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The Opposite of Wrong

Libertarian editorial cartoons explained

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Watch out for Men in Black.

Tue, 17 Jul 2012 12:17:52 +0000

Copyright infringement is a federal crime! Fair Use vs Stealing I recently had a problem with an unenlightened, uneducated and low-class site who stole (and are stealing)  a lot of my cartoons. They are a “humor” site, and they stole many dozens of my cartoons (which explains why this site was down for the last 10 days). I will deal with them separately, when my investigation is done, but because they were so very stupid, I wanted to try to explain Fair Use to my smart readers here! Very very briefly, there are 4 rules of Fair use: 1. Purpose (entertainment, or education?) 2. Type of work (news, fiction, art) 3. Amount used in comparison to whole work 4. Monetary effect on creator Examples of Fair Use Here are some examples of Good Fair Use from the excellent Stanford Fair Use site :     quoting a few lines from a Bob Dylan song in a music review     summarizing and quoting from a medical article on prostate cancer in a news report     copying a few paragraphs from a news article for use by a teacher or student in a lesson, or     copying a portion of a Sports Illustrated magazine article for use in a related court case. They added: The underlying rationale of this rule is that the public reaps benefits from your review, which is enhanced by including some of the copyrighted material. In other words, you use only enough of the article, art, or cartoon, to give a fair review. Your purpose is to REVIEW, not TAKE. In the case of art or a cartoon, you would link to the cartoon, or include only a part of it (just as you see just a detail of classic paintings in art books). If your purpose is to entertain your audience with a cartoon, or be entertained, however, buy the damn cartoon, or else it’s copyright infringement. In the title bar at the top you can see the complete title of this blog: Best editorial cartoons….interpretation and explanation included.  Most people don’t understand political cartoons, as shown by the fact that over 50% of my visitors are from schools & universities.This blog is educational, which is a huge part of Fair Use. I review fictional cartoons based on the news, I use a small, not printable size, and I always link to, mention by name, and otherwise promote the creator and the publisher. I would also take down any cartoon that a cartoonist does not want displayed here, but that has never happened. In addition, I get PERMISSION from the publisher or creator. Because I am reviewing cartoons (just like a book reviewer) this is Fair Use, even if I don’t get permission. But I do it, anyway, because it’s the right thing to do. I haven’t done many LA Times cartoons reviews recently, but I notice Daryl Cagle copied my format in his blog, and also picked a few cartoons by others to review each week. (However, this is very time-consuming and a lot of work, so he doesn’t do it anymore either, and just posts a slideshow!) Of course, there are some sites that have free clip art, I think, and a lot of clip art comes with some software programs. Or you could draw something yourself. :) So you have those alternatives, too. If you lift cartoons for any other reason than Fair Use – because you feel stupid that day, you’re lazy, you don’t have a subject to write about, you’re jealous of cartoonists, you have a big hole in your post to fill, or you have a liberal hate site – you are breaking copyright law and can be prosecuted. And you will be. Not to mention how embarrassing it is when your host tells you they are removing the copyrighted material you took! Q & A on Fair Use What about if I use it on Facebook? Link to it or Like it! It will still show up as a thumbnail on your Timeline. Otherwise, buy the cartoon. There’s no freebie for Facebook. But I left the cartoonist’s signature in there! So what? How does that pay her bills that month? How does he know where it’s been used? If it’s showing up everywhere, she just lost a sale and do you really want the cartoonist to spend hours trackin[...]

Investigative report on LA County Animal Shelters.

Mon, 08 Aug 2011 23:41:52 +0000

Yeah, I know it’s not as sexy as the market fall (which Twitter is ignoring, btw- obviously everyone in there either a) has no money b) doesn’t understand Standard and Poors or c) thinks money is too crass to talk about) But I wrote a big long report about the incompetent killing machine, the LA County Animal Shelters, and you might like to take a look. It’s in my animal/park blog, Griffith Park Interrupted. This was my first blog I started, and I have been able to see results from it, fortunately. There are lots of pictures, too, taken by some of the worst photographers in the state, some of the shelter employees. Here’s one to whet your appetite. Excerpt from the post: The photographs are so bad that I started making copies of them, and put them in my collection of Worst Shelter Pictures Ever. Some look like experimental art, and others like the animal is being tortured. I’ve asked several shelters if they need new cameras. No, they have several.  Each animal is photographed on intake (or should be) by the intake officer who picked them up, so the blame (or praise?) is on them. Shouldn’t the worst photographers be disciplined or trained or put on another job? But let’s be honest here – EVERYONE has a camera with them at all times, in their cell phone if nothing else. No one needs itraining on how take photographs anymore. And no one would take pictures this bad of their friends or family. It’s unfathomable.  So what is their excuse for photos this terrible? This is the point at which we should seriously examine their motives: are these bad pictures a way to keep animals from being adopted…job security for the shelter workers, in other words?

