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Updated: 2018-04-19T22:16:41-07:00




Everyone has done a remix of this beauty. I'm part of the family now. ;) "We are family. I got all my sisters with me ... yeah" Download from:

Jazzy eve of heavy seas


Having this remix ready for some days. I am really fascinated from Susans great space remix and I think mine could be a good earthly counterpart. So it is time to upload! Along with the great stems of those mentioned above all other material is taken from GarageBand. Download from:

Drops of H2O ( The Filtered Water Treatment )


My Remix is of Airtone's H2O. Airtone has a lot of great sample material, but i fell in love with H2O as soon as i heard. I tried to give this track a laid back hip hop feel. Happy Fathers Day. Download from:

Just Breathe (Donkey Kicks in the Operatic Remix)


DJ Lang was the first remix I did on ccmixter, so I was excited to be given this opportunity. Also, this is the first mix that I have had time to do since my baby was born in January, so this project has been liberating to say the least. The more I worked with this acappella the more I liked it. It is freakin sweet, and has a thoughtful message, which is refreshing. I am a progressive house DJ mind, body and soul, so I am not very adept at constructing a good hip hop track. A good hip hop track seems to begin with a sweet hook, heavy from the start, mixed with a powerful acappella, and just carries this through with maybe some added substance at the end. Whereas my inclination is to start simple and build within the track towards a climax, giving as much prominence to the vocal as the instrumental. Also, I am a sucker for repetition. It's like brain candy to me. With this remix I did of DJ Lang's Just Breath, I may lose people with the stripped down beginning, but hopefully some stick around to listen through to the combining of elements in the end. Note - samples in the middle are taken from Freesound and are also attribution noncommercial. There seems to be a bug with ccmixter tonight where I cannot link to them. They are: by any means.wav attribution Police Cars pass with sirens blaring Radio Garble Download from:



Yep, shopping trolley. Download from:

Brown & Gold


The finished songs I create these days are rare, allmost an endangered species. One of the few that got to that final stage was this song: brown & gold. It's been specially written for my girlfriend as a birthday present. Download from:

New Trance (inc stems)


Sort of inspired by "Children" by Robert Miles, but not quite as cool as that track (I'm not a genius like him!) My missus likes this style of music, so it's dedicated to her... Download from:



I did an instrumental with Jeris and then Sackjo22 added some amazing vocals and harmonies. Download from:

Ophelia's Dubstep


My first dubbystep remix of Musetta and welcome song to ccmixter. Download from:

The Incident


Thank you Jeris for the slide-guitar. Thanks to Victoria Melfi for adding her voice to the choral backing. A.E. Housman wrote the poem in 1896. You brought me warmth and shelter from Lifes most dreary days and yet you would not have me was such a high price paid? If ever I had wished to rest beneath your shade Im certain that I should have never from your heart strayed. Because I liked you better Than suits a man to say, It irked you, and I promised To throw the thought away. To put the world between us We parted, stiff and dry; Good-bye, said you, forget me. I will, no fear, said I. Download from:

If You Wait For Me


Well hello... It's been a good while since I posted here, 10 months infact. Been busy. Started a company, had a little boy (well, I didn't, the wife did though). Managed to finally find some time to write and I'm really pleased with this one (probably because its the first full track I've written in 10 months). Anyway, I'm blabbering on... Shut up now Scott... No really... Download from:

Spiritus Contra Spiritum


Kerri Lake Native Flute sample from freesound was also used. Spiritus Contra Spiritum I call it the false light a mirage of an oasis carefree conviviality looking for God in all the wrong places drunk alone in a desert tossed asunder by the storm like driftwood on the open sea rescued by a random shore for, when life gave me grapes I made wine I lost my pearls swimming with swine till I heard a sobering sound and was dashed out of the delerium now I hum my mantra all around spiritus contra spiritum Download from:



This is a spacious, electronic pop tune we did with PattsiPeng. It includes all stems and the MIDI data for your remix pleasure! We also added an instrumental version so go on, do the singalong! With luv from Hamburg... 7OOP3D Download from:

Everything I Need


Panu's wonderful pella fitted to ... hmm ... don't actually know what the resulting genre is. Something with a bluesy twist. And the backing vox track sounds a bit like the Gibb brothers (Bee Gees) when running Panu through a harmonizer. ;) Download from:

Close to Mike (Jazz Mix)


CLOSE TO MIKE Youre back - tell me all about where youve been Paint me some pictures in words of every exotic scene Tell me some stories - it gets kinda samey here on the Creek And I need the buzz of hearing you speak We could rock on the back porch, watch the sun slip down Those dark green waters where our aspirations drowned When this old Creeks wrapped in dusks embrace Its really almost pretty and then you cant look in my face Oh its so good to see you, say youll stay Lets lie cool and quiet - think up games to play In the dawn youll leave me, disappear without a trace But for now draw me close and I promise I wont look in your face Download from: