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Preview: Bobskoot: Wet Coast Scootin

Riding the Wet Coast

Riding the Northwest with my camera

Updated: 2018-03-21T11:58:37.198-07:00


The Travels of Scooterbob, a tiny wooden Vespa goes around the World


made with TravelerspointBack in October 2014 the moto-blogger community had learned the sad news about the passing of Bob Leong, the host of this blog. Bob loved to meet and get to know new people, and through his blog Wet Coast Scooting, he made friends all over the place. So between friends and followers the idea was born to send off a little wooden Vespa scooter (once owned by Bob) into the world, to be hosted by fellow bloggers as a tribute to celebrate Bob's life.Departure day (Photo by David from Life on two Wheels)And so it came that a little wooden trinket began its travels from Canada's west to the east coast, from Florida it got shipped across the ocean to Europe with stopovers in Germany, England, and France. Scooterbob continued its journey in Australia and New Zealand, before heading back to the UK. On returning to North America its destination was once again Florida, then Virginia, from there taken on a vacation on the west coast, it went to Oregon, Washington, and BC, Canada. After Virginia it landed in New Hampshire, then it made its way up to Ontario, Canada, and after it went on a road trip down to Minnesota. Then it got shipped off to Colorado, and was taken on another road trip. After a stint in New Mexico it marched on, off into the great white North that is Alaska, travelled back to Oregon, and has meanwhile landed on Vancouver Island, not far away from home, where it started over three years ago. Scooterbob's travels, a truly amazing Journey.Now famous, Scooterbob also made an appearance on Ep. 11 of the TV Show Farkle Garage (thanks to Dar, from  Scootermayhem).[...]

ScooterBob goes sight seeing at City of Murals - Chemainus BC


 About a month ago Scooterbob and I went on a rip up the island, I was aiming for Chemainus to go have a cup of tea at the Twisted Sister's tea room, but much to my chagrin when I got there is was shuttered.  So we set about rambling around Chemainus looking at the murals, taking in the sights and happily clicking away taking photos. You will notice in most of my summer posts it is pretty cloudy, it is due to the forest fires that plagued BC the entire summer, this was the worst wild fire season on record.  The smoke moved from the Central Interior and blanketed the Province for weeks. This beautiful little town is located in the Chemainus Valley on the east coast of southern Vancouver Island. In its heyday was a sawmill town for MacMillan Bloedel logging company.Chemainus was founded in 1858.It is the ancestral lands of the Stz'uminus First Nation.  The town's name was derived from the first nation shaman "Tsa-meeun-is" which translates to broken chest.  Legend has it that Tsa-meeun-is survived a massive chest wound and became a great chief of his people.The Province of British Columbia is rich with First Nation Culture, and it is woven through the tapestry of our history, a history that is sometimes dark and one where we are working on reconciliation with our indigenous people to correct the wrongs of the past. We thank them for their beauty and allowing us to dwell on their ancestral lands.The railroad arrived in the 1880's and the timber boon started.  I have a feeling if this train had been operational, ScooterBob may have hopped on  a box car for an adventure all his own.  By about 1920 the town grew to have a population of about 600 people, which made it quite a growing concern.  The current population of Chemainus is estimated at about 3,000 people and is not the timber hub that it once was.  Chemainus is a lovely tourist friendly town and it is known locally as the 'City of Murals' , there are approximately 39 murals painted on the buildings of the township.  Chemainus is a quaint town, and gives you the feeling of yesterday, as you are wandering around looking at the town's history unfold through the murals.  The town's main industry is now tourism and they were very successful at the transition from a single industry based economy after the recession in the 1980's which struck the timber/pulp/paper/mills Remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in World War 1.Scooterbob and I arrived late in the afternoon on a Sunday which was great, because we wandered the streets and were able to get some great pictures.Some the murals are inspired by BC's most famous artist Emily Carr, she is one of our most iconic Canadian artists.   Walking around Chemainus is like taking a trip through time and is well worth the stop on your Vancouver Island adventure.   We even went for icecream, before making out way back to Victoria and over the Trans Canada #1 Malahat, and this little guy was very curious and having a little chat, while snarfed the icecream!  I nestled wee ScooterBob in the frunk for a snug secure ride home over the Malahat.  [...]

ScooterBob Visits Farkle Garage!


On my left is co-host Clive Iron Butt Brown on my right is Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame member Steve Drane.

ScooterBob came to visit the cast and crew on the set of Farkle Garage and a short segment will be featured on episode 11!

I told the story of our dear friend Bob Leong and how the travels of ScooterBob came to be and the wonderful many places or memorial scooter has been.

All of the memorabilia is placed on co-host Clive 'Iron Butt' Brown's vintage Ural, affectionately known as Comrade Chang.

I even managed to find a pair of pink crocs!

When its ready I will post the link!  If you'd like to check out the show click this link Farkle Garage TV

ScooterBob Goes Vintage in Victoria


Every summer during riding season in Victoria there are vintage motorcycle shows.ScooterBob and I went to check out Andy's  Classic ad vintage Motorcycle show & Swap meet.Scooterbob made some acquaintences of some of the Farkle Garage Crew's vintage bikes, This belongs to Farkle Garage Host Steve Drane.The bikes at the show span several decades.  Every brand, make and model.  Once a bike lover always a bike lover.  The bikes at this show are ridden by their owners and many have been restored and some still show the rusty patina of age.  ScooterBob also met Comrade Chang, a vintage ural who belongs to Farkle Garage's other host Clive Brown.  ScooterBob was itching to be beside this beautiful old Indian.  Basking in the sun!ScooterBob was admiring this beautiful old BSAIt was a great day in the sun checking out all the old bikes!  [...]

Music to my ears!


ScooterBob arrived in Victoria in July, and summer has proven to be a busy time for me!  Work, teaching, vacation, and a more than a few computer challenges  which have all gotten in the way of blogging!ScooterBob and I went to explore the art pianos that are positioned around Victoria, usually by the waterfront.  These pianos are part of an art project called the Colour of Music, they are painted by local artists, who are inspired to bring art to public places and for music lovers to enjoy.  After the summer season pianos are they are auctioned off.ScooterBob and I, hit up a few of these beautiful pianos and caught a very touching moments.We were even treated to a concert by one gentleman, who goes around to each art space piano to play them, and he said  "Each has it's own personality".  The piano we found him at is his favourite!It was such a great day to sit in the sun and soak up beautiful music from experts And not so experts.It was amazing to see the joy the pianos brought to everyone who was playing, or strolling or rolling by. [...]

Let the ADVENTURE begin


ScooterBob is on Vancouver Island

ScooterBob Goes to Tillamook


On Saturday we took ScooterBob for one last adventure in Oregon.  Today he shall travel to Victoria to hang out with Princess ScooterPie while it is still sunny on the wet coast.Our destination was Tillamook on the Oregon Coast.  Inspired by ToadMama we rode to see some barn quilts.(ScooterBob in Tillamook, Oregon)After this photo was taken, a wind gust came up and Humpty Dumpty ScooterBob fell off my tail bag. While he is very photogenic, base jumping from tail bags is not his forte. You'll note the rest of the pictures were taken with ScooterBob firmly on the ground.While the photographs are not as visually interesting, we didn't want to call on all the kings horses and all the kings men to put him back together again.  (Barn quilt No 2 at the Tillamook fairgrounds)(Barn Quilt No 3, not as close to the road)(One last barn quilt before heading home)Safe journey little ScooterBob.  Enjoy Victoria.Cheers,Troubadour & Trobairitz[...]

ScooterBob Goes to Florence


Yesterday Troubadour and I took ScooterBob on a little journey to Florence.  Not Florence, Italy, but Florence, Oregon.Along the way we stopped at the Wildcat Creek Covered Bridge, originally built in 1925.(ScooterBob looking tiny compared to the bridge)(Had to move him to a post for a better shot)(Oh look, you can see the railroad bridge too)(Posing for pictures is hard work, he rested in the cool grass)Once in Florence we made our way to the Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters.  Iced lattes were consumed outside under the shade of an umbrella while ScooterBob kept us company and observed the historic bridge which opened in 1936.(ScooterBob in Florence at the Siuslaw River Coffee Roaster)(Keeping an eye on the bridge)(And one last shot in black and white just for visual interest)Too soon we needed to head home.  ScooterBob was tucked in his case and stowed in my tail bag for a safe journey to our house where he awaits his next outing.- Troubadour & Trobairitz[...]

ScooterBob Attends Saturday Morning Coffee


While there are no stellar photos in this post, our initial intentions were to find some covered bridges for ScooterBob.

Alas, we were waylaid at Saturday Morning Coffee and just rode home for lunch after.

BobSkoot used to enjoy attending coffee when he was in town so we had to take him for his first Corvallis outing at Coffee.

It was a small group that showed up for coffee with only 5 in attendance, but we were all on bikes.

(ScooterBob with 2 Tiger 955's, a Versys 300, a Ducati Monster 1200, and a Daytona 675)
No, your eyes do not deceive you, there were two Triumph Tiger 955's in Lucifer orange.  PolarBear replaced his stolen black Tiger with an orange one to match Troubadour's.

(The bikes get a closer view of ScooterBob)
Troubadour thinks this looks like when a dog wanders into a cow pasture and they all get a close up look and are curious as to what it is.

I took one last picture of the crew with ScooterBob.

(L-R-Troubadour, Polar Bear, Melissa, and Josh)
We are hoping to get out and get some proper pics and give ScooterBob a nice tour, but with prior obligations it will take a week or two.

Stay tuned.

- Troubadour & Trobairitz

iMBC 2017


This airplane on a stick was in Princeton, BC, at the local airstrip. I thought it looked kinda cool and a good Scooterbob backdrop. Shortly after this picture was taken, we were across the border into Washington headed for the Hood River. I met with YouTube RV vloggers (not moto-vloggers) Tom and Lori who were workcamping as campground hosts for the Toll Bridge County Park. I have not met very many retired couples before who were full time in their 5th wheel RV so it was an interesting conversation.

After a stop in Vancouver, WA, to unload stuff from the truck. I headed down to Corvallis, OR. On the way I picked up moto-blogger, ChrisL of, at the Portland airport. Dropping him off turned this from simply a hand-off to a moto-blogger meetup. Scooterbob is now onto new adventures with Troubadour and Trobairitz (they're the ones on the left).

BTW, I couldn't figure out if it was ScooterBob or Scooterbob. 

Almost Through Canada



Today's travels took us on a familiar road with a midday stop at the Williams Lake Visitor's Center. They had great free Wi-Fi and an Indian food truck in the parking lot. 

End of the Alaska Hwy


We made it the the other end of the Alaska Highway this afternoon. So, unlike the sign says, we are exiting the "World Famous Alaska Highway". 


Here is a better view of the sign. Usually this place is packed with every one wanting their motorcycle/bicycle/SUV or whatever in front of the sign. Today, we were the only ones there. 


Finally Heading South


Scooterbob is on the move again. We are heading down the Alaska Highway except we are doing it backwards compared to the "norm". The first stop was Birch Lake about 70 miles southwest of Fairbanks. Theoretically it's on the Richardson Highway and not the Alaska Highway. Still a little bit of ice. 


The end of the Alaska Hwy is usually a busy place. But we are still well before the normal tourist season. The visitors center was still closed for the season. 


We stopped at the border to get another popular photo stop for just about anyone visiting Alaska. Again, no one else around. This will prove to be the norm for the next couple of days. Canadian customs is still 20km down the road. 


After an overnight stop in Whitehorse, YT, we got an early start. The bridge is where the Alaska Highway crosses the Yukon River. 


Muncho Lake was still pretty frozen. This is in the Canadian Rockies and is one of best locations to spot wildlife. Going through here we passed about two dozen caribou. Later on, a couple of rock sheep, about 30-40 buffalo and one black bear. The bear looked like it was waiting for a bicyclist. 


Hanging Out with Airheads


I think that SB enjoyed meeting with the Fairbanks group at their monthly get together aka "Barley Therapy" at the Silver Gulch microbrewery. This is just a portion of the group. To the right of SB is another Richard (last name unknown) from Colorado who did a presentation of a planned trip from Deadhorse south. Four of them on KLR 650s with the Alaska/Canadian portion in the winter with a sidecar for stability. They even plan on riding through the Darian Gap which I've heard is very difficult. He enjoyed hearing the SB story.

I plan on heading south towards the PNW in a little over a month which means that SB can attend next month's get together at the Howling Dog Saloon (owned by one of the members). It'll be before they are officially open for business for the season.

Today, we ran around Fairbanks but I couldn't find anything "scenic" enough to justify a picture. Breakup is starting and everything is a real mess with dirty snowpiles and trash starting to surface.

Long Time, No Post


No new posts for a month and a half as we are still patiently waiting for more moderate weather. Maybe in another couple of weeks. Daylight is up to almost 13 hours and we are actually getting some warming from the sun. That's not the case in the middle of the winter when the high temperature for the day frequently occurs in the middle of the night. My unscientific definition of Spring is overnight lows above 0°F. That seems reasonable, eh?

That could be as soon as next week. In about six weeks, Scooterbob and I will start down the Alaska Hwy seeing what we can see though it will be early in the season. Bobscoot had talked about traveling up to Alaska but always thought, like many others, that he needed a different bike to make the trip. It won't be a bike trip though it will probably be warm enough for a ride tomorrow. The local BMW shop is having an open house with free food! 

Will Rogers and Wiley Post Memorial


A little more wandering around town to see the sights. The plane crash of Will Rogers and Wiley Post was, literally, one of the first things I learned about Alaska. The actual crash site is a short ways west of town but there is a memorial set up near the airport which is named after them. The stone monument at the actual crash site was brought back to town last summer before it was lost to the ocean. There was a lot of frost and snow covering the modest granite memorial but in the second picture, I think you may be able to read the inscription if you zoom in on the picture.I had gone to town to see if I could get a view of the first sunrise since November but the southern sky was pretty overcast and you could tell that it was daylight but that was about all. I stopped at Arctic Grocery to take a look at their asian food selection since I was invited out to help a couple of folks make some California rolls and Mongolian beef. The selection was a lot smaller than it was during the summer but I found some items not carried at AC Company (the main grocery store). We made ten rolls with cucumber, carrots, eggs, shrimp and fake crab. No ripe avocados to be found (just like in Fairbanks). But still a nice, tasty treat.This mammoth tusk is on display in the lobby of the Barrow Arctic Research Center (BARC) which is the facility that I have been working on/in for over ten years. The grand opening was on June 1, 2007, and I had been working on the IT infrastructure during the design and construction. The glass case for this display has been broken for as long as I can remember so SB got an up close and personal look at the display.I didn't take this photo of sunrise yesterday but a friend here in the building did. The length of daylight today will already be two hours. Quite the change from zero last Friday.  [...]

North Until You Run Out of Dirt


Yesterday, we travelled from Fairbanks north to Utqiaġvik, formerly known as Barrow. When we left Fairbanks, it was -40°F/C and we must've brought the cold temperatures with us as it was -35°F (-37°C) this morning. Utqiaġvik is as far north as you can go in Alaska. It's not on the road system and the only normal way to get here is via plane. Alaska Airlines has regularly scheduled 737 service to Barrow from Anchorage and Deadhorse but no longer from Fairbanks. On Thursday afternoon, we left Fairbanks for Deadhorse and after a 4 hour layover we arrived in Utqiaġvik.This is just the view out of window as we passed over the Brooks Range. The sun was just peeking over the horizon at this point. The last sunset in Utqiaġvik was November 20, 2016, and the first sunrise should be tomorrow January 21, 2017.Here is a graphic from showing the info for tomorrow and it shows that even though today there is zero sunlight, tomorrow will be 47 minutes. Thing change pretty rapidly at this point. The lightest blue indicates daylight where the sun is actually above the horizon. The next darker shades are civil and nautical twilight. Both are better known as dawn or dusk. As you can see, even on the winter solstice there is not really 24 hours of darkness as some media outlets would lead you to believe.Around 1:00 we went in search of lunch. Near Cruz, the Mexican take-out place, the whale bone arch was still standing. This is one of the classic places to have visitors take photos. On this day, for some reason we didn't have to chase any tourists away to get a clear shot. In fact there wasn't anyone wandering around. Maybe it was the gentle 10 mph breeze. This is -53°F (-47°C) if wind chill matters to you. Fortunately, inanimate objects are immune to wind chill.Late Friday Update - Dom's photo editing skills far exceed mine. I knew that the snow was messing with the white balance but wasn't sure what was needed to fix it. Here is his edited photo.[...]

Fairbanks Update


Those wooden wheels just aren't made for snow...

But donuts should be no problem

Too bad it still on the cold side

But we'll be going on a trip north later this week...

First Outing in Fairbanks


The first outing was to College Coffeehouse to meet whomever might show up. This is my mom, Bridget and Sandra. JedR was also there but did not want to be in the picture since "there are outstanding warrants in three states". Or at least that is his standard line to avoid any pictures on the Internet.

On Wednesday afternoon, there were a few inches of fresh snow and almost tropical temperatures (+16*F or -9°C). It seemed like a good opportunity to show SB a few of the local sights. Plus, we could record another PBC video (Polar Bear Challenge). The Ural battery was completely dead as I had left the USB outlets that run the GoPro camera and remote powered on. So I didn't want to turn the Ural off on this particular trip until I'm confident that it will start again.

