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Hermione's Heart

A mature woman's sensitive, often humorous, and always unique perspective on consensual erotic spanking.

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Friday FAIL


You all read those laundry care labels before washing a new item of clothing, right? What? You don't? Well, I must admit that I don't either. That is, I didn't until I came across these labels that had instructions I wasn't expecting.


Enjoy your Friday!
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Complete the Caption


We may be having a prolonged winter here in the Great White North, but it's springtime in Hilda's world and she's celebrating. What will be the climax to the festivities?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your spring solstice messages on Saturday.
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From the Top Shelf - Privatised Punishment, part 2


Before you read the second half of "Privatised Punishment" by Tim Starfield, I must warn you that if you thought part one was over the top, part two is off the chart. There is a happy ending, though, once you and Caroline have endured eighteen strokes.The next morning, she was awakened by an invisible alarm bell, and a familiar adenoidal voice stating over and over, "Get up please, Room 36, it's nine thirty." Can't see a loudspeaker, thought Caroline fuzzily, perhaps that's whats behind the panels of darkened glass? A sudden pressing urgency sent Caroline to the toilet where the promised 'Mother of all bowel movements' came and went without too much distress. Nurse Dawson arrived. She gave Caroline two more tablets. "Glucose and vitamins, to keep your strength up. Sorry you're not allowed a tot of rum," and led her out of her cell, along yet more identical corridors (the place is a rabbit warren, thought Caroline) to a shower room.She was made to stand in the shower cubicles for a full twenty minutes while a high-pressure jet of water that was almost too hot to bear gushed all over her."Softens the skin," explained Nurse Dawson. When the shower was switched off, Caroline expected to be handed a towel, but, instead, she was given a small scrap of flimsy scarlet material."Put this on, please," said Nurse Dawson.It was an armless, backless, high-cut leotard in filmy fishnet. Caroline got it on with considerable difficulty over her wet skin. It fitted her very tightly, clinging to the contours of her body like a second skin and, being fishnet, she might as well have been naked. I don't know if this is better or worse than those bloody shorts, thought Caroline. Her wet hair hung limply down over her shoulders."Shoes, please," said Nurse Dawson, handing her a pair."God, I can't wear these!" wailed Caroline. They were patent leather stilettos in matching scarlet. The spiky heels were at least six inches high."Nonsense. They're regulation. Do wonders for your posture. Now come on and don't argue!"Caroline had to be helped into the shoes one at a time. Then Nurse Dawson bent down and did up a strap at the ankle of each shoe. Once the strap was tight, Caroline could no longer kick off the shoes, and so she teetered on them, clutching Nurse Dawson for support. With Nurse Dawson leading the way and a wet, uncomfortable Caroline, half bent double, clinging to her, hobbling behind, they travelled slowly along a new, unfamiliar corridor.They came, eventually, to a long low room, about twenty by thirty feet, lit by dull blue fluorescent lights. Down the centre of the room, at about six foot intervals, stood three perspex columns, each about eighteen inches square, and reaching to the ceiling. Caroline realised they were hollow only when Nurse Dawson unlocked a door in the side of the centre column."In you go," she said. "Put your hands on your head first. Home Office rules state that you have to stand where you can be clearly seen. Well, we've obeyed that because anyone could see you if they wanted to. But they don't have to see you, because we know you're there and you're not going to move are you?"Caroline stepped into the see-through tube with her hands above her head. Nurse Dawson shut and locked the door. Now Caroline could not even turn round, let alone sit down. She began to panic."Now, don't worry," said Nurse Dawson soothingly. "You've got air-holes. And we've got you on close-circuit monitor in case anything goes wrong. But it won't. Just enjoy yourself. You've got two hours. According to the Government, this is when you should be bitterly reflecting on your crime. But if I were you, I'd let my mind go blank, imagine I'm on a beach somewhere, and just relax."Relax? If you were me, thought Caroline, you'd be quaking and shaking just like I am. Especially in these bloody girlie-mag shoes. The muscles in her calves, thighs and buttocks were stretched taut.But Nurse Dawson was gone. Suddenly Caroline realised she was not alone in her plight. Out of the corner of her eye she co[...]

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 18


Do you have a safeword, and do you use it?Dan: We do not, unless "ouch, ouch, please stop" counts. And it definitely does not count if "safe" means she stops. Roz: We did (do) have a safe word, though it's very rarely been used.abby: I do have a safe word...Master insisted the first time he spanked me. It has not been used, but I have asked to have a spanking stopped because of a cramp or discomfort from the position.Amy: We have a safe word but I've never used it. We did it because I like the play of fighting a punishment "No stop... etc." but Eric wanted to be sure he knew when I was serious and needed him to stop.Pete: We began by having a safe word, but I have never used it. The only reason i can recall what it was is that we used her Dad's first name as my safe word. In truth the heat of her dominance at that time is what gets me aroused most.Bernie: We have a safe word, but never have used it. I feel that putting myself in her control means doing that totally. I have gotten close, but am happy I did not; the encounters were much more memorable and meaningful.Anon 1: When we started, I insisted she have a safe word. In the beginning, she used it a number of times (more out of nervousness). In the last 10 years or so, I only remember her using it once (and of course I immediately stopped). Unlike most bloggers, we don't do DD. just because it turns us on (funishment and playful/erotic).Yorkie: I've never had a safe word and I don't need one. All my spankings are fun/erotic. She gives me sets of 10 at a time. I tell her when to start I tell her when to stop. Simples.Simon: I don't have a safe word when I'm on the receiving end as I only play with people who I know will stop if I appear to be distressed. If I'm giving the spanking and the recipient likes to have a safe word that's fine although I like to think that I would know if they were at their limit or wanted to stop for any reason.Anon 2: Safe word, my wife will just laugh at that. Dating she knew a spanking would do me good and it took some time and agreed, spankings have been effective. The only word I use and my wife will allow during a spanking is “Mommy” when she has to spank me I’m no longer her husband, but a naughty little boy and she is no longer the wife but the Mommy. So trust me I use Mommy a lot during the spanking.Ronnie: Yes we have a safe word and I've used it once.Lea: I have one, but I have never once used it.A.J.: Never used one with my spanking partners over the years, mostly because it is isn't needed because we only spank for the sexy fun of it and not 'punishments'. All one of us had to do if it went overboard was to say "Stop!" and get off the lap. We did/do the color thing, too, and that worked very well.But what I most loved to hear was her going, "Ummmmmm, yeah. Harder. More...!" And being a gentleman....!KDPierre: We had one starting out, but never had to use it. Now we just say what the problem is if there is one. ( spontaneous nosebleed, back spasm, etc. ) They are not a bad idea, but a lot depends on the couple and the situation. I would certainly insist on one if it was scene playing with 'strangers'.Katie: Hi Hermione, :) Yes, I have a safe word. I think that I used it once when I got a cramp in my leg, during a spanking. I trust Rob to no end, still it is always good to have an agreed on word that gives pause to spanking, should something come up.Hermione: We don't have one, and have never felt the need for one. Ron can tell by the sound of my "Ow!" whether it's just a natural reaction or an actual protest that it hurts too much, and he will adjust accordingly. I've never been in a situation where I felt I needed it to stop. If I ever played with someone else, I would definitely arrange for a safeword.That was a wonderful response to our topic of the week! Do come back again for another discussion. [...]

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #219


Welcome to the St. Patrick's Day spanko brunch. St. Patrick is famous for driving the snakes out of Ireland, but since I couldn't find any good snake recipes, you will have to make do with cupcakes.

I can't believe we have never discussed this topic, but somehow, I didn't think of it before.

Do you have a safeword? If so, do you use it often, seldom, or never? If not, have you ever considered having one?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.
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You Finished this Sentence


I hope nobody knows...

KDPierre: ...the things I won't say here, because if I did...... they would.

Anon: ...that I masturbate when the wife is not in the mood. Wait till she has gone shopping and hope it is a long list to get.

lurker48: addicted I am to spanking blogs.

Hermione: ...that I often think about spanking during boring meetings.

Thank you for sharing your secrets here. For more secretive fun, stick around for brunch, coming up next.
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Friday FAIL


Let's go shopping at IKEA today. Try not to get lost!

Maybe Walmart is a better choice, ya think?
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Finish this Sentence


We have all been naughty from time to time, and while some of our misdeeds eventually found out, others may go undetected. What have you done that you fervently hope nobody will ever discover?

I hope nobody knows...

Finish this sentence by leaving a comment below, and I will publish your submissions for all the world to read on Saturday.
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From the Top Shelf - Privatised Punishment, part 1


Here is a rather tongue-in-cheek short story—a political satire as much as a very tasty spanking tale—by Tim Starfield, published in Februs back in 1995. You might think it's a bit extreme, but then, it's the product of a spanking writer's imagination. I say 'short' story but it's long enough to be split in two. Anyway, enjoy part one."WHAAAAAT?"For the first time in her twenty seven years Caroline Devereaux felt what it must be like to be on the verge of fainting in public. She had always felt a certain scorn for those heroines of Victorian novels who swooned clean away at the slightest provocation. But here she was, her head spinning and throbbing, her legs turning to jelly. A searing wave of heat was fighting its way up her body, battling against the massed ranks of icy infantry tramping down her back and stomping their frozen hobnail boots into her spine. Her ears were rushing with the sound of a dozen oceans, her mouth seemed to be full of cotton wool, but still she could hear herself shrieking:"You can't be serious! I don't believe this!"Mr. Stephens, the magistrate, was a kindly man, fair-minded enough to ignore this unseemly outburst in his otherwise well-ordered courtroom. Re-settling his glasses on the end of his nose, which he fancied (quite rightly) gave him an air of some distinction, he waited patiently for the onslaught to subside. Then he coughed."Mrs. Devereaux, I am perfectly serious. You have pleaded guilty to a very serious contravention of the Road Traffic Act 1997, paragraph forty seven, sub section one thousand and nine, to wit, the parking illegally of a motor vehicle on a stretch of the public highway designated banned for that purpose by the indication of a double yellow line. I have no option. I repeat, the sentence of this court is that you pay a fine of thirty six thousand pounds. Or you accept the alternative punishment of eighteen strokes of the cane. There, there now, please don't cry. The case is now concluded. See the clerk outside the court please, my dear, he'll sort out the paperwork for you. And - look here - take my hanky."Outside the courtroom, a tight-lipped, white faced Caroline, incandescent with rage, was confronting her solicitor."Now look here, Michael, you told me to plead guilty.""I thought it best, Mrs. Devereaux. After all, you were parked illegally, you told me so yourself, and anyway the video cameras don't often lie.""Y-yes but-""I must confess, I expected him to be more lenient for a first offence. But he's quite within the law."Caroline was even more angry with her lawyer for taking the whole thing so calmly."But can't you DO something? Can't we appeal?""I would advise strongly against an appeal, Mrs. Devereaux. Strictly speaking, there are no grounds, no new evidence, unless you changed your plea. But in that case the Attorney-General would be more than likely to declare the appeal frivolous, and then he's quite within his rights to double the sentence. I don't have to remind you, that would mean a £72K fine, or a thirty six stroke caning which, as you know, has to be carried out in public when the award is that high.""It doesn't matter how much they fine me. I just can't pay it. Robert and I just don't have that sort of money.""No, of course not. Nobody ever pays the fine, that's one of the beauties of the system and why the tariff is set so high....But I really couldn't advise you to appeal. I'd hate to see you spending a wet weekend completely naked and locked in the pillory on Market Square."Oh really? thought Caroline, her eyes narrowing. Then why does something in your expression suggest you'd enjoy nothing better? Bloody slimeball!"Really," he was saying. "A public flogging is not a pretty sight these days. Now I'll just have a few words with the clerk of the court and arrange the whole thing for you. We just pack you off to a private clin[...]

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 11


We discussed the current state of Domestic Discipline, and here's what you said.Dan: Hi Hermione. As you know, I've been running a Domestic Discipline related blog for four or five years. Mine is pretty narrowly focused on Domestic Discipline, as opposed to a broader spanking theme, and it's also focused on F/m relationships. So, it's focus is on spanking as adult discipline and on relationships where it is the men who spanked. Hence, it's kind of a niche within a niche. I can't really say whether overall interest in DD has gone down, but I don't have any reason to think it is going up. The stats for my blog visitors have stayed fairly steady, but I think it is hard to extrapolate anything from blog traffic, because I think any blog that focuses on one particular topic probably gets a little tired after a while.I do think that blogging in general could be cooling off, but probably due to over-exposure. The same thing seems to be happening with Facebook and other on-line communication platforms. And, maybe that's a good thing. It probably wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if people focused a little more on real relationships and personal experiences. Amy: When Eric and I first started exploring this lifestyle, we looked at various D/D relationships. We followed Clint and Chelsea a lot but then decided to go a more personalized ttwd route. As for C and C, I believe they quit blogging so much because their relationship became a full blown business - with a website, classes, books, retreats, etc.KDPierre: Wow, boy did you hit on a subject whose tremors rumble close to home. Blogging is a subset of general discourse. Intelligent discourse is......well, you tell me: when is the last time you enjoyed that rare treat?Every day I feel like fewer and fewer people have any interest in pursuing anything beyond the most mundane. Ugh. I could go on for hours on this. Pose a question like: 'do you think a Top should take you over their lap for something that has not been expressly forbidden in one's rules?' and get answers like: 'oh, I have a bad back, so we don't do OTK.'And DD? LOL. What do you have there? The people who practice DD are a mere microcosm of the population in general.....and not merely mere, but very selectively and exceedingly mere. Whenever I have an opportunity to discuss real DD with real DD people, I have found so much common ground, despite the differences in what our backgrounds and beliefs are, and you would think that would mean something. But to some it does.....and to others it apparently doesn't. I treasure those few loyal readers who regularly or semi-regularly contribute opinions and experiences.......because they are rare commodities. And they are becoming rarer.And when you find those rare people who seem articulate enough to share significant DD information, you still find that only a very small number are willing to make the effort to maintain interaction beyond a certain point. Most just want a quick fix, or a temporary one. Few are willing to make the effort to sustain discourse beyond the most banal and trivial. So the best thing at this point is to do one's best to cultivate those who make the attempt to interact intelligently and thoughtfully. And even then, people seem to just suddenly fall off the face of the internet with no explanation.The other thing is that if you stay "on topic" to Dan's point, eventually you just run out of new things to discuss. And if you dare to digress to other topics, you risk alienating certain readers whose views don't coincide with one's own. Another problem is the sheer number of 'wannabes' out there reading these blogs. How do you expect to get interaction from someone who doesn't live the lifestyle but only wishes they could? Not that I'm not sympathetic..[...]

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #218


Welcome back, dear friends, to our ever-popular weekend spanko brunch. It's always good to see you. Take a seat (if you can) and enjoy some refreshments.

At one time there was a large number of blogs devoted solely to Domestic Discipline. A small number of these blogs were written by self-styled experts who had many followers who, in turn, maintained their own DD blogs. But the enthusiasm seems to have faded in recent times.

Has general interest in domestic discipline waned? Are people turning away from it? Or is it the enthusiasm for blogging that has diminished? Is there still a DD community out there? If so, are you part of it? If not, have you tried DD and found it not to work in your relationship?

I will be interested in hearing your opinion on this subject. Please leave your response as a comment, and remember, there are no right or wrong answers. You won't be judged on what you say, and you may remain anonymous if you wish. Everyone's opinion is relevant here. I will publish a summary of our discussion after everyone has had a chance to speak.

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You Completed the Caption


KDPierre: "There was some leather left over when they upholstered the bar, but instead of covering the stools, I made this dress since I figured it would be more fun if you came over and sat on ME. >purrrrrrrr<"Anon 1: This is the last time I'm going to wear this outfit to a spanking party. I thought when I accepted the invitation to be a designated spankee it would be a good idea to wear something that made me look like a domme so it would scare off some of the men and I could be more discerning about who I played with, but it seems that every man who walks in here has a fantasy about dominating a domme and thinks my pouty look and coochie mama dress are an open invitation to bend me over and warm my fanny. I mean, I love a good spanking as much as the next gal, but my bottom's so sore I can barely sit down already, and ... damn it, a new guy just walked in ... he's talking to the hostess ... now he's looking in my direction ... now he's headed my way ... and oh, shit, he just picked up a hairbrush off the implement table ... well, here I go again.Amy: If you could only read my mind..."Trying to look sexy, suck it in, can't breathe and pray I don't have to pee anytime soon. Smile. Yes, I have his attention. Hurry up, man. Can't hold this pose much longer!"Ronnie: The new member of the leather fetish club hadn't quite got the hang of looking relaxed.Anon 2: Look at them, staring at me. I know what they’re thinking … that I should be embarrassed by my bratty behavior and humiliated that my boyfriend just spanked me like a naught little girl. They’re all wondering what I’m going to do next. They heard me fighting with him, I mean, how could they not. They heard him tell me I look like a trollop in this dress and that he’s tired of me acting like a trollop when we’re out. They saw me slap his face. They saw him throw me over his shoulder and carry me upstairs. They saw him smack my ass and tell me I’d had this coming for a long time. They saw me struggle and protest only to have him smack me again and tell me that if I didn’t settle down he’d be happy to spank me in front of everyone. They saw him carry me into that bedroom and slam the door. Yeah, they all knew what was happening up there … heard every resounding smack and squeal … pictured me draped helplessly over his knee, my dress up, my panties down, my ample posterior framed by my garters and stockings. They imagined me kicking and squirming as he pinned me down and landed one hard swat after another on my bouncing bottom. They enjoyed every second … listening to him paddling the living daylights out of his bitchy girlfriend. And when it was over, they heard him tell me that I’d better be on my best behavior for the rest of the evening … or else. I saw them staring at me when we came back down … they couldn’t take their eyes off my jiggling butt cheeks when I walked into the room. I know they’re all hoping I misbehave and give my boyfriend a reason to spank me again … this time in front of them. So, I’m just going to sit here quietly, hold my head high and prove to everyone that my dignity is still intact … even though my ego is as bruised as my throbbing backside, which my boyfriend has forbidden me to rub. I’m not going to give them the satisfaction of seeing my shame … or seeing me wince as I ease onto this stool despite the fact that my bottom is still on fire thanks to the heat it’s generating by being encased in this tight leather dress. Nope, I’m going to act like a proper lady … I’m not going to pout … I’m just going to slide right up here and … sheeeeeeeeeesh, that really, really smarts … damn it, I’d forgotten how hard that man spanks … owwwwwww, [...]

Friday FAIL


I feel like enjoying a large helping of irony today.

I guess that's life!

Before you leave for the day, please Complete the Caption. You'll be glad you did!
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Complete the Caption


Is this sultry woman waiting for someone? If so, what are her plans when her companion arrives? You be the judge.

Leave a caption for this photo in the comments section below, and I will publish all submissions on Saturday. Let you imagination run wild!
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From the Top Shelf - Your Sins Will Find You Out


Today we celebrate my blog's 10th birthday, as well as my nnth birthday. (Nope, not telling you how old I am!) In honor of the occasion, I have a very special treat for you. It's one of the late Alex Birch's own stories. He wrote a great many of them for his blog, A Taste of the Birch, and they were all done in a special way. He would take a series of pictures from Janus, Februs, or other spanking magazine, then write dialogue to go along with them. I was able to save much of his blog before it was deleted, but most of the pictures were not available, so I'm afraid you will have to use your imagination. That won't be hard to do because Alex had quite a way with words. Your Sins Will Find You Out(I don't think I can do this! Why does Martin's ex-wife want to see me? Jesus, she scares the pants off me! No wonder they split up! But I have to do it. What did she mean on the phone by 'You better get your miserable arse round here or else you can forget the wedding!' What has she heard? Oh Christ! Take a deep breath, Tracy...there ..done it! Oh God now what?)"H-H-hello, Camilla, it-it's so n -""You can forget the false bonhomie, you miserable little bitch...or do I have to translate that for you? I'm sure you know why you're here?""No-I-I- have no -""Well think back two weeks to your office party. You know - the one Martin couldn't attend because he was working away? Remember the Sales Manager, Cliff Jordan? I'm sure you do, Tracy!"(Oh Christ, I'm going to wet myself. How the hell does she know about THAT?")"I -I don't know what you're talking ab-""Don't lie to me, you little cow! It's written all over your face . You're as guilty as hell. I knew as soon as Martin introduced you to me that your brains were in your pussy. Can't keep your knickers on or your legs closed!""You've got no right to -""Oh I've got EVERY right! We might be divorced but I still love that bloody fool in a sort of way - and I don't want him destroyed by some little airhead who drops her knickers as soon as a man looks at her!""I-I didn't- I-I (stammers helplessly) - you've got no proof of anything!""Oh but I have, you stupid little tart! What do you call this, eh? (Triumphantly flourishes a letter)(Oh God I AM going to wet myself)"It makes very enlightening reading, Tracy. Let me read you a section. 'Oh Tracy, I can't wait until the next time we can spend time together. The feel of your body, the touch of your warm nipples. And they are so sensitive, my darling, I....""STOP IT...STOP IT! " (sobbing) "Where the hell did you get that?"(Grinning) "Remember the office cleaner in the blue overalls who came in to 'tidy up' your office last week, Tracy? Well he was a private detective paid for by me. It didn't take him long to pick the lock on your desk. You really shouldn't keep such juicy stuff lying around, my girl!"(Weeping in self pity) "Oh God, please Camilla don't tell Martin. It was just a one off. I'd had a bit to drink and I was missing Martin and I was lonely and -""Yeah, yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda, yadda - there's no excuse for cheating on a good man and you know it, you little cow - but I'll be kind to you.""See screwed up and ready to be thrown away instead of being sent to Martin. Now aren't I the generous one?"(Stunned) "Oh thank you, Camilla, thank won't regret....""Oh you BET I won't! Because in exchange for my generosity, you are going to accept my punishment. For some stupid reason, because he's weak and can't see past the obvious, Martin is deeply in love with you. Damned if I can see why! But I'm not going to ruin his delusions. So therefore I'm going to take you in hand myself, Tracy. You know rather like Professor Higgins and Eliza..except my form of trai[...]

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 4


Who chooses the position for a spanking?

Lea: Its 99% of the time chosen by my Sir. He typically just throws me over his knee or onto the bed. Or swats at me while I'm standing. I don't think I've really ever asked for a spanking, and presented myself in a position of my choice.

Sir Wendel: Whoever is giving the spankings chooses the position.

Ricky: Well, you've done it again, haven't you?

How can anyone make a decision when first having to figure out what flavor to have first? (When some of us would like to have all three.) I guess it's a variation of having your ice creams and eating them, too.

Err, what was that you asked?

Roz: On yum, ice cream!:) Rick usually always chooses the position. I don't think it's ever been debated or discussed from memory.

Ronnie: P always chooses the position and I don't think P's ever asked me what position I'd prefer.

Hermione: In the early days Ron would choose, then later I wanted to be creative and explore different positions. Lately, though, we have both agreed on the position that suits us both. I am bent over the end of the bed, with plenty of room beside me for the array of implements that Ron likes to have handy.

Yorkie: It's always over my wife's lap while she sits on the bed, up against the bed head propped up by pillows. Typically we are both naked as sexy time usually follows kinky time.

I think we both arrived at this position from the very start of TTWD as it's most comfortable for her.

Thank you all for sharing that information. Be sure to come back tomorrow, when I will have a very special story for you from the top shelf (where all the naughty books are kept).
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Spanko Brunch 2.0 #217


Welcome, one and all, to my favourite time of the week, when we friends gather for brunch. There are special treats from the freezer today for you to enjoy while you discuss today's topic.

Who chooses the position for a spanking: you or your partner? Do you always agree? If not, who makes the ultimate decision?

Everyone is encouraged to respond; you may remain anonymous if you wish. Leave your reply as a comment and on Monday I will publish a summary of our conversation.
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You Completed the Caption


Anon 1: Oh, great. How am I going to get my caption to Hermione now?

Anon 2: So that's why the new paddle I ordered hasn't been delivered.

KDPierre: Upon opening her mailbox, Hilda realized why her mailman had just delivered her letters by tucking them in her exposed buttcrack.

Sir Wendel: Waiting for her love to deliver a good spanking.

js666: Hilda's father told her that if she was late paying any more bills, he would spank her bottom so hard she wouldn't sit down for a week. Now what?

Hermione: When I ordered a feather tickler, this isn't what I was expecting!

Don't go away! There's more fun coming up next at our first brunch for March.
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Friday FAIL


What's the answer? Do I have buns of steel? Does Ron not know his own strength? Or do they just not make rattan the way they used to?

Let me explain. Last week Ron delivered a vigorous paddling with a carpet beater I bought from Cane-iac.

At the end, he examined the implement and said, "It's broken." Sure enough, the rattan had cracked and broken right in the middle. Now, this isn't the first time it has happened, and it isn't our first carpet beater. Our previous one broke in the same place, and I replaced it with a duplicate. I also bought the delrin version.

This beater wouldn't break under any circumstances, and I do not welcome its attention to my bottom at all! In fact, I keep it hidden behind other, less severe paddles.

In order to make the rattan beater operative once more, I got out my craft glue, applied it to the broken ends and the surrounding area, and held it in place for about 15 minutes until the glue dried. It looks pretty good now, and I think with a bit of transparent packing tape over the damaged area, it will hold.

Unless, that is, I really do have buns of steel!

(Both photos from Cane-iac.)
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Complete the Caption


Hilda doesn't have an internet connection in the rural area where she lives, so she must rely on postal carriers and newspaper delivery. But sometimes her snail mail system goes down too.

Leave a caption in the comments section below, and I will publish all your submissions on Saturday.
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From the Top Shelf - Gloria Denham, part 2


Last week we met Todd, the tennis pro at an exclusive club. His eye for the ladies has landed him in trouble with his boss, but he just couldn't resist the lovely Gloria Denham. Alas, he found himself over her knee instead of in her bed. After his butt had been thoroughly reddened, Todd heard a visitor enter the suite; it was someone he recognized.That voice. That voice. He knew that voice.“Take off his blindfold.”When Todd shook his head and blinked his eyes, clearing the blurriness brought on by the tears, he turned and looked. And his knees sagged. It was HER. Valerie Navarro, Rockwell’s Vice President of Human Resources. She stood there in a business suit, her head cocked to one side, looking him up and down. Almost tiny next to Gloria Denham, she nevertheless still exuded authority.“Well, Todd, here we are,” she said. “We baited the lure and you took it – hook, line and sinker. I told you next time there would be consequences. This is a consequence. And we’re not done yet. Oh, no. I’m going to add my two cents worth, and we’ll see how much your job is worth to you.”While she was talking, Gloria went into an adjacent room. When she came back she was flexing a long slender wand. It was yellow and very thin, so flexible she could bend it almost in a circle. “This is an English school cane,” said Valerie Navarro. “They don’t use these so much anymore, but back in the day this was the terror of many an English schoolboy.” She took it from Gloria and whipped it back and forth. It made a sick whine. Todd’s buttocks tightened. She didn’t mean to…to whip him with that? He couldn’t take it. Not on top of the spankings.“The usual measure was six – what they called ‘six of the best’.” She let that sink in. Todd gulped. “But that was for schoolboys. I think for an adult like you, Todd, maybe ten is about right. What do you think? Would you be willing to take ten sizzling licks with this on that shiny red butt of yours to keep your job?” So that was it. He had to take ten strokes with that whippy cane to stay a tennis pro at El Camino.“Up to you, Todd.” She added, “I don’t have all day.”Todd had to think. Sweat beaded up on his forehead as he watched Valerie Navarro whip the cane around with her wrist. It made a sick whining sound.“See Todd, I’m not as big or as strong as Gloria, so I had her sort of ‘prepare the terrain’ for me so to speak. Just so you’ll get the full benefit of every stroke. She says it’s all in the wrist. We’ll see.” She lowered the cane and tapped it against her leg in a gesture of impatience. “Do you want to come to work tomorrow or not?”Todd was sweating and felt sick to his stomach from the cold knot of fear in his gut. This was the cushiest job he’d ever had. Beat the hell out of car sales or telemarketing. Both were hell and he did not want to go back. “Yes,” said Todd. But his knees shook.Valerie Navarro nodded. “All right.” She tapped the back of the couch with the cane. “Over you go. Let’s get that hiney up in the air so I can have a go at it.” She swished the cane through the air, testing its feel.Todd whimpered but bent over. He gripped the couch cushions with his hands.“Gloria, would you please kneel over Todd and hold him down? I don’t want him thrashing around.”“I’d be happy to, Valerie. We can’t have our boy wiggling away.” She knelt on the couch, her thighs almost straddling his neck while she pushed down on his shoulders. He was completely immob[...]

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 25


Which do you prefer: the written word or pictures and videos?abby: My preference is the written word...leaving lots to my imagination and my interpretationAnon 1: Still pictures, I then add my own caption of communication. I find two pictures stimulate me the most, one is of the male naked between two females, one holding a ruler, his bottom red, there other younger in the kitchen. I always think of the male caught masturbating in the bathroom, the mother-in-law catches him and uses the ruler to spank him, then take him to the kitchen to tell his wife what he was doing. The other is the person naked over a older woman's lap, women sitting on the couch watching.Baxter: I find the written word arouses me much more than the still picture. However a well done, erotic still picture can be arousing. can conjure arousal also. What I am getting at is that all three options can be arousing to different degrees. I enjoy reading stories on and anywhere else I can find them. Anon 2: I have to admit that as a writer, my preference is the written word. There's nothing better than a well written story, be it about spanking or not, to keep me enthralled. I do have to admit that I also love spanking videos, though finding good ones is somewhat of a challenge. My pet peeve with both genres, however, is the fixation on schoolgirls and young women in their 20s and 30s, and the scarcity of stories and movies featuring mature women – women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older – being spanked. The maxim, "a woman is never too old to be spanked," is not reflected in much of what's available. In my opinion, there is nothing more erotic or stimulating than reading about or watching a mature woman draped over a gentleman's lap as he bares and spanks her squirming, ample bottom, all the while ignoring her protests that she's too old to be treated in such a manner.Ripley: I prefer reading stories. As Abby said, this allows me to use my imagination and interpretation.Sir Wendel: The misses prefers reading and using her imagination. I enjoy both written and visual. I like to imagine the scene I am reading and also create my own comments from the pictures.Ricky: I'm sorry, I just can't get past those two pieces of well buttered toast; they look good enough to eat. I know, I know, they're symbols, right? Now, if I could only figure out what they mean. Hmm....Err, could you give me a hint? Ricky, there is a subliminal image of a well-spanked bum somewhere in the picture.Not!Roz: I prefer reading, as some of the others said,it allows me to use my imagination. Also, there is often more build up and scene setting with the written word than with pictures.Ronnie: I like both but the written word more. As others have said, it allows me to use my imagination and interpretation.Bogey: I prefer illustrated stories. I abhor non-consensual spanking stories, even ones that are very well-crafted.Anon 3: A picture speaks a thousand words, can be interrupted many ways. Single male, early 20's, desire to be spanked, and yet very careful in letting it be known. Have had some bad experiences. I find the old woman giving the spanking to a younger man I can think of so many ways to tell the story. It is when the picture and for no other way to put it, so sorry in advance, I get a hard on. I find myself looking at the picture, and sitting on the toilet, stroking away. I just wish one day I find a woman who understands.Anon 4: Let your [...]

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #216


Welcome back, dear friends. I am always pleased to see how many readers drop by for brunch on the  weekend. It is your enthusiastic participation that keeps me serving up a delicious dish seasoned with spicy conversation each week.

Last week I published the last chapter of a very well-crafted spanking novel. I publish  a spanking story each week, and as you may have guessed, I am fond of the written word. But not everyone enjoys reading stories. As evidenced by the large number of Tumblr blogs around these days, many people enjoy graphic depictions of spanking. So how about you? Which do you prefer?

Is the written word your go-to medium for erotic spanking? Or do you find that watching spanking videos is more stimulating?

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to speak.
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You Completed the Caption


Yorkie: Day time. NIGHT TIME! Day time. NIGHT TIME!Amy: "Oh Darling, It's been a bit of a gray day. Why not redden my ass and put some color back in our lives?"Katie: When he told her that she could have a good girl spanking for every single thing that she could match up with the girl in the print, she went right for the challenge!Leigh: She wanted to see red.Anon 1:Woman: Look, honey, I look just like the girl in the cartoon.Man: Well, not quite. You’re missing just one thing.Woman: What’s that?Man: The sore, red bottom she’s reaching back to rub.Woman: But you don’t know for sure that she’s just been spanked.Man: No, but I know for sure that you’re about to be! Anon 2: Remember how you said that if I ever dressed like that pinup model in the cartoon you'd spank me? Well ...?Anon 3: I thought that if I looked and acted like a naughty '50s wife you might put me over your knee and spank me the way this naughty wife's husband would have done.Dr. Ken: She: "See? Right there? When you hugged me, the car keys in your pocket actually caused a bruise. I even made a drawing of it to illustrate it. See? See the comparison? It's there. Right there! It's....why are you picking up that hairbrush?"Sir Wendel: I hope this new look animates me a spanking.Ronnie: I wonder if he'd spank me if I dressed like either of these pin-ups girls.Baxter: Stop watching the Olympics and give me a spanking and then we will have our own Olympics afterwordsAnon 4:Wife: How do you like my outfit? Do you think I look like the woman in the cartoon Phil sent out with the party invitation? I feel so … so deliciously mischievous dressed like this. I hope Phil doesn’t think i’m going to pose like this at the party with my dress flipped up and my garters, stockings and these skimpy little panties you bought me on full display.Husband (taking his wife in his arms and giving her several loving pats on her bottom): First of all, you look great … very much like a naughty little ’50s wife. And secondly, no, neither you, nor any of the other ladies, will be made to pose like “that” at the party. Now there are a few husband/wife activities that will require us to assume certain positions in order to get the most out of them, but believe me, the only person who’s going to be flipping up your dress to expose your garters, stockings and frilly little panties, is me.Wife: I’m so glad you guys decided to throw this Old Fashion ’50s party. Here us gals thought you might be upset with us after we pulled that little prank to win our bet, but you guys have been such good sports. And I think this party is such a great way to put all that behind us and have some good, old fashion fun.Husband (fondling her bottom): Oh, yes, “behind” is definitely what we’re aiming for, and I do hope the old fashion activities we have planned will make a good and lasting impression on you ladies.Wife: Is there going to be dancing?Husband (patting her bottom): I think it’s safe to say that I’m going to make sure you kick up your heels and do quite a bit of dancing. As a matter of fact, once we get started, I seriously doubt you’ll want to sit down.Wife: Oh, I can’t wait to see how all the other wives are dressed and get started on the fun.Husband (Pushing her away and reaching for the dresser): Well, in that case, we need to go or we’ll be late. Here, don’t forget to take your hairbrush.Wif[...]

Friday FAIL


Ron sent me these advertisements from the "good old days" and I just have to share them with you.

Those were the days, all right!
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