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I've been struggling with lyrics for this project. There are just so many things I'm thinking and feeling about politics and the state of this world that I've felt overwhelmed! I've written and thrown away a handful of songs that just didn't quite hit the mark. Now... I'm not sure that this one does either, but I do know that the backing track totally rocks! Reusenoise's instrumental inspired me to finally give something a go... Thank you, Reusenoise! Okay... I hope you dig... WORDS There was a promise made Dreamers believed But we didnt know What we were headed towards Good fights were won Some felt left behind And the demagogue Drafted them for And it was not their fault They too believed Hopes and promises That became this Lies are common place Facts are misconstrued Blame is thrown around Living in this Dissent is demonized Protest deemphasized Outrage denied Living in this Crazy Demo-cra-crazy Crazy Demo-cra-crazy Everything I thought All of the progress made On the verge of collapse Living in this And were all afraid Of everyone we meet Are you with us or them Living in this Crazy Demo-cra-crazy Crazy Demo-cra-crazy If you have nothing to lose And think it all is rigged And youre out of hope You open up to So many people hurt So many need real change Enough to burn it down Force us into Crazy Demo-cra-crazy Crazy Demo-cra-crazy Download from:

Living Nightmare


My attempt to make a deep house track with vocals. Thanks to snowflake. Download from:

Yume o mitsuzukeruniwa kigen wa nai.


Thanks to Ivan Chew for respond to my request and add the wav file. If the production sounds good and balanced , is because the guitar sample is excellent . There's no deadline to keep dreaming Sometimes we don't appreciate the things that happen in ordinary moments, until it become a memory. Suffer by problems is inevitable but, being crushed by them is optional. Nobody can't repeat the same mistake twice because,the second times is not a mistake, it's the result of your choice. Everytime you fall,just get up the wound of your heart will be sewed by the needle of the clock. Miracles will happen if you puts the same amount of energy on your dreams,like you put in anxiety and fear. Everytime you fall,just get up the wound of your heart will be sewed by the needle of the clock. Everytime you fall,just get up the wound of your heart will be sewed by the needle of the clock. Download from:

Billy Blues


Jammin' at Billy Blues ElRon and I played once a week in a blues band called Cool AC at the Houston location of Billy Blues on Richmond Avenue from 1995 through 2000. Listening to Admiral Bob's Walkman Blues, it reminded me of our weekly opening shuffle. With Admiral Bob and Bill Ray, we recreated a shuffle similar to the Cool AC opening shuffle and 1000s of other uptempo swing shuffles. Da Band Bass: Admiral Bob Rhythm Guitar: Admiral Bob Drums: Bill Ray Piano: Electronico Lead Guitar: ElRon XChile Horns: Bay Saint Louis Horns During its tenure, Billy Blues was the largest and most bodacious blues venue in Houston featuring local, regional and national acts, and conspicuously highlighted by its 70 foot tall saxophone, Smokesax, fashioned in part from an inverted Volkswagen beetle. How the band got its name: The blues band played for Rayfield "Guitar Slim" Jackson's weekly showcase at Billy Blues. Initially, the band had no name. When Billy Blues installed air conditioning in the blues showroom, the announcement on the street sign read Guitar Slim and Cool AC. Obviously, our band was Cool AC. Download from:

Sunday Morning


Domingo de manh Found this loverly song by unreal_dm to victimize. Replaced the drums with nujazz drums. Replaced the percussion with Latin disco timbales and nujazz cowbell and congas. Ran the nylon stringed guitar though Voxengo's Boogex freeware guitar amp plug-in for presence. To subtly differentiate the three nylon string guitar leads, added one synth tracking the second lead and 4 synths tracking the outro lead. Threw in some Snake Davis blues sax for color and added a trombone and crash cymbal to the last outro hit. Download from:

Love Shadow (Remix Safety Guide)


For this secret mixter I drew Loveshadow - and felt a bit like David against Goliath. But I took my slingshot (DAW) and did just the best I could... Bass: Reuben Rogers (royalty free loops by All other instruments: Loveshadow Big pair of scissors and a bin of glue: rocavaco attached files: preview: 128-bit mp3 lossless: 44.1kHz 24-bit flac Download from:



Our secret remix victim is Jeris. What to remix? Too many uploads, too little time. Bounced around Jerisland looking for a drum and bass. Found I am ccMixter (Speak n' Spell Tribal Mix). Using the bass and beat (drum+koto+percussion+stuff) tracks, the basis for a song in Bb was in place. Added a Deep Jazzy House beat over Jeris' beat track to pump up the drive. Then repetitive piano chord pattern (Bbm7, Fsus) was added. Left in one of Jeris' drop down to Ab patterns. A horn section was developed to ride the chords and rhythm and a sax solo was added. Waiting for ElRon to record, ran across Murder. Decided yuttah hey it's a Jeris mix, put in some Murder. Jeris' bass and beat tracks were cut and pasted through the building process to support the song structure. Download from:

Velveteen skies


Despite the simplicity, it took a while to get this right, in this computer age playing unplugged is a challenge, I deleted more than 40 takes and spent many weekends. Narva9's velveteen pella is a great piece of art, yet I think the gorgeous remix collab proposed by ivan chew and featuring her, colab and erhu was so printed in our memory for years that few of us dared to attempt any work on this pella, and this may explain why such a beautiful voice and lyrics has so few remixes (so far). David Milzow plays baritone sax Download from:

SomeTimes SomeTimes


This vocal fits before, after, under and over the beat. Just great Stuff from Ruben Hall. Download from:

Eleven Pieces of Eight


Eleven Eight Debate Eleven Ate the Bait We fooled around with 11/8 in 1970s as an alternative time signature for Ain't No Sunshine. Based on that fun experience, decided to give Bill Ray's Swampland in 11/8 a go. Closer inspection revealed the drum recording is an exercise in fun with ever changing 11/8 rhythms. Started by creating a simple MIDI bass pattern using an Am, Em, Dm progression that follows the drums. Chorus chords are Em, Dm x 4. A second pattern of Em, Em, Gm, Em was used in one section. In places, the MIDI bass line also drives Synapse Dune and Image Line Harmor soft-synths. The horns are largely single note trombone samples stacked and strung together as needed to break up the repetitive bass pattern. After the horns were created and some piano riffs recorded, some bars of drums were moved, deleted or replaced to mo' better fit the remix . A few extra crash cymbal/kick hits were pasted in. ElRon recorded using a Washburn guitar with some fancy replacement pickups he added. Three of the guitar tracks used tweaks of various AmpliTube3's freeware and Fender Collection presets. The jazz guitar track used Voxengo's freeware Boogex fat jazz preset. Like what the Boogex did for the solid body Washburn. At the all you can eat Chinese food buffet before the the Friday night session, we discussed adding some notes akin to Lalo Schifrin in 5/4. Without plagiarizing Mission Impossible, we crafted a Schifrinesque intro and bridge. Configured FL Studio 12 project settings to 11/8. This is the fist time configuring the DAW to an odd time. Usually leave the time signature at 4/4 no mater the time. Did help the work flow. Download from:

Paint the Sky


Another one paints the sky! This ends up a bit anthemic, because I took a guitar-melody as a chorus. Like the australian rock band Cold Chisel in the song "Dresden" did. Unfortunately it wasnt their best song. Maybe its hard to write something about Dresden if youre not Kurt Vonnegut. Love the sound of your voice, Miss Judged! For better use in podcasts and videos I just uploaded a soft instrumental as an "alternative mix". Download from:

Woof Woof


Jammin' with ZZ Quark Powered up the Korg TR keyboard to noodle around with Quarkstar's Zip, the recent secret remix of our remix entitled Estalactite. Started having fun with the groove and added more jammers. No structured song intended just jammin' with Quarkstar. The Quarkestra Rhythm section - Quarkstar (Zip the seret remix) Vocals - Analog by Nature Korg TR organ and piano - Electronico Lead Guitars - ElRon XChile, unreal_DM Rhythm guitar - unreal_DM Banjo - Copperhead Harmonica (left) - Bluemillemium Harmonica (right) - Alex Beroza Bell - CSoul Garage Percussion (percussive transient layer) - Speck Horns - Bay St. Louis Horns (aka samples pieced together from our sample library) Download from:

On Top of the World


UPTOWN FLETCH Funkin' for the thrill. This cycle, our secret victim is John Fletcher. Deciding what to remix was easy since John provided one set of stems entitled Primate Puzzler. The stems comprised a funk rock construction set; creating a remix was a funkin' groove. Chopped the funk up into pieces and reassembled the pieces. Using John's bass and rhythm guitars, we pieced together an accompaniment for Patrica Edward's "On Toppa Da World". Note that we pitched Patricia's voice down to G. Could have pitched John's stems up to Patricia's key but was lazy and partial to lower pitched female R&B and Soul voices. Layered John's chopped drum beats over a standard, straight ahead, no frills funk rock beat. Side chained the funk drum audio to the bass compressor to keep the beat in front of the rhythm. Used some short riffs from John's synthesizer track as accents (it is the lower of the two synth sounds) with the freeware Mr Donald Leslie simulator plugin. Added mellow horns, JB style horns and higher synth as accents. Elron recorded an intro, an outro and some rhythmic fills. Used a canned wah wah guitar sample mixed with an alexplaysguitar wah wah sample to drive parts of the mix. Sidechained alexplaysguitar's sample audio to the canned wah wah compressor to make room for both wah wah riffs. Added more than a couple dozen of Speck's Garage Percussion hits to sharpen the snare transient. Added some clavinet to Elron's guitar intro. The clavinet and guitar configuration is typical of our live stage performance sound. Did not use plugin delay compensation so the mix is funkin' loose. Attribution: Noncommercial use of "On Toppa da World" courtesy of Patricia Edwards and Download from:

Parallel World


With the sample of nicole's voice i atlast was able to finish this track for publishing on ccmixter. It made a very cool step up for the other samples i used. The other samples used are from a movie out of the public domain. I hope you enjoy it! Greetz, Frank Download from:

Closing the Doors to Chance


This remix started with Greg Baumont's "Slap bass loop". Looking for vocal to place over the bass loop Farisha's "Walk Away" vocal hook sounded like a candidate. The vocals sounded like C# minor so we pitched up Greg's bass to C# except for some one beats (first beat of the bar) that were left as A notes to break up the repetitiveness . To further victimize Greg's bass, it was mangled by running it through Amplitube's model of Fender Bassman 300 amplifier with Fender Blender and Diode Overdrive stomp boxes and a Bass 810 Pro cabinet. Unfortunately, the bass line did not well support the vocal hook so Farisha's vocal part and Greg's bass part were separated within the remix. Funky drums were added to the bass and the bass loop was edited, chopped and mangled to better fit the drums. Less aggressive funky drums were added to the vocal part with droning synth pads for bottom and more mid range bass lines towards the end of the vocal hook and outro. At this point, ElRon recorded Stratocaster guitar with some new gadgets. This resulted in a rhythm and lead for Greg's bass line and an outro lead. Cheesy synthesized Farfisa organ sound as added in Greg's bass line sections and CSoul's guitar was added to Farisha's part for color. A break was need so ccMixter was searched for lyric "close the door." Riobravo's "The Drifter" was the only result. Mangled the phrase "close the door again" in several dimensions to fit the break. Added CSoul's bell and guitar plus the cheesy Farfisa to the break. Still more vocal was desired. ccMixter lyrics were searched for "door" to find a victim. Somehow (probably busy fingers and very old bourbon) I found myself staring at Steve Bryant's "Miss Your Love" page listening to him lament "you don't come around here no more". Steve's narrative fits Farisha's narrative (she's gone, he misses her) so Steve's vocals were well mangled and pitched down one step to fit into the song in three parts: intro, break and second of Greg's bass line sections. The break was reused to create the intro with CSoul, Steven and Riobravo. Interesting and happy coincidence was leaving some of Greg's one beat bass notes as an A instead of C# well supported Steve's phrase "your love". Reliving the past: In high school, a Hammond was out of reach financially. Farfisa organs were used in pop music during the 1960s. I played a Farfisa organ with two Fender Vibratone (poor man's Leslie) cabinets. In this remix, the cheesy synthesized Farifisa sound uses the Amplitube Fender Vibrtatone model VST channel plugin. The Amplitube Fender Collection is fun. In the remix, used it for the bass and organ. Ron's first lead used a model of parallel Fender MH-500 MetalHead amplifiers each with MH 412SL cabinets. The outro lead uses the freeware Amplitube American Tube Clean 1 preset with freeware effect ZA8 Dual Delay. Ron's rhythm guitar uses the freeware VST California Sun by Auraplug. As usual, Ozone 5 is used in the master channel with mid-side Exciter and mid-side post EQ. Wrt Ozone 6, usually buy Ozone upgrades immediately after release but reviews are mixed. Saving up for new monitors. My Event monitors have been down for lack of parts and we are using an eclectic mix of inexpensive Logitech desktop PC speakers and really old ElectroVoice studio speakers. Attribution: "Walk Away" vocals courtesy of Farisha and Download from: