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Dear Mr Williams


Dear Mr Williams, I am sorry to say That i have just read your letter over tea, here in the UK And it troubles me greatly to see that you claim That i endorse your view Though you do not know my name Or in fact where i live, how i think, feel or care You see i am a Songwriter And i live well, everywhere. Did we meet at the Smithsons wedding in May ? If we did my apologies, for it's so long it's hard to say I do appreciate your efforts, to speak on my behalf But the assumptions you make Well in all honesty made me laugh. You see as child on one Christmas day i was given a guitar No unions, or subscriptions to pay I was free just to sit and make all kinds of noise No authorisation needed to play with my toys. But then when older A & R said : Ya can't sing or play mate And yar not right for us It's kinda alright But we don' ear a chorus So ere's a small deal and we own wha' you write And we'll takes ours an' more before yours mate I'm sure that salright ! So then producers and studios got fat on the pot And i got the bill and that was all that i got. But i still have my music and that's a god given thing Free to anyone who wants to just play and sing And i'm free to express and share what i please Without you or your contracts Or your boxes and fees. So Mr Williams I am sure you are honorable in most every way Although i remind you the world is the world , and is not the USA Because to that god owns the copyright And it is he only and not you who can say When and if the music will dry up For all of us one day. Download from:

Our Father


Just a mood I guess... Download from:

Unicorn Rap


Download from:

No Bans


No Bans ... ska, ska, ska After listening to the infectious beat of Ya es hora de bailar by DESPEDIDOS, downloaded a copy to cut and paste. (1) Cut out three sections with no vocals and arranged in some order that might work with pells. The second section is played behind the beat to get the dragging feel. (2) Added some funk guitar, Fourstone drum samples, and horns hits/falls to smooth out the section transitions and ending. (3) Added the pells and COWBELL! The remix is 99 bpm and Volatil's pell is at 124 bpm. This was a quick and dirty, lo fi, fun exercise with no recording. Attribution: (1) ElRon XChile - guitar (2) "Ya es hora de bailar" by DESPEDIDOS courtesy of Pete Cogle's Podcast Factory "PCP#270 Watching Paint Dry" at License: This song is also found on Jamendo Download from:

Too Young


Beautiful pell by Snowflake. Pitty, but I couldn't fix the distortion on the vocal... Download from:

Whiskey Down


Whiskey Down ... and all that JAZZ! Attributions: (1) ElRon XChile - guitar (2) texasradiofish - keyboard, key bass Download from:



Some additions to the beautiful song by Snowflake... Download from:

bonobo business sample pack


Download from:

Spinning between Earth & Moon


Have been at the Thievery Corporation live concert this month. It was fantastic! They had on stage two percussionists, sitar, guitar, bass, sax, trumpet and at least 5 different singers (then I stopped counting...) and about 5 million Watts to make me deaf for two days. I remembered that there were some loops in the archives and immediately knew I had to make a Thievery remix - took some time, but now here it is. Hope it became thieverish! Thanks to vo1k1 to upload Laura Easons fine vocals. And as always: constructive criticism is very welcome. Download from:

Freethrow (the Junglist) feat M.i.C. & gmz)


"do my dirty work keep it low like a Mason" sorry this mix is late mixter left behind! this is my first hip hop mix, and one of the quickest i've done, so please forgive the imperfections. I met Michael Burnz (M.i.C) via our 4th grade girls in Laguna Beach... told him about ccM a couple weeks ago. we sent him links to mixes by BlakeHT & BOCREW....and then he put up this pella. now having heard the lyrics at least 27 times, the words have really pierced me. gmz's track Back2Mixter is all of the production here. i did some editing, slicing, doubling and treating, but the beats and sounds are all gmz's. i couldn't resist singing along. freethrow! Download from:

Walking across the DRUM (Prod. by P!tbull)


Smooth old school hip hop completed by Forensics "Walking across the DRUM" a capella. Hope you guys enjoy! Download from:

Tell Somebody


Great song by AdmiralBob! Simple acoustic mix... Download from:

Lick my wounds


This one wasn't planned. A weird voice in my head commanded me to put this together. - Download from:

Whiskey Down (The Hidden Blues)


I heard Hidden Blues by Pitx and was immediately inspired, despite my commitment to remaining focused on a project that is gladly occupying most of my creative time. This is a quick and sloppy track, headphone mix, and just one of those things that happen sometimes when you let it. Big thanks to Pitx and rocavaco for sharing such swell music with us! a capella here WHISKEY DOWN (The Hidden Blues) love so bright it burns your eyes hungry touch on your thighs weary worn and confused 'bout the love you just refused whiskey down until you're lit convinced love's just a nasty bitch charms and vows to seduce what's a dream and what's the truth give her a moment give her a day until you find the right thing to say all seems lost nothing more to lose you're not sure what path to choose try walkin' in her shoes but you won't escape the hidden blues Download from:

Inside Outside


Download from: