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Preview: Cybergrrl Oh: Living a 2nd Life in the Virtual World Second Life

Cybergrrl Oh: Living a 2nd Life in the Virtual World Second Life

I host the Cybergrrl Oh podcast live in front of a studio audience at the Amphitheatre; I co-own Athena Isle; and I make branded virtual t-shirts for your Second Life events and promotions.

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Second Lifers for Life - Nov 9, 2014


I'm getting ready for the Second Life reunion party today. I want to find some new hair to match my own salt & pepper look. So might do a little shopping before the event.

You can get to the party using this SLURL (you need a Second Life account to get there - it's free!):

Me and My Monkey


Straddling two worlds


I've been out of Second Life for far too long. I'm back to bumping into walls, flying into trees, and feeling like a stranger in a strange land. And yet, it also feels like returning home but with different eyes.

Just checked out Utherverse today, and once again fully appreciated what we have in Second Life. The avatars over there were fidgety and dressed like they were ready for a pole. I did find a conservative outfit to attend a virtual convention, but then never could really find the presenters or many attendees.

I want to be supportive of virtual spaces for online conventions and events so will certainly attend another if I can figure out how to get where I need to be. Like any space, one can get lost. Finding one's way - and finding others to help show the way - is always a great moment in a virtual world.

Where are you hanging out these days, virtually speaking?

This Weeks Guest: Chestnut Rau


Chestnut Rau has been exploring Second Life since June 2007 and has been the events writer for the popular New World Notes blog since early in 2009. Chestnut writes about music, art, and other social activities that make SL the place where so many people spend their leisure time. Her posts on NWN, which appear every Thursday, are where many look to find cutting edge entertainment.

Chestnut has been writing about Second Life since her early days inworld on her personal blog and is close to the end of a 365 project through which she publishes a self portrait every day for a year. In RL Chestnut is a New York based University administrator.

Meet Chestnut this Thursday, September 9th at 11:00 AM SLT/PST at

Want to be a guest on the show? Email Cybergrrl Oh AT Gmail DOT com.

This Weeks Guest: Diana Allendale



Diana Hunter became interested in writing stories with bondage and D/s themes when she found a dearth of them on the web. Nothing she read seemed to have the romantic element she knew was possible in such relationships. Challenged by a friend to write a better one, she wrote her first full-length novel, Secret Submission.

Each book Diana writes contains a kernel of truth or deeply held conviction from her own life, but don't ask her where truth ends and fantasy begins, she'll never tell! When not writing, Diana is either at her loom, weaving thread lines of a different sort, or playing Mommy-taxi to her two teenage children. Married for over twenty-five years to the same man, she is grateful for all the wonderful encouragement he gives her.

Meet Diana this Thursday, September 2nd at 11:00 AM SLT/PST at

Want to be a guest on the show? Email Cybergrrl Oh AT Gmail DOT com.

This Week's Guest: Wiz Nordberg


Wiz Nordberg is the founder of Treet TV (formerlly known as SLCN), the world's first virtual television network of entertainment and lifestyle programs. SLCN started streaming live events from Second Life in March of 2007 and now as Treet TV continues to cover live high-profile events for Linden Lab and others.

In the physical world, Wiz is a software engineer and serial entrepreneur who has years of experience in the tech sector and venture funded start-ups. He was the system architect in several large commercial software products and in 1996 Wiz established a respected web development company in Melbourne Australia. Projects focused on entertainment properties for major record companies like BMG, Universal Music, Warner Music, and others. 1999 led to a new division that pioneered broadband webcasting in Australia with several large outdoor stadium concerts.

Wiz currently lives in a small bay village on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne.

Meet Wiz this Thursday, August 26th at 11:00 AM SLT/PST at

Want to be a guest on the show? Email Cybergrrl Oh AT Gmail DOT com.

