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Preview: Palace fan thats a NEW Dad

Palace fan thats a NEW Dad

This small blog will be about Becoming a Dad, Footy and some rather boring thoughts that I have. More info in the profile

Updated: 2018-03-05T15:57:39.193+00:00


The end of the blog


5 years ago today I started this blog and have met some truly great bloggers that have stayed and quite a few that have moved on OR is it that I moved on?

I think that I moved on and stopped reading and getting so involved with blogging, WHY? I hear you cry, well time to be honest. I don’t get enough time to blog all the time (5 posts in a year is not good), I am hitting twitter a lot more now @simmo1972 is where you can catch me and my life has moved on from being a Palace Fan thats a new dad. I haven’t stopped being a huge Palace fan but I have given my season ticket to my brother to get it out of my system and I’m a still a dad to two brilliant and amazing kids.

The reason for giving up my season ticket was to ensure that I wouldn’t get too hung up about Palace when we made up our minds to move to Australia from England and to give my time to my family.

Palace have had a shit time of it recently and it still does not look good for my team. This though will not be a post of who is to blame and what went wrong (SJ not getting the ground and playing a silly game with city investors (Agilo)).

I have grown up with Palace with my granddad taking me along with my dad, my whole childhood revolved around Palace matches with my dad and granddad. My granddad needed a reason to stop going so that he could get his time with his wife, my nan, back and he used the sale of Jerry Murphy to do it. He never went to another game after that.

I have had so many up's and down's being a Palace fan that I would never change that for any other team. It’s in my blood and it it will always be and whilst I feel sorry that I will not be taking my boy to a Palace game, just yet, I feel as though I saved him from many “wasted” weekends of not doing things as footy is on. In the last year I have spent so many weekends with my family that it has been really good and positive for us all. Whilst I have made a few games this year and I have missed the time with my dad, the group around us and with Palace. I still feel as though it was something I needed to do after 30 years of going, the last 20 years as a season ticket holder, and it was good.

The last year has had many highs with the top being that I have got a visa to live in Australia and quite a few lows including redundancy, tough first contact and struggling to get my foot back in the door working.

So what next? Well we have moved from Berkhamsted and I am moving the family to Brisbane and looking forward.The house has still not actually exchanged but our possessions are heading off to Brisbane. I will be starting a new blog about how I made it there and what is happening with the great move. I am still yet to sort out the domain and get writing but I will. As soon as I have a new link I will post it here.

Thanks for everything and this is the end of this blog on the 5 year anniversary........but the start of a new chapter in the life of a Palace Fan thats a new dad.


Busy busy busy


Well I am now really busy with looking for work on the other side of the world. Our plans to move to Brisbane are steaming forward.

House is sold and going through.

Kids are really happy, not that a 4 and 2 year old really know what is happening!

I have also stared another website, I'm getting quite into the websites and online marketing etc. something I am enjoying learning about. No money in it for me but it is just a bit of "fun" and learning for me at the moment.

Spending lots of time running down the dump and researching places to live in Brisbane. Started saying goodbye to friends and will start saying goodbye to family shortly wont be easy.

Spent last weekend saying goodbye to my football buddies and Palace left me with a loss to QPR to remember them although I may go to West Brom but then again I might go to the pub!


Administration for Palace



Not sure how this has happened, well I think I do.

All I know is the timing is terrible and shocking that a company that is owed just over 10% of the total debt has managed to get us in administration.

Agilo are the company that forced us in administration over a loan by Simon Jordan that they are worried will not be paid. They are owed about 5 million from what I have been reading. Jordan is "owed" 20 million and the other 5 million is owed to tax man and other clubs I believe.

What is heart breaking is that Palace never called in the administrators so in a way should we have 10 points deducted before even agreeing a way out, the 10 points is to stop clubs wiping the debt clear and starting again so if we paid everyone back in full except Jordan would we get out points back?

There is a rumour that an invester would be willing to do just that and pay the debts except Jordan.

I expect Moses to go on the cheap now and I dont think he even wants to go ! It's terrible that Agilo have done it and just as bad that Jordan has given them the power to do it.

We had a real chance of making the play offs and the lottery of getting promoted.

Hopefully something can be sorted asap.

