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There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in ~ Leonard Cohen

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Ninotchka (1939)n1ghtwnng

Sun, 11 Mar 2018 03:45:48 +0000

Directed by Ernst Lubitsch Written by Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder and Walter Reisch based on a story by Melchior Lengyel. (number 264) So often with these titles I’m not sure if I’m in for a dreary historical drama, a war … Continue reading

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Darling (1965)n1ghtwnng

Fri, 09 Mar 2018 22:47:47 +0000

Darling Directed by John Schlesinger Written by Frederic Raphael (number 260) I had no idea what this was going in. In actuality it’s a movie about a woman, a model, who’s absolutely determined to get ahead in her career. She … Continue reading

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Guest post: Ideas – The Beauty, Carnage, and Mayhem by Leigh Huntn1ghtwnng

Fri, 02 Mar 2018 06:26:55 +0000

When Jamie asked me to write a wee guest post, I jumped at the chance. Why? Because that particular day I was brainstorming. The ideas were flowing like I was a unicorn farting magical glitter, and I just couldn’t stop … Continue reading

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Avatar (2009)n1ghtwnng

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 22:42:05 +0000

Avatar Directed and written by James Cameron (number 145) I remember when I first saw this movie… there was so much hype around it, so much talk. I managed to avoid spoilers, went to see it at the Reading Courtenay … Continue reading

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Guest post: The Myriad Curse by Dan Rabartsn1ghtwnng

Mon, 05 Feb 2018 23:06:26 +0000

I remember a time, he said, trying to make himself sound older and wiser than he really was, when I’d sit down to write and have no idea where to start or how this fragment of time I had scratched … Continue reading

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Toy Story 2 (1999)n1ghtwnng

Fri, 02 Feb 2018 08:23:07 +0000

Toy Story 2 Directed by John Lasseter, Ash Brannon and Lee Unkrich Written by the above and a bunch more people as well. Gotta love these committees of writers. (number 187) Unlike the first movie which is about dealing with … Continue reading

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Toy Story (1995)n1ghtwnng

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 05:42:07 +0000

Toy Story Directed by John Lasseter Written by John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, Joe Ranft, Joss Whedon, Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow (phew) (number 105) – this review has sat in drafts since 2014 – What the Hell, Joss … Continue reading

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Guest post: Self Publishing 101 by Joanne Dannonn1ghtwnng

Sun, 28 Jan 2018 23:18:46 +0000

I self published my debut novel in late 2015 without much understanding of how self publishing works. Sure there is lots of information on formatting and uploading your book to the online retail channels but the other important stuff, on … Continue reading

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Guest post: Reverse Planning… or Turning Problems into Questions by Andi Buchanann1ghtwnng

Mon, 22 Jan 2018 03:39:43 +0000

I’ve never been a planner. I start with good intentions, with complex spreadsheets or specialist software, with colour coding schemes and books on story structure. I go into the first draft with a clear picture of what I want to … Continue reading

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To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)n1ghtwnng

Fri, 05 Jan 2018 04:24:39 +0000

To Kill a Mockingbird Directed by Robert Mulligan Written by Horton Foote based on the book by Harper Lee (number 188) content warning: the dog dies This is one of those classics which has been weighing on me. I should … Continue reading

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