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Preview: The random, the witch and the inventory

The random, the witch and the inventory

Updated: 2018-03-06T17:56:23.894-05:00




My last exam of the semester is DONE! I can probably now say that I understand American politics more than most Americans (especially the ones who say "Keep the government out of my Medicare"). I'd like to say that I'm gonna take a break from politics, unfortunately, I have to go vote this weekend since I'll be in the US on election day in Canada. Lets hope that this time, our canadian version of Bush (Stephen Harper) won't become Prime Minister again. The US have Obama for heaven's sake (even if they don't appreciate him as they should). To end the political part of this post, I'll say this: " Harper's government is just a big cover-up (read too much about the Watergate), so vote for the party that can actually form a government. Harper needs to get out."

Now, about SL. I bought a cat, not for the whole breedable thing, but just because I always wanted a cat and probably will never be able to have one because of my cousin who is basically allergic to nearly everything and her allergic reaction to pets is asthma. And yes, I see her often. I also did the Season Hunt (Spring Edition). Guys, there are two stores on the list which are guy stores. If you are looking for a new bed, do the hunt, I think I got 3 beds. The Molto Bene bee is outside the tiny weeny house, under the roof. It seems no one was able to find the Addict bee. That's about it.

So... That's all for now. (Yes, I know my outfit is not Oval Office worthy... Can a girl be lazy every once in awhile?)



Recently, I learned many things that made me happy. First, I got accepted in German Studies. So after my American Politics exam, I'll be done with political science. Until then, I still have to do a research on the Watergate scandal *sigh*. Now back to what made me happy. I found out that you can use PS brushes and pattern on Gimp without having to convert them! Kinda geeky to be happy for that, I know. As for the last thing that made my day, well... it's a long story that I won't bore you with (Jody, if you read this, contact me ASAP). So, yeah, lately, I'm in a happy mood and yesterday didn't ruin it all as no one played any tricks on me (it was April's fools day).

As for what's going on in my SL lately, there's not much to say. I clean my inventory, I visit places, take some pics and... that's about it. I could be RPing, but I somehow don't feel like it. All those rules about how you are suppose to dress... UGH! And I don't really have time anyway (unless anyone wants to do my paper on the Watergate... in french. Anyone?). Oh, but I did visit the Pose fair. I'm not finished yet, thanks to the lag, but what I've seen so far is quite interesting. Oh, and guys, there are stuff for you out there as this is one of the rare fair where there are things for guys or at least unisex. You can go with your love one to try couple poses or your whole family to try on family poses, which seem to be more and more popular in SL.

So... yeah, that's about it and here's my outfit (no, I'm not going back to fashion blogging... it's really just an excuse to use Gimp)

Is he gone?


I admit it, I'm a bit anti-social. I'm far from being a people person, especially in RL. In SL, I try to be a bit more friendly, but I still cringe a little when people I never met before IM me out of nowhere. If it's to tell me they love my outfit or wonder where I got this or that, I answer and that's the end of it. I don't mind that kind of IM. On the other end, I hate it when someone (that I don't know) IM's me and simply says "hi" (strangely, it's usually guys who do that) or comment on what I wrote in my profile (ex.: "I'm Canadian too" or "I know who Roger Federer is" or "I speak french too").

I usually reply (I try to not act like a complete savage), but I stay cold. With the "hi" I usually reply "hi..." (the "..." basically standing for "what the heck do you want") and with the random comment on my profile I simply say "oh" or "ok" (which basically mean "I don't give a monkey's butt" [aka "I don't care"]). Of course, some "hi" lead to "Would you like to come to my place to have some fun". I usually feel like hiding when that happens. It's not because I dress my avatar properly (usually not sexy at all, just cute) that it means I seek some sort of attention from the opposite sex. If I dressed for guys, I'd be naked. So, guys, if you read this, don't randomly IM a girl to ask her if she wants to do some... "stuff" with you. Even if she dresses like a slut. Oh and basically don't IM me. I'm not looking and if I could, I'd partnered my inventory (I'm seriously considering renaming my alt "Inventory" and partnering it... but that would be kinda lame... not to mention weird.)

It's probably because of those situation that when I see a guy standing alone and looking like the typical SL macho (overly muscular shape, no prim hair, sleeveless tee if not a wife beater shirt, tattoos and a skin that looks cheap) in a sim where there are no stores (at all or for men) and not necessarily empty (the creepy invite was on a sim where I was far from being the only girl), I feel like running and hiding behind a tree until said macho is out of sight. It's exagerated, I know, but as I said, I'm NOT a people person.

PS: Strangely, I mind less the random IM when I'm on a RP sim... I suppos it's because RP sometimes requires you to send IMs to people you don't know just to check something.