This Week's Guest: epredator Potato



Ian Hughes a.k.a epredator when online, is a Metaverse Evangelist. He set about leading a band of like minded individuals and subsequently many thousands of colleagues in IBM into virtual worlds like Second Life in 2006, and beyond. This sparked the massive growth in interest from enterprises and press alike. As a public figure in Web 2.0 and a leading blogger on he has shown that leadership can be driven by the digital native and innovators can gather together regardless of geography or organization. Cultural and technology changes and new ways to operate across companies is a core theme. In 2008 he received the first industry award for Innovation in Virtual Worlds in the Enterprise . As a digital native his epredator persona spans many Web 2.0 places, blogs, PSN, WoW, Xbox Live, Twitter, Flickr, Linkedin etc. Understanding how to use that presence, still representing himself but with elements of theatre brought about by more creative expression online leads him to no longer be the programmer he grew up as.

Virtual worlds also extend to more than just entertainment or corporate communication. Representing past cultures, existing places, instrumenting the planet, showing business process models in actions the list goes on. Metaverses can also be used to deliver virtual goods, but now making those virtual goods real again is possible. Rapid fabrication and the rise of the fabricaneur heralds another phase in our existence online

A former IBM Consulting IT Specialist who has worked on leading edge emerging technologies for the past 20 years, and now an independent consultant and director of Feeding Edge Ltd. A programmer since he was 14. As a gamer he has seen a massive increase in the capability and design ethics within games and the rise of online gaming. In 1997 Ian started working on all things web, changing his perspective on the technology and the business due the much richer mix of people involved in the web revolution. Graphic Designer, Producers and Programmers all having to work together.

As a public speaker he shares his experiences both of the growing virtual worlds industry, the changes in culture, personal experiences of challenging the status quo and leading through doing.

He is chairman of the British Computer Society Animation and Games Specialist Group. Promoting the games industry and associated technology within the BCs but also reaching out to the games industry to help provide professional recognition to the development community.

Meet epredator this Thursday, August 19th at 11:00 AM SLT/PST at

Want to be a guest on the show? Email Cybergrrl Oh AT Gmail DOT com.

This Week's Guest: Se7en Wirsing


Bio of Se7en Wirsing

I first rezzed in February of 2009. Within a few weeks, I started blogging about my experiences in Second
Life. I got my first SL writing job working for Second Chick, a now defunct women's blog. My editor, Zillow
Dejavu, taught me about taking photos in SL. Since then, I have written and photographed for Role
Magazine, OI Magazine, Siren Magazine and Help People Island blog. At the moment, I write for Press
Pass Media and write and edit for AFK Magazine, as well as my own blogs Savoy Cabbage Journeys and
2nd Journal.

I have always wanted to write in real life and, finally, all my SL writing has inspired me to begin a novel on
Textnovel. I also write poetry and short stories. My other interests are Autism/Asperger's Syndrome and
art and, in SL, writing about business, the arts and people.

Meet Se7en this Thursday, August 12th at 11:00 AM SLT/PST at

Want to be a guest on the show? Email Cybergrrl Oh AT Gmail DOT com.

This Week's Guest: Malburns Writer


Join us this week as we chat with Malburns Writer of MetaVerse TV.

Meet Malburns THURSDAY, July 29th at 11:00 AM SLT/PST at

Want to be a guest on the show? Email Cybergrrl Oh AT Gmail DOT com.

This Week's Guest: Georgianna Blackburn


This week we will be joined by Georgianna Blackburn, to discuss marketing in Second Life.

Meet Georgianna THURSDAY, July 22nd at 11:00 AM SLT/PST at

Want to be a guest on the show? Email Cybergrrl Oh AT Gmail DOT com.

Upcoming Guest on the Cybergrrl Oh Podcast


So sorry for the last minute cancellation but our producer Stu Warf had a family emergency. Our hearts go out to Stuart and his family at this time.

Nika Dreamscape, associate producer for the podcast, and I have been booking some great guests coming up. Here is the calendar so far (subject to change):

7/22/2010 Georgianna Blackburn talking about marketing in Second Life

7/29/2010 Malburn Writer talking aboutproducing shows in SL - TV Station:  (6 channels, 24/7)

8/5/2010 NO SHOW - I'll be at BlogHer (or maybe we can do a show live from BlogHer?)

8/12/2010 Se7en Wirsing talking about blogs and blogging in SL

8/19/2010 epredator Potato talking about Feeding Edge

8/26/2010 Wiz Nordberg, founder of, talking about building an SL media empire ;)

9/2/2010 Diana Allendale talking about her writing workshops and writing in SL

9/9/2010 Chestnut Rau talking about compiling event listings for New World Notes and great SL events

9/16/2010 Selina Greene Owner of Vision, Vision Paperbacks & Fusion Press in FL and owners of Book Island and Book Publishing Village as well as host of SL Book Fair in SL. Lot's to talk about in terms of books, writers and publishers in SL!

This is just a taste of the many great guests and topics coming up. We have a few opening slots in November and December before the holidays if you'd like to be on the show! Email cybergrrloh AT gmail DOT com.

Who would you like to hear from on the Cybergrrl Oh podcast?

This Week's Guest: Gregory Meredith


This week we will be joined by Gregory Meredity, of Games For Democracy.
Games for Democracy is a not-for-profit organization that promotes
democratic discourse through the use of serious games.

They help progressive organizations and the public sector with
consensus-building, offering in-person and online tools to address
issues to seek agreement.

Games for Democracy applies serious games to:

democratic discourse
participatory governance
collaborative problem-solving

Meet Gregory THURSDAY, July 15th at 11:00 AM SLT/PST at

Want to be a guest on the show? Email Cybergrrl Oh AT Gmail DOT com.

This Week's Guest: Shenlei Flasheart


Shenlei Winkler (Shenlei Flasheart in SL) is a 30 year veteran of the fashion industry. Her work spans both couture and mass market design and development for the real life apparel industry. A successful designer, her lifetime sales of her real life apparel designs have now reached more than $70 million USD, with more than 25 million-dollar styles in her portfolio. Her couture work has appeared extensively on stage and movie screen. Winkler has also enjoyed success in Second Life, where she has designed fashion since 2005, with three popular brands including Prim & Proper (one of the top Second Life earners in 2006), Flash &Trash, and Debutante. Her educational background includes three design degrees, including two from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. She has also been instrumental in developing large-scale creative installations in OpenSim-based worlds, most notably Shengri La Spirit, previously hosted by IBM, and Shengri La Gallery, both of which may be visited as publicly accessible regions hosted by Intel Corporation. Author of Shengri La Spirit: A Designer's Perspective of the Making of OpenSim, and Designing Dreams: The Art & Business of Avatar Apparel Design & Development, Winkler's third book, Scouts, Pioneers, and Settlers will be published in Q1 2010.Founder of the Fashion Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on helping designers achieve their dreams with dignity, integrity and respect, she is currently the CEO of the Fashion Research Institute which is focused on researching and developing virtualization technologies with particular emphasis for the apparel industry. FRI's flagship product, Black Dress Design Studio, is the result of a research collaboration with IBM to develop a fully integrated product lifecycle management solution coupled with a virtual world product design capabilities that enables the apparel industry to cut costs, cut time to market, reduce its carbon footprint, and develop comprehensively better products quickly, easily, and simply. Winkler is an adjunct instructor at FIT and Buffalo State University. Her research areas include content licensing for virtual goods, virtualization of enterprise in immersive workspaces, OpenSim enterprise application development, and user immersion in virtual worlds. Winkler may often be found in the Fashion Research Institute Shengri La regions in Second Life, where her seminal orientation program for immersive spaces may be experienced.Meet Shenlei THURSDAY, July 8th at 11:00 AM SLT/PST at to be a guest on the show? Email Cybergrrl Oh AT Gmail DOT com.[...]

This Week's Guest: Slim Warrior


Cybergrrl Oh is on the road! Please join us in celebrating Second Life's 7th birthday at the exhibit at SL7B.

Thursday, July 1st at 11:00 AM SLT
Special Guest - Slim Warrior

International Award Winning Recording Artist/Musician/Producer based in London, UK.
About Slimmie:
Slimmie was the first UK musician, to perform live in Second Life. She created a dedicated music island called Menorca, which still serves as one of the premiere live music venues for Second Life musicians from around the world. Inside Second Life she has had the opportunity to work with musicians from all genres, each passionate about their music and she helped pioneer the concept of live virtual world concerts. She is a dedicated Event Host and Organiser.

Founder of the Indpendent Musicians Group and the SL Music Community Forums she shows a passion and dedication for supporting Independent artists as the concept of Virtual World music concerts becomes ever more popular.

Reflecting influences from many genres, her vocals, original compositions and overall production sound reflect an intriguing blend of dance and house, with trance and techno overtones.
With an eclectic and original mixture of songs she composes and produces herself from Ambient to Dance, Slimmie has a unique presentation and style for each of her shows. As the 1st UK artist to perform Live in SL, Slims shows ensure both a mixture of singing and good music.

With credits ranging from Radio One to National TV appearances and numerous media publications Slim will certainly provide a professional and entertaining show for your event.

Slim is also available as a DJ for your event featuring Nu Jazz, Dance and Downtempo.

Unauthorized recording, re-transmitting, re-directing, re-selling of Slims music is prohibited in-world or on the internet. All songs are copyright protected.

A few samples of her music can be found here

Meet Slim Warrior on Thursday, July 1st at 11:00 AM SLT/PST at

Want to be a guest on the show? Email Cybergrrl Oh AT Gmail DOT com.

This Week's Guest: Robin Roar, Sim Diva!


I was recently asked the question:What problems with real life marketing are solved by using Second Life?My response was:This question could be easily answered with these questions:What problems with real life marketing are solved by using email newsletters?What problems with real life marketing are solved by using a web site?What problems with real life marketing are solved by using an online press room?Offline or "real life" marketing has many limitations that have been clearly revealed over the last 15 years since the advent of online marketing. And what have we learned?Online marketing provides us with:exponentially greater reachmore efficient processestime/money savers (when leveraged well)cross timezone/cross geography (eliminate barriers of location)more customer touchpointsSo it stands to reason, that executed well, Second Life marketing provides:exponentially greater reachmore efficient processestime/money savers (when leveraged well)cross timezone/cross geography (eliminate barriers of location)more customer touchpointsWe don't think of real life marketing that we do as "solving problems" although it could be construed that way. You could say marketing solves the problems of lack of awareness, a weak brand, lack of customers, etc. - it addresses a "lack" to get a "gain" such as brand awareness, sales (or donations), customer service (or serving a constituency), etc.Why would we frame a question about marketing in Second Life as needing to solve a problem? You can also say that marketing in Second Life does address the problems of lack of awareness, a weak brand, lack of customers, etc. - it addresses a "lack" to get a "gain" such as brand awareness, sales (or donations), customer service (or serving a constituency), etc.But marketing in general - regardless of the platform - isn't really solving problems but enhancing things, right? Pitting Second Life against "real life marketing" doesn't make sense. Instead, simply look at Second Life as another tool in a strategic, effective and efficient marketing toolkit.How are YOU using Second Life to market? Related articles by ZemantaHappy Birthday Second Life ([...]

Cybergrrl Oh and Guests - Pictures


My show tapes live in Second Life almost every week. I say almost because sometimes I'm traveling and can't get inworld and sometimes my producer is traveling.

Please tell us when they make a way for our avatar to operate without us. Hello Caprica writers - do you know something we don't?!?

Join us live every Thursday (almost) inworld at