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RIP Nelson Mandela


It been quite some time since I ventured to post anything here, but given the magnitude of loss that we have experienced with the death of Nelson Mandela I feel somewhat compelled to post. Growing up as a young black man the story of Nelson Mandela has always seemed inspiring to me. From Mandela’s imprisonment for nearly 30 years, to his rise to power following his release in the early 90s, Nelson Mandela stood as a symbol of what a person could do to change the world. As a Christian I found his amazing ability to forgive and bring people together to be most inspiring.  When Nelson Mandela was elected the expectation was that he would move to punish those responsible for much of what happened to him and others that were involved in oppressing the black people of South Africa.  Instead he moved to forgive those people, having set up a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" to investigate any crimes and allowed people first the opportunity to confess their crimes in order to receive forgiveness for them.  This was truly an extraordinary move on his part as nowhere else had this been done before and for most people they would want the people responsible for what suffering that you endured to be punished and not forgiven. Even though I've never meet him before, his example has been a great influence on me that will be greatly missed.  RIP Nelson Mandela. [...]

Merry Christmas


Hey everyone just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  May all of you have an amazing Christmas with friends and family.  God Bless you.

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Google Acquires Motorola


(image) Wow.

Engadget is reporting that Google is going to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. This works out to about $40 a share and follows a $56 million loss by Motorola.

As I woke up this morning, I must admit that I was taken by surprise with this story. Motorola has probably been one of the worst Android phone manufactures and was a manufacture that really wasn’t going anywhere phone wise. I know a number of people that will not buy Motorola phones due to experiences they’ve had with them from the past. So news of Google buying Motorola was quite shocking to say the least and brings up the question, why would Google consider buying this troubled company?

After some consideration, it appears that it’s not necessarily the cell phone manufacture that Google wants, but their patents. Over the last several weeks Google has been complaining that Microsoft, Apple and Oracle have had an agenda to take Android down, as each of these companies have been filing patent violation lawsuits against various Android manufactories seeking licensing fees from them. By Google buying Motorola, Google gets their hands on a list of patents that they can in turn use to help protect their Android brand.

Also, I think Google owning Motorola gives Google more control over the fate of their Android operating system. Google in the past has partnered with other manufactures to make their Nexus line of phones. The first of which was quite revolutionary for Android phones, but the Nexus S wasn’t so much. There were rumours that Google didn’t make a better handset due to pressure from other manufactures as many complained about how far ahead Nexus One went above other Android phones when Google made it available. With Google owing Motorola it could give them more of a reason to want to push forward. But it could also unfortunately lead to more complaints if manufactures feel Google is giving Motorola preferential treatment as it comes to updates or early access to new versions of the Android operating system. This is probably why Google has stated that they plan on running Motorola as a separate company and haven’t planned to fold it into Google.

Whatever the case, I’m just happy that Google finally has some patents to protect Android. Having watched these patent lawsuits roll in for Android manufactures has been troubling to watch and so I’m happy that Google can finally protect them. What do you think? Is buying Motorola a good idea for Google?

X-men First Class at 91%


(image) With just a day until the release of X-Men: First Class, reviews for the film have started to come in and they appear to all be positive. As of the writing of this post, X-men: First Class holds a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with some reviewers being as bold as to say that X-men: FC is the best of the X-men films, (well, at least IGN has been that bold).

I take all of these reviews as good news for X-men: FC, since up until now I had low expectations for this film. None of X-men: FC’s marketing has really worked to draw me into wanting to see the film. I would have probably gone to see it anyways since it’s the X-men. That being said, a film like this can’t rely on being an X-men film alone to sell the film since many people didn’t really like the last film. If anyone were go off of their impressions of the last film, X-men: FC we could see a decline in people going to see it even though, according to the reviews, this is actually a pretty good film.

Hopefully, I’m wrong and this weekend X-Men: FC will make bank because I would hate to be right about this one. What do you think? Are you looking forward to X-men: FC?

