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It's the End of the Blog as We Know it


The Short Version:
We’re moving to a new blog!
Please head on over to:

And bookmark the new address, because this one isn’t going to be updated anymore.

The Longer Version:
So, dear friends, in the words sung by Frank Sinatra, the Time has Come.
Not, however, to reach the final curtain (O! That red, velvet drape whose silken cord is tugged ‘pon by Saint Peter himself), but to rapturously bait our breath as a brand new curtain is opened!
Before the tide of applause drowns your senses, I’d better tell you where this new show is going to be happening. Open your programmes to page 5 and kindly peruse the particulars of our new, improved address:

That’s where I, and possibly we, depending on who can be persuaded to put digital pen to paper, will be writing from now on.
Expect to see lots of new ways that you can interact with FireStar folk, including innovative ways to win yourself tasty vouchers and prizes. Mmmm.... Free.

From our Correspondent


Here at FireStar we like to keep our collective eye (we keep it in a jar) on the ball when it comes to developments in the world of toys.
So here from the front lines of being-born-a-bit-sooner-than-the-rest-of-us, we're proud to present our new grassroots correspondent Lara.
Lara has kindly agreed to be our eyes and ears on the ground floor of... well, the department of being young, we suppose. She'll be blogging here from time to time to tell us how things really
are. What's hot and what's not. What's lame and whats... in the game. Ahem. She knows what it's like to be on the receiving end of the many and herculean efforts of the toy industry as it tries desperately to gain her custom, and she's not afraid to tell us.

So, without further ado, here's Lara with her first report on the State of Toys today:


Who here hasn’t played Twister? What, you haven’t? Are you serious? Not only is it one of the best ever-family games, but it is also one that falling over and looking stupid is what it’s all about.

Sound interested? Then read on….

Twister (in case you didn’t know) has a mat a spinner and should have a large amount of players, the bigger the better. The more dignified amongst us would be the spinner. All they have to do is sit down, well away from the mat, and spin the spinner. Whatever the spinner comes is the section of the mat that the first lucky player must place a part of their body on. i.e. left hand red. Then it’s the next players go.

This goes on till the winner is announced. If you are given this honor, remember: this is hardly won, as bums, elbows etc. are not allowed on the mat.

So, if you are a person blessed with flexibility/ are a professional contortionist/ have a worst enemy you really want to laugh at then this game is for you. Go, you know you really want it…

The end.

By Lara

Lego Universe!


What are you doing today, readers?Sitting somewhere, possibly at work, possibly not, humming various Disney themes? Hmm? Or perhaps trying to hum (consecutively) the title songs to Star Wars, Star Trek Next Generation and classic Superman?*Well, stop all that! That's right, put away your humming apparatus (make sure the Floam flow is off and the Hannigan's Tubules are disconnected. Don't want any nasty accidents), get up, sit down again, and check out LEGO Universe!That's right! Lego are releasing their much anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online Game this very year, 2010. Our first glimpse of the richness of settings, details and parts shown in the video recollected the surge of excitement on first opening a brand new Lego set. Except that with the game you can inhabit any Lego world, from pirates to space police. If thas doesn't get the gleeful feelings bubbling in your marrow, throw in an overarching storyline that involves saving imagination from an entity called The Maelstrom and... well. That should probably be enough for you. What else d'you want, selfish? One of the developers to come round and give you a massage every time you start up the game? A monorammed set of handkerchiefs? You make me sick.The key words for the game are build, play, connect and customize. Frankly, we can't think of many things more thrilling than realising our most fervid brick imaginings with, potentially, the whole Lego brick catalogue at our disposal. And then stomping our clunky plastic feet all around the town, shouting about our latest creations. With the world bound to explode in size and breadth almost as soon as it's released - what with the huge potential for user generated custom-designed content and the inevitable expansion to include themes old and new (we're particularly looking forward to seeing the gorgeous new Atlantis range realised) - the future's nothing if not dazzling. Dazzling and brick-shaped.FireStar's going to be in Lego's MMO from the start. Are you?* This is almost impossible, and thus a great pub game.[...]

It's... Pimp My Mini-Fig!


Say, FireStar - I'm feeling crazy, how can I make my Lego mini-figs more awesome?!!?!1!Good question, friend!Lucky for you, FireStar is in the middle of launching whole sections of exciting new parts for Lego mini-figures!Which means it's time to... Pimp my Mini-Fig!*Meet Juanita, viewers:Juanita says:" Hi Pimp my Mini-Fig! My Lego men are dullsville. I mean, they're just the pits. Old fashioned, boring... I looked at one the other day where I keep it on the mantelpiece, and it was like I was looking right through it, straight to the cross-stitch of a badger my gramma did. Like, my Legos have got so uninspiring I don't see them anymore. There's gotta be a way I can take my favourite mini-figs and turn them from bad to rad! There's just gotta be! Help me, FireStar!Well, Juanita, you've come to the right place!Let's take a look at your staid old Lego fig:Wow, that fella sure is old fashioned classic! Plus, he seems to be endorsing some kind of corporate shenanigans, and who knows if that's cool.Well, Juanita, let's see what FireStar can do to zap your mini-fig straight to Coolsville! Set your phasers to 'stunned' - you will be!First off, how about a new outfit?This beige-toned wrap is Jedi-tastic! (as well as totally flattering, natch)Next up, who could resist this super cool steampunk top hat, exclusive to FireStar from the amazingly collectible Amazing Armory? Nothing adds an edge to your mini-fig outfit like rakish headgear!Now that your Lego fig's gone from drab to fab, how about some finishing touches? Did someone say accessories?This Amazing Armory axe is sure to make your mini-fig too cool for school. Or should that be hot? Either way really - the main point you should be getting from this is that any combination of Lego and guitars is pretty neat.Well, that's it from our inaugural episode of FireStar's Pimp My Mini-Fig!Back to you, Juanita - what's your reaction?"I'm thrilled! Just thrilled! I can't believe this is really my old mini-fig; he looks so handsome... so happenin'.... so now! I'll never neglect my mini-fig again - thank you, FireStar!"Ha ha! No problem, Juanita!Remember, folks, you can find everything you need to pimp your mini-fig right on the FireStar website. Head over there now, and use your January 10% discount code!fstblog8885* Note: Does not refer to augmentation of actual figs.[...]

Discount codes for Jan!


Alright, we've had a few days to adjust to the whole 'new year' thing, and we admit our previous impressions may have been somewhat...hasty.
There's snow. Which is good if you like the color white, and especially good if you like that combined with a pervading sense of cold that turns otherwise healthy people into lurching, zombie shells. Though admittedly that could also have been some kind of virus.

Just a few days in, the nascent year is soft, jelly-like, fetal. Kind of squirmy, in a way which you're not sure yet whether you find appealing or disgusting.
It can be molded, dear reader.
So, in the spirit of new beginnings, here's some advice we at FireStar Toys have concocted to make this year the best 2010 you'll ever have!*

1. Walk in the fresh air.

2. Adopt a vulnerable species of beetle.

3. Never watch an epic movie starring Brad Pitt.

4. Never put a sock in a toaster.

5. Laugh like you have emphysema, love like you're alone, sing like a partially decomposed soprano, dance like you have a slightly painful verruca on your left big toe (sure, you've made an appointment with the chiropodist, but you went to one as a child [and unpleasant and sharp experience] and you secretly plan to cancel at the last minute), live like a skeleton who's been somewhat reluctantly re-animated for a few weeks to do the bidding of a morally ambiguous necromancer.

6. Save lots of money by using exclusive voucher codes at FireStar

Because, really, why wouldn't you?

Here's the very special, exclusive to this blog code now:

This code is worth a pretty considerable 10% off anything you buy in January. And, as with all our codes, that includes sales prices.

There are corresponding offers that will be appearing over the next few days for our twitter followers and Facebook fans, so why not check those out, too?

We're planning more exclusive offers for loyal readers, and those willing to give something back in the form of product reviews, so keep checking back for news!

*Guarantee void if time proves to be cyclical.

Happy New Year! (The morbid edition)


How are you feeling, dear reader?
Cold? Rotund? In need of detoxification? A low key but ever present dread at the prospect of going back to work?
And you know we'll all be working forever now, right? Year after trudging year, stretching out to the distant, unimagined future, until we inevitably croak a feeble 'Farewell!' and keel over into piles of our own dead skin. Yep, that's right - we won't die surrounded by loved ones, but plunging face first into a heaps of dusty filth that's accumulated on the long-buried surfaces of the desks we never leave.
Eat as healthily as you want. Get up at 6 in the morning to wheeze around a local park. This is all you're prolonging your life for.
Well, either that or the Mayan prophecies for 2012 turn out to be spookily accurate, and we'll all either die in massive, cascading walls of water or fighting each other on uninhabitable wastelands for the last shin bone with meat left for the gnawing.

So, until we either die or don't (and lets face it, we all will. Unless your surname happens to be Christ, but even then there's some debate), why not distract yourself from the inevitability of the yawning chasm of eternity with toys?
Yes! Lovely, shiny baubles to make it all alright. Like the kind sold conveniently online by, oh, I don't know, Firestar.

Check out this super-cool Superman, f'risnstance:
(image) Isn't that just the kind of thing you can picture clutching to your breast as you sit, huddled, gibbering in a dark corner, listening to half-savage marauders as they beat the door down with a sickening inevitability, thud by muffled thud?

Or, on a more positive note, this chemistry set!
(image) Just the thing for teaching your children, in a subtle way, the skills they'll need to filter water safely! Or, you know, make crystals. Which are always decorative, even in the direst situations.

Spend your money before it becomes worthless paper! Happy new year, everyone!

Very Urgent News!


If you fancy your chances of working with Lego (and not just packing it in boxes to send to other people... *ahem* Sorry, we don't know where that came from), make very sure you read on.

We've been contacted by press agents from the soon-to-be-completed Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester. It just so happens they're looking for a model builder. Presumably to work there and, you know, build models of famous mancunians. That sort of thing.
Is... is that the kind of thing you think you might be interested in?

Of course it is! But you'll have to hurry - auditions are being held on the 27th of November (er... that's in 2 days), from 10am to 5pm at the Lowry Hotel in Machester.
Nimble-fingered hopefuls will be faced with an overwhelming array of bricks and the challenge to craft an animal from Lego in just 5 minutes (if one of your fears is growing into a giant ala Alice in the White Rabbit's house, better avoid a room full of tiny bricks. Who knows what terrifying departure from reality such an encounter could precipitate).

So excited you've forgotten how to breathe? Good! You'll need to register, then. To do so, email your interest to:

We at FireStar genuinely wish you the best of luck.
If you go to the auditions, why not take some pictures and write a guest post for this blog? We'd love to hear your experiences. Get in touch in the comments, or by emailing:


Doctor Who Goodies!


The time has come, the golden age has come to a close. Possibly. Or, it could be renewed; go on to reach even greater heights, even bigger, more adoring audiences.Of course, we're referring to the fated swap-over of Doctors - the transition from one Doctor's style of, well, doctoring around the universe, to that of another. For, as it was written by the ancient Maya (and Russel T Davies, probably), the old Doctor has already stepped onto the path that has no forks. Now we travel with him, inexorably swept in his wake to that not-so-distant point where the transformation must take place.But, before that happens (or after, depending on when you're reading this), why not celebrate the last few years?At FireStar's Amazon outpost (we keep it in-case of attacks from highwaymen), we've stockpiled some of the most memorable characters and Who-ish accessories, all in shrunken plastic form!Let's have a look, shall we?First up, it's the Editor!Who could forget Simon Pegg's chilling turn as frost-faced future news-man, the Editor? Not us, that's for sure. He haunts our dreams. Here, he's been lovingly recreated in plastic so that you can relive his gory demise whenever you choose! For added authenticity, stick him in the freezer first...Next pick from our overflowing cornucopia of Doctor flavoured treats, here's a Dalek themed pencil tin!What better stocking filler for neophyte Who fans - you know, the kind who are supposedly so fond of hiding behind sofas. Send your darlings great or small off to school with this Dalek pencil tin. Who knows, it might just impart them with the cold, implacable logic of the squishy-centred, outwardly riveted ones. That's got to be useful in maths, right?Or, for grown-up children, relieve days of office-based tedium with this fantastical window into a world where anything is possible. And it holds pencils!Last on our virtual conveyor belt, take out your goatees, if you will, and peruse this artistic offering:Don't pictures paint a-thousand words?What more can we accurately convey about this stunning piece? Sure to go well on any Who fan's bedroom wall, this work was conceptualised and painted by renowned experts in quantum possibility matrices.* Stare into it's purplish depths and contemplate the mysteries of deep space: How deep is space? Is time linear? Where does the Doctor get his coats? All these questions and more are up for rumination by inquisitive minds, inspired by this visual exploration of the Doctor's universe.Gaze upon its beauties, O mortal, and know the fear of eternity!Either that, or spend some time picturing just how much bigger the inside of the Tardis is than the outside. Whichever you prefer.Well, thanks for reading, Doctor fans. Oh, and did we mention that over at there's a discount running up until the new year?That's right - you get 10% off anything at all - even sale items! Take advantage of our generosity while you can by typing in the code at checkout:fstblog6645Live long and prosper! No, wait, that's another show...* May not actually have been conceptualised by experts of any kind.[...]

A Wish List FAQ: All you were too afraid to ask!


Greetings, friends and fiends! In this blog post we’re going to explore the rather spiffing Wish List system over at the main FireStar website, and how exactly it can be of use to you, your family, friends and pets. Here, below, we have an FAQ. For those of you who don’t know, those letters are what we in the trade call an acronym. If you take each letter individually, they stand in for the phrase ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. You don’t have to capitalise each letter normally, we were just doing that for clarity. Without further ado, here are all the questions about the FireStar Wish List that you were too terrified, apathetic or inarticulate to ask. In the interests of full disclosure, we have to admit that nobody has, thus far, asked, well, any questions about the Wish List system. At all. So, we had to assume that all the people who wanted to ask had been rounded up by a gang of marauding ogres, and are currently huddled in the rear of a cave, being poked with sticks and grunted at softly. Fear not! These ogres are simple, but essentially harmless creatures. They are simply under a misapprehension about how to carry out orders that they were far to stupid to understand in the first place. Our crack team of Ogroid-Human communicators are on the case. In the mean time, here are the FAQ we just know you would have asked. Chocks away! Q: What is this Wish List system I’ve heard so much about? A: We’re glad you asked! FireStar’s Wish List system essentially puts your presents on auto pilot! It lets you browse the site, putting anything you want into a Wish List that you can send to your friends and family. Q: Put your presents on auto pilot? What, if anything, does that actually mean? A: Well, Bob, that means that you don’t have to worry about discussing gift-lists with your relatives any more. It’s all sorted. You make your Wish List and send it to the relevant people. They take it from there. Q: What if I need more than one Wish List this Christmas? I need one for Pauly-Joe and one for Blinky-Sue. And more for Birthdays! A: No problemo! You can create as many Wish Lists as you need, and give them different names so you’ll know who they’re for. What’s more, whenever you want to add something to Pauly-Joe or …Blinky-Sue, was it? – right – to either of their lists, you’ll be asked to choose which list you want that item to go on. There’s a drop down menu! It’s super. Q: You speak of adding things to my list. Please to explain in more detail? A: Well, if you’re logged in to your Wish List, you can simply relax and browse the site. There’ll be a pretty Wish List button next to each and every item, on the right hand side. When you come across something your very heart desires (or the very hearts of Pauly-Joe and Blinky-Sue desire. Ask them to make their own Wish Lists! It’ll be fun!), simply click on that Wish List button to add the item. Q: What happens when I’ve finished making a Wish List? Do I throw my laptop onto a moving vehicle and hope for the best? A: No. That may be the policy of some online retailers, but here at FireStar we think it’s much simpler to actually tell the people you want to know about your Wish List. When you’ve finished your list, we give you the option of sending it to as many people as you want via email. Your chosen recipients can then click through to see your Wish List, and choose which gift they’d like to buy! Q: I’m alarmingly lazy. Why should I bother? A: Have you ever rung round various relatives organising who’s buying what for your darling offspring? Have they ever rung up asking what Junior wants, exactly, only for you to realise you don’t know? Have you ever had to hide the look of growing horror on your face as you receive a ceramic unicorn? Or had to plead with taciturn, b[...]

In which we offer you Discounts!


It’s been said that the approach of winter can be depressing. This is something we have a certain degree of familiarity with at FireStar, as the shortening days lead inevitably to a sort of low-key melancholy that hangs over FireStar towers like a damp, Tupperware sky. We’ve speculated that the new, more thoughtful mood might simply be a result of having less daylight hours available in which to pleasure boat in our company lake (and we get very cranky if we don’t get our daily quota of pleasure boating). But that doesn’t seem to cut it. No, it seems the time of year has arrived when even the guileless smiles of Lego men, existing as they do in a perpetual state of Zen-like contentment, can’t entirely cheer us up. In fact, their serene faces start to appear mockingly self-aware. They know the secret of happiness, but damned if they’re going to share it with you, you monstrous flesh-giant. No, they’ll scuttle away to their brick kingdoms and live merrily, away from the fraught world of men. Look at any box of Lego you’ve forgotten in a loft somewhere – it’s what they’re all doing, guaranteed. But, we digress. No, we weren’t going to leave you flailing in our swamp of hastily induced despair. We have solutions! That’s right, when FireStar feels blue, we cheer ourselves up with discounts! For you! (Sorry if that wasn’t immediately clear) We’re offering you – readers of our blog and Twitter feed – an exclusive 10% discount code that you can use towards anything over at the FireStar site, right up until the end of the year. No catches – there’s no minimum spend and you can even use it on items in our Sales and Deals section to maximise your savings. Here's the magic code itself: fstblog6645 Thus, we get the warm, fuzzy glow that comes from making great deals for you, and you get the satisfaction from knowing you’ve saved lots of money on stuff you really want. Literally everyone wins. Everyone.[...]

Compo Results! (And a sort-of announcement...)


We at FireStar are appreciators of the arts. And thus it is that certain of us sit, decidedly not overcome by powerful waves of irritation, not torn between extreme annoyance at the pervading air of po-faced pretension, and boredom, at a multi-artist performance of the songs of gloomy Frenchman Jacques Brel. But, at least there’s ice cream at the interval– cut right through irritation, that will.No, at FireStar we prefer more earthy pleasures. Like the satisfying, plastic embrace as you squeeze one half of a Lego-man onto the other. Mmm. Or, packing a flowing black LEGO cape in with each and every LEGO Batman. Or, the feel of the paintbrush in your hand as you put the finishing touches to one of our NEW SUPER SPECIAL CUSTOM STAR WARS HELMETS! (Sneak peeks coming soon for blog readers!) Or just, you know, watching Derek Acorah being ‘possessed’ by a succession of identically gruff-voiced spooks. That sort of thing.Such was the pleasure to be garnered in reading and judging your entries for the Lord Halloween renaming competition! Many thanks to all who entered, we truly appreciate your efforts, and we would send you all Lord Halloweens if we could. But…we can’t. That said, cheers for the winner, who is Joshua H! Congratulations, Josh, your entry of ‘Pumpkin Punk’ really captured the certain je-ne-sais-quoi we saw sparkling in the depths of the be-pumpkin’d one’s hollow eyes.Commiserations to the runners up, though special mention goes out to Kathryn, whose evocative imagery accompanying her ‘The Gatekeeper’ entry, was simply spellbinding! So neat was it, we decided to reproduce it here so that all might share in its spooky premise. Thanks, Kathryn!A solitary figure, the Gatekeeper guards the path across the ever-dying plains. Although I can think of no reason why any man, animal or creature would wish to cross such a dark and infamously perilous place; if they do so, first they must pay the Gatekeeper his tax. Do not think money holds any value in this place, payment is entirely of the Gatekeepers choosing. Failure to pay will be fatal.To all of you readers – we’re grateful you come here and we always look for your feedback, which we’ll be asking for more of in the coming weeks. There’ll be more competitions to enter coming up, so keep a look out![...]

Special Halloween Bumper Post!


With Halloween just round the corner, our thoughts naturally turn to what sort of costume we’ll be wearing come the festivities. But what will Lego Men be wearing at their tiny Lego parties? Well, pretty much anything they want. See, their heads are detachable. Here at FireStar, it’s our job to ponder such things. For instance, do Lego Batman and Robin turn up at spooky shindigs in their costumes, or do they wear butler digs for a change? Does Alfred get to wear the Batsuit? Would Lego Indiana Jones ever dress as Irina Spalko to get a laugh? But the Lego mini-figures who really excel at Halloween preparations are those for whom Halloween isn’t just one sugar fuelled night, it’s a way of life. Yes, we’re talking about the very special Halloween Lego figures over at the main FireStar website. This fiendish cohort lives for October. In the days approaching the 31st, the normally rational and erudite atmosphere in their Pumpkin Hall reaches fever pitch, and the candy chandeliers shake with the hammering of decorative armour, the sharpening of scythes and the squelchy sounds of gourds being hollowed out ready for the carving. We’re privileged to have secured an interview with prominent member of the shadow Halloween alliance, the Dark Lord. FireStar: Dark Lord. Great to have you with us.DL: It’s great to be here, Ken.FireStar: That’s not our name.DL: Sorry, I wasn’t really listening during the introductions. I was too busy polishing my luminous head.FireStar: Yes! Your head. Would you mind telling us a bit about your look?DL: Well, as we’ve already covered, my head is luminous. For those of you who haven’t been alive for millennia, following the development of language, that means it glows in the dark.FireStar: There’s no need to be condescending.DL: Right. Anyway, my look has changed very little over the thousands of years I’ve been a member of the Halloween family..FireStar: How did you get into that line of work exactly?DL: It’s a long story. Suffice to say, I was in the right grave at the right time.FireStar: Grave! Because you’re a skeleton! Haha!DL: Ha. Yes. Before you interrupted rather rudely I was telling you about my look…FireStar: Yes, sorry. Please do continue.DL: Well, obviously black never goes out of fashion. And my cape – I like to think it lends a certain air of suavity. It says, “Yes, I’m a creature of the utmost dread, but I still look in a mirror before I go out terrifying mortals”.FireStar: And the staff? Where does that fit in?DL: My staff is an item of terrible darkness and ancient power. It holds the skull of the foul demon Squa’roth, whose essence lives still within its calcified depths, and whose voice whispers to me of things to terrible to imagine.FireStar: That sounds…nice?DL: It’s really not. But we work well together. It’s important to have reliable employees.FireStar: And what are your plans for the night of Halloween itself, Dark Lord?DL: I already told you. I’ll be terrifying mortals with the rest of the shadow council. We prepare for this night all year long.FireStar: Sounds great! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Dark Lord.DL: No problem, Ken.So, there you have it. Snap up the Dark Lord and his friends at the FireStar site before the big day! Convene your own shadow council! To celebrate the approach of the spooky season, we have exclusively for you another poem for you by darling of the rhyming establishment, 18th Century poetess Henrietta S Tweenote. Enjoy! A Hallow’s eve, the shadows gloaming,Cries echo from the naked trees,And crows take flight. I shudder, closingFast my door, my fears to ease. Yet suddenly the firelight flickers,I feel the gasp catch in my throat,The taste of that name, long unspokenShrieking in a high pitched not[...]

IT Begins!


Welcome, welcome one and all to the launch of the brand new FireStar site!

Yes, the historic days has finally come, as was predicted by the oracles of antiquity. Indeed, just as they wrote it, the tides changed, the planets aligned very slightly, and most importantly of all, the old completed its transformation, exiting its cocoon a changed beast:

IT emerged, stumbling and blinking from its glowing, digital chrysalis, shielding ITS new-born eyes from the bright dawn of a new era in online toy retailing.

IT saw us, and after a long pause, IT spoke.
“What am I?” IT said, the words jerking uncertainly from a throat that had long forgotten how to talk, in a voice as deep as oceans and as old as the darkness that bathes the ancient stone.
“You are the new FireStar website,” we solemnly intoned, a hint of anxiety rising through a hairline crack in our confident façade.
IT appeared to take this in, and was silent for a while.
“Hungry,” IT said at last, dragging the word from the depths of memory. It was the right word.
“Hungry,” IT said again with more conviction.
We nodded, and held out something small, palm up, as if feeding a pony.
“What?” IT asked, eyeing the offering suspiciously.
“It’s a hard to find custom Lego mini-figure,” we said. “It’s very rare”.
The Beast stooped down and sniffed. IT lowered ITS colossal maw, very gently closed ITS jaws over the mini-figure, and ate it. Our hands were covered in viscous drool. IT gave a growl of satisfaction, shook out ITS fur and reared to ITS full height, eyes on us.
“More,” IT said.

So, that’s how the new site came into the world, a momentous occasion indeed.
If you haven’t had a look at the new site, go! It really has changed for the better, and like all new parents, we are very proud of it. The site's always changing at the moment - we're constantly adding stuff - so check back often, and while you're at it, join the Twitter feed why don't you? We hope you’ll enjoy it every bit as much as we do – feedback is always welcome.

To celebrate the Big Launch, we’re holding a giveaway! Yes, that’s right; a very special custom design figure from our Halloween range could be yours.
Currently this dapper fellow goes by the name of Lord Halloween. But he doesn’t particularly like it, and we’re beginning to agree. Doesn’t he look more, in every way, than a mere Lord Halloween? How can two such prosaic words capture such magnificence?
Well, we figured who better to capture the essence of this ghoulish chap than you! Our loyal customers and readers.
Tell us what you would name him (or her, we’re open minded here) in the comments, making sure to leave an email address where we can get hold of you. Telling us a bit about your figure’s history and what led them to this juncture in a life of devilish doings will get extra points.
The best entry, as judged by us, wins. Comments will close on the 18th of October, so good luck!

Mmm, Autumn


With the Big Launch of the brand new Firestar website just around the corner (5 days to go!) Firestar Towers echoes with the sounds of frantic typing, order slips eagerly whooshing through printers, the fearsome roar of the tape-gun and the click-focus-snap of Lego photography. It’s true – the Lego mini-figs have their own brightly lit studio in miniature, where they preen and strut their stuff atop a stage of white cardboard, before being expertly manipulated by our resident photoshop expert and photographer of tiny plastic men, Lauren.It’s at such times that our thoughts turn to the beautiful golden Autumn days. That we’re missing, what with toiling night and day at the hot fires of the nascent website. And, as luxurious as the Firestar Towers are (I can exclusively tell you they are a den of Bacchanalian delights and pleasure boating in one of our many moats), who wouldn’t rather be outside, perhaps skipping merrily, picking up shiny conkers and crunching russet leaves. This of course brings to mind that beloved song of childhood, the Conker Song:Bright and lovely Chestnut tree,Will’st thou deign to notice me?Bless mine eyes as didst of old,With thy shining countenance gold!Speak, O Tree, with rustling voice,Let Autumn’s angels guide your choice.And now thou must pay Autumn’s Fee,Oh! Drop a conker just for me!Henrietta S Tweenote ~1786(To the tune of ‘Beautiful Dreamer’)But conkers aren’t the only thing about autumn, as I’m certain Ms.Tweenote would be at the front of the queue to acknowledge. No, what about Halloween? All Hallows Eve, Samhain, The Spooky Dressy-Uppy Night. Whatever you call it, it’s coming soon. And, what better way to get into the ghoulish spirit than indulging your macabre side with some custom, seasonal Lego designs?Get them while they’re topical, at Halloween Mummy In life this Mummy was either a Pharoah or a big fan or bandages.Custom Design Vampire Don't let this Vampire's playful looking face fool you, he has a slightly more terrifing one on the back of his head!Dr Frankenstein’s Monster This reanimated monster actually has no name himself - it's Dr Frankenstein who made him (he went a bit loopy studing medicine at university, so the story goes). So you get to name him yourself! How about Steve? Just a suggestion.Custom Design Lord Halloween Who rules the pumpkins? Lord Halloween rules the pumpkins! And other sundry halloween themed items. Yeah.Halloween Werewolf Pretty snazzy duds, eh? Does our Halloween Werewolf have a more human face when the moon's not so full? You get to decide! Personally, we think his alter ego is hollywood comedy actor, Ben Stiller. But that's just us.Keep a look out for upcoming Halloween promotions here on the blog, and even a giveaway or two![...]

Any Takers?


Got 50 grand to spare?
Good! Then you could be the proud owner of a 2 storey Lego house built by semi-famous car-enthusiast, James May, and a team of a thousand volunteers for his upcoming series on toys.
The house is 20 foot high, and currently sitting in a vineyard in Dorking, Surrey, until Tuesday, when (please, look away if you’re of a sensitive disposition) if not removed by a new owner, it will be hacked to bits. Possibly with a chainsaw, sources are unclear. If you’re anything like the team here at Firestar, you’ll be stifling despairing sobs by now, afraid to look up incase concerned passers-by notice the tears brimming in your eyes. But, you’ll also be absolutely desperate to see the house on the inside.
Well, it would be callous of us to disappoint.
The house’s interior is indeed a joyful work of artistic wonderment, and to prove it here are some choice pictures (sourced from the Mail article here)

(image) The bathroom. With working taps. Check out the adorable toothbrush! Possibly a bit harsh for sensitive gums, so be under advisement if you plan to recreate at home.

(image) What Lego house would be complete without the devoted companionship of a Lego cat? Real cats are, admittedly, less breakable, but do tend to cost more in upkeep.

(image) James May stares soulfully out of one of the windows, which are made from clear coloured bricks making a stained glass effect! That’s so clever! (Does anyone else think for bonus points they could have built an illustration into the pane?) We wonder if the coffee he's holding is Lego too...

So, we want to know – were any of you involved in the build? Share your stories in the comments! Has anyone out there build an item of Lego furniture/ ornaments/ working plumbed appliances? Send your pictures in to: The best ones will be shared on the blog soon!

Site Launch News!


Bad news - the original date for the new site launch has been pushed back to the 1st of October.

Good - no, wait, scratch that - huge, momentous, amazing news - the extra testing time means the brand new Firestar site is going to be bigger, better and cooler than we could've dreamed of.

Right now we're working hard on adding more than a thousand products to our databases.
Of course, you already know that Lego is going to feature highly (it would be slightly uncanny if it didn't). What you probably don't know is that we'll be focussing all our creative energies on bringing you more unique, custom Lego figures.

As if that wasn't already enough excitement for one post, we'll also be launching our new Wish List. Have a birthday coming up? Or just want everyone to know which sets, mini-figures and bits and pieces you're eyeing up at the moment? Well, the Wish List can help! Or, you know, you could just set one up for your kids / cousins / favourite young people, and allow their generous friends and relatives to tick off bits as they buy them.

We're also the first and only people in the UK (well, pretty much the whole of Europe, actually) to bring you fantastic new Japanese 3D construction sets from LaQ. The English translation of the LaQ website describes it as: "The infinite world of creation with fine square and triangle". While this may not make much sense, putting together the incredibly versatile pieces will - you'll be able to build anything you can imagine with LaQ blocks in a selection of gorgeous colours at your disposal (find out more at:

So, prepare to calibrate excitement drivers to fever pitch with the oil of anticipation (we are - watch out for the oil, it's murder to clean up) and look out for the big lauch coming very soon!



FireStar Toys has been growing rapidly and we have been so busy just keeping up with the increased workload.

Our new website project is going great and we are just in the middle of fine tuning the final design layout. Everything is on course for a September 1st launch.

Currently sells exclusively Lego. However, the new website will include a great range of supporting construction toys in order to provide a fantastic selection for building enthusiasts. Brands will include Mecano, Logiblocs, mic-omic, Cobi, Autoblox, Magnext, Airfix and many more!

Scary Stories - Naughty Naughty Pets


We are now stocking a great range of the collectable luxury soft toys Naughty Naughty Pets In stock now:Dig Ivan DigHandsone Hook Lost a FootSnort Snort Daisy Peeky PooViscious French Bull DogHeedley Pecked Me in the EyePretty Princess VickiJacques Rock StarHenry Loves Your Woolly SocksGnash and Gnaw JoshuaNaughty Naughty KeiferYes, A Cat Named Marty CohenNot so Fluffy FionaAvailable to buy from our Amazon store [...]

Fischer Tip


Creative Arts and Crafts


Fischer Tip is a new fantastic arts and crafts sensation and a brilliant way to keep kids occupied for hours. Within minutes children of all ages can build really creative models in no time at all.


Fischer TiPs are one of nature's little wonders. Made of vegetable starch and food colouring, they miraculously stick together when moistened with water to create anything your imagination allows. From lighthouses to dinosaurs, pirates to princesses.


Fischer TiP can be shaped, squeezed, cut, painted and much, much more, to create an endless array of models and pictures. No glue needed - Create a model in minutes - Environmentally friendly - Designed specifically for education.

Available to buy from our Amazon store

Solomon's Stones




Solomon's Stones is a fast paced addictive strategy game for two players. Inspired by ancient wisdom, Solomon's Stones is a truly classic game that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Can you force your opponent to take the last stone?

Remove as many stones as you want from any row on the board. Remove the right ones and your opponent is trapped. Remove the wrong ones and you could be left with no choice but to take the last stone. The rules are so simple you will learn to play in seconds.

As you play you will soon realise there is much more to this game than first meets the eye. Use increasingly complicated strategies to out-wit your opponent, the more you play the harder it will be to beat you.

Solomon's Stones are naturally occurring semi-precious hermatite gemstones. Each has been individually polished to the highest standard. According to folklore, hematite is the "stone for the mind", as it boosts concentration and
logical thinking!


Available to buy from our Amazon store

Lego Batman Figures & Key Chains at



We have recently completed listing a huge range of the very rare Lego Batman figures. All of these figures are now out of production so they are highly sought after and getting very difficult to find. Probably the most sought after is The Joker Lego mini-figure, one of the key characters in the recent Batman Dark Knight film.

We have the standard minifigures as well as the magnet versions.
The Batman magnet figures have small magnets fixed in their legs and all body parts are glued together.

We also have a great range of
Lego Batman key chains including Robin, Two face, Scarecrow, Batman, Penguin and Catwoman.


FireStar Toys - New Blog


Welcome to our new blog!

FireStar Toys are one of the worlds leading sellers of rare and collectable Lego sets and Lego mini-figures. We also specialise in exclusive custom design Lego figures and custom design Lego weapons.

You can buy from us at the following websites:

You can also follow us on for regular product updates and news.