It's all part of the fun of being a Palace fan, something that I would never change.

Good luck Palace.

Sure Man United have just released debts of 600 million, doesn't seem right.



Well I had a great Xmas and been good to get away from work. I am on my last days of the contract now so best start looking for my next role. Only got this week to go.

The USB memory is selling well and I have now sold out of 4GB Lego bricks, I have some 2GB left and have the England ones still. The England ones have not sold as quick as I had hoped. Will be able to spend some time marketing them next week. Might take new shots of them in a computer port.

Have a look at SkyeMax2002 and let me know what you think of the site.

If you like something use the code iknowsimmo for 10% off. I really recommend the England ones.

Will optimise the site next week to get the images loading quicker and have a general freshen up of it.

Trying to persuade Mrs Palace Fan that we need a digital SLR, quite like the look of the Nikon D3000.

Best get back to eating.....

Getting tougher to update


Really must start to allow more time for my personal blog.

Well I'm still working hard but have also started to work on a new venture that I hope pays off. I am working on my "first" proper website. The site will sell USB Memory sticks, One I have designed as well, and have created a site for it. I will also go through eBay. Not happy with the charges on eBay hence why I want to direct traffic through to my website SkyeMax2002. It is not live yet but as soon as it is I will let you know. I will also give you a discount code.

It is going to take some time to get the site up and running. Lots of testing to be done with the PayPal element, lots of writing to get content on the site and I am waiting for my order to come through.

Will be great to get your feedback on the site so I will "beta" it with you prior to going full on live and submitting it to search engines and promoting it more.

Looking forward to seeing how it goes and have spent time reading up on ways to promote the site etc.

You can also follow the site on twitter

Home alone for a few days so going to crack on with the site in the evenings.

Only got another 9-10 weeks left at work now before my contract runs out and the project is finished. Been fun but would also be good to spend time working on the site and some plans that I have for it.

I hope you are all well and I will let you know when the site is open.

Hello Strangers


Well it has been a really long time. Sorry all (as if people actually read this :-)).

I am working again. It took about 3 months and only got 3 interviews but was lucky enough to get offered 2 of those. One perm in Docklands but it never quite worked out as I had to wait for a deal to be done before getting the contract and whilst waiting for it I saw a temp role that really interested me and I managed to get it. I took the temp role and pulled out of the other. I am working as a Project Manager for an eCommerce department rather than an IT department, still for a large retailer to Xmas. My first time out of "IT" for many many years but I am really enjoying the fact that I am managing rather than doing the project. Quite funny though as I have gone in with a "Prince2" hat on so have shed loads of risks and paperwork such as action and decision logs, status reports, schedule plans, resource plans etc. and all my boss wants to know are we on target :-). I have a good team of 12 reporting into me and we have the rather daunting task of getting 21000 products online and checking a further 15000 that are currently online are listed corrected. Are we on target? Not quite but it is going well and we will pull the lost time back. Hard work but but I am only working 9-5 and no stress. Unlike before where I was working long hours and stressed, maybe thats the difference when you are not actually employed and doing everything. I feel a strong connection to get a job done and to the company I am working at but not to be an actual martyr.

I'm over at Milton Keynes now and enjoying the shops ;-) shame I can only look and not buy though.

Seems strange not having a season ticket but I am actually going to the match tomorrow so will sit in "my" seat and as it happens have only missed one home game :-) Do feel guilty as I am now working so will miss my kids but we are going to have a good time on Sunday and hopefully will go and have a picnic while Faye has bit of a break.

Did you see the goal that wasnt given? Disgrace really.

Other news is that I have finally got a decent phone, HTC Magic and I love it. It is great and helps the train journey go quickly and keeps in touch with email, twitter, browsing and many many other things. Best toy of the year so far.

Take it easy and dont forget to follow me on twitter.

Happy Birthday Blog


4 years old today.

Sorry I have been as slack as always but with the Oz computer application and looking for work I have not had much time.

The Oz application has been sent to Sydney and I am waiting for my assessment number and then the wait for 10 to 12 weeks for my result.

Job hunting is starting to pick up and I am looking and chasing now. Not had an interview yet but fingers crossed that will change soon.

