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Preview: Cornertime for naughty girls

Cornertime for naughty girls

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splendid moments


Some guys think a long spanking is always a good spanking. That is wrong. You do not need to spank a bum for half an hour to make an impression on a naughty girl.

There are certain moments that she will keep in mind:

The anticipation before it all starts:


The awful moment when you know it will happen right now:

(picture from

The pain in her ass:

When the spanking is over and you feel very sorry for yourself and your burning behind:




Three of my favorite pics.
Why are they my favaorites???
...well... maybe... because...they show what spanking is about to me...
Its punishment!
(For my taste)

To be in the power of someone else.
To feel his strength.
It is spontaneous and not composed.
It looks like real punishment.She seems to be helpless and sorry.
She gets a good hiding and not just some friendly taps.
He seems to be angry.

Yes, I like the real stuff! I am into "naughy girl gets punished for naughty things by a man who is strong enough take her and give her what she deserves...."

Rather oldfashioned I'm afraid.

But that is the way I am.

Btw: The woman shown in these pics is from asia. That is why she is so small. She is definetely over 18. For sure!



From time to time drawings interest me more than pics. i don't know why that is so. Maybe I can fancy a lot into some drawings. and to fancy stories about spanking is my world. I love to read spanking stories, but mostly they are not my stories. They to not meet my fantasies. I like good spanking pics. They are good if I can tell myself a story about that pic.
Sigh, maybe I am to difficult. But that's the way I am. Cannot change that.

I love Neprakta, a czech drawer. He made wonderful spanking drawings. Love most of them! He is a famous artist and has done alot of different art. But he must be into spanking himself. It could not be different. Just have a look at two of his masterpieces and you will understand what I write.


"You Should Count Yourself Lucky!
A lot of fathers hardly have any involvement at all with their kids after they're divorced. But no, your mum insisted that I keep my hand in..."

"Don't You Think Its a Bit Much, Papa? light up a cigarette right after giving me a whipping for doing the same thing?"

I have a lot of wonderful neprakta drawings. If you want to see more, just tell me. Make a comment.



I am not into brutality. I do not like torture, cruel spankings, bleeding stripes and all that stuff. Not my taste. I'm into punishment, correction of a naughty girl or woman. A red stinging bottom, a good cry during or after a sound spanking. Embarressment, humiliation, shame... that's okay with me. No bondage, no blood, no black and blue bottoms.
Just a good old fashioned spanking ...that's what makes me going.


Some producers seem to misunderstand spankos. A decline in clicks? Spank harder! Less coustomers? Beat the models black and blue. Nudes spankings sell better. Oral sex and spankings will improve the statistic. Vagina in XXL, anus wide spread... oh, come on!

Tell us a story, give us some imagination, make our fantasy going. That's all we ask for.

Added some pics I like to this entry. Nothing special. Just some nice pics to my taste. But... maybe... I'm to oldfashioned. (sigh)


Isn't she cute? Love that pic!

sore bottom of the week


She is sorry now!


Spankologist (3)


The distance formula:

The distance between your trousers and your bare bottom is equivalant to the feelings of shame and humiliation.

Cornertime pic of the week


Spankologist (2)


Beeing a born spankologist it is not necessary to see a spanking in action or a well bruised bottom after punishment.

There are other indications of a spanking beeing around that can arouse my interest as well:
- ear pulling
- mouthsoaping
- scolding
- humiliation

Spanking world is fantasy world. At least to me.

A red buttock... What a bore!!!A pic with a story to think or imagine about... Great!!!

Well, that's for me. Others may think diferent...