The 405 shuts down, but we gain our lives.

Thu, 14 Jul 2011 23:30:24 +0000

* Finally cracked TIME Cartoons of the Week with this one! Yes, it took a local LA cartoon to make good on the East Coast. Also in Daily News today, LA Observed, CalWatchdog. You can’t know the excitement here about…a Freeway. The worst freeway. The one everyone hates to hate, the 405. The warnings started weeks ago, and lighted signs everywhere else let us know that even on the East side we’re not safe. They’re closing the Freeway for July 16 and 17 for 10 miles – but they really start work at 7 PM on Friday night, so it’s 2 1/2 days. Just like the riots, they’re warning everyone not to go anywhere. I guess we’re allowed to walk, since they’re into fitness, however. Not that they’re improving the freeway – they’re tearing down a bridge. Half a bridge. The other half comes down a year later, but they aren’t publicizing this part as much, because then everyone would know what an assy plan this is. I know Rob Long, and he’s a funny and clever guy, but I don’t get his take on the freeway closure here. There’s nothing funny about it…it’s just true. The 405 is horribly unpredictable and terrible. Cartoon caption: THE PROLOGUE TO THE RAPTURE: The 405 Freeway shuts down July 16 to 17. Interpretation of cartoon: Well, it’s funny! I saw a postcard years ago of one of the original Rapture paintings, and never forgot it, with people flying out of car crashes, graves, etc, into the sky. I was truly shocked. (Although I’m easily shocked). Somehow that stuck in my head with cars being thrown off the Freeway. Both are sort of unlikely, but hey, one of them is happening this weekend. Found a good source for all Rapture paintings, and you can see the one I was thinking of there. I give you this link with some reservation, however: the site is called something like Jesus needs new PR, but it is both un-Christian and unethical and BAD BLOGGING for him to use all those images and not link to anyone or mention the artist in any of them!! So there!! This cartoon also runs in Daily News this weekend.

Arnold as Baby-daddy for Father’s Day.

Sun, 19 Jun 2011 12:38:11 +0000

You know the story: Arnold Schwarzenegger shacked up with an unattractive but very sensual maid, Mildred Baena, (I must assume she had sex appeal at some point). I’m guessing it happened in the pantry, don’t you think? While Maria campaigned for causes or politics in the foyer. Arnold cartoon I know I said I wasn’t going to do a cartoon about this, but the story was so big that my editor of Calwatchdog, in Sacramento (state capitol), specifically asked me to! Sure, I was reading all the details, but…I just hate outing people, even politicians, for their sexual escapades. It’s kind of private. In this case, I actually didn’t vote for Arnold because of his sleazy ways towards women in the studios before he became Gov’r. I worked in the studios for a while. I know what’s it’s like. Yes, I believed the LA Times stories on his groping, although other sources said they were lies at the time. So it was him taking advantage of the ladies that repulsed me, not the sexual inclinations. This week, Orange County politicians called him a nasty word. I don’t like that word, so go see it. Ooh, I found a lot of pictures of Arnold and the housekeeper, Mildred Baena here. Leave it to the British press! Cartoon caption: Arnold Schwarzenegger talks to the media about his affair and illegitimate child with Baena? He says, Yes, I was a movie star, a groping governor, and now an adulterous father of a ba love child….I hope you will all accept me as a true American now. Below, update on this blog. And in my own housekeeping here… Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I started a Facebook Page. Not personal, just my cartoons. Anyone can see it, anyone can Like it or join it. I also have a link to it in the sidebar. This coordinates all my cartoons in one place: political, general, for Psych Today, etc, so Like  it and get updated on all the new cartoons that go up. I had to disable comments because of so much spam this month. I’ll re-able soon, or when someone requests it My traffic took a big nosedive in February when Google changed their precious algorithm, and rewarded big sites, while they downgraded original, small sites like mine. They also weigh backlinks heavily now – that is, who links to the site. There are very few editorial cartoon blogs, and most of them are connected with newspapers, so they can’t link to me. Just a couple of politics sites link to me, and that’s not enough. Traffic went down again once school started this month. I have been keeping track of certain schools anyway. Cartoons aren’t free, people, just like lunches and blackboards and books and teachers aren’t. Just looking is fine, but I know certain places, who come back all the time, are using my cartoons in class. Infuriating. But at least now I have a list, for September, rubbing my hands together! I don’t know if I’ll continue this blog. How you can help: send OpEdCartoons (this site) to newspaper editors, link here yourself or suggest other sites link here. Or, donate to my Paypal tip jar in the sidebar. Otherwise, grab a shovel. Check out my Father’s Day Cartoon in Psychology Today.

Arnold and Maria split because Arnold lost his mojo. UPDATED

Tue, 17 May 2011 12:30:00 +0000

What, you mean philandering and affairs (Arnold Schwarzenegger) aren’t enough reason for a couple to separate, but leaving political office will do just fine? Typical Kennedy thinking, Maria! Arnold S’s history with women in the studios I’ve never run into Arnold on studio lots or in public, but I remember reading the very scandalous stuff the LA Times dug up on him before he became Governor. Many women came forward to claim he had sexually grabbed them. Here’s that original LA Times article on Arnold before the 2003 recall election. There were lots of women who came forward over several days to tell their stories of how he groped them and said sexually explicit things. At the time, the Republicans said the LA Times dug all this stuff up just to threaten his election, because the Times is notoriously Left. But I’ve worked in the studios, on and off, for several years, and I know very well the caste system there, and how it works, and the power actors have, and I am quite sure every accusation was true. I didn’t vote for him, based on those stories. Breaking news: Arnold had a child out of wedlock! Whoa, stop the presses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started this post just riffing on the breakup, and surmising that Arnold and Maria broke up because he stepped down as Governor, and Maria got bored with him, but just an hour ago it was announced Schwarzenegger had a baby with someone who was in their household staff, so she kicked him out!!  From the WaPost: The Times reported Tuesday that Shriver moved out of the family’s Brentwood mansion earlier this year after Schwarzenegger acknowledged the child is his… The Times did not publish the former staffer’s name nor that of her child but said the staff member worked for the family for 20 years and retired in January. Such is the state of news now that it turns out, WaPo reported it, but that my own paper, the LA Times, broke the story. The Times says Schwarzenegger told his wife only after he left office (!) and that the woman in question just happened to quit working for the family a couple of months ago, after she met her goal of 20 years with them. So I guess she’s a woman who fools around, but also sets personal goals! What a gal. Can’t wait until they find out her name and what she did on staff. That really is scandalous, to have it be your hired help. How humiliating for Maria, and says so much about Ahnold, to have him keep this mess next to him for years. I wonder why he told her now. Maybe he just couldn’t keep the secret any longer. The Cartoons Top Cartoon Caption: IF ARNOLD STILL HAD TERMINATOR TENDENCIES. Ahnold is at the podium, and says, Okay, the people of California voted down my tax plans. But I still control water, roads, electricity, etc. So…I’ll be back. I did this cartoon in May of 2009, the first one I ever did of Arnold, and/or California, since I had just started doing political cartoons a few months earlier. It’s also the best likeness of him! I did several more of him for Calwatchdog, and found him very difficult to draw for some reason. This might be because I think he’s handsome, and it’s harder to draw even features. Also, the Terminator is SO overdone – I never did that idea again, but I was a newbie! I notice in his early pictures he had quite the jutting jaw, when he was more German (Austrian, really), and less American. More than one plastic surgeon said he had plastic surgery to correct that, and it’s pretty obvious to me that he did. Interestingly, this is the opposite of Bristol Palin, who just appeared with a totally new face last week, and now admits that she had surgery “correction”, which makes her jaw longer and more pointed. I don’t think I like it. Bottom Cartoon: OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE…USED. Jerry Brown, who was the former Governor of California twice before, steps into the role once again in J[...]