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Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog

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First Tallarn Platoon complete


Well... assuming I go with 3-squad platoons, the first one is complete. I've been back and forth on how to organize them. I have enough figures that I could field a company five full platoons of 3 infantry squads plus assorted special weapon and heavy weapon squads - when I ever get to painting all of them.This Squad of Astra Militarum Tallarn Infantry - miniatures are © and TM of Games workshop, painted by myself and posted here entirely without their permission.The entire force so far... Currently sitting at about Power Level 28 and maybe about 380 points...? I have enough infantry to field FIVE of these platoon. I also have three more Special Weapon squads (Two Melta and another Plasma) and PILES of Heavy Weapon Squads I think four armed with Lascannons and another four armed with Autocannons and two with Heavy Bolters...? To that I should be able to add three squads of Tallarn Roughriders. This should fill out a "Brigade" Detachment - and then some - probably a "Battalion" Detachment (or a second Brigade)??? On top of all that Light Infantry - I'm also planning to add an armoured force of four Leman Rus tanks and a pile of Scout Sentinels, and possibly a Super Heavy tank (or two!?) I don't know... We'll see. I should concentrate on painting what I've got so far.In other newsI also painted up these two sample Tau Pathfinders - to try out the colour scheme I was toying with. I'm not sure... It does look better in this photograph I took out in daylight than it did in my basement painting corner. These are for Amanda's Shadow War: Armageddon Kill Team - when I was describing the factions to her she liked the idea of what I described as "Galactic-Space-Commie-Aliens". I had five of these I picked up a while back along with a devilfish transport - since she decided to play these I picked up another small batch to fill out a Kill Team of 10 - plus have a few options for weapons.Oh, I also went back through the blog and tallied up all the stuff I've painted and updated the 2017 totals. Looks like I'm in the red so far this year... Hopefully be the end of the year I'll be slightly ahead... I was a little shocked at how many figures I'd bought this year... I did buy a lot of Great War stuff early in the year - and got ALL of it painted (even though the Vimy Project was kind of killed...). Then on top of that the Bones 3 Kickstarter arrived, and I back two Lead Adventure Kickstarters (Dwarf Gold Fever and Astropolis II) and then I bought TWO large batches of 40K Tallarn minis (those alone totalled over 200 minis..) and I did order a few ECW things in the spring when I was getting a lot of that painted up. Of those 652 28mm foot figures I've painted so far this year, 148 of them have been 40K (or other Sci-fi) figures, 236 of them were for the Great War, and 183 were for the English Civil War (there were also 46 fantasy, 23 modern, and 28 post-apocalyptic).Coming Soon To Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:At the front of the workbench I have the Tallarn Roughriders ready to go next. After that I should probably get a company commander painted and then start in on the next infantry platoon. I do also have a Leman Rus and Scout Sentinel lurking at the back of the workbench that I've been occasionally been putting daubs of paint on, but I'm kind of waiting on a couple packages of stowage materials (extra gas cans and kit that I want to have strewn about the vehicles, hanging precariously off every side) before I get too much painted.Before I get going on too much of that Tallarn stuff (but after I finish the Roughriders) I do have a few other things I'd like to finish up: Shadespire Miniatures and a Skitarii Ranger Kill Team (both for my friend John), some more Tau, and the rest of the Space Hulk Genestealers and Terminators. If I had to guess the order I might do these in I'd say Roughriders, then Shadespire minis, then some Genestealers, then maybe some Tallarn thingie, then maybe some more Genestealers, then the Skitarii Kill Team, then either some more Tallarn or the Tau Kill Team (and maybe the Devilfish, while I'm at it?). I'd l[...]

Pan-Dimensional Mercenary, Commissar, and MORE Tallarn.


A Few things rolling off my workbench this week. I've been sick again and the dizzy spells are back with it - which is a little disconcerting. I haven't been able to sit for too long and paint, but as I'm sick and not doing much else - I've had a fair few opportunities to sit - even inf only briefly - and get a bit of painting done before my head hurt or was spinning and couldn't focus anymore and I needed to lie down...John Gaunt - A.K.A. Grimjack - Pandimensional Mercenary. I picked this figure up earlier in the year and didn't realize who he was at the time - just thought he looked cool and for some reason looked a little familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. later, in the summer, I happened to pick up a collection of Grimjack comics and was looking though them and sudden though "Waaaaiiiit a minute.... Where's that figure I bought!?" Originally I'd planned to paint those trousers in a tartan of sort... but after I realized who it was I had to paint him like he was in the comics. I was torn as to whether I should paint the gold and gold or paint it yellow like it was in the comics... I settled on gold...The figure is from Miniature Figurines.This fellow is actually from Lead Adventure Miniatures - I picked him up in the Astropolis II Kickstarter (He was actually released in the first Kickstarter, but I had had to pass on that one, so I picked him up in the second Kickstarter). I think he's supposed to be the first officer of the Astropolis, but I thought he'd make a PERFECT Commissar for my Imperil Guard.A Tallarn Veteran Sergeant - a Gen-u-ine Games Workshop miniature. and finally a Heavy Weapon Squad for the Tallarn - armed with Mortars!I had pretty good luck with the Mortars against Finnegan's Orks in our last little skirmish, so I thought I'd start off with these for some Heavy Support. That's all for now.In other news....the Drywall is up in then kitchen. Mudding should be finished by Friday and over the weekend we could potentially be painting. After that things should move along fairly quickly - the flooring guy should only take a couple days, the cabinet maker is just waiting on us, so as soon as the flooring guy is done, he'll start installing stuff and then we need to get the countertop people in and then the plumber again to finally hook things up. Should all be done well before the Holidaze.Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:I have a half finished Infantry Squad of Tallarn on the workbench that will probably be my next priority. After that? Probably the squad of Roughriders! Also on the workbench is a half painted Leman Rus Tank and a Scout Sentinel, assorted Astropolis figures, and just yesterday my friend John added some Adeptus Mechanics Skitarii Rangers and some Shadspire minis which he asked me to paint up for him. The Skitarri Rangers are for his Shadow War: Armageddon Kill Team as I will be starting a campaign of that in the new year.After the kitchen is finished I think I'm going to be doing some minor renovating in the basement - no walls being torn out or anything - just hauling everything out of the game room, building some new shelves, maybe putting in some new lighting, reorganizing the whole mess and such. Hopefully it will all be done by the end of January - in time for the Winter Wargaming Weekend.[...]

Crashed Aquila Lander and Space Hulk Genestealers


Well... I finished off a few items earlier this week that have been hauling my lead/plastic pile for far too long...First up - the crashed Aquila Lander.This is a lovely little bit of terrain from Games Workshop. It came with the boxed set of 40K a few editions back. My friend Other Tim was still playing 40K at the time and bought a couple boxes (as the boxed sets are relatively good deals) and had a spare set of these that he passed on.As I've been playing 40K lately I thought I'd dig them out and quickly paint them up for some 40K specific scenery!Next - Finally finished some of the Space Hulk Genestealers!!! These are from Space Hulk (Fourth Edition) that we got for Finnegan's birthday nearly TWO YEAR AGO!? I promised I'd paint up the miniatures for him... and... well...I wish I could say this is a good chunk of them done, but I have two more batches of genestealers this size to finish AND a dozen Space Marine Terminators!? I am determined, however, to get these all done before Xmas break - So we can play a bunch of it over the holidaze.It's be REALLY embarrassing if I didn't get them done before they release ANOTHER new edition!?I was really torn about whether to base these or not... They're awfully wobbly and tippy as is. They're really big, though and it would be really awkward to try and fit them on 25mm bases - which would fit in the 25mm squares of the terrain tiles. I have some 30mm rounded edge bases that look like they'd be wide enough to offer some stability, but then they won't fit in the squares on the board. Mind you, these guys on their own don't really look like they'd fit in the little squares on board as is!?The Terminators are and even worse - like modern terminators, the models are really designed for 40mm bases - tell me how the hell THAT is supposed to fit on the teeny, tiny 25mm squares of the board!?So ridiculous...Anybody else have any experience with trying to base the figures from Space Hulk (Fourth Edition)?Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:I have a bunch of Tallarn on the painting table at the moment... as well as some Eldar... and some Tau... and some Inquisition stuff... and a bunch of the Astropolis II Kickstarter stuff in various states of painting (most are based and primed...).I've decided that for the Winter Wargaming Weekend/Wargaming Birthday Bash in February will be a Shadow War: Armageddon campaign - hence the disparate factions inhabiting my workbench at the moment.  Rather than setting in on Armageddon, I'll likely set it on Brind's World - the various factions, rather than searching for promethium caches, will be searching the jungles and caverns for archeotech left behind by the ancients that once inhabited the planet.the next thing you're likely to see here, however, is some more Tallarn - I have an infantry section (to finish up the first platoon) and a heavy weapon section on the go. Then hopefully some more genestealers... and caverns... and maybe some game reports.[...]

Cavern Squares


A little terrain project I've been thinking about for years and finally started working on...These are the first three of a series of modular cavern terrain tiles I've been working on. (Looks like I need to touch up that black a bit...?).I've cut bases and sides for sixteen or seventeen 30cm x 30cm square and three or four 30cm x 60cm. This will give me enough to easily fill a 120cm x 120cm board (~4'x4') - with some options - for a decent sized skirmish.I could use them for just about any setting from dungeon-bashing-fantasy to science-fi - but as I'm sick to death of fantasy stuff, I've been mostly thinking of sci-fi scenarios as I build them up.As they are uniform in size, my plan is to cut a bunch of 30mmx30mm cardboard squares so that I could cover them all up and potentially have players only reveal squares as they move into them.I was going to build a ladder for the Dead End tile so it could be used as an entry tile.Stay tuned as I hope to finish these up over the next month or so and have it as an option for a skirmish campaign I hope to launch in the new year.I wasn't sure if I should do the walls and the floor the same colour. I ended up deciding to do them different - mostly for a bit of contrast. I'm not totally sure if I'm going to keep them this way.[...]

Second Squad, First Platoon


I finished up a second Infantry Squad for my Tallarn Desert Raider force.


Second Squad, First Platoon.


The force grows steadily.

In other news, I've arranged to trade a bunch of Cadian Imperial Guardsmen to a guy in the local league who has an Ork Battleforce - still in shrink-wrap - that I'm going to pass along to Finnegan who will, in turn, buy me a couple of tanks...

Not sure what I'm going to paint up next... Another Infantry Squad? Finish off a squad of Roughriders? I have both on my paint table....

More Tallarn Arrive


So this happened...


Yeah, that's another big lot of Tallarn I found on eBay. I've been looking for years and TWO lots show up in the space of about two months that were too good of deals to pass up... My gaming budget for the next year is kind of blown... but it will probably take me that long to paint these up...


So here is what I have now for Tallarn stuff...

I'm not totally set on the organization, but currently I'm working with something like this:

Company Commander + Command Squad
Lord Commissar(s)
Primaris Psyker

FIVE Infantry platoons, each with:
Platoon Commander + Command Squad
3x Infantry Squads

6x Special Weapon Squads (2x Sniper, 2x Plasma, 2x Melta)
(not sure if these will be attached to the infantry platoons or not just yet...)

11x Heavy Weapon Squads (3x Lascannon, 3x Mortar, 3x Auto Cannon, 2x Heavy Bolter)
(again not sure if these will be attached to infantry platoons or detatchements from a Regimental support company operating in support of the infantry company)

3x Roughrider Squads (9 each)

4x Scout Sentinels

Some tanks... I have two Leman Rus tanks (on assembled and partly painted, the second still on the sprue) which I will paint in Khaki and use as Tallarn armour. At SOME point I wouldn't mind picking up 2-3 more to fill out a Spearhead Detachment of Tallarn armour.

I still have three KV-2s and assorted bits to convert into Regnarok tanks but I'm not sure if I'll paint them up as Tallarn (I've been thinking of doing them as Valhallans...? Because, you know, that'll be the NEXT Guard army I put together when I ever get these done!?).

I've been reading Shadowsword by Guy Haley this past week and that's got me thinking about adding a super heavy at some point... (Curse those GW folks and their fun fluffy novels totally designed to make you want to buy more of their toys...)

Anyway, without any of the armour, I'm sitting at 2600 points of stuff. Not that I'd field it all together - but it gives me lots of OPTIONS. I'm not sure how I'd field the whole company all together...? a "Brigade Detachment" has only 12 spots for "troops"... I guess I could do a Brigade AND a Battalion detachment - which would be 15 Command Points! But I'd have to come up with another HQ option or two...? A second Company Commander seems silly when I'm only actually fielding a company. I guess the second Company Commander could - fluff-wise - be called the 2.I.C. or something...?

October 2017 Boardgames Round-Up


After all that boardgame playing in September, we didn't actually play ANY boardgames in October. Oh, we played games - it's just that none of them were boardgames!? (okay, there were a few boardgames we played on the 1st of October on the last day of ToonCon, but they were included in the Tim's ToonCon 2017 Report, so I consider them kind of separate).The lack of gaming has less to do with 'gaming fatigue' after all that gaming in September and more to do with us just being really busy and having a kitchen renovation going on. Not that we were constantly working on the kitchen, but the fact that it is in a state of renovation has caused a lot of disruption - everything has been moved out of the dining room and kitchen and placed elsewhere in the house. Our "Art Room" (which was originally a kitchen in a basement suite we no longer rent out) has become our temporary kitchen and dining room - but a lot of the stuff from there has been moved into the game room as was a lot of the stuff from the TV room as we had to access the plumbing in there... and none of it has moved back out. So the basement game room is full of crap and is completely unusable and we don't have our big dining room table anymore - Amanda decided to get rid of it and get a NEW dining room table for the new dining room - whenever it happens to be finished. Which leaves the coffee table in the living room from playing on - which, conveniently I build boards that fit over top of it years ago for DBA and we've been using those for some gaming, but it is not ideal (oh and the living room also has a stove and dishwasher sitting in it awaiting installation into new kitchen... someday...) Warhammer 40,000 (8th Edition) We did play a fair bit of Warhammer 40,000 (8th Edition).On the 14th we tried a big Power Level 70 game of Necrons versus my Guaiacan Commandoes. Too big of a game, we only finished one turn.You can read about it here:Another Crack at 40K 8thThe following Thursday (19 October 2017) we tried again - this time with smaller forces (Power Level 18). This time we got in two full games - each of the kids took on their friend's smaller force of Necrons.You can read about those games here:Ambushes on Brind's WorldOn Saturday Finnegan and I tried another quick game and I started to try and weave a bit of a narrative together to explain these games.You can read all the fluff and the after action report here:Again With The 40KFinally we got in one more game on Monday, 23 October 2017. This was Orks versus Tyranids.That report can be found here:Elsewhere on Brind's WorldTales from the LoopIn addition returning to Warhammer 40,000 I also returned to running a role-playing game! It's been over three years since I last ran any role-playing games. I have been playing in a few run by my friend Bruce - he ran us through the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign using Savage Worlds (which took about a year and half) and  for the last year and a bit has been running a D&D 5e campaign set in Primeval Thule.We had initially made some characters for Tales from the Loop in August or September, but when we actually got to playing this month, two of the initial players had to drop out and another joined us. So the first session was mostly making a new character and redefining relationships. I did briefly introduce the Mystery to the kids at the end of the first session. I am running the Four Seasons of Mad Science campaign out of the book and started them on the first Mystery: summer Break and Killer Birds.In the second session the kids continues the adventure, starting to piece together bits of what it going on - but also going off on a few tangents. The next session - this Saturday - They should be able to finish it up.It's been a bit of a challenge. I'm not sure I've totally gotten my GM mojo back and Tales from the Loop is quite different from other games I've run - I do like it - it's just[...]

