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Welcome State Champs To The Cover Of Rock Sound!

Fri, 20 Apr 2018 17:00:00 +0100

Ladies and gents, please welcome the lads in State Champs to the cover of Rock Sound!

To celebrate State Champs' new album 'Living Proof', we've teamed up with the band to put together some super exclusive bundles for you featuring a deluxe knitted beanie, and limited edition SOCKS.

You can snag a merch or accessory bundle, with both cover variants, an exclusive signed poster print, and giant wall posters and so much more, all with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING from SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV

In the State Champs merch bundle, you get:

- Limited edition State Champs socks
- Deluxe knitted beanie
- Hand-signed poster print
- Giant wall posters
- Shopify exclusive magazine
- Newsstand magazine




These are set to be dispatched from Friday 27 April, and the magazine will be in UK stores from Wednesday, April 25!

Watch The Word Alive’s Emotional New Video

Fri, 20 Apr 2018 10:58:00 +0100

"But why am I like this?"


The Word Alive have dropped an emotional new song, 'Why Am I Like This?'

Check it out here:

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The band's new album 'Violent Noise' is out May 04 via Fearless. 

You can pre-order it here. Here's another track taken from the record, 'Red Clouds':

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For a bit of background, you can give this a watch:

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Kevin Ghost Addresses The Recent Silence From Ghost Town

Fri, 20 Apr 2018 10:56:00 +0100


At the end of last year Ghost Town began teasing on social media that their follow up album to 2015's 'Evolution' was on the way. But since then, things have been suspiciously quiet from Ghost Town's camp. 

Taking to twitter, Kevin Ghost has released a statement about his ongoing mental health, and the impact that has had on the progress of Ghost Town. 

"I'm sorry for not being around much. I've been off. I'm usually pretty resilient when it comes to dealing with my depression and anxiety but for some reason I've been having a hard time coming out of it lately. The less I post the most insecure I become. I wanna go back to when things felt good but I can't live in the past. It's time to move forward. Some people have been telling me that maybe it's time to move on from ghost town but I simply can't do that. I'm here to stay if you Ghosts are."

Read the full statement on twitter below:

Watch: PVRIS Live At Coachella Weekend One

Mon, 16 Apr 2018 10:59:00 +0100

Just embrace the FOMO.


Unless you took the past three days off social media, you'll be aware that Coachella Weekend One has just wrapped up in California.

If, like us, you couldn't make it over for Coachella (and you missed the official livestream), you're in luck! Coachella has uploaded part of PVRIS' set, for your viewing pleasure.

Watch PVRIS perform 'You And I' live at Coachella below:

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Their entire set was livestreamed on the Coachella YouTube, so here's hoping that there's more where this came from. 

We had a chat to Lynn Gunn ahead of PVRIS heading back to the UK for Slam Dunk, where she talked about new music, a new headspace and a new era for PVRIS. You can read it here.