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OPINION: Why Rock’s Sense Of Community Might Matter More Than Anything

Sun, 31 Jul 2016 15:55:00 +0100

A wise man once said, ‘without music, life would be a mistake.’ But that’s as much about the people we meet through songs as the songs themselves...  Hello, my name is Tomas Doyle, I am the Deputy Editor of Rock Sound magazine and to quote the mighty Less Than Jake, ‘All My Best Friends Are Metalheads’. Well, okay, that isn’t quite true but it is a point of fact that virtually every person I care about, or have any sort of meaningful relationship with, I have come to know through a mutual interest in rock music.  Think about that for second. An entire life that has been shaped and carved in a very real way through a series of noises that come out of a speaker. Except rock music isn’t just about the sounds that we fire into our ears – not really. The true beauty of the records we share a love for is that they have always been a catalyst for some of the most strongly forged communities imaginable. It’s about the pals you make at school through sneakily listening to your favourite albums in the back of class. It’s the kid you see in town rocking a T-shirt of a band you know so start talking to. It’s the frantic half hours you spend sweating other people’s sweat at the front of packed-out gigs and the days you spend afterwards making those nights in to the stuff of collective legend. Hell, eventually it might be the band you start with your mates (where you rip off those musicians you idolise and can’t play nearly as well as, but it doesn’t matter because you have all of the fun doing it). And the reason rock music of all creeds has long been a hotbed for such tight-knit companionship is, when it comes to it, pretty simple: we are all, at some level, outsiders. Whether you’re a gang of punks in 1977 being spat at in the street for having three foot high mohawks or a Marilyn Manson fan being berated for the ‘satanic’ (yeah, right) content of your favourite tunes, we’ve have always been the kids who don’t quite resonate with what the mainstream deems ‘reasonable’. Even the biggest, most successful rock acts of the last 10 years have risen to the top on an wave of acclaim from us freaks and weirdos: whether you belong to the MCR or BVB armies, the chances are that in those fandoms you have found people who understand you and what makes you tick more than the average Joe in the street ever could. When Rock Sound interviewed AFI frontman and all-round straight-thinker Davey Havok recently he explained the concept with laser-guided clarity.   “You can find a community you connect with and make that your family. Family is about so much more than just DNA.” He couldn’t be more right. The music we hold dear, at its best, expresses our deepest fears, galvanises our greatest hopes and helps us realise that even life’s most imposing mountains are conquerable: why wouldn’t you want to hang out with people who connect to those big, life-altering emotions in the same way as you? But like any good, self-policing community, the rock scene runs off mutual respect and an ethos of helping one another. Of course even under our big, black-clad umbrella we’re sub-divided in lots of ways (death metal to emo and right back again) and there will always be people who like the exact same records as you who you don’t want to be mates with because, frankly, they are thunderous dicksplashes – we get that.  It’s important to remember though, that in a pop-culture that is measured in light years, the person who doesn’t like the same era of Panic! At The Disco as you probably shouldn’t be a target for your ire.  Against a backdrop of ultra-processed X-factor gruel, shallow-as-an-ants-paddling-pool reality TV and music that denigrates women, poor people and anybody with the audacity to express their emotions in anything beyond the most basic terms we must always remain an enclave for acceptance, not elitism. After all, w[...]

Is Access To Everything Eroding The Emotional Connection We Once Felt To Music?

Thu, 07 Apr 2016 22:31:00 +0100

Just something to think about. Nearly 15 years ago, the late, great David Bowie was asked by the New York Times how he thought the role of the musician would change in the near future. “Music is going to become like running water or electricity,” he replied, with a shrug. And while your taps and plug sockets might not be full of jazz and funk just yet, The Thin White Duke was certainly right – music has become an abundant, free-flowing commodity in our modern lives. Whether you use YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer or (don’t laugh) Tidal, the chances are you have access to a universe of music at your fingertips whenever you so desire. You’ve woken up this morning with a hankering for some Romanian proto-djent played on spoons? Sure, here’s three albums of it and six playlists recommending similar music performed using other bits of cutlery, should it turn out that you prefer knives and forks. On the one hand this is obviously a great thing - music is great and more music can only be better, right? Access to the widest possible spectrum of art expands our horizons and lets us explore the edges of our taste in a way previously unthinkable. Certainly a world away from the high-cash-for-limited-access days of CD and vinyl shopping that Mr Bowie knew. But is more always more? Is access to everything eroding the emotional connection we once felt to a few things? Forget about the financial implications of the demise of physical media on artists (although they are hugely significant). What about the impact on us, the consumers? The opportunity cost, in real terms, of investigating a new band is so low that the incentive to be truly invested in what you are consuming is reduced to the point of insignificance. If you have had to save up for three weeks to buy a CD then you will listen to that record – whether you really love it or not – until you can recite every note on that shiny disc from memory. When, truthfully, was the last time you listened to an entire album all the way through on Spotify and then decided to repeat it again. And again. And again. This might seem like a relatively minor point, but the means through which we digest art are intrinsically linked to what we end up thinking about the art itself. The sense of kinship for, and ownership of, a musician that you have to work hard to seek out is, for the most part at least, greater. You ordered the vinyl from the record shop, you went to the show and picked up the support band’s first album at the merch stand, you earned it, in the same way that the musicians earned the right to be in your ears with their hours of practice and hard work. The respect is more mutual, the connection both physical and more profound. Having vast swathes of music placed tantalizingly in front of us - and there is so much these days - not only reduces the perceived value of what we’re listening to (when was the last time you were amazed at the water spewing from your tap?) but also abbreviates our reactions to music to the most basic responses. With Your New Favourite Band only one motion of your index finger away, the inclination to rate music in the most black and white terms is often overwhelming. Singles are seemingly now always either ‘Brilliant!’ or ‘Terrible!’ with precious little room given to the middle ground between. Music is a vessel for emotion, and emotions are, as anyone who has ever felt one will know, often confusing and painted in varying shades of grey. Kneejerk responses do not make you a careful or considered listener and having the strongest opinion first doesn’t win you any prizes. Not everything you hear will be great, not everything you hear will be terrible, the vast majority of it will fall somewhere in the middle ground between those two furious bookends. Oh, and it’s okay to listen to an album for six months before deciding you enjoy it. Or not. But perhaps the most damaging facet of million-songs-in-your-p[...]

West From Neck Deep’s Guide To Gaming On Tour

Fri, 11 Mar 2016 17:04:00 +0000

Meet our new video games columnist.


Alright. I'm West and I play guitar in the band Neck Deep. When I'm not banging my head and spinning up an F5 tornado on stage, I'm usually sat on me arse playing video games.

I've been sat in front on a TV getting square eyes way longer than I've been attempting to play any form of music, and gaming is one of my biggest passions. From this point forward you'll see my hairy mug on a regular basis, where I'll be giving you the lowdown on my various adventures in the wide world of gaming.

Seeing as I'm away from home a lot it can be difficult to game a lot of the time, here are my top six tips for gaming on the road...

We have the luxury nowadays of being able to tour in what is basically a house on wheels, (which usually has a telly in it), so a lot of the time I'll just bubble wrap me PS4 and cradle it among a ton of clothes in my suitcase, hoping that an airline doesn't do a David Seaman and boot it down the runway.

The obvious choice for gaming on tour would be to bring a handheld console with you, I rarely leave my house without my 3DS or Ps Vita.

Nowadays, your phone is basically a computer in your pocket, so it makes sense to use it to play games with! Loads of console exclusive indie games have been ported over to the App Store and Google Play, a long with a lot of classics including the Final Fantasy series.

With the latest generation of consoles (Xbox One and PS4), you're pretty much set to buy and import games from any country as they're region free. This is great when touring the US as you'll be able to buy games on the cheap whilst overseas.

I'm always checking Kotaku to keep up to date on the latest gaming news and release dates, but it's also good to do a bit of research yourself. For example Yokai Watch on 3DS still hasn't been released in the UK or Europe, but it's out in Australia and they have the same region code as us in terms of handhelds.

Sharing a bus with 11 other people often means fighting for TV time. The best way to counteract this is to bring some games everyone can have a crack at. A recent favourite of ours has been Rocket League, it's basically FIFA but in rocket-powered supercars. Matches only last 5 minutes so everybody gets a go pretty quickly, it's also hilarious to place bets on.


A Love Letter To Crunkcore

Sun, 14 Feb 2016 19:06:00 +0000

Yes, really. brokeNCYDE's new album 'All Grown Up' is out today. It's also Valentine's Day, so it seemed like the perfect time for Rock Sound's resident crunkcore superfan / apologist Gav Lloyd to explain why he loves crunkcore so much. I’m part of a very small, often ridiculed group of people. I am a loud, proud fan of crunkcore. No subgenre has really copped it quite as hard as crunkcore, with many rock fans treating the genre with nothing but malice. Birthed out of the glory years of MySpace where friendships could be made or broken by Top 8 positioning, crunkcore barged its way into the alternative scene in a whirlwind of glowsticks, red cups filled with Four Loko, all-over print hoodies and shutter shades. Sonically, it took the crunk sound that was dominating U.S. clubs and airwaves courtesy of artists such as professional shouting lad Lil Jon and combined it with screams. Although it had its fair share of naysayers from day one, the genre’s demise was never more apparent than last year, when the crunkcore's spiritual forefathers and pioneers brokeNCYDE launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund their new album which saw only 33 people in the whole world make pledges, raising $1,421 of their $30,000 target. But crunkcore is now making a hostile comeback. Brokencyde’s fourth full-length ‘All Grown Up’ boasts 23 tracks and is out today, so if you’re struggling to think of something to get that special someone in your life, you may have just found the perfect present. Listen to 'All Grown Up' in full right here. frameborder="no" height="450" scrolling="no" src="" width="100%"> The title of brokeNCYDE’s debut album ‘I’m Not A Fan, But The Kids Like It!’ perfectly sums up what was great about them. While older people were looking confused at something they couldn’t get their heads around, a younger generation was indulging in something fresh and exciting. Sure, it may not sound like Iron Maiden or what your dad is into, but that band stuck up an obnoxious middle finger to everyone while doing shots of Sambuca and necking strangers. Their ‘fuck you’ attitude of doing things their way regardless of what anybody else thought made them more 'punk' than 90% of your favourite punk bands. But brokeNCYDE aren’t the only crunkcore band who are back. The end of last year saw Millionaires release their brand new song ‘When I’m Single’. Sisters Melissa Marie Green and Allison Maria Green made a reputation out of being two girls who loved to party, get drunk, spend money and not give a flying fuck about what you thought about it. The world of alternative music has been a boys club for far too long, and although the tides are changing, Millionaires were leading the charge for women years ago and were largely met with ridicule rather than the respect they deserved. Sure, they might not have been ideal role models, but rock stars aren’t meant to be. For years we’ve had to endure men brazenly bragging about their sex lives. Millionaires turned the tables on that ideology while making any slut-shamers look very silly indeed. They were the sort of girls that the likes of Taking Back Sunday were writing songs about, who were too busy releasing songs like ‘Drinks On Me’ to worry about anyone’s feelings. That doesn’t only make them unique, it makes them very cool. Watch the video for 'When I'm Single' below. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="357" src="" width="635"> If you’re thinking that these acts are far too niche and this genre is best left forgotten, I’d like to point you i[...]

Enter Shikari’s Rou Reynolds: “Governance 101. Create Fear. Fear, Fear, Fear.”

Thu, 03 Dec 2015 17:47:00 +0000

This is important. UK MPs voted in favour of joining coalition air strikes against IS militants in Syria last night. Millions of people reacted, both from within the rock world and far, far outside it. Enter Shikari's Rou Reynolds has written a powerful opinion piece on the matter for Rock Sound. You can read it in full below. "Look, if we bomb ISIS there's an even bigger chance they'll bomb us and we couldn't have that could we? So, to stop (but also increase) the chances of them bombing us we need to bomb them, now. You get me?" That's not a million miles from one of David Cameron's arguments on why we need airstrikes in Syria. Here though, it's been translated to simpler language, highlighting the state of complete confusion and contradiction this 'argument' is built upon. Yesterday the UK government voted in favour of dropping bombs in Syria with the attempt of targeting ISIL / ISIS / Da'esh whatever the fuck you choose to call them.  Syria is a beautiful country with a rich history. It has over the last few years been reduced to a chaotic mess of facism, extremism, intergroup conflicts and civil wars wrapped up in civil wars. A month ago airstrikes against ISIL were proposed and later withdrawn through lack of support, but everything has changed since Paris. Now, powerful emotions have been allowed to cloud vision and we're going in balls out, bombs away. It's hard to imagine people more gruesome, psychopathic and disgusting than ISIL. If evil had a physical embodiment, like, say, a "Mr Evil", ISIL would be his pathetic little tag along, the ugly little prick that tries to desperately win the attention and approval of the disinterested "Mr Evil" by committing increasingly extreme acts. No one denies that these people need to be destroyed. But with airstrikes, you kill innocent people, you destroy infrastructure, homes, hospitals, schools. You create more extremists, the very thing you are attempting to rid the world of. I don't have a car but on the occasions I do drive, if you've been unfortunate enough to be a passenger you may have witnessed me looping round a roundabout four times after missing my exit. "The sat nav didn't load in time! It looked like it was the next exit!" I cry. "Oh which lane should I be in now? Fuck I just missed it again.” ETC. Well, THAT is what this ol' 'war on terror' feels like. It started 14 years years ago, this ol' 'war on terror' thing did.  14 years of invasions, airstrikes, lots of dead civilians, which created lots of new extremists... Which meant more invasions, airstrikes, lots of dead civilians, which created lots of new extremists…  Repeat ad nauseam (that's just a fancy latin phrase for "repeat to the point of causing nausea” - I use it to look all intellectualisty). We couldn't have aided in the creation of ISIS more if we worked out how to create terrorists in a Petri dish. Without a clear and well geographically defined enemy, civilians often feel the brunt of our military might. Modern military weaponry has improved in terms of its accuracy over the years, but we still inevitably cause "collateral damage". This is a clever euphemism that sounds like the extra interest you have to cough up when your bank account goes into the red. Instead, it's what happens when our bombs colour the streets of far away places red with the blood of innocent children. How this is going to make us safer I'm very unsure. France was already bombing in Syria before Paris. Many commentators say that’s the reason it was targeted. The problem for the UK's immediate safety is we have a Tory government that is increasing poverty and inequality, underfunding and ruining our healthcare and public services whilst telling us "we CAN afford to spend millions on airstrikes." And that’s milli[...]

Why We Needed The King Blues To Reunite Now More Than Ever

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 17:29:00 +0000

The King Blues announced their reunion today. Rock Sound Deputy Editor Tomas Doyle explains why in 2015 more than ever, that is a very, very good thing. One of the most well-worn criticisms of modern rock music from those on the outside is that there are no bands who "Really stand for anything these days, y’know?" Yet the accusation that we, as a generation, have failed to produce bands blessed with the sort of politicised vigour that the ’70s, ’80s and even ’90s all seemed to have in spades is one levelled by people who, frankly, haven’t been looking hard enough. Formed in 2004 as a ragtag bunch of Camden Town punks with little more than a couple of wonky acoustic guitars and a fiercely burning social conscience to their name, The King Blues took their self-proclaimed "conscious rude boi ska" and cut their teeth across the UK’s burgeoning DIY punk scene. They built themselves from the ground up; blue collar, working-class kids who took the ethos and spirit of Two Tone forefathers like The Specials – anti-racism, anti-homophobia, anti-government violence, for-the-people-by-the-people song writing – and made it speak to a new generation. That they hauled ska, a genre long in the doldrums in terms of commercial popularity, back to the brink of a mainstream breakthrough is testament to their prophetic, poetic abilities. At the centre of all of this was frontman Itch, a diminutive genius whose skills with a pen, pad and microphone at times bordered on the supernatural. Even the most cursory listen to the band’s second album ‘Save The World. Get The Girl’ (still their finest hour) reveals layers of deftly weaved personal narrative and political commentary that most writers could only ever dream of, all delivered with a fangs-bared passion that you cannot fake. Even more than that though, he and his bandmates flew their flag at marches, rallies and protests, practising what they preached in a way that precious few musicians ever authentically do. Truly, they were a lightning rod for British punk... ...which made the band’s sudden split in 2012 feel all the more cruel and untimely. In the years that have gone by since, the world has become a much, much darker place. We live in times where more and more homeless freeze and starve on our streets, planes are blown out of the sky and fanatics run into music venues and gun people down in the name of religion. Meanwhile, government and big business are in cahoots, slicing up our health services and education for astronomic profit at all of our expense. We need a band like The King Blues – who stand for unity, togetherness and social justice – more than we ever have before. That they have chosen this moment to return is a cause for real celebration. The stark reality is that music, as much as we might want it to, cannot save the world. But it can bring us together in a way that very, very few other things on this lonely planet of ours can. One of the most important British bands of the last 10 years are back and it’s time to listen, talk, think, get inspired and activate yourselves in whatever way you are able to. Long live The King Blues.   The King Blues hit the road with Enter Shikari and The Wonder Years early next year. FEBRUARY 18 - GLASGOW Academy 19 - EDINBURGH Corn Exchange 20 - NOTTINGHAM Arena 22 - BOURNEMOUTH International Centre 23 - CARDIFF Arena 25 - MANCHESTER Victoria Warehouse 27 - LONDON Alexandra Palace [...]

Fashionably Great: Get Ready For The End Of Festival Season With Impericon

Sun, 09 Aug 2015 10:47:00 +0100

PROMOTED POST: IT’S STILL FESTIVAL SEASON. Which bands do you watch? Where did you put your tent? Do your wellies have holes? Which clothes do you wear? Well, can help you with that last bit…


Bring Me The Horizon shirt? Check. Skinny jeans? Check. Sunglasses? Check. You're ready to throw down and look cool.

Bring Me The Horizon SC T-shirt | £14.99 | Buy now
Ironnail skinny jeans | £39.99 | Buy now
Beartooth sunglasses | £8.99 | Buy now


Legging it from stage to stage? These Air Max will do the trick nicely. Combine them with this ADTR top and HUF cap and you're onto a winner.

A Day To Remember tank | £14.99 | Buy now
Nike Air Max Tavas Essential | £99.99 | Buy now
HUF cap | £33.99 | Buy now


Disney Princess shoes > pretty much everything else. Apart from these Obey socks and a The Story So Far shirt, obviously.

Obey socks | £10.99 | Buy now
Vans slip-on Belle / True white shows | £51.99 | Buy now
The Story So Far T-shirt | £14.99 | Buy now


That Lord Of The Rings Neck Deep shirt, though. And the Jimmy Eat World and Northlane stuff doesn't look bad either...

Northlane longsleeve | £22.99 | Buy now
Neck Deep LOTR T-shirt | £14.99 | Buy now
Jimmy Eat World T-shirt | £14.99 | Buy now stocks an unrivalled selection of merch and streetwear designs. We recommend checking out their full range right here.

Fashionably Great: Spend Some Bank Holiday Cash At Impericon This Weekend

Fri, 01 May 2015 14:08:00 +0100

PROMOTED POST: This weekend is the first of TWO Bank Holidays in the space of a few weeks, and everyone at RS HQ is pretty pumped about it. What's more, Impericon have stocked up on some amazing pieces for the occasion, and we felt the urge to share them with you. Like these…


No wardrobe will ever be complete without a Slayer dress. And guys, at least one person in our office is adamant that pairing that Beartooth tank with the red Parkway Drive shorts will make you THE head turning sensation at Slam Dunk in a few weeks. So get on it.

Iron Fist Slayer dress | BUY NOW

Beartooth tank  | BUY NOW

Parkway Drive Shorts | BUY NOW


The All Time Low guys nail both pop-punk and baseball looks to perfection with this slick design. And if you’re after shoes, then you might like to know that when you order any pair of Vans from Impericon right now, they’ll hook you up with a free pair of Vans socks. Just use the code ‘vansocks’ at the checkout.

All Time Low Raglan | BUY NOW

Hype Sweater | BUY NOW

Vans | BUY NOW

As a Rock Sound reader, you’ll know by now how blooming amazing PVRIS are, so rep them now and you’ll be able to roll your eyes when everybody else is doing it in 2017. Hype’s eye-catching designs continue to blow our minds, as does Afends’ rise from the underground of hardcore. Both brands with strong ties to rock breaking through into the mainstream. Awesome to see!


Hype cap | BUY NOW

Afends tank | BUY NOW
£24.99 stocks an incredible range of band merch and streetwear brands that it would be impossible to fit into a single page. When you’re in the spending mood we wholeheartedly recommend checking out the entire store.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday, you fabulous people!

Fashionably Great: Spend Some Payday Cash At Impericon This Weekend

Fri, 27 Feb 2015 16:18:00 +0000

We’ve had it circled on the office calendar for about three weeks, but, finally, pay day is here! So we figured we’d help you spend some of those hard earned pennies, because we’re proper nice like that. Whether you’re on the hunt for new band merch or updating your street wear, the guys over at Impericon have you covered. Here are our top picks from the store this month.


In Hearts Wake Tee | BUY NOW

Adidas ZX Flux Sneakers | BUY NOW

Neff Daily Glow In The Dark Sunglasses | BUY NOW

Mi-Pac Strawberries Backpack | BUY NOW

Of Mice & Men Baseball Cap | BUY NOW

Stick To Your Guns Tee | BUY NOW


Carhartt Hoody | BUY NOW

Herschel Retreat Backpack | BUY NOW

Carhartt Jeans | BUY NOW

To see what else Impericon have lined up for the new season, head over to their store and take a look at the full range.

Seminal Nirvana Photographer Collaborates With Streetwear Pioneers

Fri, 13 Feb 2015 11:19:00 +0000

Famed for capturing the most influential grunge bands of the '80s and '90s including Nirvana, Mudhoney and Pearl Jam, seminal photographer Charles Peterson and streetwear pioneers KR3W have teamed up to create the 'Rights Refused' collaboration. Take a look at this.

Peterson once said, "amidst the chaos of a live show, I wanted to find that sense of grace. I wanted people to experience what it was like being there; the sweat, the noise, being pushed against each other”. Moments captured by the photographer include Kurt Cobain's infamous stage dive in Seattle, 1990, as seen above.

Now appearing across a range of tees, wovens, cut and sew thanks to KR3W, Peterson's works tell their own story of a snapshot of time that changed the face of music forever. 




Rad stuff.

The KR3W x Charles Peterson collaboration is in store now, available at Slam City Skate and other select retailers.

KR3W x Charles Peterson Exhibition is open to the public for a limited time only. You can catch it at:
MANCHESTER –13th February, launch event from 7pm - NOTE Skate Shop, 61 Thomas Street M4 1NA
LONDON– 19th-21st February (launch event, 19th Feb from 7pm),  Parlour Skate Shop, 59 Hackney Road 

You can also find out a whole lot more about Charles Peterson in this awesome film:

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="356" mozallowfullscreen="" src="//" webkitallowfullscreen="" width="635">

Exclusive First Look: The New One Love Apparel Range

Thu, 12 Feb 2015 11:20:00 +0000

You'll already be well aware of JJ Peters and Ahren Stringer from their mosh duties with Deez Nuts and The Amity Affliction, respectively. You might also have noticed the Aussie duo's hardcore-infused clothing label, One Love Apparel, regularly graces the pages of our magazine. Here's a sneek peak at their new range.

The new line of One Love Apparel launches this Saturday (Valentine's Day. See what they've done there?). To get you buzzing, Rock Sound has the exclusive first look at some of the choice cuts from their brand new look book. Cop a load!







The full range will be available from the One Love Apparel webstore from Saturday, February 14.

I Travelled 4,000 Miles For Pop-Punk. Here’s Why.

Wed, 11 Feb 2015 13:42:00 +0000

The Wonder Years have long been my favourite band. I've loved everything they've done - from the early days of the ignorant breakdowns and synth on 'Get Stoked On It!', all the way through to '13’s magnum opus ‘The Greatest Generation’. So when they announced a string of three shows to celebrate their 10-year anniversary in Philadelphia, I grabbed tickets, booked flights and found myself in the city of brotherly love before you could say "I’m Not Sad Anymore". You may think I’m mad, but there are plenty of good reasons why I would travel half way round the world for these six dudes from the Keystone State.  I GOT TO SEE THE SIGHTS  The Wonder Years love their hometown and their songs are peppered with references to local landmarks. Heading to Philly was a pilgrimage of sorts and there were plenty of places to tick off the list; Washington Square Park to see if the tides would turn for me? Yeah, I went there. Melrose Diner - the dingy eatery on Snyder  Avenue that inspired, err, 'Melrose Diner' but according to Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell is pretty awful in reality? Did that, too. Hit up Logan Circle to see if the fountain was on or not? You bet I did (and for the record, it wasn't). "All I’ve got left are these handfuls of fuck you" BECAUSE CHEESESTEAKS  The food in Philadelphia is pretty special. From pretzels to ice cream to mental roasted meats, the city has it all. But there's nothing like grabbing a traditional Philly Cheesesteak from Pat’s King Of Steaks. It's pretty much made any other food stuff taste like cardboard since. Thanks for the tip, Matty from A Loss For Words! "I’m staying in eating take-out food by TV light" BECAUSE THERE'S NO ATMOSPHERE LIKE A HOMETOWN ATMOSPHERE At each one of The Wonder Years' three album shows, an energy filled the room that only exists when a band plays in their hometown. Bodies flew over the barrier, fists pumped the air and singalongs rang out for three nights solid; be it for ‘The Upsides’, ‘Surburbia...’ or ‘The Greatest Generation’, nothing beats a reaction like this in your own town. "For the first time this year I feel whole, because I've been so afraid of being alone" BECAUSE MATES In some way, shape, or form, The Wonder Years' mean a whole lot to every single person that came to these shows, and I wasn't the only one who travelled halfway across the globe for them, either. And that common ground meant that for three nights, I was in a room full of people I'd never met who could easily be my best friends. These shows were a platform for this community to say thank you in the only way they know how. It was a matey weekend of supports too, as TWY roped in their friends in Fireworks, Koji, A Loss For Words and Modern Baseball to back them up. Even Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It. fame brought his old band The Progress out of retirement for the occasion.  "I don't need to pump my fists to look sweet" BECAUSE 10 YEARS IS A KILLER ACHIEVEMENT The Wonder Years started at the bottom playing to 15 people in basements and school gyms singing songs about pirates and astronauts. They never took anything for granted and scratched and clawed to get where they are today. Where many bands would give up and clean the slate, The Wonder Years pushed on and stuck to their guns. Their reward was selling out 3,600 tickets to their 10-year party in 10 minutes, and the shows were a true celebration of what the band has achieved over the last decade. From where I was standing,[...]

I Went To Paris To Watch Falling In Reverse And This Is What I Learned

Mon, 09 Feb 2015 20:59:00 +0000

Our Deputy Editor David McLaughlin hopped over to the French capital last week to catch this month's coverstar Ronnie Radke in action with Falling In Reverse. Here's what he found out. COOLIO DIDN’T SHOW UP :( Despite crossing our fingers and toes and wishing really, really hard, legendary '90s hip-hop don Coolio was a no show. There were even rumours doing the rounds before the gig that he might make a surprise appearance, too. Rumours that we definitely didn't start. *ahem* THERE'S SOMEONE ELSE PLAYING BASS FOR FALLING IN REVERSE NOW That’s Zakk Sandler. Who’s Zakk Sandler, you ask? Zakk Sandler is the dude who used to play bass in Black Tide, that’s who Zakk Sandler is. He played his first live gig with Falling In Reverse here, but you would never have guessed it. Could he be the man to permanently take up the mantle? Time will tell, but with this audition he’s done his chances no harm. YOU DON’T MESS WITH B.LAY Who? At the side of the stage you’ll spot Ronnie’s right hand dude and man mountain MC B.Lay – but you should probably call him Mr. Lay just to be polite. He’s on the road with Falling In Reverse on this 12-date European run and even joins the five-piece on stage to add a little flavour to the hip-hop breakdown on ‘Alone’. He gave us his card after the show, too. Which means we are now best friends. NOT THAT RON NEEDS THE HELP… Proving that he’s no slouch on the mic himself, Ronnie Radke rolls words off his tongue on the likes of ‘Rolling Stone’ with impressive speed and skill. In his own words, he really does have “that white boy swagger rapping right down to a T”. You're reading about our 24 hours with Falling In Reverse, but have you watched the video yet? It contains Ronnie searching for McDonald's and "the wooden dick store", so there's no reason why you shouldn't watch it. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="357" src="" width="635"> Moving on... 'ALONE' IS A MOMENT And what a moment. Though nothing will ever top the open-mouthed reactions we had when we heard the song and saw that video for the first time, seeing this performed live comes damn close to matching the excitement. Every part is perfect, whether it’s the swirling techno build up, hip-hop verses, the pit-inciting chug-a-chug breakdowns or the whole room singing along on the chorus. Big tune is big. 'BAD GIRLS CLUB' IS ANOTHER MOMENT The cheer squad-style, sugar rush pop metal brilliance of ‘Bad Girls Club’ is still claiming victims all over the place. It’s a cold, hard heart that isn’t swept up in its tidal wave of tongue-in-cheek fun. In the city of love, Falling In Reverse turn hearts gooey. Ronnie Radke is on the cover of our new issue, but that's not all that's going on in there. Pick up Rock Sound 197 for all this and more... RONNIE HAS HIS OWN VERSION OF THE METAL CLAW Wait, what? Stray observation this one, but when Ronnie twists his fist into a metal claw and stares mournfully into the rafters, it somewhat resembles the famous skull scene from Shakespeare’s Hamlet... Well it does to us, anyway. We could totally see Ronnie doing Hamlet at the RSC. “To be, or not to be, motherfucker?” HE ALSO STEALS PHONES (FOR A LITTLE BIT) Because if you’re in the front row and taking pics of the show on your phone, Ronnie Radke might just grab it off you, run around the stage and take mid-song selfies with it before handing it back. RONNIE STILL <3 ESCAPE THE FATE The setlist is pretty much perfectly[...]

Fashionably Great: Our Picks From The New Impericon Range

Fri, 30 Jan 2015 17:37:00 +0000

#PROMOTEDPOST: Do you know what's great? Pay day! Pay day is absolutely superb. Do you know what's also great? The fact that thanks to the guys at Impericon, we're now able to buy all the best band merch AND streetwear from the same place. Battling your way through the high street on a Saturday afternoon is now a thing of the past, because you can shop til you drop from the comfort of your sofa! We've selected our favourite new items, and they're all available right now in the Impericon store.  A Day To Remember Sweater (left) | BUY NOW £29.99  It's freezing out. Keep warm, OK?  Emmure Sweater (centre) | BUY NOW £29.99  Seriously, it's proper brass monkeys. Stick a jumper on.  Parkway Drive Sweater (right) | BUY NOW £29.99  Look, we won't bang on. But FFS you'll catch pneumonia!  Capsize Tee (left) | BUY NOW £14.99  We're well into sleeve rolling. Buy a size or two up and go wild!  La Dispute Tee (centre) | BUY NOW £14.99  Oh, you thought that Impericon worshipped exclusively at the altar of mosh? Think again...  Fall Out Boy Long Sleeve (right) | BUY NOW £22.99  Hell, who ISN'T a sucker for 'Sugar, We're Going Down' at two in the morning? We're only human!  Heaven Shall Burn Tee (left) | BUY NOW £14.99  Pay homage to the best intro in all of metalcore. Altogether now: "We are the final RESIIISSTAAAANCCE!" Ironnail Tee (centre) | BUY NOW £19.99  Well worth checking out the entire Ironnail range whilst you're there. It's so sick they should see a doctor.  One Love Apparel Tee (right) | BUY NOW £23.99  We've been big fans of One Love for a long time now. Expect more awesomeness in 2015.  To see what else Impericon have lined up for the new season, head over to their store and take a look at the full range.[...]

An Analysis Of The Blink-182 Saga: Who Holds The Power Now?

Tue, 27 Jan 2015 10:59:00 +0000

Rock Sound Digital Editor Andy Ritchie has been up all night keeping tabs on the events unfurling in the Blink-182 camp. Here’s what he makes of it all. Something something Tom Delonge. Something something quit the band. Something something stay together for the kids. In the last 24 hours, what we've all quietly thought for some time has become public: all is not well in Blink-182. Whether you're a lifelong fan or have just paid a passing interest in their on-off existence over the past decade, you'll know that since Blink came off hiatus in 2009, things haven't been quite the same as they were before. Reunited after drummer Travis Barker narrowly survived a plane crash, there’s long been this nagging feeling that only two of the three of them really got back into this for the right reasons. We’ve all heard the stories: they're a band with three separate managers. Their last record 'Neighborhoods' was recorded in three separate studios across the world. The three of them haven’t spent any time together offstage in a decade. Some of it’s true, some of it’s not. But it all paints a very dark picture of the band that used to run around naked together in music videos, making dick jokes and riding the crest of a pop-punk wave into the mainstream. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="476" src="//" width="635"> 'Stay Together For The Kids' music video, 2001 Yesterday, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker said "that's enough". The gloves have come off and two punishing blows have been struck in Tom DeLonge’s direction - the first that "sanctioned statement" and the second, that explosive Rolling Stone interview. It’s easy to think that the decent thing for them to do now - for the fans and for their legacy - would be to call it quits. As a lifelong Blink fan I wish they'd done this years ago. Truth be told I wish they’d never come off that initial hiatus. ‘Neighborhoods’ doesn’t hold a candle to ‘Enema Of The State’ or ‘Take Off Your Pants And Jacket’ (and even their pre-hiatus self-titled effort showed a band uncomfortable in its own skin), and their live shows have deteriorated as the years have gone on. Had they called it quits a decade ago, Tom could have continued to work with Angels And Airwaves and his other outside projects and we'd probably all resent him a little less for it, but it's not all that simple. In a legal sense Blink-182 IS the three of them. It's why they've been billed as ‘Blink-182 with Matt Skiba’ at the Musink Festival in California as opposed to just ‘Blink-182’, and it's why it's never been an option for Mark and Travis to simply just kick Tom out of the band. Tom owns the name and the rights to the band as much as the other two, and he's not out of it unless he says so. He's playing it wisely, and he's far more intelligent than we're all giving him credit for. Tom is the one in control here, he’s the one with the power. And for whatever reason - money, pride or just the simple fact that somewhere deep down he still cares for the other two or the band’s legacy - he's keeping that door ajar for as long as possible. Or at least that was the case. But things have changed now. Mark and Travis have bitten their tongues for years about their relationship with Tom, carefully constructing their words in interviews to assure fans and the world at large that sure, they're a dysfunctional bunch, but they're still all in it together. The Rolling[...]

How To Fix Your Broken Motionless In White Poster In Six Easy Steps

Fri, 05 Dec 2014 13:57:00 +0000

A few people have noticed there's a teeny, tiny error on the Motionless In White poster that comes with the new issue of Rock Sound. There was a production error, things got a little bit crazy, and somehow we managed to print 'Of Mice & Men' on the poster as well as the correct band name. We're really sorry about that, we truly are. But while we spend the rest of the month bowing our heads in shame, here's a handy guide on how you can fix it.

1. Take your Motionless In White poster out of the magazine. Go on, just pop those staples open and pull it out. 


2. Take a big, fat black permanent marker. The biggest one you've got. 

(The only ones in our office are really skinny ones. You can probably do better.)

3. You see where it says 'Of Mice & Men'? 


4. Take your permanent marker and JUST. GO NUTS.

4. Seriously, scribble like there's no tomorrow. And if you need to, give it a second coat. Just to be sure.


5. Hang your newly-fixed poster up on the wall for all to see.

6. You're done! 

The new issue of Rock Sound is available now. Who knows - it might fetch a few quid on eBay in a few years' time. Collector's item and all that. Click on the cover below to order a copy or find your nearest stockist.




SO what EXACTLY Could You Win If You Enter The Rock Sound Readers’ Poll 2014?

Mon, 24 Nov 2014 15:53:00 +0000

One person who votes in this year's Rock Sound Readers' Poll will win over £1,500-worth of shit-hot goodies. Here's a breakdown of the prizes... 1. This Jim Root Signature Orange Head And Cab (RRP £808) A new year calls for new riffs. And this thing will make sure you're penning beatdowns in your bedroom until December 2015 at the earliest. Visit Orange Amplification online 2. This FLY53 Winterton Parka (RRP £80) Phwoar, bit nippy out, isn't it? Good thing we've got this FLY53 parka to give away so you can keep warm in the winter months, eh? Visit FLY53 online 3. This Vinyl To MP3 Turntable (RRP £39.99)   Okay, don't be the guy/girl that takes it on a bus or whips it out in a Shoreditch cafe. But DO be the guy/girl that uses it to convert all those high-quality records you have to MP3 so you can take THEM on the bus. Find this at Maplin 4. This pair of Vans Sk8-Hi MTE shoes (RRP £70)   It's not exactly kickflip season, but wear these babies in before the sun comes out again (around August, we guess) and they'll be nice and tender for you to get back on that board. Visit Vans online 5. This Melting Rockstar desk thingy (RRP £7.55 - 8.94)   What on earth is this? Shape and mould your man into whatever you like, and let nature do the rest. Find this online at Amazon 6. A load of Beard products from Percy Nobleman (RRP £10 - 19.99 each)   Is your face feeling a little dry under that neckbeard? Or is your boyfriend / brother / dad's face cutting up your chin when he gets close? Don't worry - Percy Nobleman will sort that right out. Visit Percy Nobleman online 7. A £30 Voucer To Spend On Heavy Wax Vinyl Heavy Wax do exactly what they say on the tin - they repress your favourite HEAVY records onto vinyl so you can hear them at their best. A £30 voucher is yours if you win the big haul! Visit Heavy Wax online 8. This Hate No Hate Child Of Lucifer T-Shirt (RRP £16.66)   It's probably not the most Christmas-friendly item on the list, but it still looks bad ass. Find Hate No Hate online 9. These Blue Foundation Jason Jesse Socks (RRP £12.99)   Why? Because Christmas and socks go hand-in-hand (or foot-in-foot, we guess) Find these online at 10. This '47Brand Bobble Hat (RRP £24.99) Because it's cold. And also because hats. Visit 47Brand online 11. This One Love Apparel cap (RRP £20)       Because it won't be cold forever. And also because hats. Visit One Love Apparel online 12. This Black Sails Clothing Mandela Wallet (RRP £20) Sure, you might not have anything left to put in it once you've bought all your Christmas presents, but it's still a sweet-as-hell way of carrying around that cash you don't have. Visit Black Sails Clothing online 13. These Light Up Drumsticks (RRP £19.99) Whether you're an actual drummer or really good at air drumming (it's a real thing, honest), these light up drumsticks will make sure you can a) see what you're hitting with precision and b) show everyone else you're the real deal. Find these online at Maplin 14. This Antique Scarab T-shirt (RRP £21.99) Antique are one of our favourite lifestyle brands, and they always churn out the good stuff. Their latest line is influenced by Egyptian imagery and graphics, and this T-shirt will make you want the whole damn range Visit Antique online   Want all of that? Then get voting in the Rock Sound Readers Poll 2014 at s[...]

Chris Motionless On Slipknot: “They Became A Huge Influence On Motionless In White”

Wed, 12 Nov 2014 13:57:00 +0000

The Motionless In White frontman tells us about his first exposure to Slipknot, and how they went from being a band he just didn't get, to one of his biggest influences.

“The first time that I ever heard and saw Slipknot, I was not a fan. I was raised on the idea of this traditional five-piece band, that’s just what my dad and my uncle (who were my sources of musical discovery) instilled in me. When I saw this band that had two members that seemingly just fought each other on stage and didn’t do anything musically I was like ‘this is wrong!’”

"I don’t understand why I had that mentality other than I was just bred to believe in this five-piece band. It didn’t take long though. I don’t really know what changed, but I soon realised how amazing what they do is: it’s scary, it’s aggressive and I guess I was hooked. I like it when you come from not liking a band, to having them win you over. It just proves they’re a great band that can do that to somebody who didn’t want to like them.

"I think your opinion changing shows a progression of your interests and your maturity. People change over time, and it’s a cool thing to observe about yourself. Slipknot were a band I wasn’t really into, then they became one of my favourite bands and a huge influence on Motionless In White. It’s really cool to have that."

Slipknot are on the cover of the new issue of Rock Sound, which is available now. You can download it, order a copy anywhere in the world, or pick it up from UK stores today!

Motionless In White are on tour in Europe now, alongside Lacuna Coil. We caught the band's London show and you can view a whole gallery from the evening by clicking on the pic below.


The 5 New Bring Me The Horizon Merch Items We Want Right Now

Tue, 11 Nov 2014 12:05:00 +0000

Have you taken a look at Bring Me The Horizon's new clothing line yet?  You may have noticed that BMTH launched last week, and with it, a brand new range of BMTH-branded clothing.  Now we get excited when any band brings out a new range of goodies, but when you consider BMTH man Oli Sykes owns Drop Dead Clothing and just take a look at how good all this stuff looks, this one feels extra special. Here's what we'll be spending all of our money on come payday. 1. This House Of Wolves T-Shirt WHY DO WE WANT IT? Because WOLVES, obviously. Everybody loves wolves, and when you've got a whole T-shirt covered in them, no one's gonna question your fashion choices. Right? PRICE: £30.00 | TAKE A CLOSER LOOK 2. This Antivist Flag Sleeveless vest WHY DO WE WANT IT? Because that new BMTH logo looks great emblazoned aross the black-and-white flag, and black-and-white goes with everything, right? Also, you can see the Horizon Supply tag nice and clear on the front there (that appears on every item in the new range, so you know it's the real deal). PRICE: £25 | TAKE A CLOSER LOOK 3. This Bring Me The Horzion Saved My Life T-Shirt WHY DO WE WANT IT? Because simple statements are the best. And that font is cool as hell.   PRICE: £25 | TAKE A CLOSER LOOK 4. This Middle Fingers Up Crew Neck     WHY DO WE WANT IT? Because just THINK about how great it'll be screaming along to "Middle fingers up! If you don't give a fuck!" in 'Antivist' at Wembley, when you've got actual middle fingers on your actual sweatshirt.  PRICE: £45 | TAKE A CLOSER LOOK 5. This Camo Trucker Cap WHY DO WE WANT IT? Because the irony of a camouflaged Trucker cap emblazoned with "WE'RE GOING NOWHERE" is just too much to pass up. PRICE: £25 | TAKE A CLOSER LOOK To take a look at the full new range, head over to now.  Bring Me The Horizon play London's Wembley Arena on December 05, with support from Young Guns, Issues and Sleepwave.      allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="357" src="//" width="635">[...]

Why Slipknot Are My Favourite Band, By Rock Sound Editor Ryan Bird

Fri, 31 Oct 2014 16:36:00 +0000

Slipknot have been our Editor's favourite band for over 15 years. Here's why. There are few things that annoy me more in life than the words, "They're my favourite band". It's a term used far too frequently, quite often by people of so-called authority who are keen to convince anyone willing to listen that they 'understand' the matter at hand. It's become a term of supreme hyperbole, and one which on a bad day can annoy me to no end. But despite what I've just said, please believe me when I say this: Slipknot are my favourite band. They have been since 1999, when at the age of 12 my older brother temporarily moved back into my parents' house, bringing with him a CD belonging to his former housemate. It was scratched, beaten and had no case. All it had in terms of identity was an unusual 'S' logo and the numbers 0 - 8, printed on the reflective silver top of the disc. It was, obviously, 'Slipknot', the band's eponymous debut, and to say that it changed my life would be an understatement. Slipknot at Knotfest 2014 At the time, I was experiencing extreme bullying, not at the hands of people my age but at the hands of a teacher. Psychologically, the situation had left me a mess, and despite my young age I can honestly say that I felt life was a pointless, hopeless exercise. I won't reel out the cliche and say that the record saved my life, but it most certainly changed it for the better. It was raw, visceral and as it remains to this day, completely unique. It picked me up and held me in a way that I never thought music could. It reduced me to tears, releasing every drop of pain and distress I'd endured in the process. After a while I even started to feel as though, maybe, life could be something positive. Throughout my youth and well into my adult life, Slipknot was more than just a band - it was my therapy. I remember catching the bus into Oxford city centre and waiting outside HMV at 6am so that I could get 'Iowa' the second it became available. I remember picking up 'Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses' from Tesco Metro near the old London Astoria at 11pm, minutes after seeing the band play a one-off show there on the day of the album's release. A year later, in what remains one of the most surreal moments of my life, I remember standing in the band's dressing room in Philadelphia while the sorely-missed Paul Gray led a room full of people in singing 'Happy Birthday' to me.  By now you're probably wondering what the point of this blog is, other than for me to ramble on like a self-indulgent idiot who happens to have access to a website. In one sense you're right, that's exactly what I'm doing, but in another I suppose I'm simply trying to point out that despite the bullshit that surrounds the topic these days, some bands really can change lives. For all the liars and the frauds shovelling shit down the throats of desperate children while simultaneously shovelling money into their bank accounts, there are still a rare few who can touch people's souls. They can give hope, they can inspire, and in a very real way they can change the world.  Slipknot are one of those bands, and not only am I delighted on a personal level that they're back in business, I'm also thrilled for each and every person out there who may be about to connect with them in the way I once did. As extreme as it may sound, the world needs bands like Slipknot. More importantly, people need bands like Slipk[...]