.Beeing a spankologist......I am a born spankologist.What does that mean?I am into spanking as long as I can remember. Beeing fascinated by spanked bottoms for such a long time you become (in the course of time) spankologist.You can feel, smell, taste when a spanking is around. No need to see a bare bottom, no need for spanking instruments in sight. You do not need to hear the sounds of spankings and the cries of a naughty, well punished girl.There is something in the air that makes you know that sooner or later a pale bottom will change his color. If you have that feeling and your anticipation is proofed..well then you are a spankologist.But of course imagination is one thing. Getting to know the truth is better. Much better........[...]

in the corner (II)


...Four more girls standing in the corner.What are their emotions?NervousnessShameAnxietyExcitement(Arousement?)What is the most important emotion while you have to stand in the corner?It depends....Who sent you to the corner? Why do you have to stand there? What have you done? What kind of punishment do you expect to get? For how long do you have to stand there? Is someone else watching? Nobody else? Are you sure? Is it fair? Will it hurt? Will it be for your own good? Will he be good and nice when its over? Will you be kind and nice when it is over? What happened the last time? Will it happen again? How are you going to react? What kind of face do you intend to show him when you are ordered to turn around? Do you intend to pout or will you try a smile? etc etc etc.A lot to think about.Some girls say, cornertime before a spanking is a bore. I think they are wrong. Maybe they do not have enough power of imagination. But that is just my point of view. Do not want to harm anybody.....[...]

in the corner


Just some naughty girls, put in the best place for bad girls: The corner.


There they have a lot of time to reflect about their wrongdoings and to prepare for what will come soon.

(One of my best cornertime pics. It is not professionel, I think. I wonder where, why , when it was taken. Who is the girl and why is she made to stand there? Look at the way she is standing there with her nose in the corner, shoulders shrugged...wonderful...
Turns my fantasy on, very much..sigh!!!!)

A red stinging bottom that will turn them into good and wellbehaved girls for some future time.


(What a beautiful bottom!)

Nothing special


Nothing special to see at this picture?Well, most of the people would think so...But my imagination is going crazy when I look at that pic. A naughty girl in her pyjamas and her mother, talking to dad. What will come next? That brat will get her bottom spanked, thats sure for me.. Why do I see something that others do not see?Because I live in spanking wolrd.Spanking world is a kingdom of fantasy. We all know that. We like to role play and to act. We wear costumes and alias names. We do as if and we think of what would be and of what could have happened.Spanking is in my fantasies. It works with my imagination. The hairy hand of an old man touching the pale bare bottom of a woman is nothing to me. Mix it with school uniform (for example) it makes my fantasies go wild. A woman with her bare arse standing in her sleeping room... I do not want to look at. But add some nice stripes to that picture, some panties around her ankles and a cane on her bed...That makes me going. A man pulling down the panties of ayoung girl. Filth to others. Wow! Owww! for me...No big difference for vanillia people. A great difference for me and others in this crazy spanking world.That is why I like pictures of before and after a spanking. They give me plenty of room to tell myself a perfect spanking story.No need to see the actual beating in thousands of pics. No need to add some artificial color to the bottom.It is in my mind and not in the actual scene.Some producers of spanking scenes do mot understand that, some do. That makes the difference....[...]



Bavaria is not Germany and Germany is not bavaria. The bavarians speak german in Bavaria (well a kind of german) and they belong to the Federal Republic of Germany but they are something special. They have a language of their own (h aha), their own history, their own culture and tradition and a fashion of their own.Most people connect Oktoberfest to Germany, but Oktoberfest is bavarian. We do not have Oktoberfest in Berlin or Hamburg.But some 30, 40 years ago a special bavarian fashion was spread all over germany:The Dirndl and the Lederhose.Most german boys were wearing Lederhosen at that time and a lot of girls were proud to have aDirndl for sunday finest. Sometimes even girls had a Lederhose of their own. It was perfect for playing around. You could hardly ruin a Lederhose.I remember having a red one when I was very young.Why do I write about lederhosen in tis litttle spanking-blog, you may ask.Well, Lederhose and spanking are closely combined in german minds.Ever spanked a leather cladded bottom? Wow, what sound! It echoes through the streets.Ever been spanked in Lederhosen? You would be surprised. It stings!But spanking Lederhosen was refferred in my mind to naughty boys some decades ago.What a surprise when I saw a naughty in Lederhosen getting the spanking of her life.Maggy from spanked at home got a spanking from her boyfriend she will not soon forget whenshe went to oktoberfest.I liked that story very much. Maybe spankers and spankees form other country cannot understand, but for me it is one of the best story they ever published on this excellent spanking page....[...]

black dress


Eine freche Göre bekommt ordentlich den Hintern versohlt.


