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GE Monogram Refrigerator Reviews


I owned a 48 inch GE monogram refrigerator since we built a new house in 2004. Never again. The first was replaced by GE in 2006 after lengthy negotiations with the home office. The second is just as bad. I threw countless times food in general holiday if I need more cooling! We live in a warm climate so I can not just put them outside in the snow.

A week ago (New Year) to leave the cooling is always the problem and it is still not set as the required documents were not available (an inverter $ 383.50). The party no longer has a warranty of two years and I consider outrageous on a refrigerator is very expensive. In addition, the technician of the latest fiasco in November of 2006 (when the second was 8-9 months) told me there is a design flaw in the basic operation of cooling. He knows and has told GE that turns a deaf ear. The problem as I understand it as a non-techie, it's a block of ice can develop in the back. The computer shows in the refrigerator fan at the rear to spin too fast. When this happens, the air is too cold and a block of ice is made. Since the cooling of the refrigerator is generated by cold air from a hose in the freezer when that happens, then everything starts to close. This time, the part that broke is the front to the right panel of the computer. What caused the problem the freezer regularly went from -3 to 28 at 68 before I finally turned the whole thing off. I had four Sub-Zero and people complain about them, but I had not had any trouble with them. (Yes, I was stupid to try GE).

I need to go back to Sub-Zero or find something like a refrigerator with a professional kitchen. Anyone heard of the true mark of manufacture? Aesthetics I do not care about, I just want something to work consistently.