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Preview: Krissy Lately

Krissy Lately

Where on the Grid is Krissy lately? Shopping, exploring and generally being nosy.

Updated: 2018-03-06T01:38:20.769-05:00


Krissy at UrbanARTs


I almost didn't share my excitement for this little art showing of mine. I'm just a 'wannabe' artist who happens to enjoy digital/gaming hobbies. I think my digital collages are pretty cute. But certainly not on par with Rose Borchovski or four Yip or Bryn Oh. (They are icons, really, and quite expert at creating pieces that tell a story.) No, mine are just nice little postcards - but seeing my completed exhibit really made me so pleased. And because pitsch Parx has been SO kind and generous I really wanted to share my experience in support of his UrbanARTs initiative. Housed in a beautiful two story structure, free space is offered to newly established artists of SL for a period of 12 weeks. His hope is that this will give the artist some exposure and a chance to earn enough income to begin their own shop or gallery. My dear friend Robin Moore has exhibited here in the past, as have many other notable SL artists. Please check out UrbanARTs and show your support. Happy day!

Postcard From Azeroth



Krissy here! Just sending a postcard from Azeroth, my home away from home. My little vacation to that land of dungeons and monsters has turned into quite the stay. I'm loving it! I have a cute little Blood Elf Mage at level 54 and another Blood Elf Warlock at 8. I just started the Warlock, she's super fun. Second Life is still the place I come back to. But after months of wandering the grid aimlessly, no longer feeling inspired or captivated, my time in-world began to dwindle before I knew it.

It would seem like this is the typical "But I'll be back!" speech, only there's a fun little twist. On my way out of SL, I decided to open a business! Yeah, I work backward like that. Here's how it all went down: Because I wanted a place to call home, without the $L7700 tier (for 30 minutes of SL per week?) I moved to a patch of wildflowers on Ctrl-Shift-H.


Rooting through my inventory, I found digital collages that I had once uploaded, intending to sell. On a whim, I rented a shop on the same sim and threw 'em up. I thought why not? Within eight days I made my shop rent back and received a gallery offer. Woot! It's still in the 'pilot' stage, but as long as it pays for the rent, I'm happy.

Signage is compliments of Arora Zanzibar, who occupies shop space near me. When I asked her about her 3 prim sculpted sign, she generously made one for me! She was super fast and I really appreciate it because the sign is everything, isn't it? If you like it, she'll make you one too! Check them out, here.
Peeping in the window.... It's a funny feeling to see little versions of my pictures.

Krissy The Analyst


I recently introduced myself to a brand called couverture. I love it. If you had to pick a family of textures that said "This is ME", do you know what you would choose? I do! And they are here! Because I'm knee-deep in measurements for April, and also beginning an implementation and deployment project in rl, I decided (just for fun) to let this spill over a little into my SL and graph my pleasure for my recent purchase. :)

I originally discovered this hooded sweatshirt when I stopped in to grab something else. It stole my attention though, and because it was raining outside I made my choice: The hoody. I love this print but if you aren't into flowers, it's ok - there are others. Unfortunately this adorable texture doesn't lay the same on sculpties and system layers. I don't care.

Here I am lamenting the fact that all six of my bun buns were hibernating. I forgot to rezz more food Thursday night and didn't log back in until Saturday. Poor things.

Krissy Muggleston, the nosy neighbor - checking out Miss Carrie Lexington's pad, across the way. I'm not being obvious, am I?

If I could choose three things from my virtual inventory to have in rl, this sweatshirt is totally on the list.

I made almost NO prim adjustments (except pulling the hood down a smidge), lots of layer options, size script choices, freakin' adorable prints and pretty reasonable price are why I'll be going back for more.

Japan Dream Kenjin


Do you like authentic, immersive Second Life environments? Man, these are my favorites. I don't really get excited about science fiction or space themes but I dearly love a place like Dream Kenjin. The textures that are plastered all over this place are unreal. And right from the get-go, when you land here it's color-mania. But all the textures have a downside: Slow rezzing. And when you have an aircard like I do, it means even SLOWER rezzing. So I make no apologies for some of the textures in these pics. I simply couldn't stand waiting any longer. Btw, I just found some snaps on Koinup taken at Dream Kenjin that literally look like they were taken in rl with a Canon. (Somebody waited on the textures to load.) Anyway, Enjoy!