A train ride


So, I realized that in my folders of LM where to take nice pictures, some of them, well, weren't really nice to picture in their entirety (is that even a word?) like Alchemy Immortalis (I definitely have a soft spot for that sim). So, after two blog posts about sims, which were time consuming since you have to find the right angle and the right Windlight setting to do justice to the location, I decided to go back to the original formula of my blog: write about whatever I wanna talk about that is SL related (for the ones who started reading my blog at the very beginning: NO, I wont write about what is going on in whatever HP RP I'm in, I don't spend enough time there). Why? I suck at doing reviews of anything, may it be clothes or places. My kind of review is "I like this" or "I don't like this" without any particular reason other that it appeals to me, like the new skin I just bought which, when I tried it on, made me say "OMG! So me!". No "Mmm, I like the way the different parts of the skin are made" and so on. There are some exceptions, like Alchemy Immortalis and the neighboring sims that reminded me of Ireland (where I've been) and of the numerous sheeps one can find in this beautiful country.So, yesterday, I decided to check which of my "Nice places to take picture" were out of date (I still intend to take nice pictures even if I'm not doing any reviews), I happily found out that one sim I was sure would be dead by now was, in fact, still there. If you are like Walt Disney or Sheldon Cooper, you'll be happy to learn that there is a whole sim with railroads and a functionning train just going around and stoping at the only train station of the sim every 10-15 minutes (I think, didn't count). Also, if you have a sim to spare, you can buy your own trainset and install it on said sim. It's only 12,000L$ (In other words, you not only need a sim to spare, but also alot of money to spare). If you have neither, which is the case for most of us, you can just head over there and enjoy a free train ride. Oh, and if you do ride the train, turn your AO off, otherwise it's gonna look like you are sitting outside of the train.Oh, and, of course, without your AO, your sitting pose is oh so graceful... (I'm being sarcastic here). And you also rediscover the joys of alpha layers when you try to take a pic of you inside the train. If you go in Mouselook, you can look out the window and just look at the sim as the train goes around the sim.So, while I was waiting for the train to arrive, I was listening to my iPod (in RL) and this tune started to play and I thought it went well with the train theme since trains are often related to departures in movies, one person in the train slowly leaving, and the other one on the platform, waving a handkerchief or their hand.Anyway, that's all for now. Oh, and the credits for whatever I'm wearing in the pictures is on Flickr, so just click the pics if you are wondering.[...]

Pure Juice...


Didn't manage to play with the title of the event for the title of my own blog post. I know, I said this blog would be more about places to visit then about fashion, but Pure Juice is a place that you can visit. Anyway, there isn't much to say about this event.

If you don't know what to do in SL, go, it will distract you for about 10 minutes if you are a girl, 10 seconds if you are a guy (nice suits from CheerNo). For girls, if you like pink and overly sexy outfits, you'll probably totally love the event. For the others, there is a nice tattoo layer set from cheLLe (I love that brand as it is well done and very reasonably priced), nice hairs from Headmistress and Exile, few black clothes if you want some more neutral things in your inventory, furnitures and prefabs that look really nice (LOVE the one from abode... made me wish I had my own parcel of land ), skins from brands I'm not familiar with and a nice selection of eye makeups (tattoo layer). I picked up a LM of one of the eye makeup sellers and ended up discovering a store full of makeup layers sold at a good price.

In conclusion, if you are too busy this month to visit this event, don't feel bad if you miss it or, if you really want to go, find yourself 10-15 minutes (depending if SL is a pain with you or not) and it will be enough. When I went, there weren't alot of people which meant there was barely any lag. You have until the 26th to visit Pure Juice.

Alchemy can make you Immortal


Sorry for the wait. I've been busy with an essay I had to write for my English Lit. class. The sim I visited this time is Alchemy Immortalis. It's probably one of the most beautiful nature sim I've ever seen. I don't know why, but I feel like it has this lil something than the other sims. To be honest, I think I have a thing for the sheeps on the neighbouring sim which are related to the main sim (Empress and Hierophant & Inis Caiseal). Now, don't get the wrong idea. It's just that the sim in general reminds me of Ireland, and I have a funny memory regarding a sheep in Ireland and the general quantity of sheep in Ireland.The sim is associated with the store "Alchemis Immortalis" which mainly sells things regarding fantasy/medieval roleplay. As much as the sim is well done, the store itself is a bit dark (no, my windlight setting wasn't set at "night" when I visited) and it was a bit weird.As I said, loads of sheeps on the sims. All are in various position and there's even one going away.The buildings are also very well done and there's a charming patisserie selling cakes and other kinds of food.Buildings are nice but what makes those sims special is the landscape.Oh, and that's me around the sim. :)As I was visiting the sim, I was listening to my iPod and two songs came up that I thought really went with the sim. So here they are if you want background music while visiting.[...]

Ice Cream Glaring


So, yesterday, my bff and I hung out at her and her boyfriend's place (where I also live because they are THAT generous). We first started at the bar inside the house where we poured drinks everywhere except in our mouth because of the animation of the chairs. Then, we moved to the kitchen where we started to "eat" ice cream. Only thing is, there are no eating animations in the kitchen chairs so I ended up glaring at my ice cream and she ended up sniffing her wrist and filing her nails with her own hands (no nail files). I hadn't had fun with my bff like that in quite awhile so it was nice. Oh and click the pic if you wanna know what we are wearing.

