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Preview: Good Things For Bad Days

Good Things For Bad Days

Mostly free ideas to cheer you up. Published whenever.

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Make your own game.


Not completely. But if you feel creative today and are willing to explore you should check this out.

Yeah More Games


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Red Remover



I can't figure all the levels out so good luck for you! Keep the greens get rid of the reds.



(image) Sorry for yet another book recommendation, but this time I suggest reading something campy and ridiculous. It can get you in a playful mood and maybe you'll even be imagining how the old man across from you on the bus is a secret agent trying to take down the mob (but of course he's being thwarted by a Russian agent). To be honest though, you probably shouldn't read the collection of short stories entitled Octopussy, it's gotten bad reviews.

Nice mocking


Sure mocking seems mean, but let's do it through the internet where they can't hear us (or see us pointing and giggling). I today have come upon a goth fashion site and found the pure fear of indie fashion and horrible mashed together style just the thing to cheer me up. If you too like mocking goths click here.

Line bounder


Blogging Blogs


I ran into a lovely blog by several artists. I've always enjoyed scrolling through random art. Enjoy!

Send a Letter


Think of how excited you are when you check your mail and realize you have something from a friend that took time? If you start sending letters and get your friends to join in you'll soon be excited for your mail (if you're not already due to NetFlix). This way you don't put off keeping up with people because you always have the option (on facebook and the like), instead you'll get excited and run off to write a letter right after you receive one. It's also fun if you write them full of emotions as if you couldn't possibly get this information to them in a faster way.

Also to spice it up, you can draw pictures on the envelope and add little funny extras you've clipped out of magazines.

World News is Funny?


If Wait wait don't tell me can find funny stuff in the news so can we! Today I ran across two stories with funny angles on BBC News.

The first is about a woman who died while scuba diving(no that's not the funny part). While she was lying on the seabed another man on vacation just happened to be posing for a picture while a freaked out instructor swam to help the woman. How terrible would it be if you took a vacation picture and later realized a dead person was in it?

The second funny news article is about a Priest who published a sex guide for married couples. If you look closely at the caption of the picture you'll see this, "Critics question the competency of a celibate monk to write about sex". So will you take tips on spicing up your sex life from a virgin?

The great outdoors


Today's tip is to go to a park, any park. Even if one nearby your home isn't as magnificent as devil's tower go anyway. You can have some failed attempts at flying kites, read a book outside, stare at birds and guess what they are, or just attempt to get a tan. Parks are free and entertaining. Another tip is to go to a playground. Things are a bit different when you're bigger (and out of shape).

The Onion


Last Few Republican Senators Form Roman Tortoise

I don't doubt that you've all already heard of the Onion before, but here are some little known parts. The picture above was from their the news in photos section. Another part I've been enjoying is the daily overview of Obama's First 100 Days in office which has just now been finished. They also have a very good short daily podcast that you can get on itunes or you can listen on their website.

Fairytale game


(image) Headspin Storybook
This is a little bit of a twist on the matching two pictures game. They have to be exact mirror images on each side. Good graphics reminiscent of childhood fairy tales make it worth spending the 10 minutes or so it takes to finish the 20 levels.

Working through stress/ boring days


(image) Chain of Fire
I personally clean everything, but if you prefer to set people on fire and watch them run around screaming....well I'm not going to stop you.

The Mighty Boosh


(image) The Mighty Boosh is a British tv show featuring Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) and Howard Moon (Julien Barratt). Vince is a childish, sunshine, fashionable mod/punk/metro man and Howard is his best friend a hapless confused loser. The two share in ridiculous adventures that veer towards the musical in the third season. The first season is set in a Zoo, the second in an apartment, and the third in a shop (Nabootique). Click here for a link to the first episode. If you prefer not to watch it online the third season is currently being aired on Adult Swim.
(image) p.s.- Noel's my current celebrity crush, although his chin is epic...

Bubble boy


Play Games at AddictingGames

The english are coming!


(image) These fine gentlemen are Hamish and Andy (don't know which is which). They have a radio show in Australia (yeah not quite British), but we can get it via podcast here. They do usual radio talk stuff, but so far I rarely stop laughing. They've covered such news as why does the space station need a gps. What would their global position be? Not on it? You can get them by searching on itunes or at their website(just chose a location, doesn't matter).

Something actual from England now. Friday Night Comedy from BBC4 is literally the funniest thing my ears have come in contact with in months. If you're going to give anything a chance from this website, please make it this. I promise they're more entertaining then the spice girls. Again you can find this podcast via itunes or here.

F My Life



Pretty self explanatory, F my life is a site where you can post terrible things that happened to you today. The Great part is when you realize your life hasn't ever been as bad as some of this. And if it has, well at least it's funny in a sick way. (p.s.- that picture was a random one that came up when I searched f**k my life on flickr)

Games to play alone and with others


(image) Games to play with others: Both of these are word games. The first is make up your own theme park and name and describe some of the rides. Mine is Twin peaks. There would be a red room ride where you basically ride through oddly lit rooms with confusing things going on.

The second is a somewhat childish one. Use book titles to hit on people. Examples: I'd like to be the Lord of your Rings, I'll Bhagavad your Gita.

For Alone Time:
Play Games at AddictingGames
This is a bit of and odd game, sorta creepy too. I scored a 26 whatever that means....I hope you guys find this enjoyable.

Play Games at AddictingGames
This is one of those look for the tiny difference games. I got on the highscore table with a 407, so odds are you can beat me. If you do please comment how much better you did.

Please share your answers and any games you have!

Look a clue!


(image) Need to relax? I personally am sick and something that's brought me comfort is revisiting childhood books. Alright Nancy Drew was not from my childhood, but it's really not that bad. I'm also thinking of rereading Mr. Popper's Penguins. Both getting a book done quickly and seeing how simple life can be in a different perspective has helped me stop stressing.



I've been having a really lame month and to cheer myself up right before my final I decided to write a surrealist poem with my roomie.

I am a purple teapot
And we are all Cows
Your mother rains like dirt
The Clock tics green
The Cigarette burns through the Paradigm
My Bear Yells HELLO *whispered*

(image) (ps-caulator means jester in latin)



Valentines day is a drag for anyone not in a committed relationship. To make this day more cheerful give some friends an odd valentines day card. You could send some retro ones. Or write some interesting ones of you own (an idea from my French teacher is to write a surrealist one- compare your loved ones to margarine!). Or you could follow Annie Sprinkle's (feminist porn star) advice and make a tit print for your love bug. Valentines day is a stupid commercial made up holiday, so use it as you wish and have fun!

İlke Kutlay


İlke Kutlay is a very talented painter who's style is indie meets sunfilled paradise. Click here to see a gallery of some of his work.

A smack of Jellyfish


(image) Like a Murder of crows here are some other group names. Also something I tracked down at another site is that a group of lawyers is a quarrel or a greed.

Quick Games


Two fun logic games. Since I have to be in a logic class right now, you do too!