So since I started this blog I have moved from North London to Berkhamsted, Had 2 children one of each, lost my job and looking for a new one, changed my car and grown some grey hair as well as lose some.

Another big thing though is that I have handed my season ticket to my brother for next season ! Yes I am taking at least a year off to get it out of my system prior to hopefully getting to Australia. I'm quite looking forward to the break as my "passion" was starting to go and I want to spend more time with my family. I will still make an effort and get to some away games as well as home but away games are much better and I am normally home the same time !

Right I'm heading to the garden in a moment.

Good luck Jane, not long now :-0





Just wanted to make you aware of a website I have looked at recently. is your green online community, where you can tell the world why you care about the environment and why it should be protected.

It is a very good website so have a look.
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ACS update on my RPL


I actually have more than I thought I had to do, only one more paper then i thought but it is hard work getting through them all.

Below is the list of subjects that I have experience off and I need to write about the last 8 years of my learning's in each section.

1 Computer Organisation and Architecture
4 Data Communications and Networks
7 Ethical/Social Implications/Professional Practice
8 Interpersonal Communications
10 Project Management
11 Security
13 Systems Analysis and Design
14 Systems Software
PR1 Project Report 1
PR2 Project Report 2

The numbers are out as I have deleted the ones that I am not doing. In total there are 10 sections and my status today is this:
2 Finished and signed off (papers 7 and 8)
2 First drafts waiting for feedback (papers 4 and 11)
1 Written and waiting sign off (paper 1)
5 to write including the 2 project reports.

Also Have 2 references out to be signed and sent back to me plus 2 detailed personal references that need to be approved prior to sending them out.

Why does everything need to be approved? I am using an agent to help guide me through the process and application. Does help BUT they do not write it for you :-(

Whats RPL - Thats Recognition of prior learning

Hard work but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Twitter and an update


Well I have started another thing that probably wont last. I am now using twitter for quick updates and follow people.

I'm Simmo1972 if you want to follow me and I have also added a widget to this blog.

What have I been doing, well I have had a great first week not working. I have been working on writing papers for assessment by the ACS (Australian Computer Society) Hopefully I will get passed by them to emigrate to Australia next year. That's the plan anyway. I have only managed to write 2 in about 2 1/2 months prior to last week and managed to get another 2 written just last week. I have to write 9 including 2 project reports in total.

I have not even looked for work :-0 I did get a phone call Friday from a company looking for a PM and they may call back this week for an interview. We will see, that came through and was the actual company not an agency.

Next week though is more work on the Australian papers. I want to get the papers in and then focus on work.


The Eagles have won


Been waiting a while to post this one !!!

Thanks for the comments re job everyone, this made me smile. Listen to the end for "My" bit.

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Giz a job


Well I am about to join the many looking for a new job as I have been made redundant from Comet. Whilst it was not a shock it was actually a surprise as I have delivered some good projects in the last 6 months. I do honestly think that this could be the best thing to happen. I have a chance to find something else to do, work on my Australian visa application (Yes we want to migrate next year) and get Comet out of my system. Including Kingfisher and Comet I was in the group for 10 years so probably best to have a change.

Might be tricky getting back into looking and interviews but fingers crossed it wont be too long.

What do I want? Well I quite fancy a bit of contracting to go and see some new companies, make new friends and see how projects are run differently. The other idea is maybe a junior project manager role in another industry i.e. construction and have a break from IT. I can use my redundancy to supplement the drop in wages. Oh who knows but I do know that I am looking forwards and not backwards.

What else has happened. I'm another year older, Not managed to get to Palace much although that has been nice (Last game was Watford away and that was crap), Have bought a couple of watches:
Casio G Shock (For the weekends)


And this Tissot for a special day (Not collected this watch just yet)


Now I need to start living to my means though so no more watches :-(

If you know if any Project Manager roles please let me know,
I am a qualified Prince2 Practitioner and would label myself a Technical or Infrastructure IT Project Manager.

The Manor



I now live in a little village outside of London, on an estate that is quite nice but I look out and see number 116. That to me means it is not so small....... I happen to live at Number One, uno or just the first if you want to leave it at that.

For some very strange reason though when I am out there smoking a sneaky cig, yes I was meant of given up a long time ago, I like to stand at the top pretending it is my manor and I am Tony. Am I strange or just weird? I do live at the top of the hill I might add so I do "look" down at people :-)

Next week I am in Hull so I will see if there is a buzz about the place because last time I was there footy was good, as was rugby, and I know it's not quite the same.

Skye is now walking about the house and it seems to be quicker then Max was i.e. she started taking steps and is now walking a lot more confident than Maxie Boy so already seems to be "running" faster than walking.


Happy New Year


Happy new year everyone.

Well Xmas is over and we start yet another year.

Skye will be one in three weeks :-0 I can not believe just how fast it has gone. She has started cruising around the furniture and can balance really well so it will not be long before she is walking.

She is a cutie.

Lost Bloggers


I must sort out my links and the time that I spend on blogs. I need to find some more time or at least cut the number that I have bookmarked.

I still have my favorites and you know who you are but I was surprised to realise that three of my links now fail :-(, Now Tartan I knew about but just have not got round to "removing" he got the hump when Wrexham went down :-), But the 2 bloggers that I started blogging with have now "gone" i.e. Wyndham was the first ever person to post on my blog and I think I am right in saying that I was the first to post on Slothblogs.

I was surfing around wishing happy Xmas when I noticed they have gone. Miss yer if you are still reading mine.

Reading back I just realised that in my very first post, I blogged back on the 30/5/05 that, I would get round to putting the legs on the BBQ back on correctly. Thats still on the list. The post that started it all here


Back to front


Skye has started crawling and standing now and has taken quite a fancy to the TV. I have had our LCD TV on a stand for over 2 years and to create a bit more space (plus get her fingers off it) I am thinking of wall mounting in the corner on a swing arm.

I started to look at the way I could set it up etc. etc. when I suddenly realised that I could get some space back by actually turning the stand round. Yes for over 2 years I have had the stand the wrong way round, what a wally ! It should go in to the corner and for some reason I set it up from day one the wrong way round so have had the "corner" sticking out!

A job for the weekend I think.

Max is now 3 ! It was his birthday yesterday. I set this blog up a while ago to talk about the experiences of becoming a dad and have now gone through that another time. I count myself very lucky to have such great children that I love more then anything.

Stone Gods and Airbourne



Last night I went to the Astoria with a quite a few mates and saw Airbourne. It was my first time of seeing them live but after recommendations from said friends that had seen them live I got the album "Runnin' Wild" and was hooked. They are very AC/DC and also happen to be from Oz.

Loud is all I can say ! I don't know if I am getting old or not but it seemed to be one of the loudest concerts I have been to. It was brilliant. Hot, sweaty, got soaked in beer and stayed in the mosh pit all night. Couple of arsholes trying to punch people but all in all it was quite civilised.

The band was ace and before them was a band called Stone Gods and they to had the sound of very heavy rock and got the crowd going. Surprise of the night for me was after the concert, ears ringing, knee killing me (too much bouncing etc.) my mate said that they have been born out of the Darkness.

I'm off to rest that knee....

New Watch - Ollech & Weis



My new watch turned up today, it is an O&W diver model ID 3077.

It's rather lovely to be honest. I have been thinking about a new watch for a while and thought of a "name" watch second hand like Omega or Tag but after spending time looking into the actual movements, faces etc. I discovered this little Swiss company after going to a few websites and have bought a quality watch for less than a second hand "name"

This is the description:
25 Jewel Automatic wind Eta 2824-2, with quick set date and hack seconds.
43mm (Including Crown) All steel case with screw on back. Rotating ratchet bezel. Screw Down crown. Sapphire Crystal. 200m Water Resistant.
Black calendar dial.
Solid link steel bracelet with screwed links.

It was bought from Roy at this site:

He makes some quality watches himself so have a look.

Lets hope history does repeat itself




When Robbie Keane left Wolves they got relegated.

When Robbie Keane left Coventry they got relegated.

When Robbie Keane left Leeds they got relegated.

When Robbie Keane left Tottenham?

Should of stayed Bostock.



Well I have pre ordered the album, got the t-shirt on the way BUT can I get a ticket for the concert..... Can I bollocks.

How can they sell out within 5 minutes of going on sale on Ticketmaster? It's a joke and then they turn up on eBay. Winds me up.

I'm still going to try and get a ticket.

Off to see a band called Airbourne in a few weeks time at the Astoria, they are actually a bit like AC/DC, will be one of the last times I see the place as the goverment have bought it to make way for a new station :-( Holds memories of some great concerts. The Foos at the Astoria will always be with me. What a great venue. Will be replaced by some plastic venue no doubt.

Smart Crossblade



What a mad car. Saw one on the road today with "biggles" driving. As he went past the school kids I think every one looked, pointed or waved. Not too many cars can get that reaction.

I want one !

Little shit !


I can not believe the story on the BBC site today.

Boy fed zoo reptiles to crocodile
Camera footage of the boy at the zoo in Australia
The boy was caught on security camera at the reptile centre

A seven-year-old boy has been filmed going on the rampage at a popular zoo in Australia, killing rare reptiles and feeding live ones to a crocodile.

Footage from the security cameras at Alice Springs Reptile Centre caught the child smiling as he killed a total of 13 animals.

During his 30-minute spree, he was seen hurling the animals over the security fence into the crocodile enclosure.

Zoo officials described the boy's actions as "unbelievable".

They are considering suing the parents as the boy is too young to be prosecuted.

'Difficult to replace'

The attack happened on Wednesday morning after the boy entered the zoo by jumping over the security fence and evading sensor alarms.

Over the next half hour, he bludgeoned some of the animals to death with stones and hurled others over the two fences surrounding the crocodile enclosure.

At one point, he tried scaling the outer enclosure himself to get to "Terry", the 11ft (3.3m) saltwater crocodile.

A turtle, four Western blue-tongued lizards, two bearded dragons, two thorny devil lizards and the zoo's 20-year-old goanna were among those killed.

Zoo director Rex Neindorf said many of the animals were rare or mature and would be difficult to replace.

"The fact a seven-year-old can wreak so much havoc in such a short time, it's unbelievable," he told Reuters news agency.

Mr Neindorf said the boy had "clammed up" when questioned by police.

As children under the age of 10 cannot be held accountable for their actions in the Northern Territory, the zoo would be seeking to take action against the parents.

"We'll be looking at suing the parents, who were supposedly in control of him at the time," he said.

We went there when we had our year travelling. This photo was taken there:


Back again



Been over the water in that Europe and ended up in the South of France. Had 2 great weeks there. Drove the car all the way, 2000 miles in all, Petrol was not cheap though although everything was expensive ! I couldnt believe how much it all cost out there.

Here is a tip though, make sure you lock the roof box before tearing up the motorway at 100mph or Kmh if your the French police reading ;-). Yep like a forgetful idiot I forgot to lock the box and it came open as I went pass a lorry. I looked in the mirror and saw the sleeping bags bouncing across the road. Pulled straight over and Faye legged it to collect the bits that flew out. We was so lucky that we never caused a major accident. Lost some items Faye saw pants in the road and some beach toys plus oil had "vanished" If it was England and on the roads here it would of because of how busy the roads but luckily in France the roads are clear so no harm was caused. Dont think it really sank in how lucky we was and also how damn right stupid I was for not locking it and also Faye for running across the motorway. Oh well, wont do that again.

Really rated Eurocamp and France was really good so will look at doing that again. The thing that saved us from falling out during the 2000 miles.... Tom Tom, what a great gadget.



Simple one today:

I watched AI.... It made me cry :-0

Is it because I now have children? I don't normally cry at films !

Come on in Watson


(image) from

Went to football on Saturday, bit poor to be honest and the midfield never turned up.

For once a Daily Mail reporter summed it up here

This is the interesting bit and the exact thing I said before the game. Although I used the word Will rather then is and how,
Neil Warnock's stubbornness in refusing to use unsettled midfielder Ben Watson is backfiring on Crystal Palace. While Watson has refused to sign a new contract, Warnock is leaving him out.

But how Palace missed his pinpoint passing, clever free-kicks and long-range shots which got them out of many holes last season and into the play-offs in this goalless draw. Why not put him in the shop window and aid Palace, long on youth and short on experience?

Says it all really, Come on in the Ginger Zidane.