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MP Bob Katter is right about Saltwater Crocodile. ...


MP Bob Katter is right about Saltwater Crocodile.
Salwater crocodile is not an Australian restricted spicies,not restricted only to Australian land, its abundant around Asia and many other parts of the world. In Australia they overpopulated, because practicly has no natural enemies ad versa,enjoy human protection.The number of death killed by Saltwater crocodile is about 1.3 in every year,increasing, but people free movements,- basic human right- is restricted in many areas, including many urban area, because safety reason. We can harwest fish from the sea, killing dingoes, but Saltiwater crocodile tabu. Have not ben carried out adequate research in Australia about saltwater crocodile numbers, distribution,movement,- specially concern between Australian mainland and overseas terrytory or interaction on high seas with other Saltwater crocodiles-, health, phisical condition, effects on other spicies including other endangered and close to extinct species, like dugong and sea turtels, wich use to live on salwater crocodile territory and became crocodile food paradoxonly.What Wildlife Protection Act is this and when was last time over revied this Act ? Also many new reptile disease in Australia wich origin its unknown, like frog fungus, wich wiping out Australian endemic frog spicies! Saltwater crocodile has not quaranteened by AQIS and unrestrictedly free entry at any time on main land in Australia.Nobody has consern this before, but turist if try to bring a crocodile head into Australia, huhhhh... And of course the risk is increasing paralell with the number of the saltwater crocodile.
Tibor Fiers, Australia,