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Anything and everything..

Updated: 2018-03-06T05:26:36.760-08:00


How to create iphone Apps with no programming experience


Do you have an idea for an app and are you wondering what to do with it? Well, here is what i found when i looked online for some options. Option 1 Option 2 Not sure if these work. But no harm giving it a shot eh..

The Joke is on Indian Banking


With the ICICI's of  India heralding the technology revolution in Indian banking, one would hope everything is moving in the right direction for customers. And that is indeed true so far as the spread of banking and their ability to touch the lives of people in remote parts of the country is concerned. But, I am not sure if any of our prominent bankers or the market has publicly acknowledged

Econo-Reflexions: Containing inflation demands more than monetary policy measures


Econo-Reflexions: Containing inflation demands more than monetary policy measures

Airtel Service worse than our public services??


Over the last few months i noticed that i was consistently crossing my 4 GB usage limit. So I placed a request for an increased broadband usage limit with the Airtel Customer Care center.They duly made note of my request and confirmed that the service would be enabled within 5 working days. And that someone would call me to confirm the same. Its been 3 weeks since this.I have given up hopes that

BangNoos !!


If there is one thing that unites all Bangaloreans it is the nostalgia and longing for the old Bangalore, with its wide roads and great weather.Indeed, that Bangalore is a thing of the past, and the Bengaluru of today is a monster devouring into our resources every day, growing at such a rapid pace that all our resources: roads, basic civic amenities like water, electricity, drainage, housing and

Now, thread ceremony via Internet


CHENNAI: Overseas Indians who wish to go through the annual ritual of changing the sacred thread (poonool) on August 5 (for Yajur Veda adherents), need not worry about finding a guru to perform the Upakarma rituals.All they need to do now is to log on to, and they can find a guru to chant the right mantras.Designed by two Chennai-based persons, S K Sundararajan, who is

Swoopo seems to have got it right


The concept is not new or novel, I am sure we may have seen it in one form or the other. But swoopo may have got the execution just right. The potential the site offers is amazing and the numbers once you start crunching them are mind boggling.Its so simple in concept that you will hit yourself in the head for not doing it yourself. :)But then its always the case after its been done by someone.

Unlocked iPhone 3GS is not Unlocked after all!!!


Earlier this year when Apple announced that the unlocked version of the iPhone was available, I thought I could grab one at last. But with the new iPhone 3GS in the offing at that point I decided to wait it out.So last week I went to the nearby Apple Store with grand plans of picking up my iPhone. Apple ofcourse had other plans for me. I was told that even though the iPhone was available unlocked

Bangalore needs a few Quick Wins!!!


A few decades ago, a mention of Bangalore would have extracted comments like nice town, peace ful town, pensioners paradise etc. Go back just a few years, and Bangalore earned itself new adjectives like IT City, Silicon Valley of India. It even managed to add itself to the Oxfored dictionary as a verb.Today, the mention of Bangalore, will only generate clamouring for Infrastructure, roads,

We will get a National ID Card Again!!


The move to invite the Infosys Co-Chairman Mr. Nandan Nilekani to take charge as Chairperson of the Unique Identification Authority of India, in the rank of Cabinet Minister is indeed a very promising move and augurs well for the future of this nation. Now, this is certainly not the first time that we have set out on the task of issuing a National Identity Card, but its certainly the first time



Some very valid points brought out in Nandan's speech at Click here to watch this speech.

HTC Magic is here


But it looks like its not going to bother Apple... iPhone 3G S it seems will hold its ground after all...See the review for the HTC Magic here.

June 7th was Friedman Day


As you probably guess this day is named after Milton Friedman. But what exactly does this day signify? Trust me the answer is just as interesting as the question...Friedman Day is the day in the year when Americans have earned enough money to pay the full costs of Government. This is calculated by the American Institute of Economic Research and will vary each year.This year the Friedman Day was

iPhone3GS is on its way!! Go sign up Now!!!


And Apple seems to have sealed every hole in the iPhone with the Apple 3GS.Its got everything you always wanted:1. Cut, Copy and Paste2. Video Recording3. 3 Megapixel Camera with Autofocus.4. A search feature to search through everything on your phone: Apps, Contacts, Msgs and mails...And its touted to be atleast 2.5 times faster. Get to you apple store before the queues get too long..

The Palm Pre is out


I wanted this phone to come out so badly, simply because the iPhone was locked to AT&T.Thats not the case anymore, the iphone is available unlocked. But now the question is, is it good enough? Certainly Not!! is what the Palm pre would retort to that.Palm has finally cracked open what has been Apple's exclusive domain for the last 2 years.And they seem to have figured a way to do it all better,

Where 2 Tech waves in Google wave


Found this interesting link on the google blog from the brains behind google wave.. also has a few interesting links on google wave.Techcrunch has this exciting article as well.Well.. atleast its creating a lotta noise.. enough to counter all the Bing noise i suppose..

Time for the next Wave..


If you did begin wondering why you need to have so many different logins for your email, web messenger, social networking, instant messaging, blogging, micro-blogging etc. I guess its time somebody wrapped all this up for you in a single login.And who better than Google to do it for you. Welcome Google Wave!! Googles biggest launch in a long time.Google wave is an open source based real-time

Carnatic Music : Understanding it


I have enjoyed carnatic classical music ever since i can remember. Having learnt both violin and vocal for several years it has always been something that has been close to heart and something that I have enjoyed immensely. Having learnt an instrument, decoding the music into its component swaras(musical notes) came naturally to me. And I never really did bother to learn the theory behind this

Answer in no more than 4 tweets...


The wired features a very interesting article today: Tweet the new size of thought?.Twitters success has been a much debated topic in the tech circles. And I am yet to see a convincing argument in favour ot twitter. The way we have kept in touch with our friends and family has seen dramatic changes in the last decade. From email to chatting to social networks to micro blogging. Yet what is it

Its time for IT IN India...


For long this country has earned its name for the high quality IT Services delivered FROM its shores. Its time some of these are delivered IN its shores now.The global recession has expectedly had its impact on the Indian IT Services industry as well. With the IT Budgets being slashed across the US and Europe, the industry is looking to reinvent itself.The huge IT Talent pool in the country needs

The Bangalore Buzz...


My association with Bangalore dates back to the early 1980's, a quaint lazy little city, a pensioner's paradise. For the futcha's in Bangalore, you may be wondering if I am talking about our Bangalore.Indeed the city has exploded in the last 10 years. This unprecedented growth coupled with our city planner's myopic vision and bureaucracy have brought the city down to its knees.This city is still

Sea World - Orlando


Saturday Morning saw us heading towards Orlando, with tickets to the Sea World. Its a 2 Hour drive from jacksonville to Orlando. Florida can be so lush green that we were left wondering if this wasnt "Gods own Country!!".Though this was my second trip to the Sea World, I still found it every bit as exciting as the first time. Its amazing to see how the trainers bond with the animals. Its evident

It happens only in India 2


Its a rat race out here. And you are a part of it whether you want to accept it or not. If you are a small electronics shop owner by the street, with no big brand backing you, you'd probably relate to this incident. But it simply left me speechless.I walk into a store marked Nokia Priority Dealer, to replace my almost dead phone batteries. The man at the counter certainly knew his business and

It Happens Only In India


India.. the land of mystics, the land of yoga, the land of meditation.. If this is the india you have read about and find intriguing, all you need to do is step onto one of our roads. In that single act you will have thrown yourself into the depths of indian mysticism, yoga and meditation...After all after being thrown into the deep end of a pool, you have no choice but to learn how to swim. Step

10 ways the world could end : Stephen Petranek on


An old speech, but still very relevant and leaves you with lots to think about. Click here to watch the video.