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Seshat Czeret

Thoughts and creations in Second Life, including techniques for designing and making clothing, skins, textures, animations, and objects in SL.

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Temporary moratorium


Feldie (Feldspar Epstein) is helping me migrate my blog to, and a nifty new CSS-y template that will let me be more certain images are beside the relevant portions of text, and all sorts of neat stuff like that.However, she would like me to avoid writing thirty new tutorials for her to migrate while she's working!So I'll focus on my shop stuff, some animations I promised for

Changing my permissions


In the past, I've provided many objects full perms. Unfortunately, some people have taken to using full perms items as a way of concealing their culpability in making collections of stolen goods, or making griefer tools.If you receive an item which purports to be from me, but doesn't seem like my usual style, do not trust it!Also, do not trust a scripted item which claims to be from me, but did

Tileable Textures


Lane Luke made these great fruits - a persimmon and a pomegranate. They look fantastic, don't they?Now let's turn them around. Oops.Lane asked for my help - and was generous enough to offer to wait while I made it a tutorial for everyone. :) Kudos for Lane! So let's use Lane's problem as an example for the common problem of texture tiling.Here are Lane's textures for the fruits. As you can see,

Using a pre-made texture in SL clothing


This is a more advanced technique, that belongs in the "Making a Tshirt" part of the "How to make SL clothes in the Gimp" tutorial series, but which I fear might confuse total novices if I put it in there directly.If you haven't read any of that series, you can start at the beginning.Click here for the exact position of the "Making a Tshirt" tutorial that this mini-tutorial fits in.1. If the

How to make SL clothes in the Gimp (part 4)


In part one, we collected the tools we'd need to make clothing. In part two, we made a basic shirt with no features. In part three, we added highlight and shadow.NOTE: Enough people have expressed their hope that I get this one finished soon, that I'm putting it up half done. The images will be done soon, in the meantime, feel free to read the text.In this tutorial, we'll cover seams - both

Pain Management Aftermath


The pain management program had four more weeks, with different fellow sufferers. A is a comedian, larger than life and with a theatrical way of talking and behaving. M is a fairly withdrawn man, very quiet but when he does speak he's been thinking about it. V is gorgeous, a lovely woman with myriad medical issues, who has led an amazing life.C had surgery, which has left her in pain and with

Pain Management: Weeks Three & Four


Weeks three and four went by similarly to weeks one and two. Hydro and physio were very much the same - I increased resistance in the physiotherapy, and Justin has me walking the dog every day: not far, but far enough to count. To the corner and back. Relaxation was very much the same as the first two weeks - still something I know how to do. The key is to actually DO it.The Tuesday OT sessions

Pain Management: Week Two (& Thursday Week One)


The pain management course is taking up almost all of my energy right now - it's great, it's helping me a lot, but it's also very exhausting.Thursday Week OneThursday sessions start with group psychotherapy, then hydro again, lunch, a half-hour 'education' session on various topics, physiotherapy, then relaxation.The group psychotherapy last Thursday wound up being largely an introduction thing -

Gaia invites 3D artists to check out Frenzoo


Guest post from GaiaFrenzoo is a fashion and style community, in which 3D avatars are used as a medium through which to communicate, and to show off one's individuality. A new program is being introduced: the Pro 3D Creator program. As a part of this program, you will be able to create, and easily import into Frenzoo, 3D fashion items. Later on, there will also be the opportunity to import

First day at pain management


Today was my first day at the pain management program I'm doing.The good news is that everyone was nice and friendly and helpful. The bad news is that I'm EXHAUSTED!So I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish the things I've promised people. :( That includes finishing the images for the latest tutorial, and finishing the clothing-for-novices templates I promised. They will get done, but I'd say

Update to Highlights & Shadows tutorial


I discovered a new feature in the Gimp. Okay, an old feature, but new to me. It's amazing for highlights and shadows, so that's where I put it.Check out the new "Other layer types" section near the bottom of the Highlights & Shadows tutorial.

Musing: national identity


Australians are funny people. Our national identity is wrapped up in strange things.A song about a sheep-stealing vagabond (Waltzing Matilda).A poem about retrieving a runaway horse (The Man From Snowy River).A battle which was a disaster right from the planning stages (Gallipoli).Genocidal convicts and exile-soldiers (the initial colonization - and the deliberate killing of many Koori* & other

Single-prim vendor selling in SL


Many people in Second Life sell their products in scripted vendors. Many more seem not to know how to sell their products at all.However, Second Life includes a very simple, straightforward way to sell products, with no scripts at all - extremely low lag and reliable. It's built in to the prim editing system.Preparing the itemsTo start with, you need something to sell. Making that something is

The theory of Second Life skin and clothing


Skin and clothing layersA Second Life avatar is like a papier-mâché (paper mache) sculpture. It has an underlying shape, which is constructed of a lot of 'lines' and 'vertexes' and looks like a chickenwire framework. And on top of that chickenwire framework, it has several layers of colour - like layers of paper over the chickenwire.The bottommost layer, right next to the chickenwire, is what we

Texture Alignment Pattern


Chosen Few is one of the great texturers in Second Life. He very generously created a pattern which I use extensively to align my textures - and he made it free for everyone to use. He made the pattern available in a Second Life Forums thread.There are other texture alignment grids available. Each has different features, you might prefer a different grid to this one. But if you've never used an

How to complain effectively


You bought something - maybe from me, maybe from someone else - and you're not happy with it. How do you get satisfaction?Conversely: sellers, how do you know when a customer is doing their best to be fair about a transaction they're unhappy with?And how do you avoid being the Unruly Customer in a seller's blog? This guy made it all but impossible for the seller to help him!The really short

Changes to shops


In-World StoresSeshat Studios RoosaI have a shop of my own! Wyn Nitely and I share a building in Roosa (one of the Azure Islands commercial sims.The ground floor is furnishings, rugs, and other homewares. The upper floor has my clothing and animations, and some clothing and art that Wyn makes.Everything I sell is available at Roosa, though some of the variations (no-copy/transfer, for instance)

How to make SL clothes in the Gimp (part 3)


In part one, we collected the tools we'd need to make clothing. In part two, we made a basic shirt with no features.Now in part three, we will learn about highlights and shadows. Wrinkles and folds are made the same way as highlights and shadows, but will be a tutorial of their own.Open your Tutorial Shirt file that you made in part two. If you prefer, you can open anything you wish, but this

Moving files to and from SL


DownloadDownloading is taking a file (in this case an image) from the distant site (SL) to the local site (your computer).To download an image from SL, open it from your inventory. This should get you a window like the one in the image to the right.Then go up to the File menu on the left of SL's top toolbar. You should see 'Save Texture As...' as an option. Select that. You can now select where

Learning to animate


One of the frequent requests on the NCI (New Citizens Incorporated) group channel is for tutorials on animation.Here are the websites I used when I learned to animate, collected into one neat post for your convenience.A thread on animation editors for SLJacek Antonelli's Blender tutorial, link to Blender, and animation exporter from Blender into the .bvh format used by Second Life.The Second Life

Designers Toolkit


I took some time out to make myself - and everyone else - a little toolkit. It's a template skin made from my blend of Robin and Chip's avatar templates, and a set of shapes.The 'clothing designers' shape set has the faces set at 50, but the body sliders have been set at all 0, all 25, all 50, all 75, and all 100.The 'skin designers' shape set has all sliders (face and body) set to all 0, 25, 50,

Making dwarf clothing


A friend of mine wanted clothing suitable for a fantasy dwarf avatar. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but she wants a female dwarf. That's harder to find.So I opened the Gimp and my set of blended templates, and created a white base layer.I wanted to put fur trim on this garment, so I studied several images of fur. Fur is essentially repeated patches of short semi-parallel lines of a lighter

Gwendolyn Cassini is generous too


Gwendolyn Cassini is a generous woman. Every month, she lets a new designer have a month's free rent in a shop on her island.This month, I won! So come to Gwendolyn Island and see my shop. And while you're at it, go to the big shop (Cassini Creations). Someone as generous as Gwendolyn deserves to sell stuff, after all.

How to make SL clothes in the Gimp (part 2)


In part one we got ready to make Second Life clothes in the Gimp. Now we'll make a simple coloured shirt: our first item of actual SL clothing. You make Second Life skins using the same techniques: you just paint skin colours instead of clothing colours.If your Layers dialog is missing, re-create it with Dialog->Layers from your Tutorial Shirt window, or File->Dialogs->Layers from the main Gimp

How to make SL clothes in the Gimp


Apparently, there are few good tutorials about making Second Life clothing & skins in the Gimp. Or so I'm told. Well, I use the Gimp, so I may as well explain.TheorySecond Life clothing comes in two types. One type is prim attachments to the avatar, and that's not what we're working with in this tutorial. Those are made within SL, using prim building techniques.The other type is painted onto a