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Does the Magic Submitter Work? Actual Video Proof and The Magic Submitter Review


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Rockin Body Review - 4 Free Bottles Just For Trying IT!


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Price of Saffron Extract? FREE BOTTLE with Package!


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*****Saffron Extract Review - Don't BUY Until You Read This!****


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Heart Attack Grill News Story


Another person that frequented the Heart Attack Grill has dropped dead of a fatal heart attack. Obesity Kills! Excessive smoking can be lethal. Heart disease is #1 killer. If you consume fat-laden food on a regular basis, you are playin

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Green Coffee Bean Max Supplement - What You Need To Know Before You Buy


Note:  Green Coffee Bean Max Has Sold Out In Most Major Stores. As of today, it is still Available Online. GREEN COFFEE BEAN MAX SUPPLEMENT If you watch Dr. Oz at all, you would have heard about the hottest new way to get a slim, flat, sexy bel

Green Coffee Bean Max Review - An Honest Peek Inside


What Can You Learn From a Green Coffee Bean Max Review?   A lot of people have gone online recently, looking for a Green Coffee Bean Max review, after hearing about this product on the Dr. Oz Show. He recently promoted green coffee bean extr

Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean Supplement As Seen On TV


  Should You Rely on the Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean Supplement?       It is no surprise that television’s Dr. Oz is a powerful spokesperson for various products, and so when he started talking about the Dr. Oz green cof

Kim Kardashian Diet? What does she do?


KIM KARDASHIAN DIET? WHAT DOES SHE DO? Kim Kardashian seems to be like the rest of us and always fighting weight gain. Back in October, Kim tweeted a photo of her special shake that contains pears, apples, avocados, and yogurt for "dinner." She seem

When I Tried to Housetrain My Yorkie - Ugh!


When I first tried to housetrain my Yorkie, I thought it would be easy. Boy, was I wrong!  It was a process that continued for several months.  If I had had some basic training it would have helped alot.  But I figured that her bladder (Muffin) would eventually get the message. (image)

Muffin did learn to “go” or pee on her puppy pads, but I never could get her to be consistent.  Do you know why?  I was not consistent in my training with her.

The failure to housebreak my Yorkie was a combination of her tiny bladder and my short bouts of consistency.  Sometimes I was home when she needed to go, sometimes I wasn’t.

My best friend, Donna, however trained her Yorkie very successfully.  What was the difference? She took that baby out every couple of hours to the same spot every day for three months, and scolded her just a bit if she did not comply.  That is the best dog to this day and there are very few (if any) accidents.

But that is what it took…consistency and knowing her dog’s signs.  She learned to watch Molly for signs of when she needed to go to the bathroom.  Donna also knew that small dogs have small bladders so she set realistic expectations of her dog’s ability for to learn how to pee on command.

Larger dogs are MUCH easier to train than smaller dogs, but like Donna, I love both!

It’s just a matter of the right recipe to dog training!  A big dose of patience and time devoted for several months, or until they get it!



Embrace Pet Insurance - How does it compare to others?


Embrace Pet Insurance


Let’s look at what you should consider that Embrace has already thought about for you and your pet:


Hereditary & Genetic


Other companies leave you with no coverage when it comes to genetic reasons for illness. Embrace does cover them and when some conditions lies quietly at first and then rear its head later, it can be VERY expensive.
ASPCA does not cover this and VPI has only limited coverage for hereditary and genetic conditions. This is VERY important (especially to breeds like English Bulldogs who have a lot of genetic problems from the start).



It is important that you choose the right plan for you. If you desire that all of your pet’s bills are covered, all of our plans will reimburse your claim as a percentage of your actual bill from your vet so you always get more money back. Don’t go to other companies that use a benefit schedule (VPI) or that say they will pay ONLY customary, usual and “reasonable” charges (ASPCA).

Routine Care & Wellness Visits

We will provide a routine care plan to help you pay for just regular visits to your vet. For example, if your vet charges you $100 for a puppy wellness visit, Embarce will reimburse you $100. VPI and ASPCA will give you less back from your well puppy visit because they have a limit on wellness payments before you would hit your max wellness payout from them.

Limits on Per Incidents

An incident for your pet is defined as any illness or accident and some insurance plans require a deductible before they pay for each incident and then they place a maximum amount of what you will be reimbursed for, per incident. ASPCA will charge you per incident limits. Our company will not limit you per incident.


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Queen Corgis - Queen Elizabeth's Incorrigible Corgis Behaved Well in Bond Film



I love reading news about celebrity pets! Here’s one hot off the presses!(image)

The Queen’s precious dogs known as Corgis are back in the papers and current news because reportedly those little rascals attacked Princes Beatrice’s terrier when in Balmoral. These same dogs had their moment of fame when they appeared in a film opening the Olympic games.  They were seen walking alongside James Bond!  Although stand-ins were used when the helicopter scene took place, when Bond meets Queen Elizabeth in the audience room, you will see the Queen’s real Corgis themselves known as Susan, Monty and Willow. Sources say that the Queen’s corgis actually performed better than the stand-ins! Way to go Monty, Susan and Willow!

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**eliminare la pancia - Ebook gratuito!


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