moving in a new direction. :D

I've been wanting to make vests since i started designing clothes 2 1/2 years ago, and finally felt up to the challenge. And i LOVE how these turned out. I included a white button up shirt that looks perfect underneath. Another new release..brand new! is our striped cardigan..same sweet colors. Includes matching tank top too.

(image) (image) What i'm wearing:
WWI Argyle Vests
WWI Tiny Shorts White
WWI BleachedOut Skirt Hearts
WWI Leghose
WWI Cardigan
WWI Tiny Tops

WWI Olivia
WWI Austin
WWI Main Store

I <3 Rock n Roll



WWI has been SOO into their Rock and Roll line lately and has some cool new releases...including a group gift! New items include Leather bikinis, shorts, and pants...Ichi did such a great job on these, the stitching and shading is so well done. The WWI Black Leather Vest is available at the WWI Main store for today and tomorrow come grab it while you can here!


WWI Main Store
'67 GT500 from AM Pro Rides

WWI News


This week we have a few great outfits for you. Our new Shortalls skirt called "The Threadbanger". Comes in two color washes, includes the sculptie skirt and prim/sculptie pockets. The set includes three matching tiny striped tees. Next we did a hot new Jumpsuit in black. Super sexy unzipped....includes the matching optional bra and panties.


WWI Main Store

Bras Panties Socks..oh my!


Some new some borrowed this week. This is our first try at real panties ...not just stealing some from your boyfriends drawer. The WWI Betty. I love the color contrast in the honey, with the black lace accents.


The Army Girl Garters were so much fun to make, we did the boyfriend garter socks! Comes in three different packs..but my favorite is the black!




You're all officially drafted and we've got the gear for ya. And hey...who says you can't look sexy too!
We have been wanting to do an army line for like ..forever. Check out the new Camo jumpsuit Ichi made..the handdrawn details like the undone belt are amazing. Includes the camo panties and bra IF you wanna wear them.


Tights were a must for this outfit..and we needed something rugged, sexy and practical...tough combo huh? I think we got it right with the Army Girl Garter socks.

I've been wanting to do bandages for a while now..and these turned out super realistic i think. These look great under ichi's camo jumpsuit and the camo lifted tank.

We are officially posting again.


OK. We are back posting again.... the laziness is over. There's lots we have done since the last release... please drop by the main store at Hello to see them all.


Ichi has been wanting to try his hand at tattoos for a LONG time...and this is his first. The Sacred Heart Tattoo just in time for Valentine's Day. He did an amazing job I have to say...beautifully illustrated, faded, and REAL. On the banners he put Eternal Love and All my heart in Latin. Nice touch Ich!

Yes..we had to do another version of our Coochie Cutters...this time as short and skimpy as possible! We still love the original but its nice to have an option when you want to show a little more skin.

OK.. I've been having a hard time finding many short hair styles i like so i made the Elise. If you ever watched Grey's Anatomy.....I was definitely a little inspired by Izzy's short sassy look. I tried doing some highlighted bang looks too...and i think they turned out pretty good. The Auburn with blonde highlighted bangs are my favorite.




We are back again, never really went anywhere just got a little to busy to update. It's been a while, so in the few days we are going to upload lots of new items, some you have seen in the store, and lots of new items too.

Busy Busy


So we looked today at the blog and I'm embarrassed to say we haven't updated it with all of our new releases in 6 months. Shame on us.
We are updating today soon with lots of our new stuff, so please keep checking back, we are here and are bigger than ever!

WWI Original Girl Scout Outfit



WWI Original Long Johns


(image) (image)

Blinder Goggles



Clown Nose



Biker Roll Jeans








Min has become our resident master of all things small prim. She came up with this idea that we think is literally the bomb. The trouble maker belt. Grenades, dynamite with old-school matches, brass knuckles, shotgun shells, and some bullets. Gun and killer instinct not included.

Cock Sock


I get these crazy ideas sometimes. A lot of times what starts out as a total joke, turns into something we might sell, and sometimes those items turn into popular items among our customers. This started out as a statement against noobs walking around with their cocks out, but turned into something that had a life of its own.
Guys, pick one of these up to impress people lol.
Girls, gift one for your best guy friend.
Long and flexi, it's that sock you thought you lost, with a special surprise inside for the peepers.



Here's our basic tank top, available right now in a few different patterns. Slightly worn, a little dirty and a definite favorite of ours.

Black Floral Lifted


Thought we would showcase the black floral lifted tank, a top seller at the moment. This shirt, same pattern is also available in stores as a regular tank. One thing that I didn't mention before is that these tops come as all layer versions..undershirt, shirt, and jacket; allowing the wearer to choose how much they want to show. They look nice with our tanks layered under them, and with the coming soon bikini tops we have been testing.



The store has been open for a couple months now, and we have been meaning to set this blog up for a while. Our plans are to show our latest designs here, but since nothing up as of yet to show, we are going to be showing some of our products we have been selling the past couple months.
I'll start off with one of our first articles of clothing, the Original WWI Lifted Tank. Right now it comes in 4 patterns...camo, black floral, red bandana, and a striped version. We are working on a new release now, hopefully it will be out in the next month. Here is the Camo version.