This is in front of the Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge visitor's center. Most of the parking lots in town still have quite a bit of snow from the blizzard last weekend. Without studded tires, 2WD got more use than usual.

I stopped near the entrance to the University of Alaska museum. This is just the fresh snow that we received this morning but it was enough for SB to float on. Not a whole lot of traction from the slick wooden wheels. 

SB Arrives in the Last Frontier


The carefully packed box arrived around the middle of last week but things around here have been rather hectic. Today, we cracked open the box to see the treasures it contained. During this time I was explaining to Bridget and my mom the background and the adventures the little wooden scooter had been on. My mom had remembered hearing about Bob in the past as I had something delivered to her home that was partly Bobs. (Sena headsets. We had purchased a pair and split the order.)   The little scooter was well protected during its travels from the mile-high city. Bob had mentioned several times that he had wanted to visit Alaska but felt, like many others, that a certain kind of bike is needed before venturing to Alaska. Many scooters have made the trip including traveling up the haul road to Prudhoe Bay. There are no plans to travel up the Dalton but a trip well north of the Arctic Circle is in the works. I'm not sure how much travel will be by motorcycle but we will definitely get in a few trips. It was great fun to see all of the memorabilia following along. Fortunately, I was able to find and print the draft post that Sonia had started that had a nice map showing all the stops along the journey. That will make a great introduction to the coffeehouse group. It's unfortunate that SB will not be able to meet George but I think that he will be a hit at the February meeting.I should be feeling well enough to get some miles in on the Ural in a week to see a few of the local sights. SB should be acclimated to colder temperatures after recently spending time in Colorado. Alaska should be a walk in the park.[...]

A Snowy Colorado Goodbye for ScooterBob


Along with some pretty cold temperatures, (high today was 3°F (-16.1°C) and about 2-3 inches of snow, it was a good day to get ScooterBob for one last outing with myself and one of my rigs.Scarlett is the one best equipped to let me deal with cold weather riding so she got to go out in the pre-dawn hour to see what we could see.  The battery however, is not holding a charge very well unless once keeps her on a charger.  It's less than three years old but I guess I am hard on batteries.Still, she was OK once I jump-started her and we headed off into the lightening gray skies covering the Metro Denver area.I also need to, it seems, replace the pusher tire as I was not getting good traction with the rubber that remains on it.  I had to engage 2WD to get out of the cul-de-sac and actually left it engaged through the entire ride!Stayed close to home due to the battery issue, temperature was -2°F (-18.8°C) as we started the ride and it was rise to perhaps 1°F (-17.2°C) an hour later when I returned home. A view of the cul-de-sac, the untouched snow a blank canvas... Trees at the local high school where Martha used to work.... A couple of shots of the tree lined street near yet another local high school A view of the Mormon Stakehouse across the street from Eaglecrest H.S. All wheels nicely packed with the fresh snow.... I'd mentioned the cul-de-sac was a blank canvas?  Hopefully you can the the markings left by Scarlett as she headed outand came back in, doing a few donuts in the snow of course. ScooterBob let me know, as I was putting Scarlett back on the chargerthat he wanted to go out once last time while here in Colorado.Scarlett and I, this time with ScooterBob in the trunk, left shortly before Noon to take my oldest son Patrick to work at the local Sprouts grocery store.As we were out, and the sun was out, it was time to visit the somewhat nearby ranching neighborhood to see what we could see.There wasn't as much snow in this area as in my neighborhood, but we made do:ScooterBob declared his satisfaction with the snow conditions, and then said it was now OK to leave the sub-freezing 3°F (-16°C) temperatures and go back home.Roads remained snow-packed but the sun was already working on clearing some spots.  Cagers of course were in their usual rush to get somewhere; which made the last couple of miles of riding interesting but with no incidents.Shortly before sunset, we all headed out one more time, this time to catch the sunset and to pick up Patrick from his job at 5:00PM.We decided to head down to the tower located in the Tuscany neighborhood down the road from our own neighborhood. The tower is purely decorative, my guess it's supposed to evokethoughts of Tuscany, Italy's architecture style.It was 0°F (-17.7°C) when Patrick finally clocked out and we four headed home in the darkness.  Scarlett convinced me do do a couple of donuts in the cul-de-sac, both surprising Patrick and hopefully amusing my next door neighbor who was out there shoveling his driveway in the dark.ScooterBob will be packed up tomorrow, along with all his belongings, and shipped all the way to Fairbanks, Alaska.  The idea is for him to experience some "really cold" weather while being hosted by RichardM.  Richard being a fellow Ural/Beemer rider who has real experience in riding in extreme cold weather, ScooterBob will have so much fun.....  ;)[...]

ScooterBob enjoys some Cold Weather in Metro Denver area


We experienced some true winter weather here in the Metro Denver area this week, finally!Lots of snow in the mountains of course, to the delight of skiers and the ski resorts but all we got around my home neighborhoods was about an inch or so.Still, it was so cold (low teens) that it was the fluffy kind of snow, so not hard to clear off one's driveway but it stuck around long enough for me to get some pictures.Here's some from Wednesday morning, after the snow had started falling the evening before:Here's what it looked like on Thursday morning, after the storm clouds had gone east and the sun came out:To finish off the week, we had a pretty good sunset this Friday evening.  The roads are dry and the snow has pretty much disappeared from the metro area roads.  More snowy weather coming I hear, we'll see what shows up. The above shot to give you an idea of how small the puddle was thatI used to get the reflecton shots.Red skies over Colorado Springs, that's Pikes Peak in the distance.[...]

ScooterBob Rides in New Mexico and Colorado


From redlegsrides:a couple more ride reports involving ScooterBob as Martha and Dom enjoy some riding in the Angel Fire area of New Mexico recently:Birthday Ride with my Sweetie up above the Angel Fire Ski ResortA lazy day for the most part in terms of riding.  Work had to be done you see, before one could do fun stuff.Martha and I headed out on Fiona after 3PM and wandered down to Black Lake to see what we could see, not much as it turned out.  The wind was blowing pretty hard too and with temperatures in the 50s, it really wasn't a lot of fun.We returned to the Angel Fire area and decided to explore the ski resort.  It's a pretty small resort, when compared to such resorts as Aspen and Vail, but nice enough.Martha had me drive down a roughly paved road leading away and up from the ski resort.  The road was called Camino Real or Royal Road and it would wind us up into the heights way above the ski resort, on the west side of Agua Fria Peak I think.Sparsely settled with mountain homes secluded in the thick pine forest, there was much evidence of new construction as well.  The road turned to gravel and dirt soon after leaving the resort and we just chugged our way up, Fiona taking it all in stride by the way.A few miles after the above picture, we came to what basically was the end of the road.  Had we had another Ural rig with us, we could have possibly continued onwards into what looked like the makings of more road but not today.Fiona took us back down to the ski resort with no incidents and we stopped at a local restaurant for "Tapas Night" to celebrate my birthday.  The food was pretty good and after dinner we rode over to the local food market for some supplies, gas for Fiona and rode on home in the chilly darkness.All in all, a good way to end a brief sojourn in the Angel Fire area.  We decamp tomorrow for the Great Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado.The Great Sand Dunes National MonumentWe're back in Colorado this evening, overnighting near the Great Sand Dunes Monument.It was less than three hours from Angel Fire, NM to our present location.  The day dawned with us in heavy fog and cold temperatures.Work delayed our departure till shortly before 10:30 AM, but the drive to Mosca, CO where the RV park was located was under warmer temperatures and sunny skies.We got situated, I finished work and then shortly before 5:00 PM we headed out on Fiona from our campsite.The Sand Dunes monument was less than five miles from the RV park.  As it was late in the day, we didn't have to pay the entrance fee because the gate was unmanned and the sign said to go ahead.  We cruised into the park, located the nearest point to the dunes but elected not to go on them.We made our way out of the park, trying different parking spots/overlooks for "the right angle" for shots as the sun kept making its way down towards the horizon. ScooterBob looks right at home doesn't he?Can you tell the "golden hour" was upon us?The sunset's last few rays of light were too high to give good light to the sand dunes and so we headed back to the RV park where we caught the after effects of the sunset.Tonight's repose[...]