More Tallarn Snipers



I finished up a second Astra Militarum Special Weapon (Sniper) Squad for my Tallarn forces this week. This was, admittedly, a bit of silly thing to do as not only do I have two other special weapon squads - one of the ones I already have is a sniper squad. There is no logical reason for me to have done these. I just did. I should probably get working on some bog standard Infantry Squads.


Here are all the infantry elements of the Tallarn force so far. I do also have a single roughrider that I forgot to bring out for the picture.

Actually I should get on with some of those Space Hulk miniatures.

I don't work well with "should"s though.

Tallarn Roughrider


I have a unit of nine Tallarn Roughriders on my painting desk. I started out doing them as a group, but then finished up this one just to see how it would turn out.I decided to do them in black headscarves, like I did with the Command Section, to indicate some sort of elite or veteran status - though stat-wise, they really aren't...I figure one would really have to be some kind of bad-ass to go charging into combat in the 41st millennium on HORSEBACK! So....about half of them have that trim at the bottom of their smock. I wasn't sure if I should do them in camouflage - like the infantry - or really bling them up like the Officer. Ultimately I decided to go with camouflage like the infantry. I painted the trim up on this guy, but now I'm thinking I might carve it off the rest of them... I don't know...They originally came on some crazy long narrow bases - that were rounded at the end. I didn't like the look of them and decided to go with round ones. Though I normally base my guys on washers, I'd previously based a GW plastic horse on one of these rounded plastic bases and didn't mind it so much, so I've gone with those instead. With the ones they came with I could probably pack them into a single tight line abreast and get more into direct contact with anyone they charged, but the close combat rules say as long as they're within 1" of another model that is within 1" of the enemy they can participate, so I'm not worried about the base making it harder to get into combat.Originally I'd envisioned converting them so they'd be festooned with kit - like WW2 Desert SAS jeeps - but on horseback. But when I actually got to working on these I realized a lot of what I'd like to do would interfere with the tails of their smack. In the end I just added a couple small bags, rolls, or waterskis to each.Up Next?While I have another eight of these on the workbench, I may shuffle them to the side momentarily as they wait the arrived of another lot of Tallarn I picked up... yeah... ANOTHER one - and this one is almost as big as the last one and will basically double the size of the force I will have (because apparently I didn't have enough already!?). With the new batch I should be able to put together four platoons of four infantry squads, TWO units of 10 roughriders - each with an actual sergeant figure (so, waiting on that sergeant before I finish these) and adding a pile more heavy weapon teams - including NINE mortar!?Maybe I should get some of the Genestealers done while I'm waiting...?Actually I'll probably finish up Sniper Section #2 - as I have only two figures to paint to finish it up.[...]

Elsewhere on Brind's World...


The kids' friend had another day off school on Monday and this time brought his Tyranids over to play....Brind's World 3.810.017.M42A meteorid slipped through the network of Imperial ships orbiting Brind's World. It had been noted on auspex, but figured to be a lifeless rock and small enough that it would burn up on entering the atmosphere. Indeed it lit up the sky as it came plummeting out of the heavens and streaked across the skies of Brind's World. It was even visible to the troops of #3 Commando, 222nd Guaiacan Commando Regiment that has recently been deployed to the surface. It did not completely burn up however. The wayward hiveship from Hivefleet Haemorrhoid  made landfall over a thousand kilometres to the east of #3 commando's current area of operations. It crashed into the surface with a thunderous explosion that could be heard hundreds of kilometres away and levelled an area of the equatorial jungle at least 20 kilometres in diameter. Almost immediately the mob began to disgorge it's contents onto the world: swarms of Tyranids which skittered out in every direction.Warboss Blitzagg, who was in the area gathered up parts of his mob to go and check out the source of the bring light and big boom... FORCESWarboss Blitzagg's MobWarboss Blitzagg 20 BoyzWazdigg's War BuggyPower Level: 17, Patrol Detachment - 4 Command PointsElements of Hivefleet HaemorrhoidTyaranid Prime 2 Tyranid Warriors20 Termagaunts10 HormagauntsPower Level: 19, Patrol Detachment - 4 Command PointsSCENARIOIt was agreed that we'd played enough of the Ambush scenario and they boyz decided to play a simple Patrol Scenario. Both would start with three units on the table, and extras started in reserve and could be rolled for starting on Round Two. Victory points were scored for each unit destroyed (an element in a few scenarios that I am not fond of as my Astra Militarum forces tent to have a large number of low cost units - even if I took out an equal part of an enemy force - points-wise - they would still win because my points are divided out into so many units...?) THE GAMEIt was determined that the Tyranid Prime's name was Chcczkhch (sounds like someone with bronchitis clearing their throat) - to which Finnegan responded "Funny name, must be Greek!" (only I laughed...). Warlord traits were rolled for - Warboss Blitzagg got Tenacious Survivor and Tyranid Prime Chcczkhch got Legendary Fighter. The Field of Battle - again with the jungle ruins - ruins seem to feature pretty prominently amid the equatorial jungles of Brind's World. Who built these? Where did they go?The Girl decided she didn't want to play today - she was more interested in getting some more figures painted (which we did do in the afternoon after the game!). But she hung out and watched and cheered on her brother's Orks. Finnegan deploying his mob go Orks. Horde of Termagaunts from Hivefleet Haemorrhoid.Lead elements of the patrol from Hivefleet Haemorrhoid.Overview of things, just before the sh!t got real. ROUND ONEThe Tyranids won the dice off and decided to take the first turn. Termagaunts charging though the jungle towards the Orks - they could smell the tasty, tasty ork flesh... Chitter-chitter-chitter... End of the Tyranid Turn - all moved and advanced - no shooting. Finnegan starting to move the Orks out of the ruin they were hanging out in.With a gout of black smoke and squealing of tires, Wazdigg's War Buggy roared onto the scene launching missiles at the surging mass of Hormagaunts. The swaying bumping buggy made the missiles spray wildly off in different directions - none of which were populated by enemy - but they made a great WHOOOSHing noise followed by a loud CRACK upon detonation - and that's all Wazdigg really cared about.... The Ork boyz and Warbo[...]

Last of the Guaiacan Commandoes


Just a quick post this morning - yesterday I finished up the last two heavy weapon teams for the Guaiacan Commandoes!


Pictured there with a previously painted team, these are the very last figures I needed to paint to complete this force (well... for now...).

Technically it WAS completed some time ago... but then Warhammer 40,000 8th edition came along and changed how everything was organized and the force required a bit of a reorg so I could field it as a "Brigade" detachment.


Here's what the entire force looks like.

I'll be posting more new pictures of the entire force (along with a breakdown of what's in the force) at some point ( hopefully later today) as well as another battle report between Finnegan's Orks and his friends Tyranids!

Again With The 40K


Finnegan and I played another game of 40K on Saturday afternoon. After the success of our smaller games on Thursday I wanted to strike again while the iron was hot and hopefully keep some momentum going... I was curious to see how the Orks would do as the defender in the ambush scenario - especially against a numerically superior force with weaker weapons lower strength and toughness (i.e. my Imperial Guard). Having seen the same orks utterly devastate The Girl's Eldar a few weeks back, I was a little frightened of them - could I pour on enough fire to reduce the mob before they got into close combat - because I was quite certain, if they DID get into close combat, that would be the end of my Guard!Brind's World 3.805.017.M42The colony on Brind's World is less than 100 years old. The world was brought back into the Imperial fold by Rogue Trader Gaius Armonius Brind in 946.M41. At the time it was described as habitable, but devoid of sentient life. A colony of only a few thousand souls was officially established in 952.M41. Over the next decade the colony grew steadily. The primary industry has been listed as "Primary Resource Extraction".In 959.M42 as a new settlement was established on a new continent it was discovered that the initial assessment of "devoid of sentient life" was incorrect. A large number of seemingly indigenous Orks lived on the continent and  have been in a constant low-level guerrilla conflict of raiding and harassment ever since. As the colony didn't have the population to form a defence force large enough to deal with this threat, the Brind family, at their own expense, has regularly brought in off-world mercenary forces to protect the settlements.At one point the Imperial Navy was brought in to pinpoint the major Ork settlements and bombard them from orbit. Only a few surface settlements were discovered and they, and all land around them for 100Km were utterly destroyed. But the Orks continued to harass the colonists. Early in 017.M42 the Astra Telepathica received a distress cry from Brind's World - settlements had been overrun by Xenos. As the cogs of the great machine that is Adeptus Administratum began to grind to life and develop a response to this crisis, it was discovered that a fresh regiment of the Guaiacan Commandoes, ten thousand strong, had just been tithed to the Astra Militarum and were embarking on Imperial void ships ready for assignment to a war zone. As the Guaiacan system was in the same sector of the Segmentum Pacificus that Brind's World was located, they would be the first to respond. Others would follow. After a few months of travel, The 222nd Guaiacan Commando Regiment arrived in the Brind's World system around 668.017.M42. During the journey to the planet no contact was made with the colony's settlements. After settling in orbit no signals from the colonies could be heard. On 3.784.017.M42 elements of B Squadron, 4 Commando, 222nd Guaiacan Commando Regiment, under Captain Trent Marvos, were deployed to the surface to establish a firebase near one of the largest settlements on the planet. From there patrols could be sent out to reconnoitre the area and  determine the fate of the colonists and the presence of any hostile xenos. On 786.017.M42 a distress signal was received from the dirtside force that they were being overrun by metallic armoured xenos. Captain Marvos' final signal was to fire on his position. A 50Km diameter region around the last know position of B Squadron, 4 Commando was levelled by an orbital bombardment. It was later concluded that these xenos were, in fact, Necrons! Thought there was still no contact with he colonists, renewed auspex sweeps determined that there was much activity on the surface, and possibly confl[...]

Ambushes on Brind's World


The kid's friend had a day of school on Thursday and so came over for the day to play a couple more games of 40K with us. After the previous disappointment of playing for hours and only just finishing the first turn, I suggested playing with MUCH SMALLER FORCES! I suggested the kids all come up with forces that were 15-20 Power Level, and at least 1/3 of the force should be Troops and no more than 1/3 be characters. This worked out MUCH BETTER. Not only did we play a game to conclusion - we got to play TWO games to conclusion AND everyone was engaged and having fun the whole time!!Yes, there is a stove and dishwasher in our living room... renovations are still underway...GAME ONEFORCESOrksHQWarboss Warkurr PL 5Warlord Ability: Inspiring LeaderTroopsOrk Boyz (30) PL 13Patrol Detachment, 4 Command PointsNecronsHQOverlord J.O.E. PL 7Warlord Ability: Legendary FighterTroopsNecron Warriors (10) PL 6ElitesDeathmarks (5) PL 5Patrol Detachment, 4 Command PointsSCENARIOFor both games we played the Ambush Scenario. It seemed like one that could be played at a lower power level and had an objective other than simply utterly destroying you opponent - although, that is an option, I suppose... The attacker sets up around the fringe in cover, then the defender sets up in some relatively open space. If the defender can get units of Power Level (regardless of how many are actually left in the unit) equal to one third of his force or greater off the far end of the table they win. We discussed the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two forces and decided it would probably be a lot harder for the Orks to attack as they had fewer units and the Necrons could slip past on one flank or the other. After this we decided to roll for it. Necrons won and decided to defend.THE GAMEThe table we used for both games. The relatively open area to the left of centre is the defenders set up area.General J.O.E. plots his escape from this ambush. The attacker sets up some hidden deployment markers to start with (the red dice #1 and #2), then the defender sets up in their deployment zone.The Orks then sets up their forces around the appropriate deployment marker.Ready to RUMBLE!!ROUND ONEThe Orks moved up to the front edge of the woods they were hiding in and lit up the Necrons... well... most of them lit up the air and ground in front of the Necrons, but the Big Shootas were actually in range and scored a few hits taking out two of the Necron Warriors....and on the Necron turn those two warriors came back (Ugh... Necrons... they're like a bad case of herpes... Mechanical Space Herpes!). They then slowly began to trundle up the table, shooting as they went. The Deathmarks managed to tag one of the Ork Boyz.ROUND TWOThe Orks held their position and continued to fire on the Mechanical Space Herpes... er... I mean... NECRONS, and knocked one down again....The Necron warrior did not get up again thus preventing this game from turning into a song by Chumbawumba. The Necrons continued their ponderous advance blazing away with their pew-pew guns. Their shooting was a touch more effective, taking down three more Boyz.ROUND THREEMore of the same - except the Warboss and some of the Boyz with Shootas got in on the action... though the Orks, with all that extra shooting, still only knocked one Necron Warrior down.On the Necrons turn one of the downed warriors got back up again (officially turning the game into a song by Chumbawumba...). Realizing this game was likely half over and his troops were barely at the middle of the table, Overlord J.O.E. started to lead his Herpes... I mean... Warriors off to the flank - but not so fast they couldn't shoot up five more Orks.ROUND FOURThe Orks moved out to intercept the fleeing... I'm not sur[...]

Another Crack at 40K 8th


We had another crack at Warhammer 40,000 (8th Edition) on Saturday. I had hoped to write a fluff-filled reproof the desperate defence on Tractabon IV or a hopeless assault on  Fwick's World... But then things ended up running late and we started the game late and were playing with too many things with too many people who had not read any of the rules or their Indices and we ran out of time just after finishing the FIRST TURN?! So... I'm not going to bother with fluff... But here are a few pictures of how the game went.We'd invited a friend of the kids over to play (we shall call him "General Beavis"). General Beavis is pretty excited about 40K and had been painting away at not one, but TWO armies for the last couple of years, but never really got to PLAY with them. His brother and dad both have armies, but neither are motivated enough or seem to be able to find the time to paint or play with their armies. So I invited General Beavis to come over hand play with us on Saturday and told him to pick one of his armies and bring anything he wanted that was painted - we'd have something to match it. What he ended upbringing was 71 Power Level of Necrons. Finnegan doesn't quite have enough Orks to match that so I rolled out with my Guaiacan Commandoes.We took way too much time going over the rules and differences between 7th and 8th edition and then trying to figure out a scenario to play that wouldn't be too unbalanced for one side or the other (which was pretty much a hopeless endeavour in itself) and eventually settled on the "Meat Grinder" scenario - largely because the name and object (utterly destroy every last one of your foes!) was more appealing to 11-year-old boy than the "Ambush" scenario where the object is to escape and evade your foes!FORCESElements of B Squadron, 4 Commando, 222nd Guaiacan Commando RegimentBrigade Detachment +9 Command PointsHQ1x Company Commander PL3 + Command Squad PL3 = PL 6 1x Lord Commissar PL 4 1x Primaris Psyker PL 2Troops6x Infantry Squad @3 = PL 18Elites2x Platoon Commander @PL 2 + 2 Command Squads @PL3 = PL 103x Special Weapons Squad @PL 2 = PL 61x Railing Squad -10 - PL 41x Ogryn Squad PL 5Fast Attack3x Scout Sentinel @2 = PL 6Heavy Support3x Heavy Weapon Squads @3 = PL9Power Level 70Command Points 12Necrons under the Command of General Beavis and Tarzan the Invincible (or... something like that...) Patrol Detachment +0 Command PointsHQ1x Tarzan the Infinite - HQ - PL 71x Overlord (General Beavis) - HQ - PL 7Troops1x Necron Warriors (10) - PL 6Elites1x Deathmarks (3) - PL5Fast Attack1x Canoptek Scarabs (3) - PL 2Heavy Support1x Monolith - PL 191x Annihilation Barge - PL 7Flyer 1x Doom Scythe - PL 10Tranport1x Ghost Ark  - PL 8Power Level 71Command Points 3 Basically an almost entirely infantry force (126 infantry, to be precise, and 3 walkers) versus a bunch of high powered characters and vehicles. Kind of felt like I'd brought I knife to a tank fight...SCENARIOWe played the Meat Grinder scenario straight out of the 40K 8th rulebook. The Necrons were attacking and got to drop a preliminary bombardment on the defending forces of the Astra Militarum. They also got the Sustained Assault rule - which means if any of their forces were destroyed, they would roll for them on their next turn and come back on. Not that that was all that useful or necessary as the Necrons just keep reanimating on their own anyway. The Necrons had a variable amount of turns 5-7 to utterly wipe out their opponents. If there was a single Astra Militarum soldier standing on the battlefield at the end of the last turn the Astra Militarum would call it a major victory and the Necrons would be defeated...!? There was no doubt m[...]

40K More Astra Militarum Specialist Infantry


A few more Astra Militarum rolling off the paint desk...


Okay... I'll admit, I DID paint these Tallarn Infantrymen first... 

But it was to finish off a Special Weapon Squad including these snipers I finished on the weekend... 

I did, however, concurrently paint (okay, ALMOST concurrently...) (okay, I painted them AFTER - but I waited until they were done before posting pictures...) a pair of jungle-fighting mortar teams  - to add to the existing team to form a Heavy Weapon Squad armed with mortars. 

 I think the only thing I need to finish off to complete the completely reorganized for 8th Edition Guaiacan Commandoes are a pair of auto-cannon-armed heavy weapon teams! I should easily get those cranked out over the weekend.

I'd go paint them right now, but I need to prepare a couple of games for the weekend. I'm actually PLAYING with the Guaiacan Commandoes on Saturday. This will be their baptism of fire in 8th edition. Being a list based on fluff and not optimized for competition and facing a Necron army that's all characters and heavy support.... I expect them to be utterly annihilated. I think their only hope is that the Necrons can't kill them all fast enough to satisfy the victory conditions... Ah, well... we shall see. Stay tuned for the battle report.

I'm actually hoping to get in a few games of 40K this month. In November I think I might start a Shadow War: Armageddon campaign with the family and a few friends..

Coming Soon To Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

A GEN-U-INE miniature wargaming battle report - the Astra Militarum defends humanity against the deathless legions of the Necrons!

40K Imperial Soldiers and Agents


I realized I haven't been updating the tally over to the left for some time - since I got the new computer and changed how I draft posts for this blog... Ah well...I've been down with a cold since Wednesday so I haven't made much progress in painting toys, playing games, or rebuilding kitchens. In fact though we played at least one game every day in the month of September, we haven't played a single game this first week of October. Hopefully we'll get one in tomorrow. I also hope I'll get the pony wall in the kitchen built this week - assuming at some point I'm feeling more like a human and less like a festering, gurgling puddle of putrid shoggoth.Here are a few things I DID manage to finish up over the last week....Four Tallarn snipers - these are actually Cadian snipers that I simple converted by carving off part of their heads and adding the head scarves. I was thinking of fielding three in a Special Weapons Section and add the remaining one to the Company Command Section, but I think now I might just pick up another pack of them and field TWO Sniper Sections. I have no idea if this is useful in the game, but it seems to fit with the sneaky-beaky nature of Tallarn Desert Raiders...Imperial Assassin. I actually had one of these miniatures waaaaaaaaay back, but was lost in one of the great purges (and I have been kicking myself ever since). I was picking up a few Catachan Heavy weapon teams off eBay and a seller happened to have one, so I picked it up. In the current 40K universe I think this guy would be called an Eversor Assassin - seems like they like to deal with stuff up close and personal - that huge gun thing he's carrying is a PISTOL!?I also have an Inquisitor - that I have kept since waaaaaaaaay back and am currently repainting.I wish I'd picked up Dark Heresy when it was still available in the FFG Black Friday sales... drat.the Girl wanted to play a Psyker in the Only War campaign I'm planning to get going this month, so I went looking for a suitable girly-psyker figure and found one on Bad Squiddo Games website... and then realized I HAVE THAT FIGURE ALREADY!? Sure enough we received it as part of our Bones 3 rewards from Reaper Miniatures earlier this year - and I was utterly shocked when The Girl didn't even claim it for herself (she usually grabs everything that looks remotely female!)To make her look the bit I thought I'd make the short cape look like a large bit of parchment, perhaps declaring her a GOOD PSYKER - NOT WITCH!And here are some of the aforementioned Catachan (Guaiacan!) Heavy Weapon teams. With the 8th Edition re-org. I took most of the heavy weapons OUT of the command sections and formed them into Heavy Weapon Sections (to fill out the Heavy Support role). I have two more mortars and two more auto-cannons to finish up and then my Guaiacan Commandoes will be once again complete.BARGAININGBecause the Tallarn are all flash and new and I'm super excited about painting them, I'm having a hard time motivating myself to finish up the Guaiacan Heavy Weapon teams - even though the rational thing would be to finish off the force that is so very, very close to being finished. So I've had to make a deal with myself - NO MORE TALLARN UNTIL I FINISH THE GUAIACAN HEAVY WEAPON TEAMS!! For that matter, I'm also not going to paint any Tallarn until I finish up the Space Hulk miniatures that have been sitting in a box lurking near my painting station for WAY TOO LONG!!!Perhaps that's a bit Draconian... I'll just end up resenting myself and rebelling against my own authority and just painting whatever I want willy-nilly! So how about this... Finish the Guaiacan Heavy Weapon Teams, then paint a unit of Tallar[...]

