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Leaving Google – Starting TrueAccord

Mon, 17 Feb 2014 04:49:37 +0000

After more than six years at Google, I have decided to quit and start my own company. Those years at Google have been an amazing experience.  I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the smartest people in the … Continue reading

Facebook is Becoming an Address Book

Thu, 07 Feb 2008 00:53:43 +0000

UPDATE (2014): This has been written 6 years ago, at that period when my facebook feed was all about what my friends had been doing on Farmville. Most of this has been pretty much gone by now. My feed is still … Continue reading

First week at Google

Sun, 23 Sep 2007 23:49:01 +0000

What a week. I’ve arrived to Dublin on last Sunday. A driver waited for me at the airport and dropped me at a temporary apartment Google organized for me. The apartment is relatively large (2 bed rooms) and is very … Continue reading

15Gammons: Backgammon in TurboGears

Mon, 10 Sep 2007 20:52:18 +0000

I’ve finally launched it. 15Gammons is an online realtime backgammon website. Its backend is written entirely in Python using TurboGears and Twisted. In fact, it is the first TurboGears project I’ve started (over 18 months ago); and the last one … Continue reading

Speeding Up your Application with Javascript Templates (and cjson)

Mon, 30 Jul 2007 08:07:17 +0000

The web application project that I am currently working on (the one for which I’ve written TGFusionCharts) has some pages with huge tables, generated using the Kid Template Language. Page loading times became more and more notable as the table … Continue reading

Add Eye-Catching Flash Charts to Your TurboGears Application

Wed, 25 Jul 2007 12:03:48 +0000

I’ve released today the first version of TGFusionCharts. TGFusionCharts is a TurboGears widget built around InfoSoft’s FusionCharts, which lets you easily add beautiful animated flash charts to your web application. The package support a wide varierty of chart types, including … Continue reading

Catching Up

Thu, 19 Jul 2007 22:19:13 +0000

A lot has been going on lately: 1. I participated in an academic workshop in Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia. 2. More or less 20 hours after I returned from Serbia to Israel, I flew to Dublin, Ireland for a day of … Continue reading

Productivity Tip: Multitasking slows you down

Wed, 11 Apr 2007 10:44:56 +0000

The picture says it all. Multitasking really slows you down. Suppose you have two tasks to do: Task A and Task B. When you perform your tasks alternately (as in the top line) you pay a big overhead cost. Each … Continue reading

Winners of the Python Challenge

Sun, 08 Apr 2007 14:46:35 +0000

The Python Challenge had started two years ago, in April 2005. The basic idea of the Python Challenge was to introduce people to the wonderful world of Python by creating a puzzle which will encourage them to solve programmatic problems … Continue reading

WordPress MySQL Database Encoding Fun

Sun, 08 Apr 2007 11:19:15 +0000

How I transferred my latin1 encoded wordpress blog into a perfectly working database setup with UTF8 encoding. Continue reading