PS: Yeah, I know, I said this blog would be about places and all, but since it takes quite a while to prepare those post, I decided I'd also talk about funny SL moments or show a teaser of the upcoming place that'll be blogged. Why? A bit of variety doesn't hurt and otherwise I would blog like once a week only.

It's not so Bad


Yes, I'm back after a long, well-deserved break. University kept me that busy and I needed a break from SL since I had no idea what to do anymore. Fashion blogging was nice, but in a world where every ten seconds a new fashion blogger is born, you get lost and feel a certain pressure to always be up to date, to always wear new stuff and to spend tons of L$ on said new stuff. Next time you criticize a fashion blogger for getting free samples, think about the amount of money they spent before getting their very first little sample. Without them, the fashion world in SL would probably not be the same. Through them, we can discover new talents, wether it be in fashion or in decoration. They do a great job that most of us can't do (including me). So, yeah, that was my kinda praise to fashion bloggers out there. Now back to my blog. I decided to change the topic of my blog, while still giving a certain place to clothes (I still love fashion, just don't feel like blogging about it anymore). Some of the older members of SL probably remember the blog "Mermaid Diaries" where Natalia Zelmanov showed us different places in SL. Unfortunately, it's been a year since she last updated her blog and it's been much longer than that since she did a blog post regarding only a place in SL. Now, there aren't many blogs telling us about great places to visit in SL. The only one I have in my bookmarks is brinksie* and some fashion bloggers give us the SLUrl of the location featured in their pictures. So, I decided to post more about various SL locations from now on. The first location: NOTsoBAD. I know, it's a store, but their sim is gorgeous and very photogenic (except for the sculpted window which never rezzed properly for me, but that might just be me).I don't have shadows enabled on my viewer since I have a Mac and it doesn't seem to work on Macs (evil SL). But shadows are included in the texture of the various builds on the sim, pictures one can take are just... WOW! Here are some of the best spots.There are also cars on the sim (including one that crashed into a lamp post) which look quite realistic.As I said, NOTsoBAD is a store. They sell furniture and prefabs which are also extremely well done even if quite expensive. But if you wanna take pictures in a house setting but don't feel like redecorating your house for this only purpose, you can go to NOTsoBAD and take your pictures in one of their prefabs as most of them are furnished according to the style of the house. Oh, and don't forget to join the subsribo. I once got a very nice skybox from their subscribo group.And yeah, that's me. I thought I'd include at least one picture of myself in every post, just for fun. The credit of what I'm wearing can be found on Flickr. Just click the pic and you'll find it.PS: Happy Valentine's Day![...]

Look of the Day #100!!!


Yup, this my look of the day number 100! I know I haven't blogged in awhile, but I've been busy with school and all. Anyway, here's the outfit (I really have nothing else to write about).


Skin: LAQ - Emma
Lips: LeLutka - Lola
Hair: Truth - Riley
Top: artilleri - Ulrika top
T-shirt: Surf Couture - Down the shore tee top
Shorts: artilleri - Johanna highwaist shorts
Shoes: G Field - Short Western Boots
Pose: (pda) - [WA] Are you different?
Location: fukuoka yakuin 181/18/22

Platform 9 3/4


Yes, I'm back, tried to leave SL, but didn't work so I'm back. I'm telling you, SL is a drug. Also decided that I would return to my basics which are Harry Potter RPs. I actually applied to Hogwarts United because they have the best dress code (you can wear casual clothes in the dorm and common room, when you are on your way to Hogsmead and anywhere in the school between 7pm and 7 am). The only thing is the process.

First, you fill a character sheet, no problem with that. Than, you have to set an interview time with the person who reviews your CS (character sheet) so that you can discuss the character and correct things if needed. I'm fine with that if it can be done in IM and doesn't take a decade. Then, you have to assist to an Orientation class. "An Orientation class goes over the rules that applies to Hogwarts United, and some discussion of roleplaying techniques. Every applicant must go to Orientation, before then can be invited to join Hogwarts" (copy pasted from the offline IM I got from the head of the New Admissions Department). So, even if you have been roleplaying for more than two years in a total of 9 different sims, including 4 that were HP RPs (including HU), you have to attend the "How to Roleplay 101" class. Oh, and did I mention that the rules are written on a notecard that everyone can read. They could include a set of questions in the character sheets regarding rules and ways of roleplaying to see who knows how to roleplay and who's a complete noob. If you ask me, they might be losing loads of good roleplayers who think the process is too long before actually getting to RP there. I really just went for HU because of the dress code, otherwise, I would have gone straight to Hogwarts Prevail (stricter dress code according to what I read).

Anyway, enough of my ranting an on to my LOTD


Skin: LAQ - Emma
Hair: Truth - Marcelle
Shirt: Inara's Fantasy Couture
Vest: Sh*t Happens - Black Plain Vest
Skirt: Wrong - A-Line Skirt
Leggings: Zaara - Nishar
Shoes: *G Field* - short lace-up boots
Lips: LeLutka - Lola

Pose: *V* - Kendall6
Place: Sunset Harbor

A chic muse...