Happy Memorial Day


(image) I just thought I should drop in and wish our American Friends a happy Memorial day.  I hope you all have a safe Memorial day and that you honour your great soldiers that are fighting to protect your country.

Have fun guys.

New Posts Coming


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I'm back. Ok maybe.

For anyone that has been reading this blog for some time you may have found it somewhat surprising that I stopped posting. Why did I stop, you may ask? The truth is I've been working more lately and so my blogging kind of got a sidelined because of it. Also, I found that as I blogged it kind of became my second job, just without the pay cheque. For me, I want blogging not to be jobbie, but to be more of an expression of myself and perhaps even fun.

Over the time that I have been gone I found myself being reluctant to return to this blog, but now I kind of feel that perhaps it time that I return. I'm not promising to post daily, but I want to try and get some level of consistency going. So stay tuned, I should be throwing something up in the next few days.

Duke Nukem Forever Gets Delayed


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No surprise here.

After 14 years of development and tons of delays Duke Nukem Forever gets delayed once again. As if we couldn’t see it coming.

For years, many of use online have joked about how Duke Nukem Forever will never be released. It’s been delayed and cancelled prior to this, and now that the game has some momentum behind it and they have decided to delay it again, albeit through a funny video.

At least no one can say that Gearbox doesn’t have a sense of humour on these sorts of things. What this says about the quality of game we could be seeing, no one knows. My feelings are that it can’t necessarily be good. With all of those interruptions and delays I have to think this may not be the greatest game when it comes out, even though it should probably be after this many years of development. Truth be told, I’ll just be happy if they release it, not that I am a Duke Nukem fan.

What about you? What do you guys think of this new delay? Do you even care if Duke Nukem gets released at this point?


Was Christopher Nolan Robbed?


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I kind of think so.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that all of these nominations are subjective as there is no scientific way to determine who was really better in a given year and thus it’s really up for interpretation whether or not someone is the best. That all being said, yesterday when the Oscars nominations were announced it was expected that Christopher Nolan would have received a nomination for Best Director, which did not happen.

This led me to the question, “Was Christopher Nolan Robbed? “ Looking at the list of nominations for Best Director (which by the way have only 5 nominations unlike the Best Picture category which has 10 nominations), it does include a list of directors from the most critically acclaimed films of the years, and so in many ways, I really can’t argue why these other films’ directors shouldn’t have been nominated. Also, I must admit that I haven’t gotten around to seeing some of these films yet, and with 5 nominations in this field, you have to think that it’s a pretty hard choice just who you nominate.

So should Christopher Nolan have received a nomination? I think so. I just don’t know who you should really bump off this list. What do you think? Do you think Christopher Nolan have been nominated?

***** Just an aside, I went back over the last ten years of Oscars’ nominations and one thing I noticed is that usually if the film’s director won for Best Directing the film also won for Best Picture. There were only 3 times in the last ten years were this was not the case. So I think it’s pretty safe to say that Inception will not be winning Best Picture this year, well at least there is something like a 30% chance of it winning, assuming that the trend continues farther back.

Its Official: February 10th


(image) In case you missed it, Verizon just moments ago announced the release of the iPhone 4 for Verizon. After years of rumours that an iPhone for Verizon was going to be released, it finally happened. Truthfully, I use to place this rumour up there with the idea of Hell freezing over, but here it is.

As for when the Verizon iPhone will be releasing, it will be available on February 10. Pre-orders for the Verizon iPhone will start pre-orders for the iPhone will start on February 3rd for existing customers. Certainly for those that were waiting for a Verizon iPhone this is a big deal, but you have to wonder if they waited too long to announce this device. In a couple of months the iPhone 5 (as I call it) will be most likely announced. Anyone buying this Verizon iPhone will very shortly watch their device become obsolete by the new iPhone, which leads me to believe that it would have been better for Apple to wait for the next iPhone to make this announcement.

As for what this means for Canada, it doesn’t mean much. Every major carrier up here already has the iPhone. Our CDMA carriers actually built out an HSPA+ network to support GSM phones and so those that wanted the iPhone probably already has it. Certainly, there are people that do live in areas that don’t have these HSPA+ network and so they will finally be able to have an iPhone, but the majority of Canadians do have access to this device. The only people that don’t have the iPhone are running on the new AWS frequencies, and so a AWS iPhone would be a much bigger deal up here than a CDMA iPhone.

This leads me back to my question, did Apple wait too long to announce the Verizon iPhone? I have to think they have. What about you? Were you waiting for a CDMA iPhone?


New Google Ads coming to Android Phones


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New Google Phone Service Whispers Targeted Ads Directly Into Users' Ears

Just kidding.

I think the above video is just hilarious.  I could picture a company trying to come up with a service like this.   In fact I’m surprised no company has started to use this service with their customers.  There have been mentions in the past of companies considering the idea of bringing ads to your mobile phone,  and so to see it parodied like this is just brilliant.

Just kidding. I think the above video is just hilarious. I could picture a company trying to come up with a service like the one above. In fact I’m surprised no company has started to use this service with their customers. There have been mentions in the past of companies considering the idea of bringing ads to your mobile phone, but it’s never happened. The closest things we have to ads on a mobile device are the iAds on your iPad device. So you have to believe they are coming at some point. Hopefully these ads will be better implemented than the video above. So what do you think? Looking forward to ads on your device?

World of Warcraft with Kinect


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I’m not quite sure that I would want to play World of Warcraft this way, but I must admit that it’s always interesting to see what ways people are coming up with to use Microsoft’s new Kinect peripheral. But one must wonder how Microsoft will respond.

Up until now Microsoft has allowed individuals to create whatever use they wanted for their Kinect device as long as they don’t alter the hardware. But with companies like the one above developing software to go along with the Kinect device so that you can use the device with gaming on the PC or possibly other devices, I have to wonder if Microsoft will decided to come in and take control or put a stop to all this tinkering.

In truth, no one is charging for use of their software or hack, but software development does cost money so you have to believe that at some point someone is going to want to charge or to at least ask for donations.

Then again, maybe this is Microsoft’s plan. Let a bunch of groups create and industry and then either take their ideas and incorporate it into your product or charge for licensing fees so that people can charge for their software. Microsoft is essentially a large licensing company and so it wouldn’t be too farfetched.

In any case, at this point any of this is just speculation. So what do you think? Do you plan on using the Kinect on your PC?

Carriers to Charge for Services


And I don't mean the ones you pay for?

Engadget is reporting wireless carriers in the US are considering the idea of charging customers for the different online services they use. From Youtube to Facebook, carriers are entertaining the idea of charging a different price for each individual service that you use, while of course not charging for you to use their own services.

All of this is bad news for anyone wanting net neutrality. With the government not too keen on passing net neutrality legislation and Google making deals with the devil, I have to believe that unless Americans really make some noise nothing is going to get done. In fact, from the looks of it, it’s going to get a whole lot worse for Americans. I also have to wonder as these companies start using technologies to determine what kinds of services you are using, (even if you are using services to obscure what it is you are doing), whether this will lead to privacy concerns.

All in all this is quite frightening. I thought us Canadians had it bad; it seems Americans may end up having it just a little bit worse. In any case, we’re going to have to wait and see who if any decide to take the plunge and begin charging. So what do you think?

Kinetic Piano Hack


(object) (embed)

Nice hack.

I think I should start this post by being completely upfront and honest with all of you. Ever since I’ve seen the Kinect, I’ve looked on it as a little more than a Wii copy. Sure it was more innovative than Sony’s Move, but it still essentially does the same thing as the Wii, just without the controller. I even got to see people use it before it launched last year when I went to the FanExpo. But it never really drew me in. It’s probably because anyone using it looks a bit foolish in doing so, but everyone that has used it did seem to be having a lot of fun.

To this day I’m still on the edge about the Kinect, but I do have a lot of hope that if nothing else Kinect will evolve into something more than what it is currently. Especially after viewing videos like the one above. With Microsoft stating that they will not pursue people that decide to use the Kinect on their PC, etc, there seems to be a lot of innovative ways people are finding to use Microsoft’s Kinect.

I have to wonder if one day we may ditch the mouse and keyboard for some other Kinect style interface. Or perhaps the Kinect will be used as a remote for your TV. I’m actually surprised no one has rigged a Kinect up to turn on and off lights in their homes as you come into and exit a room or to lock and unlock doors.

Perhaps Microsoft might be onto something with allowing the community to play with their device. I just wished other manufacturers were as willing to let people innovate with their produces. So what do you thing? Thinking of Hacking the Kinect?


2010 Trailer Mash-Up


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Just in case you missed one.

I have to give it up for the guys at that put this mash-up together. I can’t believe that it is literally another year that has gone by. I feel like I just wrote a post of some of the best films of last year and here we are at the end of another year doing just that.

2010 was a good year for film over all. Sure there were some real stinkers, The Last Airbender. And we even had a film not content with being the best in 2009, decide to be re-released in 2010. All in all, it was a great year and this year isn’t even over yet. We still have Tron releasing this Friday, which is hovering around 64% on Rotten Tomatoes. Tron seems to be getting some mediocre reviews, but I’m willing to give it a chance. What about you?

So what are your thoughts on 2010? What films did you like this year?

New Thor Trailer


(object) (embed)


Ever since the ending of Iron Man 2 there has been some anticipation for the upcoming Thor film. With the release of the first trailer and now this subsequent one, it looks like Marvel has a good thing going with their plans for the Avenger film. Each film is building on the previous to eventually give us all the film we really want. To finally see what the Avengers can do or what a superhero film can be especially if we have characters that we are all invested in and love.

Well I guess that is Marvel’s hope. Whether or not Marvel will hit their mark with the Avengers we’ll have to wait and see, but its still an interesting experiment to watch. You have to think that if Marvel was to produce a really bad film in these serious of films, it could derail the Avengers film, depending on what character it was. Perhaps that is the reason why DC hasn’t decided to follow suit with their own Justice League movie, even though people would give their right arm to see one. Whatever the reason DC decided to hold off, I’m glad that Marvel is taking the chance.

So what do you think about the Avengers film thus far? Are you excited? What do you think about the new Thor Trailer?


Final Tron Trailer




Tron is a film that I know will do well. But for a while I’ve been curious exactly just what Tron Legacy would be about.  From the previous trailers it simply seemed like more of a exploration film,  were the main character finds himself in a new land and figure his way out or find someone.  But it seems Tron Legacy will be about a bit more than that.

I have to say I like the new angle that the world that Kevin Fynn made has turn against him.  It does lead to more questions as to how will these guys get out of Tron or solve the problems of the new Tron world.  I have to say I’m looking forward to see it this December.  What about you? Are you looking forward to Tron Legacy?

New The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Trailer


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Now this looks like it’s going to be a good movie.

I must say that I’m a fan of the Narnia series. I never read the books, but I do have a respect for the work of C.S. Lewis, being a Christian. Personally, I’ve enjoyed each of the Narnia films. I won’t say they were Lord of the Rings level, but I enjoyed them. And looking at this new trailer, I think I’m going to enjoy The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader just as much.

Although, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader looks to be a little different than the previous films in the series. It seems that the guys behind The Voyage of the Dawn Treader are pushing the action a little more than in the previous Narnia films. This, I think, is a good move for the Narnia films. Compared to The Lord of the Rings, the action in the previous Narnia films wasn’t necessarily all that great. So to see this early emphasize on action is a good thing.

Hopefully they will be able to also still try and stay true to the books from the Narnia series as well. What do you think? Are you looking forward to the next Narnia film?


Sprint Axes Huawei


Not too surprising here.

Engadget is reporting that Sprint has decided to axe contracts with Huawei and ZTE over security concerns. According to Engadget even though both Huawei and ZTE bid the lowest bids in the bidding process for some new smart phone contracts, Sprint has decided to decline their bids due to security concerns that were expressed by the US Secretary of Commerce. Apparently the fear is that Huawei and ZTE may have ties to the Chinese government and so the US government doesn't want these companies to be supplying communication equipment due to China's emerging "cyber capabilities".

And you know what? I can't blame the US for being concerned. Many of the attacks against US systems do seem to come out of China. In many ways this shouldn't necessarily prevent Huawei or ZTE from bidding, but I have to admit that there are big concerns here and perhaps the risks are too high to take chances. Then again, it’s not like the US doesn't spy on other countries and we all buy US products. I know that over the years there were some that expressed concerns that Microsoft might have a back door into our computers placed there by the US government. But that never stopped any other country from buying US.

Could Huawei and ZTE cause a lot of damage for the US government if they are truly tied to the Chinese government, sure they could. That is why any contract to a foreign company should be kept limited.  Normally I would disagree with the government on issues like this, but the threat to the US is real and there is lots of evidence of attacks out of China.  So I have to agree with the US government on this one.

What about you?

New Sucker Punch Trailer


(object) (embed)

Now this looks impressive.

With each new trailer, Sucker Punch seems to be reeling me more into this film. Sucker Punch has a crazy premise of some girl who gets locked away and imagines this world as her escape from reality. Sucker Punch is fully loaded with dragons, sword fighting, robots and beautiful women. It seems like a film that every guy would want to see, but is it.

Personally, I still feel a bit of hesitation given what happened with the Watchmen. Don’t get me wrong, I actually kind of liked the Watchmen, but I realized that it wasn’t the greatest film ever. Will Sucker Punch fair better? I hope that it does. Although I have some hesitation, I’m really looking forward to seeing Sucker Punch and so I try and look past the Watchmen.

What about you? What do you think of Sucker Punch?


Posts will be up this Afternoon


It looks like my keyboard is going to so, I’m going to be running out to buy a new one.  So I should have some posts up this afternoon. 

Sorry guys.

Just Who will be the Villian in Batman 3


That is the big question circulating around the net today. According to The Week, Christopher Nolan in an interview has stated that The Riddler, The Penguin and Mr. Freeze will not be making an appears in the next Batman film. This ends months of campaigning and speculation online to see the Riddler in Batman's third installment, The Dark Knight Rises.

This has all led naturally to the question, just who will be the villain in the next Batman film? The Week speculates that it could be Catwomen or Killer Croc based on some rumours that Christopher may have been auditioning for a female lead and because there are some plans to film at least a portion of the next Batman film in Louisiana. I have to believe that perhaps neither will appear in the next film. The fact that Christopher Nolan is being secretive about the next villain leads me to believe that he may be going for someone out in left field. And let's remember Christopher could cast another superhero in the antagonist role.

Not to spoil it for those few that haven't seen the Dark Knight, the film ends were Batman, at least in the public, has been painted as a bad guy. So he is the bad guy going into the next film. The antagonist could simply be a hero that comes in to try and stop the Batman. Well or an ambitious villain that wants to take the opportunity to take Batman out while he is still a bad guy.

My money is still on Bane or David Kane, which by the way could lead to a Batgirl cameo, but I doubt that will happen since Christopher Nolan doesn't like the idea of a sidekick for Batman.

This speculation thing is a bit of a shot in the dark, but I guess that is the fun of it. What do you think? Who do you want to see in The Dark Knight Rises?

Has Tron Merchandising gone to Far?


Last week, OC Weekly came out with a list of the “10 most ridiculously expensive Tron Products”. And I have to agree. OC Weekly's list includes everything from $795 pair of high heel shoes to a $2,600 necklace. This all has this blogger wondering if Disney may have taken this whole merchandising thing a bit too far.

We are all use to the idea of a film selling merchandise, from toys to videogames and statues, but shoes, iPod speakers, keyboards; I think are a bit much. Sure it makes good business sense to try and get every possible dime out of a film project, but I think they need to exercise some limits. How many women that watch Tron are going to be ready to drop $795 on a pair of shoes? I'm thinking not many, but perhaps I will be proven wrong.

What do you think? Are you planning to buy some Tron merchandise?

Thriller The Movie


(image) Back in the 80s, I can still remember when as a kid, I watched the premiere of the now famous Thriller video following an episode of Entertainment Tonight. Back then I was a huge Michael Jackson fan and the video was pretty amazing, as it was, if I remember correctly, the first music video which was a short film. Even in today’s standards the Thriller video stands up pretty well and shows just how ahead of the curve the video was back when it was released. That is why it’s not too surprising to hear that there are now plans to make a feature length film based on Thriller.

In to direct this film adaptation is Kenny Ortega, who was the director of Michael’s previous venture, This Is It. Also attached is writer Jeremy Garelick who is best known for his writing work on The Hangover.

According to BeatCrave, the story of this film is said to revolve around Horror legend Vincent Price. Exactly how that could be accomplished is a bit of a mystery as Vincent Price Died back in 1993. Perhaps they will simply use a body double or completely recast the character Vincent played in the Thriller video.

Whatever the case, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what these guys come up with. Hopefully they can live up to the experience I had as a kid. What about you? How do you feel about the idea of a Thriller movie? Should they just leave Michael’s stuff alone now that he is dead?

127 Hours Trailer


(object) (embed)

This actually looks like a really interesting movie.

Years ago, I remember hearing this story about a guy who got trapped in the middle of nowhere and ended up cutting off his own arm in order to survive. What I didn’t know was that they were planning to make this story into a movie, and a fairly interesting looking one at that.

Hopefully, this film does hold up and isn’t one of those films were the trailer is a lot more interesting than the film tends to be. Or like a “Buried”. Not that Buried was a terrible film; it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

In any case, I’m really looking forward to seeing this film. What about you?

Have You Been Firesheeped?


(image) A few days ago, at Toorcon 12 a disturbing new extension was announced for the popular web browser Firefox, called Firesheep. Firesheep essentially is an extension that allows you to capture insecure cookies from a wireless hotspot, thus allowing you to take over someones logged in session.

By now you’re probably thinking that this guy is horrible for creating this extension. I actually think he is kind of the good in doing so. For years now, people have been able to do the same kind of attack, called Sidejacking, but many of the big sites online haven’t done anything about it. So the creator of this extension decided to create this extension in order to force these sites to better protect their users.

Sidejacking, for those curious about it, works because of the fact that most major websites don’t encrypt the majority of your traffic. When you log in, they may encrypt that portion of your exchange where they give you a cookie to validate who you are when you’re logged into their site. But following the log on, many sites stop encrypting, so anyone that is listening to your exchange with that site can simply grab the cookie that you are sending back to the site and use it to pretend to be you, thus allowing them to take over your session.

To protect against sidejacking, sites would simply have to encrypt all of your traffic by forcing you to use SSL when ever your logged into their sites, but unfortunately many sites are worried about the extra overhead required to encryption all of their traffic. Which could mean that even with the availability of Firesheep, some sites may opt not to use SSL encryption all the time.

By the way, anyone wanting to protect themselves from sidejacking can follow some simple rules. Never use open Wi-Fi, or if you do, make sure that you are providing your own encryption through a VPN service or SSH tunnel with a Sock proxy. Sidejacking occurs primarily in these open Wi-Fi shops were the person running the Wi-Fi usually doesn’t provide any kind of encryption for its users, which by the way wouldn’t necessarily help since all of the users sit on your same network while you’re in these Wi-Fi spots.