ScooterBob at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park, New Mexico


ScooterBob came along on a visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park near Angel Fire, New Mexico:From redlegsrides:A somewhat late start for us today, what with work tasks and all.Today we were headed to visit the nearby Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park and a subsequent lunch in Taos after which we visited the nearby Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.We rode the northern half of the Enchanted Circle, and while less twisty, it was in our opinion more scenic.ScooterBob accompanied us as we toured the Vietnam Veterans Memorial museum.  A very nicely done museum by the way, and its chapel was small but rather artistic in it's structure as you can see above and below.I thought perhaps it would evoke a shape or message from an overhead view perhaps, but nothing comes to mind.source: GoogleMapsSaddling back up on Fiona, we headed to the village of Eagles Nest, spotting an American Bald Eagle in flight along the way, quite magnificent it was.Martha and Fiona along the way to TaosThe road to Taos took us through Eagles Nest, Red River and Questa before finally depositing us on the outskirts of Taos.  Lunch was at "La Cueva", a very small Mexican restaurant whose food was quite delicious.  After lunch we wandered a bit among the shops in the Taos Plaza which I think functioned as the town square back in its founding days under Spanish rule.Next stop, the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge about seven miles to the west of Taos along State Highway 64.Pictures at the bridge done with, we headed on back to Angel Fire, retracing our route along Highway 522 to Highway 30.We did stop at the Lazy L Ranch's gate to photograph what we dubbed as "Nessie".  Moreno Valley DragonWe got back to the RV park with no incidents, Fiona having done great once again and this time not having issue starting up in the morning.  (We did have to wait till temperatures were warmer than yesterday morning which probably helped).Update: found a youtube video with photos of the Moreno Valley Dragon: allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">[...]

Five Ride Reports from Colorado


Sorry, I've been forgetting to post about ScooterBob's rides with me lately.Here you go.A Saturday Morning Ride with Brigitta and ScooterBobSaturday, September 03, 2016It had been almost a month since I'd last ridden on Brigitta, my '87 R80 Beemer Airhead.  We rode down to the post office to retrieve a package from Russia.It was a clutch release rod/assembly for the old style gearbox.  I really only wanted the slide cap portion because it would come with the requisite o-ring seal; that and to have a spare bearing assembly.Since we were out, and the temperature was just right and with the sun shining brightly, the errand ride turned into a somewhat more circuitous ride about the neighborhoods.  I had to return home to retrieve both my camera and ScooterBob but that didn't take long. All the recent snow is apparently gone from the top of Mount Evans Brigitta and ScooterBobI liked the sign, as with ScooterBob, it inspires riding and such thoughts.So, despite the lack of snow on Mount Evans, it was a clear day to view its summit and the front range mountains.  Brigitta got a suitable amount of exercise and met/rode with ScooterBob.It was quite a bit warmer when we finished the above shot, time to head for the barn and do household things for a bit.  I can't wait for Fall weather to finally arrive, we've been teased with cooler temperatures in the evenings but the heat of the summer hangs on.ScooterBob on Pikes PeakMonday, September 05, 2016Sunday mid-morning, I was out riding on Fiona on an errand when I got a phone call through my Sena Bluetooth headset.It was Shaun C., a former co-worker friend who'd recently seen me shooting sunset pictures and had stopped to renew relations.  A ride to the top of Pikes Peak was quickly agreed upon and I returned home to switch motorcycles.  Fiona, whose gearbox is still being "broken in", would simply not be fast enough for the planned ride.So it was that Brigitta, my '87 R80 Beemer Airhead and I rode out to meet with Shaun.  He was riding his new Triumph Thruxton, a lovely motorcycle as you shall see.Together, we rode in a spirited manner down Colorado Highway 83, through the turmoil of traffic that apparently now consistently congests the town of Parker and from there south towards Colorado Springs.A quick lunch near Manitou Springs and then we queued up at the Pikes Peak Highway fee station.  Took a bit of time to pay our fees, and I feared Brigitta's engine would overheat with all the slow stop and go traffic.Still, no issues, and finally we were clear of the maddening crowd of cagers at the fee station and riding up the mountain highway. At the Crystal Lake Reservoir Shaun and his beautiful Triumph Thruxton Views on the way courtesy Shaun C.ScooterBob gets introduced to Shaun photo courtesy Shaun courtesy Shaun C. ScooterBob didn't want to queue up to have his picture taken at the signThough we did manage to ride up to the summit's parking lot (being on two wheels allowed us to bypass the line of cagers queueing up for parking spaces), we didn't tarry.  Too crowded, a bit chilly and very strong winds all combined to make our stay at the top a very short one. Shaun at the Bottomless Pit One last shot of ScooterBob before we left the Pikes Peak area...Shaun and I stopped for a leisurely early dinner to kill some time as we hoped [...]