Ich mag Photos von echten Menschen in echten Situationen. Nichts gegen die professionellen Seiten. Sie produzieren - je nach Firma - teilweise hervorragende Bilder. Aber nichts geht über die Wirklichkeit:

Ein ungezogenes Mädchen, das sich den frisch versohlten Hintern reibt, Strumpfhose und Schlüpfer runter, auf dem Weg in die Ecke, wo sie sicher ihre Sünden bereuen wird. Das ist es... für mich zumindest!

I like pics of real people in real situations. Nothing against pay site pics. They do a good job. At least some of them. But htey are nothing compared to the real thing. For example this pic: A naughty girl rubbing her sore behind, pants and panties down on the way to the corner, where she will regret her sins. That's it... at least for me. Makes my fantasy going....:) Here is another one:




.Have you ever heared about W.O.S.H.???? No, it is not the name of a boy-group or the label of a new shampoo. W.O.S.H. stand for 'Women of spanking husbands". A club of young ladies, founded in Sioux, SouthDakota sometimes in the 30ths of the last century:From the front page of the Los Angeles Times 70 years ago today, Jan. 26, 1938: Wives of Spanking HusbandsForm Girls’ Auxiliary to Club SIOUX FALLS (S. D.) Jan. 25 (AP) — Wives of Spanking Husbands’ Club, organized in Sioux City, Iowa, and parent organization of fifty-nine such clubs throughout the nation according to its own figures–reached out for another slice of territory today. The Iowa housewives who consider it a mark of esteem for their husbands to wield a disciplinary hairbrush once in a while, announced plans today for a junior auxiliary–Daughters of Spanking Parents. A letter received here from Sioux City and signed “Rita Rae, general delivery,” told of plans for the new organization for which she claimed an initial membership of seventeen. ..... ....... MERELY SPANKED Mrs. Rae is the president of the Wives of Spanking Husbands, which was organized last June 26 under the broad-minded slogan “Spare the hairbrush and spoil the wife.” “Our husbands don’t beat us,” the Sioux City woman was careful to explain. “They just turn us over their knees and give us a good sound spanking.”read more about this at, I will not write about the idea of a club for spanked daughters. That is out of time.But I do love the idea of such a club for wives! I know about the Spen cer Plan and that some try to practice it. That not for me. Spencer Plan means that he punishes her and she punishes him if necessary..That's not my kind of partnership. I think that a man must be the head of the family.I do not like the idea of having a man over my knees.I think he should show me who is boss.Do not get me wrong. I have mind of my own. I earn my money.But in a relationship I want to trust in him. He shall give me some guidance and security. He should look after me and care for me, in good tim es and in bad times. There are groups and clubs for everything...So, why can't we have some club like this nowadays???I think I would join, just to meet other girls with the same feelings and desire....[...]

Cornertime pics of the week


I have a chance to get promoted.
That's great, isn't it? Because of that:

So much work to do in my real life job and little chance to care about my blog. Sorry about that, but I have to make my living.


Nevertheless I like my litle blog. so here are some pics of g
irls putting their nose in the corner. I like them. Hope you like them too.

strange III


Spanking in the good old times.


This pic was labled 'auntie' when I found it. Two middle-aged ladys, sitting on a couch. A girl otk, about to be spanked. How old is the girl? I do not know.

She looks rather mature. The style of her clothing gives no hint. Her haircut is different from the haircut of the ladys. So she seems to be younger. But how young? A girl in her early twenties getting a spanking? Well, maybe some 50 years ago that was not too unusual...???