Project complete. Goal reached. I recently decided to create some upheaval in my Second Life, because things had become sort of stale, predictable... vanilla maybe? Well to put it simply, I was bored. So I embarked on a plan to update my living quarters. The journey was fun, expensive and successful. I highly recommend it. Welcome friends! Just take your shoes off at the door. Just kidding, you don't even have to take your shoes off at my rl door.I love this chair from Chronokit. If you haven't been there, please go. This guy knows sculpties. The fantastic little lamp is designed by my neighbor Marcopol Oh. I want it in rl.Well my bedroom is kinda empty. I hardly go in there, except passing through to the side patio. But unlike kitchens and bathrooms, I gotta have a bedroom. Although as I type this, I'm thinking it would make a good office. Who knows?Waiting on the pizza boy. Hurry pizza boy, I'm hungry.Ok, I wanted to share this chandelier, because I'm thrilled with it. But I can't remember the store name. :/ I'm so bad! Anyway this little dude is maybe 9 prims? And I like that it has some ice, but not too much - it doesn't look like an 80s brass chandelier. Sacked. From the pizza. Or whatever was in my coffee... One of my favorite things about Colleen Desmoulin's furniture are the textures. Not necessarily the quality (which is stellar), but the variety. Those two toile pillows are my *favorite*. I'm a toile junkie in rl. I found this great little table for pillow seats at Mudhoney.The beauty of Costa Rica Sims. Unmatched. (Yes I'm plugging.)When I read Mia's post on, and saw her mention of Riq Graves I decided to see what he's been up to. Hence, these two super cool Adirondack chairs. Only I'm an idiot and bought two, before I noticed they were COPY. Oh well.Happy day![...]

Krissy Misses Her Textures :(



Anyone know what's wrong with this picture? About a month ago I logged into Second Life and noticed a few random textures here and there where missing. I've Googled and searched but most jira, wiki and blog hits are outdated and really do not describe this issue. Others tell me they can see the white fluffy feathers just fine. Please help! :/

Krissy's Preoccupations



I've recently slipped into that zone of What-Is-The-Meaning-Of-Slife? (Or, should I stay or should I go, only 'go' isn't really logical since SL is ingrained in me). My answer is always to shake things up a bit. This time? I bought a new prefab. This means weeks of shopping and searching for the "right one", plunking down whatever it costs, because it's the price I pay for escape, right? And then carefully taking all objects from my land, which is pretty much the only time I strive for organization. And this is limited to a grand folder called "Cottage House" because there I can find anything I rezzed in that home. (And cross fingers it doesn't vaporize like a certain jewelry folder I know of.) Then there's the terraforming, which I need assistance for at Costa Rica, and landscape design, furniture, etc. It's a very expensive project since I don't re-use much. And it typically packs a punch in the What-Is-The-Meaning-Of-Slife syndrome and I come out of it ready for normalcy and inexpensive exploring. I'm about 60% of the way through my "shake-up", and then I look forward to catching up on the landmarks that I've collected. It's a good thing I don't mind wearing my outfits for weeks at a time. :) Happy day!

Snakura *ART* Imaginarium


Boy, as I write this, I can tell that I'm sort of "out of it". I forgot to record the artist's name of this really amazing sim-turned-art installation. Luckily we have Google! Google is our friend! Cherry Manga and Archael's steampunk forest is very Bryn Oh-inspired. Some of the things that I enjoy the most about Bryn are her smallest details that are likely to be missed without camming in close, and many of the sculptures at Snakura are made in a similar fashion. Another way that I can tell I'm out of the groove is that I forgot to look for a notecard. So without chatting with Manga or reading a notecard, I'm kind of interpreting on my own and that's scary. Ha! But what I can say technically is that the terraforming is beautiful and graceful and the installation is very poetic. There's a story here I just don't know it. Lol!




Empress and Hierophant


Sharing the names of two cards in the Tarot, the Empress and Hierophant occupied most of my Saturday night. It's been open for awhile, but Saturday was my first visit. I've seen the Welsh countryside, and I totally felt a sense of nostalgia as I looked around. Although I'm not sure it was the Welsh countryside that inspired this terrain and atmosphere, it definitely has a Celtic flavor. It's refreshing to see something different to explore. As Second Life evolves and our builders just get better and better, it becomes harder to find a geographic region that hasn't been emulated. There's more then meets the eye here. If you wonder when new releases will be announced, and perhaps even the opening of the Bed & Breakfast Experience, check the moon phase. This is an important element in the creative process for Alchemy and Immortalis Cyannis.They've a mystical approach to life. Instead of being the tortured artists, frustrated by judgement and alienation, they've learned to find harmony by infusing magic into their daily lives.Apparently it's working. This place is a full featured piece of art. Texture, landscape, design, terraform, vision: It's all here.I'm using my current favorite Windlight preset. AM Radio's Nostalgia. (I just realized how appropriate that name is.) I love the aqua color of the water that this preset gives, and the blur of the horizon.This picture is dedicated to my RL sister Emily. She began collecting sheep after she toured the British countryside, and although she has since moved on and no longer really collects them, she's stuck with the legacy. :)Enjoy![...]