Recently, I started to read RL fashion blogs to get some inspiration for my own outfits in SL. Sorta prevents me from shopping like a maniac in SL, since the RL stores that are named in those blogs do not exist in SL, which allows me to rediscover my inventory... Only thing I haven't found is something that could resemble the Miu Miu pattern... You know, the one with all the black birds...

Anyway, so, today, I decided to be inspired by the blog CHICMUSE. The blogger lives in Paris and dresses so glamorously and yet it looks simple and not overdone, it's amazing. Another thing I find amazing is that she can pull off the "red lips by day" look, which I think only a few ladies would have the guts to try (I know I wouldn't dare try it on RL me). Anyway, I really recommend that blog.

Skin: LAQ - Emma
Hair: lamb - Soma
Shirt: [Pink] - Brit Krust Button Shirt
Shorts: artilleri - Johanna highwaist shorts
Shoes: Kookie - 50L Friday Nude Wedges
Pose: (pda) - is dead on its feet. SIX
Location: Armidi

Off with their heads!


Hello my lovelies (and Monkey), I am back from the wonderful city that is NYC, after two pair of shoes, 3 tops and a book. Not much to say today, but in the next post I might give you some tips on how to not spend like a crazy person in SL or how to highly frustrate store owners (what? they want us to spend like crazy persons at their stores).

So, my look for today is highly inspired by a book I read recently: Alice's Adventure in Wonderland and also by the Disney movie which is based on that story. And yes, I'm blond on that pick, but that color came with a brown pack, go figure.

Skin: LAQ - Emma
Hair: Posh - Alice is Emo
Top: Ohmai - Basic Puff Blouse (yes, I bought other colors!)
Dress: Cupcakes - Noel
Shoes: Kookie - Yuki Sock supreme heel
Pose: KSCreations_Pose18-20
Location: Some Alice in Wonderland ride

Boom Boom Pow


Really not much to say today... Trying to find new ways to make SL interesting again. Kinda lost interest in RPing. Love creating characters and their backstories, but when you can't plan their future, it can kinda sucks. Anyway, won't bug you with my problems, so here's my LOTD followed by the song that inspired me.

Skin: LAQ - Emma
Hair: Truth - Elle
Undershirt: Ohmai - Basic Boyfriend Racerback
Top: Atomic - Shredded Tank
Leggings: Lelutka - Stacys Night Out
Gloves: Lelutka - Gloves
Shoes: Maitreya - ChiChi pumps
Pose: LAP - Bolly4
Location: Kowloon

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So What?


Now, before I end my lovely tale regarding my trip to Walt Disney World I just want to say one thing: I do not agree with the fact that SLDD makes both shoppers and creators pay to give access to the first to items at a reduced and give the possibility to the second to put items at a reduced price for a restricted number of people. I'd rather pay full price an item than pay a third party to pay less for items created by creators that I love and who are amazingly creative. There, that's it. Hate me for writing that if you want, but I'm not a fan of people who take advantage of shoppers and their love of bargains and of creators and their love of making customers happy. Now back to Disney World. So after my day at the Magic Kingdom, me and my parents went back to our room to prepare ourselves for dinner as we were going to eat at an elegant restaurant. I had no idea where we were going to eat, except that it was at a Disney Resort. We took a taxi and as I finally realized we were going to the Grand Floridian, I was pretty sure of the restaurant where we were going to eat and turns out I was right: the Victoria & Albert, which is named after the famous royal couple and is the best restaurant by far in all of Walt Disney World. Seven services of delicious food in small portions... I was in food heaven. On my dessert plate, it was written in chocolate "Happy Birthday, [my real name]" (no, the waiters didn't start to sing "Happy Birthday" as it is an elegant restaurant). I was becoming very emotional and then the harpist (yes, there was a real harpist) started to play "Beauty and the Beast"... I was glad I wasn't wearing mascara. Seriously was the best day of my life.The rest of the trip was fantastic. Thursday I went to the Mall at Millenia, which is the best mall I ever saw and we've been going nearly every time we are in Orlando since since I'm 15 years old. If you live in or plan to visit Orlando eventually, you HAVE to go there. My parent's got me my bday present there: a big Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag (anyway, bigger than what I'm used to have... still trying to figure out what to put in my new handbag). It's light brown, so it will go with everything and I'll be able to take it out during any season. White handbags are a big no-no in Canada, thanks to winter... A white bag in winter is just weird.On the last day of the trip, I did the Kim Possible World Showcase adventure. Well, only the UK mission as I didn't have much time as we were taking the plane on the same day and had fastpasses to ride Soarin' for a last time before leaving. It was really fun! What?! I used to watch that show every morning before leaving for school.So, that's all. Won't bug you with my wonderful trip to Disney World anymore... until I go again :PHere's the LOTD, for which I was inspired by "So what?" by Pink.Skin: LAQ - EmmaHair: lamb - StargazeTop: Ohmai - Basic Boyfriend RacerbackJacket: - Military JacketSkirt: Narwhal - High Waist Super SkirtLeggings: LeLutka - Stacys Night OutShoes: Kookie - AthenaGloves: LeLutka - GlovesSunglasses: ETD - Chic AviatorsPose: porcupine love - discovery channel, babyLocation: City of Perdition[...]

It's a small world...


Sorry if I put in your head a certain song due to the title, but I have my reasons to have chosen said title. So today, I'm gonna talk about pro-life vs pro-choice... KIDDING! No, I'm gonna talk about my day in MGM and y day at the Magic Kingdom during my bday.So, Tuesday was Disney's MGM Studios, which is now known as Disney's Hollywood Studios, but I'll keep referring to it as MGM... kinda say how old I am (20... geez, don't go imagining I'm 50). *sigh* So, I first went to pick up a fastpass at Toy Story Mania and then went in the stand-by line to play it since it was early and the waiting time wasn't that bad (it was 45 minutes... which is really good for that attraction) and the waiting area is air conditioned. I scored 108,300 points that time. Then, I went to see "Beauty and the Beast" and after we went to eat since our fastpass were good for after lunch. THE place to eat fast food in MGM is Pizza Planet, named after the pizza place we see in the first Toy Story movie. Downstair you have arcade games and upstair you have the tables (few tables downstair and outside). Then it was time for Toy Story Mania again. I scored 118, 700 points, which meant I had manage to beat my parents and my dad's former high score (118, 300). I was so happy! (Monkey, shut up, I know you are probably able to score 450,000 points or something (that was the actual high score of the week), but unlike you, I don't play shooting games 24/7). We went back to the hotel after doing the Great Movie Ride because my feet were killing me. When we went back to eat at Mama Melrose, we saw someone we didn't expect to meet: James, one of the guides we had in Italy when we went on a trip with Adventures by Disney. In fact, he's the one who spotted us, which I think is a miracle since we did that trip about 2 years ago and he must have been with many group since our big group full of Americans, me and my parents being the only french-speaking people in the group. What are the odds seriously?Ok, now, my birthday at the Magic Kingdom. First thing you gotta know is that, when it's your bday and you are staying at a Disney Resort, the hotel gives you the button you will wear on your birthday in the arrival pack. If you stay at another hotel, you have to visit Guest Services to ask for a button (or whatever it's called... in french it's called a "macaron"). By wearing that button, every Disney employee who sees that button is suppose to wish you a Happy Birthday. So, I pinned my button on my shirt before leaving the hotel and off I was for a magical day. The first Disney employee to wish me a happy birthday was the guy who greets people at the entrance of the hotel. Many Disney employees wished me a happy birthday and I felt so special, even if I do know that they wish happy birthday to anyone wearing the button. Some even said "Happy birthday, [my real name]" since you can write your name on the button. That day, I did Splash Mountain for the very last time of my life as I was soak and I definitely don't like the big drop at the end, did 3 times Big Thunder Mountain, followed by Pirates of the Caribbean, followed by the Jungle Cruise, followed by the Haunted Mansion, followed by It's a Small World and finally, what I had been waiting all day long, going to see Mickey Mouse. You may think that, being 20, I'm too old to see Mickey. To that I say: "Shame on you. You may dream to be an adult, but I don't. I still feel young at heart and know what, when we both gonna be 50, I'm gonna look much younger than you because I will have been able to keep my lil heart young. Mickey represents to me my childhood and my dreams, so I'm gonna go visit him no matter what you think." Anyway, what was g[...]



HELLO! Hum... sorry, felt like sounding overly excited to post after my break, partly due to the fact I was at Walt Disney World, which this post will mostly be about (while the LOTD will have nothing to do with it...).So, for my bday, I asked my parents if we could go to Disney World to celebrate my birthday. Being more the 5th of May, I was usually celebrating my birthday during school year until this year, since I entered university and we finish in late april. So for the first time in 20 years, I had the possibility to celebrate my birthday on my favorite place on Earth. The plane sucked (if you live in Quebec, NEVER take Air Transat). We were first suppose to leave at 6:45 am, which gave us nearly a whole day on our first day, but the flight was then moved to 4:30 pm, which meant we arrived at around 7:30 in Orlando and would probably be at the hotel around 9pm. As for the plane itself, the seats were uncomfortable and it's a good thing we took the seats next to the emergency exit, as we had loads of places for me and my dad's legs (I'm 5'7", my dad is 6'0") while the other seats were so close to each other, I think even my 5'0" tall mother would have lacked space for her legs.Anyway, enough with the plane. The hotel was great (even if my mom complained about the room). As for the temperature, it was... hot. Really hot. We were told that it wasn't the usual temperature in May, which is good as I was trying to imagine how hot it could be in the middle of July... yah, rather not think about it, might dry just thinking about it. In fact, it was so hot we did "Impression de France" (the movie at the french pavilion at EPCOT) twice during our trip. I was soaked in Splash Mountain while wearing my jean skirt (we were just getting splashed a little before they renovated it), and it was dry after 45 minutes and God knows how long it can take for jeans to dry. So, yah, it was hot like that all week long.First day, we went to EPCOT (walking distance from our hotel), did Test Track, Soarin' (I loooove that ride) saw the different topiaries (it was the Flower & Garden Festival when we were there), did different attractions around the World Showcase (except "American Adventure", did it twice in my life, so, since I'm Canadian, I think that's enough) before going to eat at the restaurant at the German pavilion (ein, zwei, drei, tik tak tik tak oi oi oi... sorry, they say that every time I go when it's time to raise our glasses). It's a buffet, so after we had ordered our drinks, we went to pick up some food. When we came back, a family of fat and ugly Americans were sitting at our places. The waitress, who had seen that before we came back, tried to make them move to where they were suppose to be seated, but they wouldn't budge. We were tired and hungry, so we didn't make a scene (Canadians may be too nice, but French Canadians have the word "French" in front of "Canadian". Be rude when we are in a bad mood, we will yell at your stupid face. Be rude when we are tired, we will glare at you and will make sure that you sense we wish you were dead and we'll make comments about how badly you look in french.), but we didn't like the fact we were bumped, so doubt we'll go back anytime soon. Anyway, the food never changes. After dinner we did Maelstrom in Norway (the pavilion, not the actual country) followed by The Gran Fiesta Tour, formally known as El Rio del Tiempo (now you follow The 3 Caballeros around Mexico, while before, you were just seeing different old dusty scenes of Mexico... including some disco-like Mayas... I miss the disco-like Mayas...).The next day was Animal Kingdom, where we did Kali River Rapids, ride where y[...]

I saw champions!


Yesterday, I went to see "Stars on Ice" an ice skating show full of former (or actual) olympic and/or world champions (mainly all Canadians, but there's one guy I had no idea who he was, but he sure could do a backflip). There was Jamie Salé and David Pelletier (the Salt Lake City gold medalists... remember the controversy with the Russians and the french judge?), Kurt Browning (4-time World champion and at 43, he's still amazing), Joannie Rochette (if you don't know who she is after everything that happened, you live under a rock) and Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue (Olympic and World champions) just to name those. They were all amazing and Moir & Virtue did their Olympic winning dance during the second part of the show (they did their hockey player/ballerina choreography during the first part) and Joannie's performance was amazing (she got standing ovations every time she was on the ice). It was really a great show.Anyway, back to SL. As some of you know, I joined an RP called Perdition about a month ago. I roleplayed two days there before I had too many stuff to do for school to go back and risk crashing again (I went two other days but crashed after a few minutes). Even tho the build of Perdition is really great, the RP is not that great ("People are just standing around" as my friend said). Oh, and they banned resize scripts from the sim, BUT blings and particles are allowed. Hum, those two things can probably create more lag than a resize script, which can't really be seen as far as I'm concern. Anyway, I tried to find another RP place with a bit more fantasy and where my puff sleeve blouse (yes, the one from Ohmai) wouldn't clash. New Wonderland seemed interesting except for one major problem: anyone can just jump in the RP area of the sim and start roleplaying. No CS to fill to apply, which means any stupid noob who never roleplayed can just barge in and start doing stupid noob things, which can be extremely annoying for more experienced RPers. I think that could even annoy Monkey (guy friend who isn't annoyed by anything... some (me and my friend) even wonder if he cares about anything at all). Conclusion: so far, I'll stick to Perdition.Also, one last thing before I show you my LOTD. My plan this summer is to learn how to draw. No, not to create SL clothes or anything related to SL. I just want to learn how to draw. So, if you know of any good book or website to learn how to draw, please leave a comment here or on Plurk. Thank you :)Finally, the LOTD:Skin: Pink Fuel - EmberHair: Clawtooth - Play it again SamUndershirt: Ohmai! - Basic Puff BlouseTop: fashionably dead - Frilly SheerSkirt: Phoenix Rising - Stacie's StrenghtShoes: ANNEXX - LaceupBootsPose: MayoNaise - Fly To My HeartLocation: Biosphere [...]

Somewhere over the rainbow...


Not that I was ever planning to dress up like Dorothy, but while I was testing dresses to see which one worked with my Ohmai Puff Blouse, I landed on an Elate one that just reminded me a bit of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. So I switched the white flats I was wearing for my red Nardcotix shoes and voilà!, my own version of Dorothy's outfit was ready.

The skin I'm wearing is the Ember skin from Pink Fuel, the Spring Fling makeup that was available during the first Project Themeory (this week's theme is Hollywood Hill btw), but it won't be released until May and some modifications were done to the nose (more defined, but not as defined as on the L. Fauna skins... thank God) and the lips (some fat lip ladies complained it wasn't fitting them well with the original lips... maybe if they didn't have Angelina Jolie's lips, it would work just fine on their shape... or they could just learn to tweak their shape). As far as I'm concern, she could have kept the same face as Skye with the belly button of Ember.

Anyway, here's the LOTD:

Skin: Pink Fuel - Ember
Hair: Clawtooth - Listen Up
Top: Ohmai - Basic Puff Blouse
Dress: Elate - Kat
Shoes: Nardcotix - Kurvy Ruby Slippers
Pose (pda) - Heavenly Arms
Location: Magic of Oz

My kitchen is fugly...