An old outdoor spanking pic. What do we get to see?

A rather grwon up gir
l gets spanke d in the backyard of a house by a guy.

This pic is posed, for sure. Why did she get in this position. and for heavens sake what is he doing with his left hand? Spanking??????

strange II


Like to see some more strange pics?Well, here we go.70iger:This pic must be about 30 years old. How do I know? Look at what she is wearing. Some kind of self-knitted frock or something like that. The time must be around 1970 to 1980. She was well spanked, with hand and cane? She lays on a bed. Was it for erotic reason? But who on earth would love to have sex with a girl in a self-knitted skirt or pullover???So, was she punished for real? If so, why did she let it happen to be photographed??? About 30 years ago it was not so easy to make a pic as nowadays. So why did she let it happen? Did she know that she was photographed? I think so. The light is to good. For what reason? What happened?welsh:A young lady from Wales showing her panties, facing the wall, her skirt pinned up. Is she about to get a spanking. Was she spanked? How long is she standing there? What had she done?drawers:I am a fan of old fashioned underwear when it comes to spankings (not in every day life - for sure not.. lol) But some oldfashioned underwear, some plain white cottton panties add some humilation to the scenaria. And humiliation, as we all know, can be an important part of spanking.But who on earth has ever seen such kind of panties??? You better call them drwawers. The girl seems to be quite young. Her bottom is cute and small. Did young girls wear such kind of enormous underwear some 40 or 50 years ago? I have my doubts...Girdles, yes. Longlegged panties, yes. Stockings, yes. But drawerd like that???? So why is she wearing them? And will they come down?...[...]



Surfing around a lot for years. So I know a lot of what i shown in the spanko scene. But from time to time you come across some pics that make me wonder.For example this one:Piano lesson.Well the situation is clear. A naughty girl had not done her exercises. She got soundly spanked. Look at her bottom! Now, after the spanking, she has to exercise and the strict teacher is watching. If she makes mistakes, will she get more? We do not know.What makes me wonder? Well the scenario seems to be non-professional. The piano teacher looks so young and she is smaller than the puipil. So what did happen? Did someone else spank her (angry mum or dad?). Is this part of an unknown spanking movie or is it amateur. And who spanked her? What instrument was used? Her bottom is marked. How did it come? A lot of questions and no answer.And here are two other ones:Getting it:An older woman pulls down the knickers of a girl, maybe 18 years old. Why did she let it happen. Who is the older lady. And why did she do it?Then we see the girl otk. Jeans and panties down to her knees. I she shouting, is she about to cry, is she having fun? It seems to be amateur. Is that true. and what kind of situation are we allowed to see. The start of a real spanking, a birthday spanking. Or is it professional. I do not think so. but I would love to know more about these two pics.Any ideas???Please tell me..........[...]



Surfing arund the spanking scene you get to know all the actresses and actors, the scenarios and the costumes.

Some are as simple as this one. It is from northern They are doing an awful good job...well...from time to time.....Anyway it is worth visiting.....


I love that pic!!!!!!

But from time to time you come across some pics that makes you wonder. Here are two of them:

I do not know where they were taken. Are they made by profesionals? I think so, because the quality of the pics is quite good. Nevertheless I do not know where they come from. If you have any idea...well just tell me

I like the pic of her inthe corner very much. I did not know the pic of the girl beeing over the lap of that woman. Did she get just a handspanking? Or was there more in store for her? Just watch the paddle at her ankles???

BTW: Look at her face at pic 01. I love to see that. Anticipation and emotion. What a mixture!!!!
Anyway. Do you know about these pics? Just tell me.




I like to laugh. A day without a good laughing is a wasted day.

Laughing makes you look nicer. Less wrinkles, better. You use only 7 or 8 muscles if you cry, but you need over 30 muscles for a good laugh.


My sense of humor is kind of strange sometimes, at least to some people. But I do not care much about that.
Nevertheless, I hope you like these jokes.(image) .

twiter, facebook, xing, rss and etc...


Four months ago I did my last posting on this blog. Oh my God! That's a long time.Yesterday - after so many weeks - I opened this blog for the first time on my computer. I took my time to read the comments. I love to read comments!!!! (Hint....)I noticed that this blog has 9 followeres! Yeah!!!!! I checked my mailbox at and found some messages concerning this little blog.So it is still alive even without me putting something new into it. That amazed me and I liked it.Due to some health problems I spent nearly six weeks in hospital and after that spent some time in the country, walking, reading, enjoying life again. Now everything is fine and I am back to life.During that time I had may thoughts about this little blog. Should I keep it up? Would it be better to delete it? Why do I have this blog? Is it important to to me and if so why?Finally I made up my mind: I like to have a blog. I love to play a little part in our little spanking comunity.I will try to keep this blog going.But I am an oldfashioned girl ( I love her blog!)RSS, Twitter, facebook, xing and all that new stuff make me nervous. Internet is changing so quickly and I am not good at that. So my little blog will be a little bit old fashioned. I hope you do not mind. I do not want to waste a lot of time to learn new internet or computer techniques. I do not want to make money with this blog.I just want to blog about spanking and cornertime. That's all.I hope you do not mind and still like what I will post in future.YoursEmma(all pic belong to[...]

Best Time


I am just wondering: What is the best time for a spanking?It is not an easy to be answered question. It depends on the purpose of the spanking. It is diffeent to be answered for the spankee or the disciplinarian.Here are a few of my thoughts:Just before breakfastI think that is a very good time to give a spanking if you want to make a long lasting impression on the bottom and to the mind of the culprit. It also perfect for a bad surprise. Freshly washed, the hair made ready, new clothes on, a little bit of perfume behind the ears, a little bit of color on the face to look even more beautiful, the sun is shining, everything seems to be perfect for a wonderful new day....(pics are from then this!HE found out about your little misdeeds, your bad behavior and there you are... over his knees ( or over the breakfast table). Your bottom bare, red and sore, you clothes in disray, your makeup is washed away by some tears and your face is swollen and hot.After some cornertime your are allowed to get in shape again but the sting in your tail will constantly remind you to be a good girl for the rest of the day.I love that scenario. But I do not want to make that experience myself.Its not funny...!?!!(pics from[...]

White flag!


************************************************************************************Spankerhusband is not the only one who spanks his naughty wife to keep her in line.There are hundreds or (thousands) all over the world who punish their wives from time to time. Unfortunataly only very few of them have the courage to take pictures of such punishment sessions. There are a lot of pics of women showing their punished bottom.And that is great. Nice to look at and (much nicer) to imagine what happened to her and why. Makes me going.(just my fantasy of course...)But your rarely do find pics of the real action.******************************That is why I like this set very much:Look at his hand....!!! Oh my god! It seems to bigger than her poor little bottom.I love to see her waving the white flag (her panties) during the punishment.Well, it happens, we know that, but you will not often see pics of this accident.I like good photosets from good professional spanking sites.Some of them are doing a great job!But nothing better than the real amateur action.My taste......[...]

a few decades


Only a few decades ago most girls and a lot of young women could expect a good sound spanking from mom or dad or husband if beeing naughty or misbehaving. How did they live with this knowledge?Did they live a life in misery and anxiety? Of course not.They were happy young ladies and had fun like girls at any times like to have fun.But they knew the rules and they knew the consequences. If you cross the line you will have to pay for it. Or - to be more exact - your bottom will pay for it ... *************************Nowadays only few men have the courage to make their naughty wife paying the price for bad behavior. And only few woman have the courage to pay for their transgressions with a sore behind."Spankerhusband" has the courage to spank his wife if she misbehaves. And she understands that it is for her own good if he punishes her from time to time. Its done with love and for her own good.It worked well some decades ago. Why shouldnt it work nowadays?...[...]