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To love and to be loved are the greatest feelings, any person could enjoy. When you see the person that loves you and is loved by you, not matter the situation, there's always some kind of celebration in the heart. And that is because, as the bible says, the perfect love drives out fear. In this song i tried to recreate two aspects of real love: intimacy (most of the song) and celebration (the last part of the song). Mykle Anthony's art was the spark that ignite all of this. Thanks man! Download from:

The White Cube (Kyrie Eleison)

2009-12-06T19:16:48-07:00 just before the deadline ;) I worked on this a LOT, programmed drum tracks, recorded pianie, did many other things...ultimately I returned to my original vision and pared down to nothin but vocal harmonies. I haven't written a polyphonic vocal piece since "Souls of Insects" and I think this is possibly a little bit better. I learned a lot doing this and I hope other people get something out of it. This project was just too lovely to pass up. Am I back? Maybe. I hope so. :) Download from:



My attempt to remix the excellent 'Something Special' by Songboy3. It starts with electric piano then brings in the drums and bass and then finally the brass. update: added instrumental in FLAC format and made a few small changes to the mix. Thanks very much for the positive feedback :) Download from:

Change In Me


It seems I have less and less time to work on the music these days... being back in the UK has brought back the manic pace of life that didn't really exist living in the Netherlands. Grabbing some time to knock out a track these days seems almost impossible. Time for another career break me thinks... I've never tackled a brad sucks pella and this one jumped out at me. Howdy to the regulars! Peace Download from:

zero zero : daemon in the cube


In the spirit of a William Gibson short story, it's the musical idea of a simple program, like a computer daemon, operating in a cube - in a virtual world. Does it exist when we aren't using it? Does it sit in its cube with its own weather and its own birds, waiting for an opportunity to serve? This is my "foreground" piece for The White Cube Project, with SackJo22's voice reversed and squeezed into a little cube. This reminds me of some of the tracks I remember from Cluster. Download from:



Sorry to be late in this party, This has been "the week". I really had fun doing this remix. Papa_Zulu's Midi horns are really good for any style of music I think. I took the melody of the MIDI file and made a more or less acceptable phrase for horns in a hip hop song (did that make sense?) Really Like Kcentric's Muzick. It is inspiring! That song really made me think about how we are so so use to patterns that many times we bury our creativeness. It made me think about the process I follow to make a remix..and many others things in life. Well Hope u enjoy this..and comment about patterns please... Download from:



Download from:

U TERU S . Birth of Souls


I had every intention of singing on this but then the surprise came when this vocal auditioned perfectly on top. Same key just a few tweaks in timing. I think Octopus Trees was one of the first vocals i downloaded off this site. It has seen some action for sure. Teru is a hoarder, his mixes are stuffed with clear elements of the orginal. I have all of these parts as samples but it took Teru to glue them into a shape that i finally could recognise. Good Luck to the souls at ArtisTech and Happy 5th Birthday CC Mixter. Note 9.11.09 A big thanks to all for making this the baffling success ( to me )that it seems to be. I dont know whats in here and wish i did, but maybe my soul is now purchased by the devil :-) Download from:

Didn't Leave Nobody but the Baby


A folk lullaby. A couple of echo effect tracks are included. Lyrics Go to sleep you little baby Go to sleep you little baby Your momma's gone away and your daddy's gone to stay Didn't leave nobody but the baby Go to sleep you little baby Go to sleep you little baby Everybody's gone in the cotton and the corn Didn't leave nobody but the baby You're a sweet little baby You're a sweet little baby Honey in the rock and the sugar don't stop Gonna bring a bottle to the baby Don't you weep pretty baby Don't you weep pretty baby She's long gone with the red shoes on Gonna meet another lovin baby Go to sleep you little baby Go to sleep you little baby You and me and the devil makes three Don't need no other lovin baby Go to sleep you little baby Go to sleep you little baby Come and lay your bones on the alabaster stone And be my ever lovin baby Download from:

ccmixter promo


Thanks for everything ccmixter Download from:



Download from:



Download from:

Gloria (angel mix w/DoKashiteru)


I've added the 'song stems' (sort of like samples, but more like a source track?) for this track for your remix enjoyment. I had this foggy vision of creating an ambient/electronic mash-up of Silent Night & Angels We Have Heard on High, and without sounding religious. I listened to tracks on ccMixter for days...and when I heard Yiourgh by DoKashiteru, I held my breath! It was perfect. DoKashiteru's amazing track created the perfect framework for this piece (peace!)...and it just sort of wrote itself. Doubling DoKashiteru's genius piano part was challenging because I play all my tracks live - I am ignorant and afraid of midi and quantization :/ Thanks to all of you for the incredible remixes submitted so far - I am so emotional about it. Peace. Download from:

ViRtuAlLaNd [planet pIc LineDubbed 0909]


Download from:

Nice Bird


Download from: