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Preview: Moondog -The Moonblog

Moondog -The Moonblog

Stephen Mooney Artwork.

Updated: 2015-09-16T10:23:54.283-07:00




I'll be at the fantastic ThoughtBubble show in Leeds on the 17-18th of November. I'll be signing at table C on both days from 10:30 - 12:00, and I'll have loads of unseen HALF PAST DANGER material with me. Drop by and say howdy if ye're aboot.



This is the art for a print available exclusively at the HALF PAST DANGER panel at the upcoming DICE(Dublin International Comics Expo) show on the 29th and 30th of September. All attendees will be given the print. Colours by the lovely and talented Miss Jordie Bellaire. Hope to see ye there!

Half Past Danger - Teaser


This is the inked version of the teaser for my upcoming HALF PAST DANGER series. I'm well into working on the second issue of the book at this point, and talks are going really well with a major publisher about getting this thing out into the world early next year. I'm really happy with how the work is going, it's definitely the best stuff I've ever produced, for what that is or isn't worth!

Please head on over to the HPD site to find out more info if you're interested, I'd really appreciate the support!



I'll be at the Kapow convention in London this coming weekend; saturday evening and all day sunday. I'm situated at Table 167 in Artist's Alley (alongside fellow Mick/knuckledragger Dec Shalvey) where I'll be signing, sketching, and chatting about (and showing lots of unseen pages from) Half Past Danger to all and sundry. Say howdy if ye're about.

Progress Report


Hey! Been months since my last post here, wanted to update anybody that happened to still be reading! Production on Half Past Danger has been a fairly slow-going but ultimately very interesting and rewarding experience. The whole series is fully written, and I'm almost finished the first complete issue, just some colouring work left to do. After that's done it'll come time to pitch the project to prospective publishers, and the terror-sweat shall begin. This is the cover to the first issue, for loads more artwork and production info please hop over to the Half Past Danger site to see what I'm cookin' up.

Half Past Danger


Right now I'm working on what is my first ever creator-owned book, Half Past Danger. It's a tale of high adventure set in 1943 during WW2, and I'm really enjoying the process of creating and writing my own story and characters. I've started a production blog documenting the process, located here. Please take a look if you get a minute free and let me know how you think I'm doing. Any and all feedback would be appreciated, as I'm in uncharted waters here!

Teen Wolf


Next week sees the release of issue 1 of 'Teen Wolf' from Top Cow/Image. The story is called 'Bite Me', and is written by my former Angel collaborator and scribe extraordinaire David Tischmann. It's a brand new, original tale overseen by the show's creators, and a great, fun ride.  I'd reccommend it to any fans of the new show(which apparently is doing really well straight out of the blocks, which is fantastic).
Check it out if ye get the chance.



These are some illustrations done for the Peter David prose story starring Harmony from the recent IDW Angel Yearbook(it was the last Angel book that IDW put out before the changeover back to Dark Horse). Plus, the li'l unicorn emoticons that were peppered throughout the story.
I really enjoyed working on Harm; one of the very few Angelverse characters that up until that point I hadn't gotten to draw. Colours are by the uber-talented Ms Jordie Bellaire.

Teen Wolf


For the last 3 months I've been working on a brand new Teen Wolf series for MTV/Top Cow. It's based on the new MTV show, and it's safe to say, this ain't yer daddy's Teen Wolf. Been a lot of fun drawing all the wolfed-out action scenes, and it's also been great re-teaming with one of my favourite ANGEL writers,  David Tischmann, who really knows his way around a script.

Heroes Con Charlotte


Sorry about the radio silence of late, been extremely busy on a project that hasn't been announced yet. Once it has though, I'll be back all guns blazing. In the meantime, this coming weekend I'll be at Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina. I'll probably be floating around fellow Micks Dec Shalvey and Will Sliney's tables in artists' alley most of the time. If ye seem , say howdy. I've herad it's one of the most enjoyable shows of the year, and I've never been, so can't wait.

Angel Commission 2


Second recent Angel piece, again with the step-by-step just to show the process. I do this likeness stuff a LOT, and it comes easier to me now than it used to, but I'm sure looking forward to drawing some comics where the characters don't have to look like specific people! I threw some red on there at the end, just cos it looks cool, really.

Angel Commission


Here's the first of a few Commissions I drew this week during some rare downtime. Even on my infrequent days off I get restless incredibly quickly and feel like I should be drawing, not sitting on my arse, y'know, relaxing. Heaven forbid. I'll post a bit of the process work on the others as I've done here, sometimes I think that stuff is just as interesting as the final piece.

Angel Yearbook Sneak Peek


A panel from one of the short stories that I illustrated for the last IDW Angel book. Bittersweet, to say the least. Is Angel saying goodbye to L.A.? Dunno. Well, actually, I do know. But I ain't tellin'.

Spike#6 Out Today


Issue 6 of Spike, my second issue with fantasti-scribe Brian Lynch, is in stores today. Please pick it up, this one is something of a... game-changer.

Link to the preview here.



Watch this space...

UPDATE: Spike issue #5(my first of an arc with scribe/dancer-extroadinaire Brian Lynch) lands in funnybook stores tomorrow/wednesday the 23rd. Please do check it out, it's a fun read.

Preview here.

Angel Investigations Museum


Here's the inked art for the Angel Museum splash in the preview for Angel 41. People seem to be enjoying picking out all the references to the earlier seasons of the show so thought I'd give ye a better look!
This badboy was great fun to draw, and got me all misty-eyed for the show... good times.

Angel 41 Preview


Angel issue 41 lands in funnybook stores throughout the land next wednesday the 26th of January. it's the first issue of the book that I've drawn in over a year, and working on it was like slipping into a favourite old pair of shoes, like I'd never been away. The script by David Tischman and Mariah Huehner is excellent, and lovely to work from. Well worth a read, I promise.
Above is my variant cover for the issue.

Please check out the preview HERE

More Angelverse work coming from me very soon.... it's good to be back.

Irish Times Christmas Illustration


A piece done for the BANG magazine supplement in today's Irish Times. Please pick it up! It's a great read.

Eclectic Micks Volume 2 Sketchbook launch


I'll be signing at the launch of the new Eclectic Micks sketchbook this coming Friday, at Forbidden Planet Dublin from 5-7pm(weather permitting! Lotta snow round these parts). Please drop in to say hi to myself and the other Micks in attendance(Dec Shalvey and Will Sliney so far), and maybe pick up a copy of the new book. Each one comes with a headsketch of a character of your choice, ala Watcher-Wesley here done for an Angel fan at the NYC con in october.

Willow and Spike


So it's been revealed that I'll be joining úber-scribe Brian Lynch on the second half of his new Spike series, and believe me, the script I've read so far is brilliant. A certain guest-star appears(Willow!) and she is so very mired in-character, it's a joy to behold. This is the Willow we know and love. I'm only a few pages into my first issue(5), and already I'm having a ball.
I'm taking over from the amazing Franco Urru for a few issues, as he's had to duck out for personal reasons. I'm sure he'll be back soon though, as you can only keep a man like that out of the game for so long!
This isn't the only project I've been working on for our editor, Mariah Huehner(this lady knows her stuff, class act all the way). Keep your eyes peeled for some other Angelverse artwork at some point soon...

Great to be back.



This is a cover I contributed to an upcoming issue of Angel. Didn't realise how much I missed working on the character until I drew the big lug once again.
I've been out of the Angelverse for too long.... lets see about rectifying that.

New York Comic Con


The Micks will have a table at next weekends NYCC, number R-12 in artists' alley. Please do drop by and say hi. Myself, Dec, Will and Len will be there representin' the auld country. We'll be hawking the new Eclectic Micks sketchbook, and also will have a very limited quantity of the first volume with us.  They're both super-aces.
Can't wait to get over there, always a blast and a half. Join us, won't you?

Here's a Shadow piece that i drew as part of an art swap at the con with Angelic Nick Runge. He's good people.

Moonstone Process


Here's the pencils and inks for the piece I did for this week's blog post over on the Eclectic Micks site, Moonstone of the Thunderbolts. You can see where I fixed/tightened up a lot of aspects in the inks, and then in the colours.



Here's a recent pic of DD I did to commemorate the passing of the late, great Frank Frazetta.

Wolverine Commission