Minding My Own Business


Just standing around, minding my own beeswax...

And before you know it, I'm flat on my ass. I swear I wasn't drinking. Er, well I won't swear, but I'm blaming it on the bridge. You see the gap there at my feet? Before you know it, it tried to eat my foot.

I won, but slightly embarrassed, I am. There was only one other shopper on the sim when I bit the dust, and I don't think she paid any attention. I'm just glad I spared my new dress. :)

Happy day, anyway!



Fun stuff, this Mechanizedlife.Com filtercam, which is having a Flickr contest as we speak. Below are my three entries, although they may not end up as my final entries. Hopefully I come up with something better and then I'll withdraw one and tag the better one. (If that's allowed?) I think the idea behind the contest is not so much entering a cool picture with a filter on top, but more about entering a cool picture with a filter that is inherently part of the image. That's just my interpretation. But based on that feeling, I don't think I've really nailed it. The fun part is this challenge of continually trying to take a 'winning' picture with angle, pose, setting and filter all coming together in an organic way. Something that is so natural and easy to do for some people, and so illusive for others. (Me.) Whatever it takes to feel stimulated, right? :)

Talking With Pigs will probably go. Although I like the angle, and the piggies who seem to really listen to me, the filter washes them out. Maybe I'll reshoot it. I could choose a new filter and/or maybe a new pose. Perhaps dance for them?
This one should go. I think it's boring. It makes a good profile pic, though. :)
This one is my favorite. It uses a textured filter which sort of reminds me of canvas. It's in the 'TV' section, I believe. I love that canvas texture.
If I get lazy, or if I just don't find the inspiration or the time, these are it. Contest ends on February 28th. Plenty of time.... :)

This Is The Tale...


My dear friend Robin sent me a teleport to join him at Giardino di Arte Libera, for the opening day of a three week art installation. The artist is Rose Borchovski, and she has left me speechless with this endearing, simple story of one person's struggle within. The installation becomes the nightmare of Susa Bubble. Each picture on display evokes images of Susa's fears.

This is the Tail
of Susa Bubble
Who went to bed single
And woke up double.
Woke up as two
In her single bed.
Who are you? Who are you?
She said, she said,
There was no holding on after that
Some were happy, others sad
They all came in the same tiny size
Had short little fingers
And blue round eyes
All of a sudden, it stopped finally
And they ended up with thirty-three.

Rose says "My SL creation is a sweet but savage telling. About how single Susa doubles up. How she cannot handle to be out of balance, and despite her best willing to be good, Susa does bad and tumbles down, and with her all the other Susas." Your taxi is waiting... Happy day!

Alien Garden of Cosmic Delights


Last night was a busy one in my house, but I took a break from the mayhem (nightly routine) to check out Scarp Godenot's new sculpture installation at Extropia. It's a depiction of alien plants growing with vigor and sort of taking over. In typical Scarp fashion, there was a lot of movement and shape and swirl. I forgot to ask him if his textures are derived from his rl photography. He usually does that.
It was pretty much a full house when I arrived, I'm guessing 40-50 people were there to support Scarp. He's behind me, sporting a cool look, ala McFly. Nestra is on the far right and Manx is also in this pic, but he's nothing but a brown blob of system hair. :/ That's what he gets for showing up late! Just kidding, I only arrived a few minutes before. :) Visit Alien Garden of Cosmic Delights if you get a chance!

Allie and Virginia


This is what greets me each time I log in. Allie and Virginia, my little Ozimals bun buns. Of course there's Haiti too, but he's much less social. He's quite anti-social, in fact.

He's an alien bunneh, sold as a special edition for earthquake relief. He has six green eyes and 18 pupils. I'm actually trying to breed him with Allie, but she'll be in cooldown for seven more days. Thank goodness for the Ozimals Orations group. Those people know so much!(image)

I initially thought I'd let Haiti live at my skybox, so I would have company up there. But he didn't like it. His happiness was in the teens and he refused to eat. Who knew these little guys could be so picky? He's doing much better now that he has friends on the ground. Allie is a half-a-lop, in the foreground. Virginia is a rex, I think.
(image) Happy day!

Krissy Brings You Pandora


Krissy Muggleston here! On location in beautiful Pandora and prepared to show you some RP that is "out of this world".Content creators must have kicked it into high gear for the last three weeks, because this two sim, full prim RP community (specifically Pandora Magic and Pandora Hellsgate - there are several unrelated Pandora RP communities) is a stunning replica of James Cameron's vision. While I realize there's a strong debate between IP rights on behalf of Mr. Cameron and fan fun, this post isn't meant to shed light, persuade or impart any opinions. I'm no judge (although one's character speaks for itself). I'm just a patron of the arts and everything beautiful in SL. Moving on.This is the flower that snapped shut when Jake touched it. In SL, it simulates that. Pretty cool.The region is full of the Na'vi. I was denied access to the region countless times because the sim was full. The clothing, prim attachments and skins were impressive on these blue guys. I guess I was just taken by surprise at the range of content already available for this role play.I felt like the tp landing point was a little overwhelming. But it's ok because all the important things like skin, clothing and accessories, landmarks, group memberships and RP huds are easy to grab before jumping in. Btw, the mutant animals below are Hammerhead Titanothere.Sky Islands with falling water.Don't be put off by the glow. As night fell in the movie, I sat in my seat in pure amazement. The folliage and flowers did something incredible and these sims do a fairly good job of emulating that.Enjoy that! Happy day![...]

Lemondrop's Forest


This is what I'm talking about! I love that feeling of landing somewhere new, and at first glance losing my breath. Feeling like there is so much to see and thinking 'where do I start?'. It's been so long since I've had that sort of experience. Bettina Tizzy delivered yet again, in the form of a notecard, with some landmark gems. Lemondrop's Forest is a fairy's wonderland, (except for the Poops of Poopsburgh, but I digress). Lemondrop collaborated with her rl bestie, Photon Pink. The sim is designed with lanes and buildings and canals and waterways. And you just can't ignore that show-stopper tree. And when you think you may have seen everything, don't forget to jump down to water level. It's there you'll find water-ways and paths under the buildings, perfect for the gondola rides that are waiting. But heed this warning: Don't put your hands in the water. What with the pollution from Poopsburgh and the rumors of CHUDs living in there, it's just not worth the risk. But nevertheless, a beautiful way to see the sites.The shack here holds the haunted piano. Always playing a haunted tune.This is near the entrance to Poopsburgh, those stinky neighbors of Lemondrop's. According to the intelligence she's gathered, they are manufacturing poops from hydrogenated whale oil solids. They ship the irradiated poop around the meta-verse. No wonder it's so stinky.A lot of surfaces here are textured with Lemondrop's very own uploaded chocolate foil wrappers. She gets them at a nearby Russian deli, gives the chocolates to Photon, and keeps and presses the foil wrappers. She's gathered a beautiful collection and they make delightful textures.This picture was taken at 2:30am my time, (I know, right?!), after the most perfect guided tour anyone could ask for. The cutie tiny kitty is Joni, who told us stories of Finland and Tove Jansson. So with waffles, rice crispy treats, clown salami and a spot of tea, we chatted until we couldn't keep our eyes open.And the next morning, over a rl spot of coffee for each of us, we did it again. Yay for SL![...]

77/365 - Life Is Good And Other Deep Thoughts


I've been wondering what the future holds for SL blogs. Mainly the lifestyle blogs.

Is it really a viable medium now that friendships are made and cultivated in Plurk?
It seems the SL BLogosphere is feeling increasingly empty as bloggers become "Plurkers" and share commentary there and not here.
Landmarks, shopping tips, random thoughts and other bits of juicy information are going on someone's timeline instead.
I love to take inworld snapshots and display them here for all to see. I love the comments, tips and encouragement. But I can get that on Flickr.
So then why this? .....Because I've met some really great friends, (some who have crept into RL) and I've met some really cool sim owners.
And my eyes have opened to a lot of SL talent and content.
So I'll just keep on doing what I do. Sharing pictures, places and things. And hopefully more often then not. :)

365 - Missing Mile


Here I am at Missing Mile again. And as I was standing in front of a tattoo parlor, I got held up at knife point. :/ I know, right? Minding my own business and all? Some dude put a knife to my throat and took me to this huge, abandoned warehouse. Since it was locked, he had to break in. I fully expected (hoped) alarms would sound and the MMPD would swarm in and save me. No such luck. Because I was kinda mouthy to him, he decided to tye my hands together and kick me to the floor. Ouch. Honestly, I was mostly ticked about my new couture shirt. So he finally told me what he wanted: To find the owner of the warehouse and hi-jack his drug cartel... aka, feed me to the wolves. But I agreed to do it, if it meant freedom. Plus he had bad breath.

I forgot how dangerous Missing Mile can be. Be very very careful if you visit. I'm afraid with the increased traffic recently, the crime is bound to increase as well. Take care.

(image) Nala Kurka styled most of this outfit. Too cute! (-0- prim adjustments, woot!)

63/365 - Krissy of Yesteryear


Because this particular meme fascinates me to see everyone's early days, I've gathered some memories of my own to compare. I even found some vintage Krissy things to try on. Will they still fit?
  • I recall the first time I saw prim hair on an avi. I immediately went into appearance mode thinking I could "fix" me, too.
  • I still remember my first linden currency purchase, as I sat at my rl kitchen table. -$L1000, which became a Friday routine.
  • I also remember when that $L1000 slowly started to escalate.
  • I spent three days trying to solve the mystery of unpacking a box, just so I could wear the pink Butterly babydoll dress pictured below. It was my very first Second Life purchase.
  • I spent the first six months living at Luna. I still go back now and then, kinda like driving by your childhood home to see how it's changed.
  • I spent the first NINE months refusing to get an AO. I preferred the duck walk over the Sexy Walk. AOs, like everything else, have come a long way.


This month marks three rezz years for me. I showed my hubby these two photos and said "Look at the difference!". For him, these were just two different photos of two different avatars. It seems that all the obvious phases of our evolution are mostly lost on outsiders. Btw, I'm so digging this Aoharu jacket.
Happy day!

62/365 - Of Poses and Sizes and Learning New Skillz


I've been admiring Thema Felix's pictures ever since I met her, she's one of those creative types that make everything look so SIMPLE. So I asked her the other day if she would give me a tutorial, specifically to teach me how to make my blog pictures bigger without losing quality. And within a day she whipped up a notecard for me. I've a long way to go before I achieve my SL photography aspirations, but she took me about 10 paces forward. So now you can stop squinting at my pictures. They're BIG. :)



The snap below was taken yesterday just outside of Tres Blah at Tableau. I'm using Annyka's Lavendar something preset. I love how it washes the whites out, but makes the colors pop. The picture to the right is a little number styled by Nina Fessbeinder, which I wore last night to a vaudeville themed shindig held by Casja Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza. I swapped out the stole that Nina chose for one that I already owned by Boom. I love how she chose to wear this dress without the attached flowers. The tiny little flexi ruffles on the short skirt are so sweet. I'm really digging this outfit, although I probably wouldn't have chosen it were it not for the Burlesque party. Blessing in disguise, it is. My hair was probably wrong for this genre. A sleek black bob, like the one I just purchased at Lamb (and whose name I can't remember) would have been better. Take care![...]

60/365 - Tableau - Village Americana?


I *finally* ported into this place! It became an act of stubbornness on my part. I could have just decided to try again another day. But noooo, I was determined to see close up what I've been spying for the last week. As earlier observed, the prefabs are darling. The atmosphere is very (for me) small-town Midwest. Someone else mentioned that it was very Vermont-esque. I'm honestly not quite sure what their true inspiration is, but the colors are lovely and it's full of photo ops.

EDIT: Toast Bard: well its a mix of different things but Turnip says it looks most like Indiana.

There you have it! This Indiana Hoosier new her state when she saw it. :)


59/365 - You Can't Enter This Region Because The Server Is Full


[12:42] Lizzie Lexington: did you get in
[12:43] Krissy Muggleston: not yet
[13:03] Lizzie Lexington: did you get in?
[13:03] Krissy Muggleston: nope
[13:03] Krissy Muggleston: sitting here reading the indy star as I try between paragraphs.

Pfff, I say. It could be my karma for peaking.

58/365 - All In A Day's Work?


Seems the stress of designing, building and operating a small (but adorable) store in Second Life has taken it's toll on Mr. Tetuma Kawashima. He seems to be double-fisting it as he works on something glow-y that I derendered. I think he was passed out, actually. This dude is the creator behind Napoliy, which is next to +Mocha+ on the Paw Paw sim. Cute stuff.


57/375 - I Changed Clothes!


My new favorite store happens to be R.icielli. Oh, "this ole place" you say? Talk to the hand. I'm completely fine living my slife five paces behind everyone else. ;) And given the traffic at R.icielli during my visit, this moment is no exception. :) My latest outfit was styled by Azure Electricteeth. (She's so cute.) And let me tell ya, this cardigan is so damn adorable! I'm on a tights kick too, so I look for styles with tights. This one incorporates some wild ones. Reminds me of a college instructor who used to wear some really crazy tights, during a time when they were pretty uncool. I hope she kept them. She's probably rocking them now. Thanks Azure, for featuring this get-up! Yay!

(image) Enjoy!