Faustus Furius: 3000 at ToonCon 2017


Welcome to the underground world of illegal jet bike racing in the dusty streets of the outer colonies... This is one of the longest posts I've ever put up on my blog - so strap yourselves in and put on your helmet and dust goggles - it's a long ride to the finish!This past weekend I attended ToonCon 2017. For a full report of the weekend and all the games I played check out the previous post:Tim's ToonCon 2017 ReportThis post, however, is focusing in on the event that I ran Saturday evening - Faustus Furius: 3000!Now Faustus Furius, is "a fast and furious, tongue in cheek table-top racing game based very loosely around the chariot races of the ancient world and adaptable to any racing situation". For this event I adapted it for racing JET BIKES! Late last year, shortly after I picked up Faustus Furius, I backed Ramshackle Games Jet Bike construction Kit Kickstarter and have been assembling and painting jet bikes since they arrived in May.There was a lot of terrain and miniatures to haul to the convention. I almost didn't get out of my front gate in the morning!Upon the appointed hour, six people turned up to play FF3K (from left to right: Pat, Chris, James, John, Gary, and Morgan) - all fine gentlemen and a totally fun group of guys to race jet bikes with! I'd set the limit at 8, but was very happy with six. It was the first time I'd played with that many players and eight might have been just enough to bog the game down a bit...Now I believe in thoroughly play-testing a game before unleashing it upon unsuspecting participants at a convention. But I think it was Sun Tzu that said "the best laid plans never survive first contact with convention participants..." or... something like that. The first player that went - I think it was James - really set the tone for the entire evening when he rolled his dice to see how many actions he had and before moving his bike asked "now, HOW do I attack another jet bike...?" I was quite surprised to see how very combative all the participants were throughout the game - not disappointed or anything, and there wasn't really any vicious maliciousness to it - it was all in the spirit of the game - but, like I was saying in the previous post, the people we meet at conventions have entirely different (not wrong, just very different) styles of plays than how we tend to play games at home. I DID manage to convince them that it was not really in their best interests to NOT attack others in the starting line-up as the victim of said attacks could very easily crash into their attacker - setting everyone back... So the first few shot out of the starting line-up. By the end of the first turn, pretty much everyone was still in a nice neat line... except Morgan, who tucked in behind the line...? Perhaps he was drafting?The next turn Gary's Purple 37 shot out in front of the group. Others tried to follow, but Morgan went before the bikes in front of himself which meant he crashed into them from behind causing a short chain-reaction of collisions with Jame's and John's bikes. Morgan didn't actually crash, but spun out and ended up facing WRONG WAY! Pat's Grease Lightening pulled ahead, followed by Chris' ToonCon Express. Gary's bike seems to have veered off-course (I'm guessing someone attacked him and his bike spun out of control - hard to remember details of how exactly things went down early in the race - thank goodness I took so many pictures!) Morgan, John and James trying to get their jet bikes turned around and back in the race! Pat's Grease Lightening still in the lead followed by Chris' ToonCon Express. Gary's manag[...]

Tim's ToonCon 2017 Report


This past weekend I attended ToonCon 2017 with my family. Two years ago I started going with Finnegan. Last year Amanda and The Girl joined us. It's kind of just a thing we do now. (I also ran games at the event in 2012 and 2013).Day One - Friday, 29 September 2017This year the event moved from the Sutherland Hall (on the far end of town from us) to the Ramada Hotel on Idylwyld Drive (about 10 blocks from us!). the even had a bike rack - though it was a very small one...  The convention room actually had carpeted floors and suspended ceiling tiles which made it a lot quieter than the Sutherland HallThe Girl and I kicked off things with a couple of games of 7 Wonders (something weird going on with this picture - it looks to me like she's about to burst into tears or something!? I assure you she was having fun). Last year The Girl won the event with the highest score of all the games played, but didn't manage to hang onto that title this year. I actually won both games!? And the first game I won with build cards and military - which is something I rarely ever do?While we were playing 7 wonders, Amanda and Finnegan were trying out Vegas Showdown - a game about building casinos, I think (which none of us have played before).Apparently he won the event!?For the second segment of the evening Amanda joined The Girl and I to play DominionFor out first game The Girl and I played with Logan (on the left) and... um... super nice guy I played a couple games with whose name I am suddenly totally blanking on... Ugh... I am the worst with names. I should write them down or something... (Sorry if you happen to read this!)We played with the Village Square set from the original box - which was fun because they were cards I had not played with recently and never in that combination. I swear, I totally played my best game EVAR!? (which isn't really saying much... but at the end I felt like Hannibal Smith from the old A-Team Tv series I watched as a kid and felt like saying "I love it when a plan comes together!" While the rest of us were playing Dominion, Finnegan played Roll for the Galaxy. He figured - we HAVE Dominion, he could play that ANYTIME (though we don't, all that often!?) and wanted to try out or play games that we don't own.We do have RACE for the Galaxy - which we play a fair bit. And we've all TRIED Roll for the Galaxy, but don't really feel like buying because... well... we already HAVE Race for the Galaxy and we actually LIKE it! I know a lot of people that hate Race, but LOVE Roll...?I don't mind playing games we already own at conventions - because as conventions I get to play them with different people who always have different approaches and different strategies than the people I'm used to playing with (which is for the most part, my family) which makes it challenging and informs my own playing as I learn a lot from seeing how others play the game.For the second round of Dominion we switched up tables a bit and The Girl joined Amanda.While James and... the fellow in the blue shirt (I want to say Justin, but I really have no idea...). This game we played with randomized cards picked by an app - though only using cards from the base set. It was a totally fun game, but I just couldn't seem to get my engine running fast enough...There was another round of games later in the evening, but we decided to call it quits and head home to try and get some sleep.Day 2 - Saturday, 30 September 2017On Saturday I had to take the Yuba all loaded up with stuff for the game I was running in the evening.  It almost didn't make it though the gate!When we got t[...]

September Game-A-Day Challenge: Week Four


The last week the game-a-day thing was wearing a bit thin - oh we made it, we've played a different game each day of the month so far!The remaining two days are the first two days of ToonCon (which I'll have a separate post about on Sunday) where we will be playing another half dozen or so games...But this last week, for various reasons, we pulled out all the super quick games and were trying to squeeze games in between different activities or just before bed...Day 23 - Saturday, 23 September 2017 - Warhammer:40K/Timeline: Historical EventsIn the afternoon on Saturday we finished off the game of Warhammer 40,000 (8th Edition) we'd started the evening before - a full report of that game can be found here:First Crack At 40K 8thBecause, technically, that was a continuation of the previous day's game, we'd decided we should play another. Originally we'd planned to play through Pax Renaissance, but then got watching Heroes Season One and everyone seemed more interested in watching more episodes of that than playing Pax, between two episodes, we quickly got out Timeline: Historical Events and played a quick game of that. I won. I pretty much always do. We went back to watching Heroes.I don't win the game because I know more about history that everyone else in the family... okay, I DO know more about history than everyone else in the family, and it is a significant factor in me winning all the time, but I also play smart - I always do the hardest ones first and leave the easier ones - the ones that I DO know the exact date for for last, which seems to be the opposite of what everyone else does. For example, I have no idea when the Mutiny on the Bounty was... I would guess between 1600 and 1800... so I'd try to get that our first before there are other 17th and 18th centre cards out there. When the only other cards out are the Roman invasion of Britain and the Beginning of World War One... well, it's going between those!Day 24 - Sunday, 24 September 2017 - Pax RenaissanceFINALLY we got to playing through Pax Renaissance. I'm running a Learn-To-Play event for this at ToonCon this weekend and, while I've played it a fair bit this year, it's been a couple or so since I last played. So I wanted a chance to brush up on the rules and have them fresh in my head for this weekend. I also wanted an opportunity to try explaining the rules to people that had never played and, for the most part, weren't even really familiar with Phil Eklund games.They've all actually played Pax Porfiriana - once, over a year ago. Both kids have played Pax Pamir as well - The Girl, again, once, over a year ago, and Finnegan played it twice. Finnegan has also played Pax Renaissance once, but it was a while ago as well. So they were pretty much like newbs.Amanda was utterly lost, she looked like she was about to fall asleep through half the game -not from boredom, just from being very, very tired. She said it looked really interesting but was just too tired to figure it out. The Girl was actually really close to winning with a Renaissance victory - Laws and Republics, but a second comet showed up and Finnegan scooped a Imperial victory! It was a really fun game! It seems like everyone would be willing to try it again sometime. Perhaps on an afternoon when everyone is still wide awake!Unfortunately the following morning I remembered WHY we had originally planned to play it Saturday. I actually had a nagging feeling when I told the kids on Saturday it was okay to put it off until tomorrow that there was some reason why we couldn't play it on Sunday, [...]

One More Jet Bike!


Actually I have about 7 more to do (plus I have parts for another six that were supposed to be for the kids to assemble and paint themselves). But this is the last one I'll have ready for ToonCon which starts TOMORROW!! I had hoped to have ten ready - even though I'd set the event limit at 8 and only 6 are pre-registered. There always seems to be a few that show up on the day asking if there is space - and there usually is, because a few of the pre-registered people never seem to show up...? Is that normal for a convention or is it just ToonCon...? Or is it just ME!?This bike, like most of the others, was made up of bits from Ramshackle Games Jet Bike Construction Kit Kickstarter.This one wasn't inspired by any vehicles from any TV or Movies.The fairing could have done with a bit more weathering... ah well...Over the last week I've been preparing other stuff for the game.First of all I made some new measuring sticks just for Faustus Furius: 3000. These are cut from 1/8" MDF and are a bit longer than standard Song of Blades and Heroes measuring sticks. I've also made these the same width as the jet bike bases - so when placed in front of the bike when they go to move it will show their exact path and if the stick covers the base of any other bikes - CRASH!!!I also decided to make some fancy activation cards because I wanted something a little less bland than a number written on a card with a felt marker. I laid them out on some card stock I had - and planned to put them into some card sleeves - with some spare cards I had lying around to give them a bit more stiffness.hand painting there with the same paints I used on the bikes themselves.almost done.All the bikes that will be available for use at ToonCon with their hand-painted, custom activation cards.Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:Tomorrow I will probably post the boardgames we've played this past week.Sunday I will have a post about ToonCon and probably a second one about the FF3K Jet Bike Racing Game.So stay tuned![...]

First Crack at 40K 8th


Friday I tried to set up a quick game of 40K 8th Edition for the kids to play.To start with we cranked some Bolt Thrower....Okay so none of us are playing chaos... but Dark Millennium...? Eternal War...? Eye of Terror...? That's all 40K themed, right?Then I set up some jungly terrain for them to play on (actually, I set up the terrain first, and initially I set it up thinking my jungle-fighting' Guaiacan Commandoes would be facing off against Finnegan's Ork Horde... but then I decided maybe it would be better if the two kids played their own forces against each other and I just played the Games Master...).Both rolled out with forces at Power Level 17. I knew from the get-go that they would be horribly mis-matched (and warned The Girl that her pretty Eldar would likely be slaughtered...).Finnegan took a Warboss named Garrnogg (Power Level 4) and a mob of thirty (30!) Boyz - lead by a Bossnob named Algor (Power Level 13). They're cheaper by the dozen those Boyz - a group of 10 is Power Level 5 and a group of 20 is Power Level 9. They have significant advantages in numbers as well - they can use the number of guys left in the unit as their Leadership value, and if there are more than 20 in the unit during the fight phase they get +1 attack (which is crazy because they start with 2 to begin with and already bet +1 if they're using choppas!?)The Girl took her Farseer named J'Ade (Power Level 6), a unit of Howling Banshees - lead by Banshee named Threece (Power Level 4), and a Troupe of Harlequins (Power Level 7). The harlequins all had individual names. Unfortunately, in their native Aeldari, they're almost impossible to pronounce, but can be roughly translated as Jazzy, Emerald Lightning, Bubblegum, Stabpants, and Polkastripe... She can tell them apart. I have no idea...We decided to quickly play one of the narrative scenarios out of the book. I'd suggested Patrol or Ambush. I tried to convince them to try ambush with the Orks ambushing the Eldar, which I thought might actually give the Eldar a chance, but for some reason they went with the Patrol. The patrol scenario is essentially a meeting engagement between two patrols which, if playing with larger forces, escalates into a larger engagement as reinforcements arrive. Both sides are to start with only three units on the table and the rest in reserve. As these guys only HAD three (or less) units, it basically just became a rather boring meeting engagement with no objective other than to kill the other guys... yawn-o... ah, well... we're just trying things out and learning the rules, right?Anyway, sides were chosen, units were set up and The Girl took the first move.TURN ONEThe Howling Banshees and the Farseer flanked around one side of the ancient ruin in the middle of the battleground.The Harlequins, always wanting to do their own thing, flanked around the other side - directly towards the massive mob of Orks.On the Orks turn they surged forwards and let loose with some Dakka - one hit wounded a harlequin, but it was saved...TURN TWO"Jazzy" led the harlequins out of cover in front of the Ork mob in preparation to shoot at them and charge them later in the turn. J'Ade the Farseer couldn't see far enough to smite the Orks, but successfully manifested a Guide power allowing the harlequins to re-roll ranged attacks for the turn. The Harlequins then shot up the Ork mob, downing three of them.In the Charge Phase they indicated their desire to charge the Orks.The Ork overwatch fire took down two of them.Then they failed their charge [...]

September Game-A-Day Challenge: Week Three


Into our third week and still going strong(-ish)Day 15 - Friday, 15 September 2017 - Lords of WaterdeepHaving a bit more time on Friday afternoon (after finally submitting our Education Plans for the year!) we broke out Lords of Waterdeep! The Girl scooped the Harpers (which I usually play) so I ended up with the Red Sashes. My Lord was actually a Lady - and so was The Girl's - if only Finnegan's had been one then we could have been playing LADIES of Waterdeep! The Girl did a 25 point quest early on and kept her well ahead of the rest of us for most of the game. For the longest time I was fighting Finnegan for second place... then on the second last turn Finnegan played an intrigue card that allowed him to draw quest cards equal to the number of players, take one and pass them around for the rest of us to take one. Among those was a card that was worth FOURTY POINTS - and I just happened to have ALL of the requirements sitting in my tavern (or maybe I needed on or two things, but they were easy to pick up that very turn!). That suddenly put me into a commanding lead that neither of the kids could hope to catch up. I also ended up succeeding at TEN Piety and Arcana quests - each of which got me an additional 4 points, so... The Lieutenant I picked up in the first turn to two and having that one extra agent is a HUGE advantage! I had pointed it out and discussed it so no one would be shocked if I got it and cleaned their clocks with it. I wasn't even the first to go -and it wasn't even the first quest I picked up, so I didn't really fell all that bad about taking it and having that extra agent.Day 16 - Saturday, 16 September 2017 - Race for the GalaxyOriginally I'd actually set up Agricola to play, but then Amanda and The Girl got back from running some errands over an HOUR later than I'd expected them, so we didn't end up having time to play... I'd left it out and hoping we'd get to play it on Sunday. As Amanda and I were heading out to a show at the Persephone Theatre Saturday evening, we needed to play a quicker game - so I busted out Race for the Galaxy - which we haven't played for a while (though according to BGG I've now played it 45 times!). For start worlds I'd had the Uplift Mercenary Force and Old Earth, but I had two Alien cards in my had - one of them being a 6-cost development that gave piles of points for Alien things, so I decided to go alien... and then Amanda played the Alien Research Team start world and is seemed we would BOTH be vying for alien things... I was a little worried I was going to do poorly as all the worlds and developments I was putting out were only 1-2 points each and I wasn't racking up the victory points from producing and consuming and I wasn't raking in even MORE victory points from prestige like Amanda and Finnegan were... More than winning, what I really like doing in the game is having a pretty solid THEM to my tableau, and I was pretty happy with the mostly ALIEN them - with a bit of terraforming on the side. IN the end the pair of six-cost variable victory point developments did okay for me and I ended up with 57 points... Finnegan had 63 (I think - damn I hate prestige...), Keira had 40-sonething and Amanda said she was in the high thirties...? I don't think she could have counted right - with those few big point cards and all the prestige she had...?Day 17 - Sunday, 17 September 2017 - AgricolaWe DID get to play Agricola on Sunday after all...  We didn't quite get done before the kids had to he[...]

Finally, Some More Jet bikes!


With ToonCon less than two weeks away I figured it was time to ramp up the Jet Bike production. I finished two of the other day - which makes my total eight, so far. As I set the limit at 8 for the game at ToonCon that's really all I NEED, but I do have two more assembled and partly painted that I'd like to finish off - just in case there's a rush of late-comers and a couple more would like to play. Currently it looks like six are registered, but I've found - at least for my miniature games - half the people pre-registered for my games don't show up, but others will show up and ask if there is still room...The two new jet bikes. These, as with MOST of the others were assembled from bits I received for backing the Ramshackle Games Jet Bike Construction Kit Kickstarter. I think the jet bike bits (or at least kits) are now available through Ramshackle's web stores.The first of the Jet Bikes I finished this week.Can anyone guess the source of inspiration for this one? Most of paint schemes for the Jet Bikes so far have been inspired by cars and bikes from TV or movies...I was going to put a number 48 on this one... but there wasn't really a big enough area to put a number after I painted all those lightning bolts. Ah, well...The second Jet Bike I finished this week.Super bonus points if you can guess the inspiration for the scheme on this one!Number 6.the lot of them (so far!!)"Gentlebeings, Start your engines!"If anyone reading is local-ish, it does look like there are two spots open for FF3K!After finishing up two more bikes I have a few other things to get ready - activation cards, some quick reference sheets, measuring sticks, and maybe a few more terrain bits...Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:Another update on the progress of the 30-Games-in-30-Days Challenge for September.[...]

September Game-A-Day Challenge: Week Two


Another successful week of our 30-Games-in-30-Days Challenge for September - though as we got into evening activities and classes this week, we found ourselves short on time a few days and had to play some quicker games...Day Eight - Friday 8 September 2017 - Set/A Study in EmeraldWe were in a bit of a rush to get a game in today as we'd had a busy day doing things and found ourselves with only a few minutes before people came over to play D&D (which we didn't end up playing, but more on that in a minute), so the kids and I banged out a quick game of Set while Finnegan was still finishing up his supper. He got off to a slow start - perhaps being distracted by the fact that he was still eating! Though as the game went on it was only him spotting them and I'm sure the last four or five were all him - and they are crazy sets where there were more different than the same. He nearly caught up to me and The Girl who tied at 9 (Finnegan ended up with seven). Usually good for some quick fun. The kids certainly had fun today. Occasionally if they're a little distracted and they're just not seeing the patterns and other players are getting ahead, they can get pretty frustrated - but not today!After that was supposed to be D&D - but the two players who were the hook for the adventure (on an errand for the thieves guild master, which involved chasing someone into a trap-filled dungeon, and the two rogues didn't show up...). So instead we played A Study in Emerald.between trying to figure out what the hell I was doing and explaining and re-explaining rules I totally forgot to take a picture while we were still playing - so here's one of everyone hanging around while I  was putting it all away... In the end it turned out that Bruce, Brian and myself ended up as Loyalists and Amanda and Adele were restorationists. It was odd because of all the times I've played it I think only once before I played the Loyalist faction. I had pretty much everyone figured out early in the game as we got close to the end I had my next couple rounds all figure out - I was going to get the Vienna City card (which I think might have wrought me up to Bruce in the points race) and then play a couple victory cards for the Loyalists (ensuring our victory) and then assassinate a few of the Amanda and Adele's restorationist agents.... Then bruce dropped Cthulhu on Vienna and killed three or four of my agents!? Thanks a lot Bruce!? WTF!? We're on the same team!? Of course that "same team" is servants of the Great Old Ones... so I guess he was just playing "in character". He and Brian then played a couple cards to up the Loyalist victory point track and ended the game... Anyway, it was great fun. I love this game.  Day Nine - Saturday, 9 September 2017 - CompoundedToday I introduced the kids to Compounded (and reminded Amanda how to play - we'd only played it once before a month or so ago at our friends place). Fun game. Amanda edged me out by a point in the final tallying by using her book to pick up a piece that gave her ONE MORE POINT....I'd originally picked the game up to play when we're learning some chemistry... but we haven't really gotten much into that. So I'm not sure the kids were getting much of the chemistry angle - luckily the game can be played with no real knowledge of chemistry - you just have to match the colours. We'll be starting to cover more chemistry this year, so I expect we'll be p[...]

Scout Sentinel


Not a jet bike... This was mostly finished on my workbench and I completed it to get it out of the way so I could have more space to spread out jet bike bits and get them assembled and painted (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)This is a Scout Sentinel model from Games Workshop. (and it is TM and © Games Workshop and assembled and painted by myself and posted here entirely without their permission)It is the final thing I NEED to be able to field a complete Brigade Detachment of my Guaiacan Commandoes in 8th Edition 40K.To fill the Fast Attack slots all my Scout Sentinels will have to be fielded as three individual units of one scout sentinel.Ideally I'd like to field them in larger teams or troops, but that will have to wait...I have two others to work on, but they're for the Tallarn...All three of the Guaiacan Commando Sentinels. The one in the centre I picked up off eBay already assembled (which is why it doesn't have the camo-laced roll bars.As I'm pretty sure there are no Catachan Roughriders (at least not any GW ones, there are THESE, however), Sentinels are pretty much the only real Fast Attack option (okay there is the flame-tank, but I like the idea of foot-mobile jungle fighters without any armoured support). As I mentioned, at some point, I'd like to pick up 3-6 more of these to field them in teams of two or full troops of three!?The only other thing I'm currently planning to add is a few more heavy weapon teams - I ordered a couple more las-cannons, mortars and auto-cannons off eBay to fill out those heavy weapons teams for the "Heavy Support" slots.  Once those arrive and I get them done I'll do another post with the entire force organized for 8th.Now that I've got some space cleared away I'll get to a few more jet bikes - I did work on one for a bit last night. I'm having trouble coming up with paint schemes. I had thought I'd use vehicles of TV and cinema for inspiration - and I have for a few already - but jet bikes, being shaped entirely different than cars and vans and such, makes the translation of most a little challenging...[...]