Fashionably Great: This New Line Of Deftones Merch Is Pure Class

Fri, 03 Oct 2014 13:30:00 +0100

We like Deftones. You like Deftones. Deftones have a new merch line, and it's cool as fuck. Behold! Our favourite items after the jump...


Right, first up, click play on this. Because every bit of light reading needs a soundtrack. 

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="357" src="//" width="635">

So here's the story: Deftones have long been one of Team RS' favourite bands, and they've always had the merch to match their class of their alternative metal. Last week they dropped a whole new range, and we think it's work shouting about. 

First up, there's this Black Troopers Tee ($30). Check that red tab on each of the tops. A sign of the band's attention to detail, we reckon!


Next, there's this owl-emblazoned 'Diamond Eyes' Tank ($40). It's brilliant, because owls are great, vests are great, and owls on vests are just too great to even comprehend right now.

This Old English Hoody ($60) could come in useful over the winter. Chilly neck? The 'Tones have thought of EVERYTHING!

And for the true Deftones fan, what better way is there to show your love than wearing the release date of every Deftones album ever across your heart / chest? Answer: there isn't one!


Finally, our favourite piece from the range is this slick 'White Pony' button-up shirt (£60). Got a party / wedding / job interview / fancy night out coming up? Deftones have you covered. No wasting an entire Saturday in Debenhams for you!  

If you like what you see here, head over to the band's merch store for more classy-as-fuck items.

What band merch have you been wearing recently? Seen something that's worth shouting about? Tell us, and it might make it into a future Fashionably Great feature! Don't forget, we dedicate two pages of merch, stuff and gear in every issue of Rock Sound Magazine. Download the latest issue NOW to see what else we've been sporting around RS Towers this month.


Shit We Want Right Now #8: HYPE’s 7 Wonders Of The World Collection

Wed, 03 Sep 2014 11:10:00 +0100

Here at Rock Sound good clothing collabs get us proper excited, and the new hook-up between HYPE and ASOS is inspired. With seven pieces, each takes influence from one of the 7 Wonders Of The World and the results are pretty damn beautiful.








The HYPE 7 Wonders Of The World collection is available now from ASOS

Mayday Parade’s Derek Sanders: My Favourite Pop-Punk Album Of All Time Is…

Mon, 01 Sep 2014 09:51:00 +0100

Is Taking Back Sunday's debut a pop-punk album? Derek Sanders reckons so and he's sticking with it!

"I would say my favourite pop-punk album is Taking Back Sunday's ‘Tell All Your Friends’ if that fits in the category of pop-punk. I’d kind of started to dabble into bands like Saves The Day, New Found Glory, The Juliana Theory. This kind of sound. And then when I first heard TBS ‘Tell All Your Friends’ it just kinda like fully threw me into this is the kind of music I love. I’d been in bands before that and it changed a lot of the style of the music I was playing and everything. And it’s just one of the best albums of all time in my opinion."

To find out what we think are the 101 most essential pop-punk albums of all time, pick up the new issue of Rock Sound. You can download it digitally, order a copy to your door or grab a copy from all good newsagents, supermarkets and WH Smiths in the UK and Ireland today.

The Wonder Years’ Dan Campbell: My Favourite Pop-Punk Album Of All Time Is…

Mon, 01 Sep 2014 09:50:00 +0100

Because we've come over all pop-punk this month, we've got a few of our favourite artists to pick their favourite pop-punk album of all time. According to Dan Campbell, The Get Up Kids' 'Something To Write Home About' is "fucking Everest"!

"The easy and first and correct answer for me is ‘Something To Write Home About’ by The Get Up Kids, so if you’re counting that as pop-punk, that is fucking Everest. That’s the top of it -  that’s the best it’s going to get. The genre will never get to that level again. They are the pinnacle.

"How did I first get into it? You know it was about a girl! I was in like 8th or 9th grade and a girl was wearing a The Get Up Kids T-shirt and I was like ‘I need to find out what the motherfucking Get Up Kids are, I gotta make sure I know this'. There wasn’t really a record store near my house but when we would go vacation there’d be a record store in the beach town and I went and I bought ‘Something To Write Home About’, spun it 'til it didn’t work, then I bought it again, spun it 'til it didn’t work. It’s a record that I still play today."

To find out what we think are the 101 most essential pop-punk albums of all time, pick up the new issue of Rock Sound. You can download it digitally, order a copy to your door or grab a copy from all good newsagents, supermarkets and WH Smiths in the UK and Ireland today.

Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall: My Favourite Pop-Punk Album Of All Time Is…

Mon, 01 Sep 2014 09:27:00 +0100

The Tonight Alive singer tells us why she connected with Good Charlotte's self-titled album at such an early age.

"It depends on what you think pop-punk is because I think it’s different for everyone and there are so many different umbrellas. But for me, I think my favourite pop-punk album is Good Charlotte’s self-titled. It was their first full-length record and every song is about being an underdog, it’s about being a loser, it’s about being hated or picked on or for whatever reason just feeling like an outcast. And I think that’s such a cool thing to grow up listening to, because what you’re looking for is reassurance and acceptance and all these things that maybe society can’t offer you. That record is really gritty and punky and in your face. And here it is, love it or leave it and I just love that about Good Charlotte."

To find out what we think are the 101 most essential pop-punk albums of all time, pick up the new issue of Rock Sound. You can download it digitally, order a copy to your door or grab a copy from all good newsagents, supermarkets and WH Smiths in the UK and Ireland today.