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Updated: 2018-03-17T07:55:17Z


After looking over a few of the articles on your website, I truly like your way of writing a blog. I added it to my bookmark website list and will be checking back soon. Please check out my website as well and let me know your opinion.

I appreciate your words about Gary, Ruth. I miss his blog already and the ability to read about issues that otherwise I really wouldn't know about at all or at least the parts of the issue that others weren't reporting. I don't know you, personally, but I appreciate reading what you have to write here, about the various issues surrounding your viewpoints on the ever changing media landscape. I imagine keeping up a blog is challenging work, but I for one looked forward to your sparking the next conversation.

Marie Siroky
Thank you.. for your boldness in putting things out there without sensationalizing nor neutralizing. And yes, using Gary's own words is essential. Holding you and those who knew him better than I in my prayers

Gene Poole
Thank you Ruth, well said. Gary was a friend & firebrand with encyclopedic recall. His loss is a blow to anti-corruption forces...

Jim Reidelbach
Ruth, I got to know Greg Ballard persoanally, and to call him "the most corrupt mayor" we have ever had, is well, ludicrous. He was tireless in support of veterans, and makinmg the city more attractive to "millenials"(I'm almost surprised he ran as a Republican). I was involved with his campaigns, and he never failed to engage any of our WWII vets at the World War II Roundtable each month, staying until the last one left. He used to even skewer the Marine Corps a bit. I know the backstories to a lot of "allegations" that were made. I thought(and think) the world of him(the last time I heard him speak at my fraternity conclave,which Luger usually attends when possible, he stuck it to Pence hard w/o mentioning him by name. . ).

Karen Celestino-Horseman
Well-said, Ruth, well-said. Gary would be flattered.

AL made many enemies on its way up. Its enemies will gnaw on it, on its way down. What was once Unified Neighbors had its window of opportunity. When organizations sell a weak business model to the public as shares, they need to either evolve rapidly and entrench success, or suffer from plentiful competition and better competitive brains. There are many better brains out there.

Molly Butters Hale
If Angie's model is so unsuccessful, competitors wouldn't be recruiting staff or stealing trade secrets, a la Amazon. This kind of lawsuit is pretty par for the course in the tech field. Gotta try to protect your turf every time, or lose ground every time someone grabs for it. Apple sues aggressively and it's not viewed as a move of desperation, it's doing business. I'm a tech start-up junky and spouse to an AL employee.

Steve Russo
How Angie's List continues to exist baffles me. Why they wouldn't sell out NOW to anyone willing to pay for an out-of-date and never profitable company befuddles me. Definitely desperate times at AI...

Rita Rose
AL took down its paywall several weeks ago, ramping up the competition

Kent Ayers
Glad to see you are back posting. Was afraid that you were done. Also, Gannett recently changed the corporate name of their broadcasting stations to Tegna. They then proceeded to buy up some more stations around the country. And of course, they started buying out anyone, especially on-air talent, who had been employed for many years. You can keep track of them on a website that I read everyday, FTVLive. A former television news director/reporter/photographer, posts the blog and is great at coming up with exclusives.

Al Kowalczyk
Ruth, these numbers from the Star shouldn't surprise anyone (not even Ms. Ferguson Fuson). There's more to it than just the fact that print media is dying in this country. My wife has subscribed to the Sunday Star, but only to get the coupons (which pays for the subscription). Otherwise, let's admit it, the newspaper's reporting is horrendous. Notwithstanding the polarization of the this country's citizens, there are still many of us out there who would like some in-depth, unbiased reporting from our news sources. You don't get that with the Star. I'm not going to set out, here, which way I think the Star and its staff leans; too many people, I think, already know this. But it's this kind of biased reporting (and the constant Sports, Sports, Sports coverage) that is driving so many readers away. If Ms. Ferguson Fuson can't see this, well, perhaps it's time she move on. Regardless, the Star will probably not change the point of view from which it sees issues. So it will continue to bleed readers until it, like so many other newspapers, is dead.

Amusingly, the NYT just hit 1M online subs. But if you go just an hour drive south, the Herald Times thrives. Nice if tawdry online community-- saturated with proctological orifices and armchair experts-- the usual suspects. Almost every non-Gannett market within five hrs drive has a thriving newspaper. Yeah, 3x/wk. Serves them right. What total and complete turkeys.

Jennifer Gombach
If they go to the three-day model, it will be interesting to see how they deal with Monday post-game Colts coverage. It's a challenge we were talking about five years ago, and the best option at the time was a single-copy special section. Can't even begin to image how reduced pub days will impact ad rates and revenue. My local paper has shifted to USPS delivery, and I'm not liking it, and I'm guessing it's resulting in subscriber losses. We said all along that eventually newspaper newsrooms would look like TV stations' - it just may happen sooner than later.

john bansch
ruth, any numbers on far circulation has dropped? I heard daily is around 94,000.