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Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog

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Rogue Trader Personalities


After finishing up the Khorne Bloodbound Warband for John earlier this week, I concentrated on getting a few miniatures finished up for the Rogue Trader campaign I'm starting up TOMORROW!!These first three are from Hasslefree Miniatures. Options for Astropath, Rogue Trader, and a Void Master Pilot.These next three are from the Lead Adventure Miniatures Astropolis II Kickstarter. These could be an Exploratory, a Navigator and... I don't know...? Seneschal...?I'm trying to get a few done for each character type so the players will have some choice as to what they use for their character in the game.Tomorrow we'll just be making characters and working out backgrounds and I'll be introducing them to the setting and how the campaign will work. The campaign is a bit different from most I've run - where player characters are generally lower level and just starting out their careers in... whatever sort of adventuring they plan to do... In Rogue Trader the characters start off as pretty powerful characters in command of a Rogue Trader void ship with a crew of thousands at their disposal. They are so wealthy that money isn't even kept track of - instead there is an abstracted "Profit Factor" against which they make "Acquisition Tests" modified by how rare the item is and how many you want.I imagine it might be a lot like the old Birthright setting for D&D which I never played, but always thought was a neat idea - playing a game where your characters START OFF as nobles in charge of some holding - rather than having to carve out a kingdom by your own sword!Finally... well... they don't necessarily have anything to do with the Rogue Trader Campaign (at least not as characters...)... are a pair of "Rogue Trader Era" squig miniatures I've had since the late 80s and recently decided to strip and repaint...Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:I might do a post about the various characters in the campaign...In terms of miniatures you're likely to see next... well... I have loads more Rogue Trader-ish characters on the workbench still, but I've pushed some more Tallarn to the front of the workbench - two Special Weapon Squads armed with Meltaguns. Behind them are miniatures for Amanda's Tau Kill Team for Shadow War: Armageddon. Behind those is a squad of Tallarn Roughriders. I'm going to try and alternate between Tallarn and... other things... just to keep it interesting.I did finish assembling the Shadowsword and started painting it... but it seems to have been pushed aside for the time being. I'll probably plug away at it, a bit at a time, so it doesn't get tedious and abandoned altogether.Perhaps I'll do a post about the games played over the past week... which have been NONE (so far!) but the kids are hoping to get in a game tonight and there'll be the Rogue Trader game tomorrow... and maybe I could add some pics of the Kitchen into that as the tile back splash finally went in this week... which SHOULD have finished things off...[...]

Shadespire Bloodbound Warband and 40K Inquisitor/Ministorium


As I mentioned last night I have two batches of minis I've been working on the last few days.


First, the last of the minis from John's Warhammer Underworlds: Shadspire core box - the Khorne Bloodbounds (which I may have previously referred to as "BloodHounds"...?).

Normally I'm not keen on painting the edges of bases black,  but it seemed like the right thing to do here... I'm not sure why...?

The others from the core box can be seen here:

Stormcast Eternals Warband for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire 

I also finished up some 40K Character types...


The inquisitor is a miniature I've had for about 25 years. I'm not sure I ever completely finished painting him...? A few years back I stripped all the original paint off of him and rebased and primed him and now, finally, got around to repainting. The others are more recent minis I've acquired over the last few years and finished up in hopes of making use of them in the Rogue Trader campaign I'm planning to run.

I tend to do a LOT of my imperial stuff - at least the Ministorium/Administratum/Inquisition - in RED and wanted to do a little something different for this inquisitor. I like this shade of Purple... I got thinking I'd like to do it on the handful of Chaos Space Marines and cultists that I have... which might cause some confusion...

I really like the Ministorium preacher figure - he has lots of stuff strapped to his back pack and looks like a regular adventurer that's ready for anything. I tried taking a few individual pics, but the lighting was crap and most didn't turn out.

That typing servitor looks waaaaaay too healthy... I should have made his skin paler... I may go back and change that.


I will include this one of the detail of the Inquisitor's sword. It's weirdly barbed and I wasn't sure how to paint it at first. I decided to try and go with a non-metallic-power-swordy look... Not sure if I'm quite happy with it... but it will do...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More 40K/Rogue Trader minis...

This Week's Games


I thought rather than an exhausting month round up I might do something more regular-like with the game reports... I started mentioning them with other posts, but don't really like that so perhaps I'll do a post about them weekly...? Or fortnightly...? I like the idea of fortnightly. But that's just because I like the word "fortnightly"...We haven't really gotten in much gaming since last week...Friday afternoon the kids and I did try out Harry Potter: Hogwart's Battle. The Girl had me pick this up for her on Boxing Day at Dragon's Den Games. She's been eyeing it up for a while... still a pretty big Harry Potter fan. We played through the first (of eight?) games/scenarios this afternoon - just to figure out the system -and planed to play through the actual campaign with Amanda later in the evening. I played Ron, Finnegan played Neville Longbottom, The Girl, of course, player Hermione Granger (and we decided we'd let Amanda play the glory-boy, Mr. Potter...). The game is a pretty straightforward co-op deck building game - much like Legendary. The first scenario was insanely easy - I think it would actually be difficult to LOSE that game - hopefully the next games will be a BIT more of a challenge. I'm guessing this is just to teach the game to newbs who may have not played this type of game before. The idea is that you play each game/scenario until you win it before moving on to the next.In the evening we played through the first TWO games with Amanda. The second was significantly harder - nastier dark arts cards, nastier villains. But there was also a lot of new cool cards added to the deck we draft from - new allies, new spells, new items... These games are also going to take a LOT LONGER to play as you win by defeating all the villains, and each game adds new villains to the ones from all the previous games/scenarios! Saturday afternoon we met with some new friends to play some games and introduced them to 7 Wonders. It's rare I get to play it with seven players and is kind of a whole different game - as resources can end up pooled at the other end of the table!Saturday EVENING my friend ran a one-shot of Numenera to introduce the system to us - well, to Amanda and myself - as all the others have played it before. It was fun enough, I guess. I am tired of fantasy dungeon crawls - and that's essentially what this scenario was. There are novel elements to the system, but not enough to give me the dreamy-eyed look that some people have gotten when they've tried to explain the game to me in the past and convince me that it's, like, the bestest game EV-AR!Bob is planning to run a campaign on the off weeks when I'm not running Rogue Trader.In Other News...We finished watching Daredevil Season One last week and then started in on Agents of SHIELD Season Three. It's been so long since I saw the last season that I really couldn't remember much of what had happened. Normally I'd look up a synopsis, but couldn't be bothered and, for the most part, it didn't really matter...The guy who is supposed to install the tile backsplash in our kitchen was to do them Thursday and Friday of last week - but was delayed because his truck's starter decided to give up the ghost Thursday morning... Hopefully he'll be here early this week and finish it all off...Last week I also bid on an old Armorcast Warhound Titan model. Tried to snipe it actually... Someone else had the same plan though and were willing to bid higher, so... I lost that one... then I went and bid on ANOTHER one - which was a bit more... Then the seller of the first one made me a "Second Chance" offer (I guess the other bidder decided not to pay...?). Luckily I was outbid on the second one before the Second Chance offer expired and so I snapped it up! Then, because I'm that special kind of stupid, I bought an EPIC scale Warhound Titan - with the daft idea that I'd paint them both with the same scheme - so I could play with them in both scales... Because that seemed like a good idea at[...]

Stormcast Eternals Warband for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire


Last month... or maybe the month before...? My friend John dropped off some miniatures for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire for me to paint for him. I don't normally paint stuff for other people or do commissions - mostly because I am terrible at motivating myself to paint stuff for others when I have SO MUCH STUFF I want to paint for myself!? But for John I make an exception... because... reasons...!?After finishing up the Tallarn Veteran Squad/Shadow War: Armageddon Kill Team, I decided it was time to get back to working on them and finished off the Stormcast Eternals Warband. I've been working on them on and off for the last month or so, and finished the leader, Severin Steelheart, and Angharad Brightshield back in December. I also have the Khorne Bloodbound warband in the works - they should be rolling off the workbench shortly! Here, finally is Obryn the Bold!Obryn the Bold's backside!The entire Stormcast Eternals Warband for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire.The Fiend... er... my friend... also brought by the two expansion warbands, but they're going to have to wait until I finish up some more stuff for Shadow War: Armageddon and Rogue Trader.Coming soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:I have a bunch of 40K/Rogue Trader items on the workbench, but I'm pushing to finish up the Khorne Bloodbound warband THIS WEEK! [...]

Tallarn Veteran Squad/Shadow War Armageddon Kill Team


I finished up a handful of Tallarn infantry this week. I painted most with the black headgear I've been using to denote Veterans. The primary reason I painted these was to use them as a Kill Team in Shadow War: Armageddon, but also painted up a heavy weapons team with a missile launcher so it could be used as a Veteran Squad in 40K.The lot of them (the new ones painted this week)Here are some of them (with a previously painted Sergeant) deployed as a Veteran Squad in 40K. Not sure how often I'll use Veteran Squads - they eat up an Elite Slot... I have so many other things I could field as Elites. Loads of Special Weapon Squads, mostly. Mind you, add a Sergeant, a Heavy Weapons team and one other dude with a Lasgun and that Special Weapons team could be a veteran squad... Hmmmm... guess I'll have to actually GET PLAYING MORE and find out which is more useful...?These are the models currently designated as the dedicated Shadow War: Armageddon Kill Team options.And this is what I am currently toying with to use as my starter Kill Team for Shadow War: Armageddon. It consisted of:Veteran Sergeant - Kill Team Leader - Flak Armour, Combat Blade, Chainsword, Bolt Pistol - 170 points2x Veteran Guardsman - Toopers - Flak Armour, Combat Blade, Lasgun - @85 = 170 points2x Guardsmen - Recruits - Flak Armour, Combat Blade, Lasgun - @75 = 150Special Weapons Operator - Specialist - Flak Armour, Combat Blade, Meltagun - 165Special Weapons Operator - Specialist - Flak Armour, Combat Blade, Plasma Gun - 150 pointsSpecial Weapons Operator - Specialist - Flak Armour, Combat Blade, Grenade Launcher (frag and kraken) - 195Total - 1000 pointsNo idea if this is going to work out - but as I figured I might as well take as many Specialists as I could to start as they cost more than 100 points. Basic recruitment between games allows 100 points to use for new recruits - which could easily get me a fully kitted out regular trooper (Veteran Guardsman) to recruit more requires using up a precious promethium cache. I didn't add in grenades or weapon reloads or any other fancy equipment as I figured more "boots on the ground" would be desirable in the beginning sessions. I need to protect those specialists, though and try to not expose them to danger...Now to actually find some time to TRY the game!! The kids have their Kill Teams ready...In Other News... Earlier this week Amanda, The Girl and I got in a game of Splendor while Finnegan was playing D&D with a group of friends..One of the kids friends came over another day and we got in a game of 40K - a full report of that action can be found here:Return to Action on Brind's World - Orks versus NecronsFinnegan's 14th birthday was this past week and, unlike the last few years school was not back in session, so he was able to organize a full day of gaming with friends!That full day of gaming ended up being two really long games - first they played a really long game of Red Dragon Inn.Followed by a really long game of Sentinels of the Multiverse...They did stop to eat some pizza I made...And CAKE!!!He asked for an Ork Skull cake... so... not one of my most inspired cakes... but... it got eaten.. no one complained...I also finished off my short Tales from the Loop campaign last night. I had originally planned to run the four mysteries from the main rulebook as a short campaign from September to December every other Saturday, but as we missed a few sessions and the players really like exploring things, I only just finished up the first mystery!? It was fun, I guess... There were some novel elements to the system, it was a fun walk down memory lane for most of us, but I'm not sure I could run it for very long...I've decided to start a new campaign for the new year: Rogue Trader - so expect lots of weird sci-fi minis and terrain getting painted in the coming weeks and game reports as the campaign gets underway!Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:In addition to the aforementio[...]

Return to Action on Brind's World - Orks versus Necrons


Kids are still off school so a friend came over to play some 40K and do some painting with Finnegan and The Girl earlier today. We continued our loose narrative campaign set on Brind's World. (you can find a bit of background on the world here: Again With The 40K)Brind's World 9.012.018.M42After utterly destroying the forward reconnaissance elements of Hivefleet Haemorrhoid, Warboss Blitzagg was content to rest upon his laurels for a bit. After a while he heard tell of strange stirrins underground and started sending loyal Sneaky Gitz out to find out the troof of da mattah. Being proactive he started buildin' up his force adding some Meganobz and Lootas. He heard over the tawkbox that one of his Sneaky Gitz was comin' in with vital knowledge about the underground stirrins - somethin' involvin' clankies! So Warboss Blitzagg set out to find the Sneaky Git and find out what he learned. FORCESWarboss Blitzagg's MobWarboss Blitzagg 30 Boyz3 Meganobz5 LootasPower Level: 35, Patrol Detachment - 3 Command PointsJE:FF Pod 24965Overlord JE:FF 20 Necron Warriors5 Lynchgard5 Deathmarks Power Level: 34, Patrol Detachment - 3 Command PointsSCENARIOWe used the Rescue scenario right out of the Warhammer 40000 8th Edition Core Rulebook. As the Orks had the larger force they were the "attackers" trying to recover one of their spies caught behind enemy lines. All of the regular Necron forces started off table and would only come on if one of the sentries spotted any enemy.THE GAMEThe boys started by marking the 6 possible terrain features the Sneaky Git could be hiding in (Whenever an Ork unit came within 3" of one of the marked Terrain Features they would roll a d6 - on a 6 that was the location of the Sneaky Git and he could be deployed anywhere within 3" of said terrain feature). Finnegan picked the three closest to his deployment zone, and his opponent, of course, picked three close to his own base edge. The Necrons started by setting up their 10 sentries - and then spent 2 Command Points to increase their detection range. Finnegan then tried to set up his Orks outside of detection range but close to the terrain features the Sneaky Git might be hiding in, but outside of potential detection range - not an easy thing to do. The scenario is kind of written assuming that it would be played on a 4'x6' table - as the one we had was only 4x4 (2/3 the space) we probably should have reduced the number of sentries to 6 or 7... Basically if the Orks shot, or fought a sentry and failed to kill it in the fight section, or ended any movement pose within the detection range, the sentries sounded the alarm and the Necron force could start trying to deploy from reserves. The sentries were so thick on the ground that there was no way the orks could enter the Necron deployment zone without being spotted and, with the exception of two, they were all within detection distance of each other so even if the Orks tried to assault any of the sentries and killed them before they could fight back or raise the alarm, there would be others in range that could detect them and raise the alarm... ROUND ONE - ORKS TURN So many sentries out there... the Orks did very little moving - which would hamstring them later in the game. by the end of the game it was clear that they should have said "EFF the sneaky-stealthiness - let's GO!"  There were two units of Boyz that did move up and prepare to assault two of the Necron sentries on the extreme flanks. These few moves brought Ork units within 3" of the three closer terrain features that the Sneaky Git could potentially have been hiding in. He was not hiding in any of them... So they would have to make it to the far end of the table to find their friend the Sneaky Git and try to get him out alive. (Actually the Orks only needed to find him by the end of the game and keep him alive - the game was &[...]

New Year's Day Gaming


Happy New Year everyone!We spent the day playing games over at our friend Kurtis and Shannon's.It was a frosty one today - like most of the last week or so - windchill in the -40°C zone... We walked because it wasn't too far.When we got there everyone else was already playing Mission: Red Planet and said they were only half way through. So we set up to play a quick game of Kingdom Builder - which didn't end up being quite so quick as Amanda had pretty much forgotten all the rules...While we played on they finished, some people left, Joel arrived and the others sat down to play Sushi Go! I thought I was doing poorly in Kingdom Builder as I didn't have a very large continuous group of communities (one of the victory conditions) but I DID manage to spread my settlements evenly through out the four boards and put a LOT of them next to mountains and/or cities (other victory conditions. I was the first to finish, which I find also usually helps (if you can get the bonus token thingies that allow you to place extra settlements) - especially if you can get as many as you can in scoring positions... So I edged out Amanda by a couple of points - the kids weren't far behind.After that everyone played a game called "Spoons" which was absolutely MAD! It uses a regular playing deck there is a card in all four suits for each player that are shuffled up and dealt out. Players pass cards to the player on their left and then can pick up a card from the player on their right, as soon as one has all four of the same card (in the four different suits) they grab a spoon from the centre of the table and as soon as one person goes for a spoon EVERYONE can try to grab a spoon and the one without one is eliminated and then you start all over. Finnegan made it through until there was only three, but then was eliminated.After that Joel taught the kids and I how to play Samurai Sword. It's a variant of Bang - if you're familiar. I wasn't (I think I might have played Walking Dead Bang at one of John's New Year Eve parties a couple of years ago). It was nice to learn to play this as my friend Paul had given me the game for my birthday THREE YEARS AGO when he came for the Ronin Campaign Weekend. I had tried to sit down and read the rules ages ago, but it made my brain hurt... and I'm embarrassed to say it's been collecting dust since... But now that we know how to play it should see some more regular use!Meanwhile Amanda played Rajas of the Ganges with Kurtis Eli and Mike.After that we had supper - Shannon made a veggie chilli which I am told was wonderful but I didn't try any as it had a tonne of cilantro (which tastes like soap to me and makes me violently ill... ). So I just had more snacks... and far too much chocolate...Finally we tried out Century: Spice Road,  which Kurtis had just picked up recently. I liked it. Has similar elements to Splendor.I don't need to buy it, I can just play with Kurtis...I don't need to buy it, I can just play with Kurtis...I don't need to buy it, I can just play with Kurtis...I don't need to buy it, I can just play with Kurtis...I don't need to buy it, I can just play with Kurtis...The kids did try out their new PS4 VR headset thingie and tried to fly around in an X-wing for a bit before we headed back home in the cold.Fantastic way to spend the first day of the new year!Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:Could be the Shadowsword I'm working on... Or maybe some Shadespire minis for John... Hard to say. I'll probably get in a game of 40K later this week as the kids friend that plays it is coming over. Finnegan's birthday is on Friday and he has a day o'gaming planned for a few friends.[...]

December 2017 Boardgames Round-Up


So after a look back at the Whole Year, and already planning out next year, let's have a quick (not so quick) look at December...TL/DR: WE PLAYED A LOT OF GAMES IN DECEMBER! After startlingly little gaming in October or November, we finally got some games going on this past month! As end of the renovations in the kitchen finally started to seem like a possibility, and kids activities wrapped up for the year, we found a bit more time (and space) to play!2 December 2017 - Tales from the LoopWe continued the campaign started in September and… I can’t even remember what happened in this one. Bob was back, but Amanda wasn’t feeling up to heading over to Aaron and Emily’s to play… a second game was planned for the 16th, but too many people were just too worn out from Xmas parties and other seasonal activities so we had to cancel that one.4 December 2017 - Legendary We played a game of Legenary in the afternoon and tried out some of the stuff from Finnegan’s new Dark City expansion. It was a fun game. I can’t remember what hereoes we used or who the bad guy was, but I remember it was fun and challenging and, at times, it seemed like we might not succeed, but in the end we did and it didn’t feel like it dragged on forEVER! (like some of the games do – sometimes it’s just too easy and it feels like you’re goig through the motions and the end is a foregone conclusion. Other times it’s impossible and it feels like you’re going through the motions and the end is a foregone conclusion – it’s less bad when you lose the game wuickly but when it drags on and on and on and you know there’s just no way you’re going to win, but keep playing because you haven’t lost yet…)8 December 2017 – MythotopiaMythotopia is a Martin Wallace game that reminds me a little of A Study in Emerald (which I love – actually I’ve yet to play a game by Mr. Wallace that I didn’t like…) The kids and I had fun figuring this out, building our empires and thwarting our neighbor’s expansion… I did play this at John’s some time ago, but had mostly forgotten how it played. Wasn’t hard to pick up again. We’ll have to get Amanda to play this sometime.Hmmmmm... What am I going to do with THIS hand... Oh, I know! Let's invade someone's country!12 December 2017 – Fluxx and Exploding Kittens This days games were motivated by my BGG Five and Dime list. Five and Dimes are one of the many weird little stats BGG tracks for you. It’s a list of games that you have recored more than five or more than ten plays, respectively. I’d noticed a few games that had 4 or 9 plays – and were thus ONE PLAY from making it on to the list (or moving up to the next list) and decided to play a few of them…First we played Eco Fluxx (or Nature Fluxx as it is now called…). For the longest time I had that freaking Forest Fire Creeper in front of me and I think it was burning up a Keeper every turn! Luckily I had a LOT of keepers. There were SO MANY times I just-about-could-have won – I’d draw a Goal card that would have won me the game if one of the necessary Keepers hadn’t been burned the previous turn. Unlike the other games, when there’s a creeper in play in Eco Fluxx NO ONE can win – despite this the kids were no help in getting rid of it – they just sat and watched as species after species roasted in the fire. I finally got rid of is somehow and I think I actually did end up winning a turn or two later…Then we played Firefly Fluxx. There was a lot of stealing and swapping and redistribution of keepers in this game. It was a little crazy. Came close to winning so many times – if only I could get to my turn without SOMEONE MESSING WITH MY CARDS!? Ugh… lot of fun. Totally can’t rememver who won this one… pretty sure it wasn’t me…Then we played Exploding Kittens.I think it came down to me and Finnegan and the [...]

Game Plan 2018


It’s good to have a plan… Having looked back at 2017, It's time to look ahead to 2018! GAMING25x5 BoardgamesSo, last year my big long List O’Games to Play didn’t really work out. Partly that was due to the renovation and not having time and space to play – but another large part of it was the fact that it is a daunting task to read all those rules (especially when one reads as slowly as I!). As most of the games on the list were ones I’d either never played or only played once or twice (some time ago) I definitely WOULD have had to read (or re-read) the rules. Why did I try to make such a big long list of games? I think the big long list was fostered by the guilt I feel owning so many games that never get played and I wanted to play as many as I could to somehow justify to myself the need to keep them… I just have to chill and know I will get to them all eventually. As the end of the year approached I saw a bunch of people on the BGG facebook group mentioning finishing up their 10x10 challenges. I had never heard of these, but basically a person or group selects 10 games and tries to play each of them 10 times in a year – which ends up being 100 games played – one game every 3.65 days. I really like this idea, it seems totally doable AND you get to play a game a bunch of times within a year, which I find really helps with remember the rules and strategies. So, I thought I’d try and do something similar to this. Of course picking JUST 10 and sticking to that seemed utterly impossible. So I came up with the idea of 25x5. The family picks 25 games that we’re going to play five times each. We still get to play a bunch of games we love (or really want to get a chance to learn a bit better!), but still have a bit more variety. So, the 25 board games we shall endeavor to play at least 5 games each of are:     Hero RealmsCOIN game(s) Fire in the Lake and/or A Distant PlainBios: MegafaunaPax RenaissanceHigh FrontierCarcassonne Firefly: The Board GameRailways of The World (Eastern USA, Great Britain, Mexico, Canada) Star Wars: X-WingArkham HorrorSuper Dungeon ExploreShadowrun: CrossfireMice & MysticsViticultureHarry Potter: Hogwarts BattleLegendary Sentinels of the MultiverseFive TribesSpace HulkSplendorNationsLondonDominionTerraforming MarsIn a few cases these are either catergories rather than single board games or games we will play different versions of or with different expansions. The COIN games, for example – I have two of them. I didn’t want to put BOTH on the list (well okay, I DID WANT to put both on the list… but there were more games I wanted to put on there MORE… and I couldn’t decide between then… and most of the COIN games are similar enough that we should be able to get through both without feeling like we’re having to learn two entirely different games. Railways of the World – it comes with two different maps (Eastern United States and Mexico) and I have two others (Great Britain and Canada) so we’ll play each of them once and one of them a second time. I have a bunch of expansions for Arkham Horror that I picked up relatively inexpensively and have never tried, so I think we’ll play once with the base game and then each of the others try out one of the expansions. Similarly, I have one of the Big Boxes for Carcassone – with five or six expansions (most of which we have not played with yet!?) – so each game of that we’ll add in a different expansion. All of these games fall into one of two categories; a) games that we love but feel like we just don’t get it on the table enough, or b) games we’d really like to learn, but really feel like it needs a few plays less than a year apart to really LEARN the game… Of course we will play other games as well – there were a lot tha were suggested but we axed because they were g[...]

Looking Back at 2017


I tend to do this every year. Look back at the GAME PLAN for the year and see what I actually managed to accomplish. Not sure why I do this. I guess because I feel like it’s always good to have a plan and some means of assessment and self-reflection – a way to look at what you’ve been doing with your life and see what’s worked and what hasn’t and then make some changes to the plan to move forward in a more positive, focused way.So, how’d we do… Alternating Friday D&DWe played ten more sessions of the D&D 5E Primeval Thule campaign my friend Bruce was running…. Then it kind of fizzled over the summer. There were many reasons for this. Everyone was really busy. Bruce was burning out a bit after running this campaign right after running the Masks of Nyarlathotep. There was also a fellow that joined the group and… just wasn’t working out… In the fall, I started running a role-playing game again, however, with a (mostly) new group: Tales from the Loop. It was supposed to be every other week, but it seems to be turning out to be once a month. We had to cancel the last game – two weeks ago – because two couldn’t make it and three others were exhausted. And the same happened just this evening – three were out and I was just too tired… I’d planned on running a short campaign until the end of the year. We seem to draw out the adventures and haven’t finished the first (of FOUR) I originally planned to run. I had planned on preparing a new campaign for a new game in the new year… but… Seems like we might just try to get together ONE MORE TIME and finish off the one mystery and then call it. Next I’d like to run Rogue Trader!50 GamesI had a great plan to play a lot of games… a list of 50 games I wanted to make sure I played this year – one a week. I tried to encourage the kids to do the same so we each got to play a game we wanted to play each week throughout the year… We got off to a pretty good start, but things fizzled through the summer. In the end, I only played 12 of the games on my list. The kids had shorter lists – Finnegan played 16 of the 25 games he came up with, and The Girl managed to play 25 of the 37 games that ended up on her list!Oh, we still played a LOT of games. According to BGG I played a total of 253 games this year… Most, but not all were with the family. The most played games this year were:1. Loonacy /Retro Loonacy x272. Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)/Primeval Thule Campaign Setting (5E) x103. Just Desserts x94. Pax Renaissance x95. Race for the Galaxy x86. Codenames: Pictures x77. Kingdomino x78. Hero Realms x69. Monarch x610. Warhammer 40,000 (Eighth Edition) x611. 7 Wonders x512. Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game x513. Splendor x514. Tales from the Loop x515. High Frontier (3rd edition) x416. Kingdom Builder x417. Star Realms x418. Abyss x319. Carcassonne x320. Dominion: Intrigue x321. Faustus Furius x322. Firefly: The Game x323. Five Tribes x324. For Sale x325. Nations x326. Only War x327. Secret Hitler x328. Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game x329. A Study in Emerald (second edition) x3Saturday Afternoon Games The plan was to organize longer board games on Saturday afternoons to play with Finnegan and other friends while Amanda was out taking The Girl to her Saturday dance classes. I did pretty good with this January and February, and April through June… but then it fizzled as summer began and renovations with it… Hopefully I’ll be able to get it going again in the new year…Skirmish Saturday NightJust didn’t happen… NO campaigns, no one-offs… I played very little miniature games in the first half of the year, and then only a few games of 40K in the 2nd half of the year. I think this was due to me being super focused on the Vimy Project for the first three months… and then… jus[...]

Skitarii Ranger Kill Team and Other Seasonal Delights


We are well and truly back into the deep freeze...It's been like this all week.I have to admit I've been a little jealous looking at all the green trees in the background of the pictures Millsy posted the other day...It sure is pretty out, though...The windchill was -42°C on Boxing Day and Amanda forbade me from taking the kids to the Dragon's Den Boxing Day Sale.So off I went all on my own.It was pretty busy there.This is where I joined the queue after collecting up all the goodies on our collective wishlists. Took half an hour to get to the till and pay for it all...The loot I hauled home for me and the kids.Our kitchen is now ALMOST complete - complete enough that we moved all the kitchen stuff back upstairs and even cooked a few meals in there (the only outstanding item is the tile backsplash that needs to be installed).With all of that stuff out of the basement our hobby room is once again a hobby room and not an auxiliary kitchen and our hobby table is once again a hobby table and not a dining/storage table - so we finally got to do some assembling and painting this week! WOO! (oh, I've still been painting over the last four months, obviously, but that's because I have a permanent painting station set up elsewhere in the house. The kids only get to work on the hobby table and while it was an auxilliary dining table, if they wanted to paint they could have - but they would have had to haul all the stuff out of their rooms and get it set up and do the painting that they wanted to do, but when they were done they'd have to clear it up and put it all away... so they kind of just didn't bother doing ANY painting at all for the last four or five months...).This week I took a break from John's Shadespire minis and cranked out these Skitarii Rangers he's planning to use in my upcoming Shadow War: Armageddon campaign. I think this is the first time I've bothered to use decals on miniatures. They seem to have worked okay. I tried to muddy up the tails of their long coats a bit - make them look a little battleworn and like they've been out "in the sh!t" for some time...Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:I have a few posts planned for the next few days; A December Boardgame Round-Up, a Look Back at 2017, Game Plan 2018, Maybe one more post of painted things... but don't count on that...[...]

Crew of the Astropolis, Shanspire and More


Earlier this year I backed the Astropolis II Kickstarter from Lead Adventure Miniatures. I'd passed on the first Astropolis Kickstarter and had been kicking myself ever since, so when the second one came up, I went all in for the megaload - Hyperspeed Level - all packs from both kickstarters! They a few months back and have been haunting the periphery of my painting tables since...The Caption of the Astropolis and his trusty Astromech robot Twinkles.These are among the very first miniatures I've painted that didn't make use of my standard dirt basing technique. (Okay there was the Genestealers last week - but I started these WAY before I picked up those Necromunda bases and painted them...). When these arrived and I started basing them I got it in my head that I'd make some modular interior spaceship/space station squares (much like the underground terrain squares I've started) and got thinking that dirt bases would look more out of place there than these bases might look dirtside.A few of the Mechanical Crew.I have another dozen or so of these in a half-painted state on the workbench. Hopefully you'll be seeing more of these - along with more Tallarn. Perhaps this will be the crew of the ship that transports my Tallarn Guard Regiments through the WARP!The body of this figure is, I think, from Britannia miniatures. I ordered a bunch of their 28mm gunfighters, oh, 25-30 years ago...? This fellows head broke off in the mail - which seemed really odd as the miniature themselves seem really sturdy and chunky - perhaps it was taken out of the mould too quickly and broke at that point...? It's been sitting in my box-o-lead for ages and I finally decided to put him to use and glued  on a new head from Lead Adventure Miniatures.I also finished up a second Shadespire miniature for my friend John. The remaining fellow from this war band is nearly complete...I probably could have finished it but I took a break from painting the last two evenings to assemble John's Adeptus Mechanics Skitarii Rangers (and deeply regretted having agreed to do those! Oi! They were very fiddly... I suppose the painting will be quick and easy, though...).In other news...The countertops went in this morning.The Girl pointing out where the stove will be going.In addition to the renovation in the kitchen, Amanda decided it was time to upgrade the main floor bath and so, around the time I did all the demo work in the kitchen, I removed the bathroom sink... and we've been without a sink on the mainfloor for the last couple months... While the countertop guys were installing the kitchen countertops, Amanda had them bring in a new countertop for the vanity in the bathroom.tomorrow the tile guy is supposed to be in and doing the backsplash in the kitchen over the next two days, and then on Thursday and Friday the final plumbing and electrical work in the kitchen and bathroom should be going on and by Friday night we should have a fully functioning house again (assuming something else doesn't break....)![...]

Shadespire, Genestealers...


Just a quick update. Haven't been getting much done this week - at least not much painting. I did finish off the first of the Shadespire  iniatures I'm painting for my friend John. The Genestealers I painted a week or so ago, I just didn't get to posting pictures of them.I picked up some Necromunda bases at the Dragon's Den Games Black Friday to try mounting all of Finnegan's Space Hulk minis on to give them more stability. I looked at the 25mm bases but could tell right away they were going to be just waaaaaaaay too small. These seemed to have worked out okay - but will probably be a bit big for the squares on the game board... we'll make it work somehow..This fellow is the first of the Shadespire  iniatures I've finished up for my friend John. The other two for this warband are just about complete as well and I've started work on the chaos dudes that also came in the boxed set. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out.Backside of Shadespire guy.In Other News...The panelling on the pony wall went in along with baseboards, so I figured it was time to set up the new (to us) tables and chairs. Looking forward to playing lots of boardgames on this (though I'm not sure we're going to fit Firefly: the Boardgame or Railways of the World on this table...).Tomorrow the door and drawer pulls go on. Monday the countertops are going in. Tuesday/Wednesday the tile for the backsplash is going in. Thursday/Friday the plumbers and electrician are back to finish everything off! PHEW![...]

Tallarn Leman Russ Battle Tank


I haven't managed to finish up the Shadespire minis. Screwy head and lack of focus made working on them a little difficult. Tanks are easy, though, so I finished up this Leman Russ tank that's been haunting the edges of may painting desk for far too long.I bought it off eBay ages ago already assembled. So the  tracks are a bit messed up at the back and there are a few other things that don't quite match up... In fact when I got it the turret was glued down the the hull. I managed to pry it off and found that the older version of the Leman Russ had a separate ring that was glued to the base of turret - which has the tabs that fit into the slots on the hull the allow the turret to remain attached, but till rotate freely - it was glued on upside down so the tabs were inside the turret!? I actually managed to carve this off and flip it so now I have an operating turret.Unfortunately the sponson guns were in there a little tight and, while they could move, it would just scrape any paint that was applied to the sides of the gun when they were rotated in and out of the sponson... so I ended up having to glue them in place...I'd wanted to come up with some unit marking - and probably still will at some point when I get to the others. I was really torn as to how to number things or what other stuff to paint on there. I'd thought of using French WW2 tank identifiers (coloured card suites) but then decided against it...I think it could have done with a bit more kit hanging off of it..I though of using Arabic - as the Tallarn seem to culturally similar to Terran Arabs. This tanks name is supposed to be "Sala" or "prayer". I was thinking I might pick up a fifth tank and calling this the "Pillar Platoon" and naming each after the 5 pillars of Islam (Faith, Charity, Prayer, Fasting and Pilgrimage). I figured as new societies overtake others they often co-opt elements of the existing societies religion when converting them to their own. In the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium, a planet that had been settled by Muslims at one point, when brought back into the Imperial fold after the Age of Darkness, might simply replace Allah with the Emperor...?I got a little concerned I might end up on a C.S.I.S. watch list with all the Arabic words I was looking up... "Death", "Kill", "Jihad", etc...I also looked up words I could use for names on my Scout Sentinets ("Swift", "Watchful", "Vigilant", etc...).Of course "Tallarn" isn't a real English word so I couldn't translate it. I tried looking for faux Arabic scripts and tried Writing Tallarn with that... I'm not so happy with it. I may have to repaint that.. Maybe just try to spell it phonetically with Arabic script?I do have three other Leman Rus tanks to assemble and paint, two will be battle tanks and the third will be a Punisher variant - with the Punisher gatling cannon (with the new grinding advance rule, it will spit out forty (40!) dice per turn at Strength 5! It will be named Zakat (almsgiving/Charity). If I add a fifth, it will probably just be another battle tank... maybe a Vanquisher...?In other news...Cabinets and lights went into the kitchen this week! Starting to look a bit more like a kitchen every day...The countertop people came on Thursday to make their templates. Unfortunately it won't be until the 18th that they will be installed... but hopefully the tile guy will be able to come on the 18th/20th, and the plumbers are books for the 21st/22nd and then it will all be done just in time for the holidaze!![...]

Tallarn Scout Sentinel Walker


I love these little scout sentinel walkers. I think their fun models and the fluff is fun. I have no idea if they're at all useful in the game.I'm not so sure the rules match the fluff - I mean, they're supposed to be reconnaissance vehicles - "The eyes and ears of armoured formations" - or so it says in the book. And yet, they are the SLOWEST VEHICLE IN THE ASTRA MILITARUM!? Slower than all the Chimera pattern vehicles, Leman Rus tanks, and all the super heavies... How is it that the SLOWEST vehicle available to the Astra Militarum could possibly work as their reconnaissance vehicle!? Okay, Okay, with the new "Grinding Advance" special rule no one will actually be driving their Leman Rus tanks at over half speed anymore... but still...I had an idea that I'd like to do a few of these up to look like something like the Long Range Desert Group trucks or Special Air Service jeeps from World War Two - festooned with kit necessary for long range reconnaissance missions deep behind enemy lines.I'm not sure if there's enough kit on here... or too much? There isn't a lot of places to OUT extra kit on these little guys. The braces for the giant promethium fuel drum I cut out of plasticard. The bins for the Jerry Cans are just bent wire - I imagined those would have water in them.I also considered painting them pink - as I know the British used for a time on their desert vehicles - or possibly something like the Caunter Camouflage scheme... But ultimately went with a light tan and brown. I'm kind of wishing I'd gone with pink. I feel like there's just TOO MUCH TAN going on there...I even had this crazy idea that I could do an entire "Outrider Detachment" of these - ten of them! like an SAS raiding Squadron. There'd be three units of three plus a command one. Of course there are no rules for a commander in one, but I figured if I paid for a tank commander less the cost of a Leman Rus and adding the cost of a Scout Sentinel that might work, right?Alternatively, I thought for the command element I could put a company Commander in a Taurox (with one of the wheeled suspension kits available from Victoria Miniatures)...?Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:I have some Shadespire miniatures on the workbench I'm painting for a friend. They'll probably be the next miniatures I finish.I still have all the Space Hulk minis luring on the edges - at the Dragon's Den Games Black Friday sale I picked up some Necromunda bases to try and put some of the miniatures on - I'm relatively happy with the results - although it was the 32mm bases (because the 25mm ones were obviously just way to small for the miniatures) and I'm not so sure these are going to fit on the Space Hulk map boards so well...Also still have a unit of Tallarn Roughrider and another unit of Infantry, and some Tau pathfinders...Probably post some pictures tomorrow or Thursday of the cabinets going into the kitchen...[...]

November 2017 Gaming Roundup


We played very few games in November. There were a lot of reasons for this. The two biggest ones were the never-ending renovation kicking into high gear. The first week I was finishing up framing and electrical and preparation for drywall (y'know, in my "spare" time). The second and third weeks the drywalling and mudding was going on - which added more stuff to the living room and plastic berries between room and dust everywhere. This past week the hardwood floors were refinished in the Kitchen - and they turned out AMAZING!!These were buried under two layers of linoleum - the lower level was glued to them and after scraping as much as I could off - there was still lots of tar-like adhesive and they looked pretty awful, but once that was sanded off the hardwoods underneath cleaned up really nice. Unfortunately they look SO nice that Amanda's going to want to refinish the entire first floor now!? That'll be next summer though - hopefully while we're away on a vacation!The other big killjoy was the return of the dizzy-woozy-screwy-head feelings - with he added fun of nausea! I kind of didn't do anything about it for the first few weeks - other than taking it easy when I could - figuring it'd just go away like it did last time and the added nausea made me think, at first, that I'd come down with a mild flu and that had brought back the dizzies. After three weeks of it I finally went in to see my doctor - who berated me (just a little) for not coming in sooner. After a bit of a talk about what was going on she figured what might actually be going on is a weird form of migraine. Wouldn't have occurred to me as usually "migraine" is associated with headache and PAIN - which I really haven't had...? I'm on some new medication for that and HOPEFULLY that will clear it up! (Though it hasn't done much so far - but I've only been taking it for two days  so I'm still trying to remain hopeful and positive...)Anyway... the games...Around the end of the second week we hadn't played any games and we'd barely played any in October, so I said to the kids we should each pick a game every week and make sure we find the time to play it. Though there were some limitations - it had to be playable on the living room coffee table - as that was the only surface we really had available. Also it had to be pretty light and not require any role-reading on my part because of aforementioned dizzy-woozy-screwy-head feelings... We managed to do this for ONE week... then things kind of ground to a halt as renos intensified and drywall dragged on way longer than it should have and then we had to paint the entire two rooms in two days before the flooring guys showed up...15 November 2017 - Five TribesI an't remember who chose Five Tribes, it might have been Finnegan - it is HIS game. This was actually the first BOARDgame we've played since ToonCon - last month all we played was 40K (miniatures) and Tales from the Loop (role-playing). I got some Djinn early in the game that gave me some sort of advantage - I think I could claim tiles that had no maples on them that no one else had claimed - and with that I scooped a BUNCH of fairly high-point tiles. I think I also had the most vizier and a pretty good run of trade goods... but I spent a lot of coins to keep going first to get all those things so I don't think I won - I can't remember who did or what the points were - but I think we were all fairly close...?16 November 2017 - RaWell that's off to a bad start!It's been a while since we played Ra. As I was entering the play on Board Game Geek I realized it was the 10th time I played it - which got me thinking I should check out my Fives and Dimes (one of[...]

Weekend of Painting


Unfortunately, not the sort of painting we enjoy around here...When the framing and wiring was finally finished up we contacted the guy we'd set up to do the drywalling and from that point on mostly other people were going to be doing the work and the work they were doing should have had fairly straightforward amounts of time to complete their task - so we figured the drywalling would be done last Friday and then we'd have a week to paint and so booked the flooring guys for the following Monday morning. They said three days to get done what they need to get done - and should be left for a few days to cure before anything else happens. So we let the Cabinet Maker know he could start installing the following week. The day after he comes in to install the first boxes, the countertop people will be in to take their measurements and make a template and then they said they'd need two weeks to get it done and they should be in on the 18/19 of December - which leaves a pretty tight window to get it all done before Xmas - but yesterday we did settle on a tile for the backslash and the tile people said it should take 2 weeks - maybe 3 to arrive and they'd have no problem coming in the 20th and 21st to install and then the plumbers should be in to install the rest of the stuff on the 22nd or 23rd! WHEW! but that all hinges on us being done the painting by Sunday evening - so those flooring guys can be here at 8am. Monday morning. There were a few setbacks in the drywalling. The drywalled was in a little car accident (he's okay!) but that and other little hiccups set him back nearly a WEEK!? He only finished up Thursday evening - and had to do a few little patches of mud to smooth a few spots out - which Amanda and I had to sand down on Friday. Friday evening we got to priming the ceiling... I tell you, this chick knows how to ROCK date night...So that leaves me to do two coats of paint on the ceiling today and a coat of primer on the walls today (Saturday) and two coats of paint on the walls tomorrow... First coat of paint on the times... Amanda was out with the kids all day so I had to work on this all by myself... So I of course I had to screw around a little...That reddish colour is called Dragon's Blood - we were assured by the paint store, however, that it was entirely synthetic and no Dragon's were harmed in the manufacture of this paint! But then I WILL be DONE all of the stuff I'M doing for the project. After that it's pretty much other people for everything else! The final wiring won't be completed until the 7th of December, however, so we still won't really be able to set up the new Dining Room table until then - and the stove and Dishwasher won't be going in until after the counter tops are done, so we really won't have a completely finished and functional kitchen until Xmas... Ah well... At least it will be done for the Holidaze and we'll have a new (to us) table and and some comfy chairs to sit up to it and play all our new (and old) games!!Hopefully the next post will be back to the regular type of painting![...]

First Tallarn Platoon complete


Well... assuming I go with 3-squad platoons, the first one is complete. I've been back and forth on how to organize them. I have enough figures that I could field a company five full platoons of 3 infantry squads plus assorted special weapon and heavy weapon squads - when I ever get to painting all of them.This Squad of Astra Militarum Tallarn Infantry - miniatures are © and TM of Games workshop, painted by myself and posted here entirely without their permission.The entire force so far... Currently sitting at about Power Level 28 and maybe about 380 points...? I have enough infantry to field FIVE of these platoon. I also have three more Special Weapon squads (Two Melta and another Plasma) and PILES of Heavy Weapon Squads I think four armed with Lascannons and another four armed with Autocannons and two with Heavy Bolters...? To that I should be able to add three squads of Tallarn Roughriders. This should fill out a "Brigade" Detachment - and then some - probably a "Battalion" Detachment (or a second Brigade)??? On top of all that Light Infantry - I'm also planning to add an armoured force of four Leman Rus tanks and a pile of Scout Sentinels, and possibly a Super Heavy tank (or two!?) I don't know... We'll see. I should concentrate on painting what I've got so far.In other newsI also painted up these two sample Tau Pathfinders - to try out the colour scheme I was toying with. I'm not sure... It does look better in this photograph I took out in daylight than it did in my basement painting corner. These are for Amanda's Shadow War: Armageddon Kill Team - when I was describing the factions to her she liked the idea of what I described as "Galactic-Space-Commie-Aliens". I had five of these I picked up a while back along with a devilfish transport - since she decided to play these I picked up another small batch to fill out a Kill Team of 10 - plus have a few options for weapons.Oh, I also went back through the blog and tallied up all the stuff I've painted and updated the 2017 totals. Looks like I'm in the red so far this year... Hopefully be the end of the year I'll be slightly ahead... I was a little shocked at how many figures I'd bought this year... I did buy a lot of Great War stuff early in the year - and got ALL of it painted (even though the Vimy Project was kind of killed...). Then on top of that the Bones 3 Kickstarter arrived, and I back two Lead Adventure Kickstarters (Dwarf Gold Fever and Astropolis II) and then I bought TWO large batches of 40K Tallarn minis (those alone totalled over 200 minis..) and I did order a few ECW things in the spring when I was getting a lot of that painted up. Of those 652 28mm foot figures I've painted so far this year, 148 of them have been 40K (or other Sci-fi) figures, 236 of them were for the Great War, and 183 were for the English Civil War (there were also 46 fantasy, 23 modern, and 28 post-apocalyptic).Coming Soon To Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:At the front of the workbench I have the Tallarn Roughriders ready to go next. After that I should probably get a company commander painted and then start in on the next infantry platoon. I do also have a Leman Rus and Scout Sentinel lurking at the back of the workbench that I've been occasionally been putting daubs of paint on, but I'm kind of waiting on a couple packages of stowage materials (extra gas cans and kit that I want to have strewn about the vehicles, hanging precariously off every side) before I get too much painted.Before I get going on too much of that Tallarn stuff (but after I finish the Roughriders) I do have a few other things I'd like to finish up: Shades[...]

Pan-Dimensional Mercenary, Commissar, and MORE Tallarn.


A Few things rolling off my workbench this week. I've been sick again and the dizzy spells are back with it - which is a little disconcerting. I haven't been able to sit for too long and paint, but as I'm sick and not doing much else - I've had a fair few opportunities to sit - even inf only briefly - and get a bit of painting done before my head hurt or was spinning and couldn't focus anymore and I needed to lie down...John Gaunt - A.K.A. Grimjack - Pandimensional Mercenary. I picked this figure up earlier in the year and didn't realize who he was at the time - just thought he looked cool and for some reason looked a little familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. later, in the summer, I happened to pick up a collection of Grimjack comics and was looking though them and sudden though "Waaaaiiiit a minute.... Where's that figure I bought!?" Originally I'd planned to paint those trousers in a tartan of sort... but after I realized who it was I had to paint him like he was in the comics. I was torn as to whether I should paint the gold and gold or paint it yellow like it was in the comics... I settled on gold...The figure is from Miniature Figurines.This fellow is actually from Lead Adventure Miniatures - I picked him up in the Astropolis II Kickstarter (He was actually released in the first Kickstarter, but I had had to pass on that one, so I picked him up in the second Kickstarter). I think he's supposed to be the first officer of the Astropolis, but I thought he'd make a PERFECT Commissar for my Imperil Guard.A Tallarn Veteran Sergeant - a Gen-u-ine Games Workshop miniature. and finally a Heavy Weapon Squad for the Tallarn - armed with Mortars!I had pretty good luck with the Mortars against Finnegan's Orks in our last little skirmish, so I thought I'd start off with these for some Heavy Support. That's all for now.In other news....the Drywall is up in then kitchen. Mudding should be finished by Friday and over the weekend we could potentially be painting. After that things should move along fairly quickly - the flooring guy should only take a couple days, the cabinet maker is just waiting on us, so as soon as the flooring guy is done, he'll start installing stuff and then we need to get the countertop people in and then the plumber again to finally hook things up. Should all be done well before the Holidaze.Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:I have a half finished Infantry Squad of Tallarn on the workbench that will probably be my next priority. After that? Probably the squad of Roughriders! Also on the workbench is a half painted Leman Rus Tank and a Scout Sentinel, assorted Astropolis figures, and just yesterday my friend John added some Adeptus Mechanics Skitarii Rangers and some Shadspire minis which he asked me to paint up for him. The Skitarri Rangers are for his Shadow War: Armageddon Kill Team as I will be starting a campaign of that in the new year.After the kitchen is finished I think I'm going to be doing some minor renovating in the basement - no walls being torn out or anything - just hauling everything out of the game room, building some new shelves, maybe putting in some new lighting, reorganizing the whole mess and such. Hopefully it will all be done by the end of January - in time for the Winter Wargaming Weekend.[...]

Crashed Aquila Lander and Space Hulk Genestealers


Well... I finished off a few items earlier this week that have been hauling my lead/plastic pile for far too long...First up - the crashed Aquila Lander.This is a lovely little bit of terrain from Games Workshop. It came with the boxed set of 40K a few editions back. My friend Other Tim was still playing 40K at the time and bought a couple boxes (as the boxed sets are relatively good deals) and had a spare set of these that he passed on.As I've been playing 40K lately I thought I'd dig them out and quickly paint them up for some 40K specific scenery!Next - Finally finished some of the Space Hulk Genestealers!!! These are from Space Hulk (Fourth Edition) that we got for Finnegan's birthday nearly TWO YEAR AGO!? I promised I'd paint up the miniatures for him... and... well...I wish I could say this is a good chunk of them done, but I have two more batches of genestealers this size to finish AND a dozen Space Marine Terminators!? I am determined, however, to get these all done before Xmas break - So we can play a bunch of it over the holidaze.It's be REALLY embarrassing if I didn't get them done before they release ANOTHER new edition!?I was really torn about whether to base these or not... They're awfully wobbly and tippy as is. They're really big, though and it would be really awkward to try and fit them on 25mm bases - which would fit in the 25mm squares of the terrain tiles. I have some 30mm rounded edge bases that look like they'd be wide enough to offer some stability, but then they won't fit in the squares on the board. Mind you, these guys on their own don't really look like they'd fit in the little squares on board as is!?The Terminators are and even worse - like modern terminators, the models are really designed for 40mm bases - tell me how the hell THAT is supposed to fit on the teeny, tiny 25mm squares of the board!?So ridiculous...Anybody else have any experience with trying to base the figures from Space Hulk (Fourth Edition)?Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:I have a bunch of Tallarn on the painting table at the moment... as well as some Eldar... and some Tau... and some Inquisition stuff... and a bunch of the Astropolis II Kickstarter stuff in various states of painting (most are based and primed...).I've decided that for the Winter Wargaming Weekend/Wargaming Birthday Bash in February will be a Shadow War: Armageddon campaign - hence the disparate factions inhabiting my workbench at the moment.  Rather than setting in on Armageddon, I'll likely set it on Brind's World - the various factions, rather than searching for promethium caches, will be searching the jungles and caverns for archeotech left behind by the ancients that once inhabited the planet.the next thing you're likely to see here, however, is some more Tallarn - I have an infantry section (to finish up the first platoon) and a heavy weapon section on the go. Then hopefully some more genestealers... and caverns... and maybe some game reports.[...]

Cavern Squares


A little terrain project I've been thinking about for years and finally started working on...These are the first three of a series of modular cavern terrain tiles I've been working on. (Looks like I need to touch up that black a bit...?).I've cut bases and sides for sixteen or seventeen 30cm x 30cm square and three or four 30cm x 60cm. This will give me enough to easily fill a 120cm x 120cm board (~4'x4') - with some options - for a decent sized skirmish.I could use them for just about any setting from dungeon-bashing-fantasy to science-fi - but as I'm sick to death of fantasy stuff, I've been mostly thinking of sci-fi scenarios as I build them up.As they are uniform in size, my plan is to cut a bunch of 30mmx30mm cardboard squares so that I could cover them all up and potentially have players only reveal squares as they move into them.I was going to build a ladder for the Dead End tile so it could be used as an entry tile.Stay tuned as I hope to finish these up over the next month or so and have it as an option for a skirmish campaign I hope to launch in the new year.I wasn't sure if I should do the walls and the floor the same colour. I ended up deciding to do them different - mostly for a bit of contrast. I'm not totally sure if I'm going to keep them this way.[...]

Second Squad, First Platoon


I finished up a second Infantry Squad for my Tallarn Desert Raider force.


Second Squad, First Platoon.


The force grows steadily.

In other news, I've arranged to trade a bunch of Cadian Imperial Guardsmen to a guy in the local league who has an Ork Battleforce - still in shrink-wrap - that I'm going to pass along to Finnegan who will, in turn, buy me a couple of tanks...

Not sure what I'm going to paint up next... Another Infantry Squad? Finish off a squad of Roughriders? I have both on my paint table....

More Tallarn Arrive


So this happened...Yeah, that's another big lot of Tallarn I found on eBay. I've been looking for years and TWO lots show up in the space of about two months that were too good of deals to pass up... My gaming budget for the next year is kind of blown... but it will probably take me that long to paint these up...So here is what I have now for Tallarn stuff...I'm not totally set on the organization, but currently I'm working with something like this:Company Commander + Command SquadLord Commissar(s)Primaris PsykerFIVE Infantry platoons, each with:Platoon Commander + Command Squad3x Infantry Squads6x Special Weapon Squads (2x Sniper, 2x Plasma, 2x Melta)(not sure if these will be attached to the infantry platoons or not just yet...)11x Heavy Weapon Squads (3x Lascannon, 3x Mortar, 3x Auto Cannon, 2x Heavy Bolter)(again not sure if these will be attached to infantry platoons or detatchements from a Regimental support company operating in support of the infantry company)3x Roughrider Squads (9 each)4x Scout SentinelsSome tanks... I have two Leman Rus tanks (on assembled and partly painted, the second still on the sprue) which I will paint in Khaki and use as Tallarn armour. At SOME point I wouldn't mind picking up 2-3 more to fill out a Spearhead Detachment of Tallarn armour.I still have three KV-2s and assorted bits to convert into Regnarok tanks but I'm not sure if I'll paint them up as Tallarn (I've been thinking of doing them as Valhallans...? Because, you know, that'll be the NEXT Guard army I put together when I ever get these done!?). I've been reading Shadowsword by Guy Haley this past week and that's got me thinking about adding a super heavy at some point... (Curse those GW folks and their fun fluffy novels totally designed to make you want to buy more of their toys...)Anyway, without any of the armour, I'm sitting at 2600 points of stuff. Not that I'd field it all together - but it gives me lots of OPTIONS. I'm not sure how I'd field the whole company all together...? a "Brigade Detachment" has only 12 spots for "troops"... I guess I could do a Brigade AND a Battalion detachment - which would be 15 Command Points! But I'd have to come up with another HQ option or two...? A second Company Commander seems silly when I'm only actually fielding a company. I guess the second Company Commander could - fluff-wise - be called the 2.I.C. or something...?[...]

October 2017 Boardgames Round-Up


After all that boardgame playing in September, we didn't actually play ANY boardgames in October. Oh, we played games - it's just that none of them were boardgames!? (okay, there were a few boardgames we played on the 1st of October on the last day of ToonCon, but they were included in the Tim's ToonCon 2017 Report, so I consider them kind of separate).The lack of gaming has less to do with 'gaming fatigue' after all that gaming in September and more to do with us just being really busy and having a kitchen renovation going on. Not that we were constantly working on the kitchen, but the fact that it is in a state of renovation has caused a lot of disruption - everything has been moved out of the dining room and kitchen and placed elsewhere in the house. Our "Art Room" (which was originally a kitchen in a basement suite we no longer rent out) has become our temporary kitchen and dining room - but a lot of the stuff from there has been moved into the game room as was a lot of the stuff from the TV room as we had to access the plumbing in there... and none of it has moved back out. So the basement game room is full of crap and is completely unusable and we don't have our big dining room table anymore - Amanda decided to get rid of it and get a NEW dining room table for the new dining room - whenever it happens to be finished. Which leaves the coffee table in the living room from playing on - which, conveniently I build boards that fit over top of it years ago for DBA and we've been using those for some gaming, but it is not ideal (oh and the living room also has a stove and dishwasher sitting in it awaiting installation into new kitchen... someday...) Warhammer 40,000 (8th Edition) We did play a fair bit of Warhammer 40,000 (8th Edition).On the 14th we tried a big Power Level 70 game of Necrons versus my Guaiacan Commandoes. Too big of a game, we only finished one turn.You can read about it here:Another Crack at 40K 8thThe following Thursday (19 October 2017) we tried again - this time with smaller forces (Power Level 18). This time we got in two full games - each of the kids took on their friend's smaller force of Necrons.You can read about those games here:Ambushes on Brind's WorldOn Saturday Finnegan and I tried another quick game and I started to try and weave a bit of a narrative together to explain these games.You can read all the fluff and the after action report here:Again With The 40KFinally we got in one more game on Monday, 23 October 2017. This was Orks versus Tyranids.That report can be found here:Elsewhere on Brind's WorldTales from the LoopIn addition returning to Warhammer 40,000 I also returned to running a role-playing game! It's been over three years since I last ran any role-playing games. I have been playing in a few run by my friend Bruce - he ran us through the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign using Savage Worlds (which took about a year and half) and  for the last year and a bit has been running a D&D 5e campaign set in Primeval Thule.We had initially made some characters for Tales from the Loop in August or September, but when we actually got to playing this month, two of the initial players had to drop out and another joined us. So the first session was mostly making a new character and redefining relationships. I did briefly introduce the Mystery to the kids at the end of the first session. I am running the Four Seasons of Mad Science campaign out of the book[...]

More Tallarn Snipers



I finished up a second Astra Militarum Special Weapon (Sniper) Squad for my Tallarn forces this week. This was, admittedly, a bit of silly thing to do as not only do I have two other special weapon squads - one of the ones I already have is a sniper squad. There is no logical reason for me to have done these. I just did. I should probably get working on some bog standard Infantry Squads.


Here are all the infantry elements of the Tallarn force so far. I do also have a single roughrider that I forgot to bring out for the picture.

Actually I should get on with some of those Space Hulk miniatures.

I don't work well with "should"s though.