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Waiting for You


HAPPY NEW YEAR ccMixters Remixing an excellent pell that has been well remixed by our best producers and musicians is a killer challenge. Hope we found a fresh and unique niche. Electronico - Keys on intro ElRon XChile - Guitar Download from:



HARD TIME TO BOCREW BREAK UP !!!!!! Download from:

The Same Light Shines


As we approach the end of the year, and seemed to have survived the anticipated apocolypse, I want to wish you a blessed winter and an illuminated new year. I am so grateful that we are together in music. I started writing this song at Hanukkah which observes the miracle of light during a time of persecution, seduction and violence. At that time, negotiations were being made. Since that time, we have seen heartbreaking tragedy. This is my prayer for peace and healing in the new year. Typically, I would have tried to create a remix, but I am busy at work on my first solo release and am committed to not getting too distracted from that project (which will include many of our ccMixter community members who have so graciously shared source material with us all. I've included the acoustic and bass guitars that I relied on when recording. I did not include the drum loop (which is just an out of the box loop from my software), but if you want it for any reason -- just holler. Drums are definitely not my strong suit. Also, below I noted the chord changes (not terribly challenging -- primarily a three-chord riff) Stems are dry except for last high harmony for which I cannot seem to remove the effects for some reason. . . hmmmm. update: I revised vox2 and uploaded the new file individually. THE SAME LIGHT SHINES the same light shines on all off us after the darkness falls illuminates the choices we made as we follow fate's treacherous and sensuous road we face battles in our gardens we face battles in our hearts as the new year starts but let's face each other in peace now throw your stones and I'll throw mine grappling with the force of our wills to see who will survive the first to surrender through eons of pride to face each other in peace now simple words for simple wishes simply stated simply sung out to face each other in peace now we face battles in our gardens we face battles in our hearts as the new year starts we face battles in our gardens we face battles in our hearts as the new year starts The same land grounds our shared dreams while mistrust across divides make a vow as the fires cease to face each other in peace now lets face each other in peace in peace now face each other in peace we face battles in our gardens we face battles in our hearts as the new year starts but let's face each other in peace now verse1/2:Bm/G/Bm/G/Bm/G/A/G battles1:Bm/A/G/Bm/A/G bridge:A/G-D/Bm/G/A/G/A/G battles2:Bm/A/G/Bm/A/G solo:A/G/A/G verse3:Bm/G/Bm/G/Bm/G/A/G/A/G battles vamp out: Bm/A/G etc. Download from:



Defrosty the Snowman Tropical Snow Balls Bought a groove machine plugin to experience groove machine-based mixes and repetitive LFO bass. Looking for a victim, I found Dan's "gift of song" pell was thus far unscathed. This is quick one session remix focused on trying to get the groove machine to sync a simple pattern with my DAW. More experimentation and learning required. Download from:

Gaudete (mixed choir mix)


I had never before heard Gaudete until Javolenus uploaded his impressive a capella. Then TRF uploaded a version with Karen Savage from LibriVox. So I thought I'd try a version too, keeping it mostly vocal, with a little percussion and bass from CSoul and Ivan Chew's guitar. Download from:

Got To rock (el_Wis remix)


Hello there!!! :) Nice to meet you! Download from:

O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles)


Download from:

Basically Pumping Panu


Another one inspired by the Burl Ives book of music composition. Three chords and a lilt! Download from:

Jingle Bells


In the zip the wav files of the preview and a slower version. Thanks for listening. Download from:

Does This Acid Make Me Look Fat? (Prod. by Robbero)


Does This Acid Make Me Look Fat? (Prod. by Robbero) Download from:

The Happiness of Larry


Well it's another bit of boxer tightening here on Fronz's vocals as I push the poor boy up by a few tones. He holds it together well and Javolenus' simple but inspiring "folk" riff sets the pace for this hectic race to happiness Download from:

Find A Reason (Tryin' 2) - DEMO


I'm at home today, browsing thru the CCMixter & I come across CSoul's "90 bpm Reggae Samples Key Am". I push play and the roots reggae music of his post just washes over me & I am instantly inspired! I began writing immediately & this what I came up with. It's still very rough & I know I'll be making some changes in the future but I love it & I thought I'd share it with some of my most favorite people in the world! I hope you like it & please tell me what you think or feel about it. And of course, ENJOY! [Edit - 10-14-2012] Just uploaded the vocals for this tune. All the files start at zero & they're all seperated. Enjoy!!! ----------------------------------- Find A Reason (Tryin' To) music & melody by CSoul vocals words & melody by fhciii Verse 1: Everyday I cry & weep Tryin' to find a reason for the sadness that we bear Every night And I just can't sleep No Tryin' to find a reason for the madness that we share Chrorus 1: Tryin' to find a reason For the problems in this world Tryin' to find a reason For the heartaches we endure Tryin' to find a reason For the tears we always cry Tryin' to find a reason For the pressure Ease the pressure Inside ...Interlude... Verse 2: People say Just you believe In the power of a father that we'll never see So I say to you Don't be deceived All we have is one another - Will you stand with me? Keep on-- Chorus... ...Solo 1... Tryin' to find a reason - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (3x)... Tryin' to find a reason For the pressure Ease the pressure Inside ...Solo 2... ...Chorus... Outro... Download from:

Train of Thought (Prod. by Robbero) V2


I hope this version sound better with Javolenus. Download from:

Bottoms Up


Dub step makes a poor man sing Bottoms Up BLESSINGS, IVAN I am not Richard Nixon Bottoms Up was built bottom up starting with Ivan's bass and guitar tracks from Blessings. Soul Jazz drums, funk horns and Dub Step loops were liberally applied. Bass track was appropriately tortured to fix d'mix. ElRon played lead guitar and vocalized Scomber provided the word "bottom" Libraryowl counted her blessings Download from:

You Made Me Believe (ft Jeris)


How excited was I to pull Jeris?!!! He is just so incredibly talented, and generous! It was definitely a challenge to select material to work with as Jeris' catalog is not only vast, but of wonderful quality as well. Dry vocal stems are uploaded separately. Download from: