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The teacher is a psosefrional young man in his mid 20s. He has wanted to be an educator for his entire life and loves his job and enjoys helping his students. One of his students is an attractive young woman that seems to have taken a liking for her teacher. The teacher is not impervious to her charms but realizes how inappropriate it would be to pursue anything romantic. The student is seventeen years old and one of the teacher's better students. They talk frequently and exchange emails the discussions are usually about literature (the subject the teacher teaches is English) but occasionally veer into the personal department. The teacher also occasionally meets with the student outside of class to help her work on an essay she is writing. They meet once or twice a week at a coffee shop. The student and teacher have not (yet) done anything of a sexual nature but they do have physical contact. This contact is mostly things like hugs, playful touching and hand holding. The teacher realizes that having this close of a relationship with a student is not perfect but enjoys spending time with the student and being of assistance. Almost all of the out of school contact is initiated by the student. The student flirts with the teacher frequently the instructor tries his hardest not to flirt back and only smiles and looks away when receiving attention. The teacher is not sure how to proceed as earlier this week the student kissed him on the lips when they were leaving after working on her essay. The teacher told her they shouldn't at first but after a little bit returned her kisses. They kissed outside his car for several minutes before going their separate ways. They have seen one another in class since and been psosefrional but there is a lot of romantic tension between the two. Their emails are becoming more and more personal and romantic in nature and the teacher is losing his resolve to refuse the advances. What should the teacher do in this situation. He cannot go to administration because he has already acted somewhat improperly. The student is not immature or troublesome and would not do anything to reveal the indiscretions. Is it wrong for the teacher to continue the relationship and/or escalate the relationship?ADDITIONAL DETAILS/RESPONSES:The teacher is not confused, behaviorally stunted . This is the first and only incident of such behavior. And it is not as if the teacher is chasing anyone. The teacher has repeatedly turned down the student and not acted on cues/hints. He is not a paedophile pursuing his young students. The teacher has been in numerous relationships with attractive women of his own age. This is not the norm nor is it a romantic relationship. Nothing has gone on physically beyond the one kiss. The young woman is a brilliant student who is nothing like one of Tiger Woods' mistresses. She is a tremendous student and writer who came to the teacher for advice because of their shared passion for writing and literature. She is not a whore looking for attention she is a well raised, articulate, smart young woman. The student cares a lot about the teacher and would never intentionally do anything to harm him. The teacher has not had sexual intercourse or commThe final detail should read: The teacher has not had sexual intercourse or committed any sexual acts of any type with the student. The only thing of a romantic nature is the one kiss. And regardless if anything happened or not the age of consent in the state that the teacher and student reside in is 16.@Tuesday The teacher is not dating the student. No where in the question did it say that and in no way shape or form are the student and teacher dating. They are nothing more than friends. There is perhaps maybe light flirting that is involved in their interaction. The student is not at all the teacher's girlfriend. I honestly have no idea why you would misread the question that much. The coffee shop meetings are not clandestine dates. They are simply for the student to show the teacher any changes she has made to the essay she is[...]