... that's why I always end up at artilleri when I need a kitchen pic, the artilleri kitchen being so cute! Curse my prim limit and my small kitchen area. Oh well, at least the kitchen area in the furniture store is perfect to take pictures. Anyway, that's all I have to say for today. Don't forget today is 50L Friday and tomorrow is Project Themeory (theme: geek chic).

Here's the LOTD:

Skin: Pink Fuel - Ember (not yet released, makeup from last week's Project Themeory)
Hair: lamb - Babys On Fire
Top: fashionably dead - Coral Dress Top
Skirt: 5th&Oxford - Jori Skirt
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - IXkin
Pose: Del May - Marcel Marceau
Location: artilleri



So, the first Project Themeory (or lovingly called Project Thingy by yours truly) was today and GOD is the stuff great. If good designers like that participate in that project every week, I'm gonna go bankrupt. The first makeup released to the public of the Pink Fuel Ember skin, was the best part of it... mailny because I've been waiting for that skin for a while. The Atomic top was just overly sweet and would have bought every color if I wasn't reasonable (thank god my parents don't read this or they would snicker...). The Shag hairstyle was overly lovely, the Kyoot panties were worth buying even if I don't usually wear panties in SL (thx to glitch pants), the jumpers from Luck Inc and Vive9 are adorable (but will wear the Luck Inc one with my puff sleeve top from Ohmai) and the tanks from Tyranny were cute! Maybe it was the Spring Fling theme that inspired designers to do cute stuff and me to buy loads of things, but who cares, I'm rolling in cuteness! Oh, and did I mention it only took me 2 minutes to adjust my Maitreya Gold shoes to the new Ember skin (Honey tone)? I need a field where I can twirl around nekkid because I'm ecstatic!

Anyway, here's the LOTD, where I'm wearing the new Ember skin (SQUEEE!) and proudly showing off the cute belly button!


Skin: Pink Fuel - Ember (Project Themeory exclusive)
Hair: Shag - Spring Fling (Project Themeory exclusive)
Top: Whippet & Buck - Lizzy Cropped Boatneck
Panties: Kyoot - Spring Fling Panties(Project Themeory exclusive)
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - IXkin
Pose: Pudge - College nude art model wanted
Location: My home

Bargains... SL's New Trend


It all started with 50L Friday. Every Friday of every week, a list of stores put out an item for only 50L$. Then, many more appeared: Weekend Fever, 69L Hump Day, that Sunday thing I can't remember the name of, Monday Blues (or something like that... maybe it's I hate Mondays...). I think Tuesday is the Gorean 50L and Thursday as another bargain event. There's now Spruce Up Your Space, which is centered on furnitures made around a certain theme and there's a price limit (I think it's 200L$). Now there's the Dressing Room, a bunch of items from a group of creators that only cost 40L to 70L and those items are changed every two weeks and each time, there's a guest creator. Tomorrow, Project Themeory starts, with a bunch of store's (such as Pink Fuel, Atomic, Kyoot and many more for this week) that will put out an item at 75L that will go with a theme. Every week, the theme and the designers are going to change, but according to this week's creators, I think it will be just as interesting as the 50L Friday.

So, what is this sudden trend to start bargain events? Generosity? Publicity stunt? Who knows... but one thing is sure, I won't complain. Now all I'm waiting for is for Truth to have a hair sale, then I'll be in heaven (I have a really long list of hair I want from there).

Anyway, until then, here's the LOTD:

Skin: Pink Fuel - Skye
Hair: D!VA - Chika (only a 100L$!)
Undershirt: Ohmai! - Basics Puff Blouse (my new obsession... looove puffy sleeves)
Dress:Trisquel - Aguamarina Dress (I don't think it's available anymore... Don't even know if the store still exists)
Shoes: - Basic Flats
Pose: (pda) - Oh Daddy
Location: Empress and Hierophant

The importance of customer service


In RL, good customer service in a store can lead said store a long way. Bad customer service can kill it. In Quebec for exemple, especially in Montreal, a French Canadian will boycott a store and tell his/her friends to do so if he/she was not able to be served in french (major issue here).

Now, in SL, we usually enter a store and there's no one there to welcome us and if there is, we usually find it weird. I, for instance, never know if I should say "thank you" when I'm welcomed in a store and can wonder that for the whole time I'm in that store. Unless it's a bot, in which case I just ignore it. On the other hand, we usually wished there was someone when we actually need help, like when a pose stand at a pose store isn't working, which means I can't try out poses which means I won't buy. It's in those situations we are glad store owners care about their customers. In fact, when I went to the opening of the Pookie Promenade, there was a pose store and my huge fun when i discover a new pose store is to try out poses. So I jump on the first pose stand and I get a message that it's not working. Well, crap. Good thing is, the store owner was next door, in her clothing store, so she also saw the message. She came, arranged the pose stand and gave me the fatpack of the pose stand, to excuse herself for what had happened. Not that I was mad or even expecting that. Hell, the sim had just opened, these kinds of things can happen. But the simple fact she gave me the fatpack of a set of pose without me saying anything, I simply was impressed... and feeling bad. I'm not used to get gifts in SL, I'm the one who gives the gifts to my friends at Xmas. So, to feel better, I bought another pose set and two skirts from her clothing store. But the simple fact that she was nice to me (not just the free pose set, she also said she was sorry and thanked me when I bought the other pose set) has made me a loyal customer and I will definitely go back to buy more stuff. Oh, and the store's name is *MayoNaise*, so go... NOW!


Skin: Pink Fuel - Skye
Hair: Truth - Kase
Undershirt: Ohmai! - Basic Puff Blouse
Top: Cupcakes - Lily Dress
Skirt: *MayoNaise* - Just a Denim Skirt
Shoes: - Basic Flats
Pose: *MayoNaise* - Letters - Ohmai-ly Cherished
Location: Bacio

Sh*t! I got my first review copies... well sorta


As you all know, yesterday was Easter, hence why I didn't blog anything because I had to do some hunts in SL, then family came over my house and I had my two cousins with me who were impressed with my av jumping in the SL water (the youngest developed an obsession afterwards and wanted me to put my av in the water 24/7). Also, a new shopping sim opened yesterday: Pookie Promenade. It's new, so there are still some empty spaces, but the store's that are there and the architecture make the place worth visiting. Oh, and the dollarbies outside stores are also a good reason to go and take a look.

Anyway, all this to say that yesterday, I went to bed late (midnight... that's late for me) and as I was checking my plurks in bed on my Touch, the designer of Sh*t Happens, Ana Boogiewoogie, was asking bloggers to write down there names to have a blogger's pack of her newest release. I may have been dead tired, but I wasn't going to pass up the occasion of getting my first "review" copy ever. Gotta love creators that do that, instead of just sending stuff to well known bloggers. Meh, would have bought one of the skirts anyway, but hey, I'm just overly happy right now that I got that wonderful skirt that comes just in time for spring.

So, the skirt comes in 17 colors and one floral pattern and each cost 125L$ and the fatpack is 875L$ for a limited time as there is a 50% off sale going on on every fatpack (single items are NOT included). The other release are the Zebra Printed Stirrup Leggings, which are very funky (joy, now I have Funkytown stuck in my head) and 65L$ for a limited time as they are considred fatpacks since they don't come as single items.

Finally, you'll see in the LOTD's picture a desk, well, part of it. That desk is only ONE prim and includes 5 poses. It comes in two colors and costs, if I recall properly, 122L$, but you can get one color through the Lucky Board at the mainstore (that's how I got mine).

That's all for now, so here's my LOTD:

Skin: Pink Fuel - Skye
Hair: - Eloise
Undershirt: Surf Couture - Down the Shore Tee Top
Top: Ohmai! - Soft Pastel Shirt (Pookie Promenade dollarbie)
Skirt: Sh*t Happens - Ruffley Skirt
Shoes: {Cherry} -The Alice Cullen Ballet Flats
Pose: One of the poses of the MMG's desk (by masomaso Quan)



First, don't mind the title, it's random. So, as I mentioned yesterday, I'm back to RPing and it's in an urban sim, but thanks to the social class system of Perdition, not every girl has to dress like a crack-addict slut with a backstory of a traumatizing childhood with an abusing father like in CD (Crack Den) unless she wants to clash and be royally ignored (I swear, if you don't look easy over there, guys don't even give you a second look ¬_¬). Anyway, in CoP, you can dress nicely if you are part of the upper-class (but will still clash if you are RPing a role part of the lower-class (aka pooooor)). So, today I decided to do a look that is classy but still urban, sorta.

I used the Cupcake dress as a base, then added the jacket which is a must in any inventory (but you can wait for the next sale ;-)). Afterward, I wore the Annexx boots I bought at the shoe fair and hadn't worn since and then added the racerback from Ohmai! to give the dress a more casual look. By the way, all the white basics at Ohmai are free or 1L$, so run over there and get them. I can't believe I just described my outfit... kinda. Anyhoo, here it is:


Skin: [Pink Fuel] - Skye
Hair: Truth - Hazel 2
Jacket: - Military Jacket
Dress: Cupackes - Dotty Corset Dress
Undershirt: Ohmai! - Basic Boyfriend Racerback
Shoes: Annexx - Laceup Boots
Pose: (pda) - Long Was the Year
Location: KOWLOON 126/42/24

Peeps will take over the world and I can't aim!


Long time since I haven't posted an LOTD. Been kinda busy with school, starting RPing again and starting my new temporary SL job (will soon be able to add Personal Assistant in my SL resumé :D). Anyway, my actual boss sent me today her Hump Day release and I just adored it. It's a lil basket with candies and PEEPS! (sorry... there's a joke about that in the HP fanart world... involving Voldiepoo...)with a pose in it. Anyway, here's the LOTD, in which I look like I'm throwing candies at my forehead.


Skin: Pink Fuel - Skye
Hair: Uw.St - Dina
Top: Ohmai! - Chic Tinkerbell
Skirt: Narwhal - High Waist Super Skirt
Shoes: 50 flats - vintage rose
Earrings: ~flirt~ - Bloom Stud Earrings
Pose with accessory: ~La Petite Morte~ - Gorging on Sweets