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Updated: 2018-03-08T07:06:27.123-08:00


Manny Pacquiao Knocks Out Ricky Hatton


Big news from the boxing world this weekend was Manny Pacquiao's destruction of Ricky Hatton on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Since I'm lazy and really busy right now I'll give you the bout info from Wikipedia but you can also find tons of analysis at ESPN Boxing.
Pacquiao knocked down Hatton twice in the first round: a four-punch combo knocked down the Briton the first time; the other knockdown occurred after a combination by Pacquiao with 45 seconds left. On the second round, Pacquiao unleashed a right-left combo to knock down Hatton a third time to end the bout 2:59 into the round. Hatton sprawled helplessly on the canvass after Pacquiao's left hand with referee Kenny Bayless saying that "I didn't have to count." Hatton lay on the canvass for several minutes before getting up; he was eventually taken to a local hospital for a precautionary brain scan.

Pacquiao's win makes him one of only two (the other being Oscar De La Hoya) to win world championships in six different weight divisions, although the record depends on how a "world championship" is defined, with many only limiting the "legitimate championships" to those sanctioned by the WBA, WBC, WBO and/or IBF. Pacquiao won four title belts prior to the fight: the WBC flyweight belt, the IBF super bantamweight title, the WBC super featherweight crown and the WBC lightweight championship. He was a "linear" champion in the featherweight division, and after defeating Hatton, became one in the light welterweight division as well. Sugar Ray Leonard said that "If Manny does it, he'll deserve all the accolades anyone can give him. This is one of those records that, man, it's a rare, rare feat."


Inspired Bicycles


This video is up at the top of the Viral Video Charts. Here's the video info:

Filmed over the period of a few months in and around Edinburgh by Dave Sowerby, this video of Inspired Bicycles team rider Danny MacAskill (more info at features probably the best collection of street/street trials riding ever seen. There's some huge riding, but also some of the most technically difficult and imaginative lines you will ever see. Without a doubt, this video pushes the envelope of what is perceived as possible on a trials bike.

Credit to Band of Horses for their epic song 'The Funeral.' You can find out more about the band and their music at

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Eminem - 3am Music Video Trailer


(image) Well apparently they don't just release music videos anymore, they make trailers for them. I mean I understand a trailer for a 2 hour movie but don't think it's really necessary for a 3 minute music video.

Anyway, Eminem has released the trailer to his new single and music video "3am". This of course is off his upcoming album Relapse. The entire music video will premiere tomorrow, May 2nd, on Cinemax right before the movie The Strangers.

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Carl Edwards’s Talladega Superspeedway Crash


This crash rekindled the debate about restrictor-plate racing and if it is really more safe for the drivers and fans. 7 fans in the grandstands at Talladega were hurt when hit by flying debris from Carl Edwards' car.




(image) Well pretty much everyone in America is scared as all hell about the swine flu. I personally ritualistically cover my body in Purell before I leave for work every morning. If that isn't enough, I use my secret weapon against Swine Flu......Wal-born (knock off Airborne). TAKE THAT CRAZY PIG FLU!!!!

If you are worried about swine flu you should probably check out these links below:

Do You Have Swine Flu?

Do I Have Pig Flu?

Also, If you get swine flu this is what happens to you...

Marcelo Garcia & The X-Guard


(image) Marcelo 'Marcelinho' Garcia (b. 1983) is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and submission grappler. Considered by many to be the best pound for pound submission grappler in the world, Garcia is a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Fabio Gurgel of Team Alliance. Garcia has five world championship titles in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, two of them as a black belt (in 2004 and 2006). He also has many submission grappling titles, including ones from the prestigious ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship. At ADCC, Marcelo has won the 66-76 kg division three times in a row (2003/2005/2007), been awarded the most technical fighter twice (2003 and 2007), and won the best fight award in 2005. In 2005, he also finished in third place in the absolute (open weight) division and in 2007 finished second in the absolute division.

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Eddie Bravo on Marcelo Garcia
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New Zealand All Blacks Performing the Haka


I think this is probably one of the coolest pre-game ritual in sports. Check out the New Zealand All Black's Rugby team performing the Haka which is traditional of the Maori people, the native people of New Zealand.

One of the most well known hakas the All Blacks perform is Ka Mate. Here are the words:

Ka mate, ka mate
Ka ora' Ka ora'
Ka mate, ka mate
Ka ora Ka ora "
Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru
Nāna i tiki mai whakawhiti te rā
Upane... Upane
Upane Kaupane"
Whiti te rā,!

'I die, I die,
'I live, 'I live,
'I die, 'I die
'I live, 'I live,
This is the hairy man
...Who caused the sun to shine again for me
Up the ladder, Up the ladder
Up to the top
The sun shines!

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Old swine-flu PSAs will soon come in handy


Thought I would re-post this given all the recent controversy surrounding the swine flu.

[from AdFreak]
If the U.S. government finds itself in need of some seriously awesome swine-flu-vaccine PSAs, they can just re-air these old fear-mongering spots made during the last big scare in 1976. They've got it all: frightening, echoey sound effects; hammy acting; cavalier attitudes followed by feverish hospital visits. In the second ad, there's even a casually mentioned old-person death. We won't get PSAs that are half as good this year. We will get lots of new-media communications, though. You can start off with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's swine-flu video podcast.
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Vampire Weekend Songs & Videos


I'm sure you have heard more than one of these songs recently. In the last year it seems the band Vampire Weekend have been everywhere. From being featured in movies such as Step Brothers and I Love You, Man their debut album has been widely well received. Check them out.A-PunkOxford CommaBrynCape Cod Kwassa KwassaMansard RoofCampusM79[...]

MMA Live Recaps UFC 97 and Discusses Chuck Liddell's Pending Retirement


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Susan Boyle Can Sing


So I took a break from blogging for a while. During my absence I missed the unlikely singing sensation Susan Boyle. So to make sure I keep my loyal fans accurately informed of all the popular videos on the internet, here you go!

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Pinback - Fortress Music Video


This post is credited to Pandora and their iPhone app. Was walking home and this song came on and after hearing it a bunch of places before, I was finally able to see what it's called and who it's by.

Anyway, really cool song and the video is pretty interesting too!

Pinback - Fortress
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Tony Hawk's Twitter Treasure Hunt


I've been following Tony Hawk on Twitter for a while now and I've definitely taken notice of his skateboard treasure hunts. Pretty similar to what Shaq was doing with giving away free tickets to Suns games by Tweeting his location.

Check out the CNN iReport video of Tony explaining the giveaways.

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Trailer for new Mike Judge film, Extract


Saw this trailer on WWTDD, it's for Extract which is a new film by Mike Judge. The movie stars Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck and Kristen Wiig.

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Dance Moves that Rock


Look at this little guy go....breaking it down to Wait by the Ying Yang Twins.

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The Lonely Island - Like a Boss Music Video


The Lonely Island boys have a new single and music video from their album INCREDIBAD. I feel that this is pretty fitting for all of us stuck in an office setting on this Monday morning. I mean who likes to enjoy the beautiful sunshine when you can stare at a computer screen and cubicle walls all day. YAY!

The Lonely Island - Like a Boss
(Language warning...throw on the headphones if you are at work)
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Apple Closing in on it's 1 Billionth App Download


Yesterday Apple announced that it was closing in on its whopping 1 Billionth application download from the App Store, which now features over 25,000 apps built by thousands of developers. In honor of the milestone, Apple has also posted an updated version of the store’s most popular apps ever (iTunes link) - something they’ve done only once before, at the end of 2008. The list includes such popular mainstays as Facebook, Koi Pond, and Shazam, allowing the millions of new iPhone owners to discover favorites of months gone by. It’s a shame this list will probably be shortlived.

This isn’t an accident. One attribute that has helped the App Store reach its upcoming billion download milestone so quickly is the fact that its featured App Lists are constantly churning - even the most popular applications probably won’t be on the top lists a few weeks down the line. This ensures that users who pop into the store will always have some new, quality apps to try out, boosting downloads and giving new applications a chance to shine.

Eminem has a new music video...and Bill O'Reilly doesn't like it


Eminem has a new single for his new album Relapse. The song, We Made You, also has a music video. No surprise here that it's directed by the same guy who made Without Me but anyway, my thoughts are ehhhhhhh.

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We Made You - Eminem

Bill O'Reilly's thoughts

Just Me, Myself and LINKS


  • World Football Challenge - the hottest ticket this summer, teams include Club America, Chelsea FC, Inter Milan and AC Milan

World of Red Bull Ads


Go check out what Lou's got to say about the World of Red Bull ads over at AD v e r t i s e Me

...Red Bull does do some pretty cool events/contests though, such as the Red Bull BCOne where they stage 16 of the best dancers in the world against each other. Featured below is Ronnie Abaldonado who was the runner up four years in a row until 2007 when he finally became BC ONE Champion. Also showcased in the recent RB TV ads is Robbie Maddison, a 27 year old Freestyle Motocross Champion who also has a World Record for jumping across a football field of approximately 322 feet during the Red Bull New Year No-Limits event. The last 3 of 3 Red Bull TV ads introduces Ian Walsh and it broadcasts him bombing a wave that's at least 70 feet high. You can find out more about him on the section Red Bull Surfing.

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Uhh Ohh the Bruno Trailer is Out


Building on the hilariousness and certainly the offensiveness of Borat, the trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie Bruno is out.
(Here is your everything warning...definitely NSFW)
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Goal of the Year Already?


German media have already decided that Grafite’s brilliant 77th-minute solo goal in Wolfsburg’s 5-1 win over Bayern Munich on Saturday is the goal of the year.

He somehow managed to elude five Bayern players before scoring with a cheeky backheel.

It may seem a bit early to be choosing the “Tor des Jahres” with nine months left in 2009 but even the normally reserved public TV broadcast “Das Aktuelle Sportstudio” proclaimed it “the most spectacular goal in Bundesliga history”.

The electrifying goal has featured in German newscasts all weekend.

Grafite’s goal, coming two days after his 30th birthday, also served as a fitting metaphor for the season as it helped Wolfsburg jump to the top of the Bundesliga in front of Hamburg SV, Hertha Berlin and Bayern.

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IFH Mondays


This is for anyone out there with a "case of the Mondays."

(Language Warning)
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Extreme Sheep LED Art


The Viral Factory in London created this viral video for Samsung. Check it out, pretty amazing stuff.

Video info:
We took to the hills of Wales armed to the teeth with sheep, LEDs and a camera, to create a huge amazing LED display. Of sorts. For more info search for samsung LED TV or visit

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If you are worried about Conficker


(image) I guess since they profiled the Conficker worm on 60 Minutes people have really gotten worried about it. There was a lot of speculation that on April Fool's Day the worm would activate and cause havoc on the internet. That of course didn't happen. If you are worried about the Conficker worm or think you might be infected check some of the links below: