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Be your own record label!

Published: 2011-05-12T12:08:55-04:00


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Guess How Much Money You Made. Seriously, You Need To Guess.


By George Howard and Jeff Price (Follow George Howard on Twitter / Follow TuneCore on Twitter) In order for a business of any kind to succeed you must have metrics. You must, at minimum, be able to calculate both how much the business is spending and how much the business is making. The music industry today, in many respects, requires and rewards the artist who views herself as a business-owner/operator. Artists can (and we’d argue, should) be their own label,...

Adapting To The New Music Industry


They say one year on the Net is like five years in the “real world,” in regards to the music industry, one year sure feels like 15. When we launched TuneCore half a decade ago (sounds more impressive than five years) we built a system to change the music industry and empower and serve artists. Since then, the industry has changed and evolved: new stores have popped up, others have shut down; more music is being released, bought, streamed and...

Guitar Miking 101 + Electronic Musician Magazine Offer


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're interested in more articles like the one below, Electronic Musician Magazine is offering TuneCore users a special subscription discount starting today (April 14th, 2011). There are 2 offers available (Click the offer to view details and purchase) Short term offer: 3 issues of EM Magazine for $3 Continuation offer: 9 issues of EM Magazine for $9 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guitar Miking 101 By Bobby Owsinski & Rich Tozzoli Bobby Owsinski is a producer, engineer, and musician who has authored...

SoundCheck: Do You Have A Clear Understanding Of How Your Music Royalties Are Calculated?


Do you have a clear understanding of how your music royalties are calculated?online surveys