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The Looney DM

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Cohorts and Apprentices.  Useful in so many situations.  You just need to use your imagination and suspend your code of morality.
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Modern Demons


I need to get away from fantasy RPGing at some point.  I do enjoy the experience of other settings but I just haven't had the gaming time to run or participate.  The urban fantasy setting strikes me as one with lots of possibilities to get away from the murder hobo style of play that dominates the fantasy settings.
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Gaming Awesome


 Childhood toys and cartoons do not need to make sense.  In many cases they're better off if they don't.  Unconstrained by logic they can sail to new heights of awesome.  Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Sharks, and Dino Riders.

Art from GIS for "Dinoriders"
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Expectations are meant to be changed.  It's always fun when what one culture in RPGs calls something other cultures use the same word idea for something else.  The monk being one of those.
Art from here
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Oh who are we kidding.  Your players have always been that way.  There wasn't a transition period they just started out that way

Art from here 
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Prose Descriptive Qualities (Again)


There are days that your players just don't have the attention for your serious campaign.  Those are the days you should keep a silly one on the back burner so their inner child can escape and run around the room flinging whatever comes to hand.

LooneyDM out

Twin Spell


Metamagic is fun.  Just plain fun.  Even if all you're doing is firing off a blasting spell, metamagic is fun.  After all,  how else are you going to fire off multiple lightning bolts on your turn?
Art from WIN
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Reward Choices


It's always good to give your players choices.  The tougher they are for the players to resolve the better.  Of course not all players are going to be aligned in such a way that moral quandaries will give them any pause at all.  These players require a different sort of tact and motivational technique, but this does not mean you can't give them difficult decisions. Anyone who wants more than one thing can be given a difficult decision.  You just have to find the two things they want most and you have the choice.
Art from here
LooneyDM out

On another unrelated note some of you may have notice that I've been rather remiss in updating on the schedule I set for myself.  This is because I have had another project in the works.  If you enjoy gaming or gaming music or just watching someone perform like a trained monkey for your amusement you may find it to your liking. 

See it here

I would also like to announce that due to this new project I will eventually stop posting posters.  Eventually.  I still have quite a few months worth of posters even if I stick to schedule.  After I run out of posters I will continue to post game quotes as they accumulate in sufficient numbers to be worthy of a post.



Your PCs are not normal.  Never forget that.  Of course this has both pros and cons.  The pro is that your players know their characters are a cut above the rest.  Uncanny heroes destined for greatness.  The downside is they may have a lot of trouble interacting with the regular citizens of the setting who aren't quite a crazy as they are.

Art from here
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Necromancy lends itself so much more to humor and revenge than other spell schools.  Especially when you realize that you can command the resulting animated corpse to do anything.  Making your enemies dance for your amusement is just the beginning.

Art from WotC art gallery
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Who would have thought sports fans would be in to LARPing.  I guess it is just a matter of finding the right thing to LARP about to get them involved.  Welcome to Foosball larp!

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Obesity is a touchy subject.  More so for people like gamers whom have it as a stereotype of their chosen form of entertainment.  Best not to bring it up, especially not in game.

Art from WotC art gallery
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Has it been a week already?


I've been so busy with other stuff I didn't realize it had been a week since I posted.  And by other stuff I mean game prep and video games.  So here's a little bit of a reminder that will hopefully jolt me into updating on a more regular basis.

LooneyDM out

Trophy Collectors


There's one in every starting D&D group.  You know the type.  The one who decides that their character's quirk will be harvesting body parts off their dead enemies and displaying them in all manner of ways.  Of course the important part is not taking a unique body part, but in finding a unique way to display said pieces so everyone knows how much of a badass you are.

Art from here
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Innuendo is quite the staple of many a roleplaying group.  It's all in the positioning.  Or in how dirty minded you are.  Or in your intellectually humor level.  Either way, it's all fun.

Art from WotC Art Gallery
LooneyDM out

Nymph's Kiss


This one will require a little explanation.  In 3.5 D&D there is a feat that grants you skill points and a few other sundry bonuses for taking the feat.  However you must maintain "intimate relations" with a fey creature or lose all the bonuses.  Hence the commentary.  It's quite a nice feat if you can pull it off.
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Pulp adventure!  Crazy actions that lead to more adventure!  I have a soft spot in my heart for the pulp action genre because it allows for so many crazy hijinks and ridiculous enemies.  All in all a genre that I wish I could run more games in.
Art from here



As a DM you should try to hide your inspiration.  Especially if your inspiration is why you don't have anything prepped for this session.  Darn my nostalgia for those Godzilla movies.  
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Arcane Power


It's amazing what players will trade away as long as it doesn't affect their mechanical in game performance.  Soul?  Who needs one of those?  It's not going to make a difference to me the player.  Of course this is when you have the powers that your player made a deal with call in other favors besides a soul.  After all if the player doesn't think the soul is worth much, then how much do you think the powers in question value it?
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Sharing Loot


Alignment debates aside, the biggest conflict you're going to see in character from your characters is when they have to share something.  Especially if they have to share something they all want.  Like treasure.
Art from WotC art gallery
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On Backstories


Backstories are a tricky beast.  Some DMs want goodly amounts, others want none.  You may run into the DM who mines your back story for "plot hooks" aka people to kill to motivate you.  Or they may leave it alone completely.  Your backstory may not come up in a game, or it may be a defining feature of the campaign.  You never know how it will pan out so the amount of effort to put in is always up in the air.
Art from Hijinks Ensue
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Confidence.  A trait that is highly praised in our society.  Maybe it shouldn't be.  Especially when you consider what it might mean if you look closely.  I know that my players definitely have the 90% down.  The other 10% they try to avoid like the plague.

Art from GIS for "tina fey quotes"
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Dump Stat Intelligence


There's always one in the party.  Sometimes several.  But no matter how you might try to hide it the truth always comes out.  Someone always dumps int.  Sometimes the dumping happens at the player level and not the character level.  Though that's usually wis instead of int.

LooneyDM out



I admit I'm not a fan of the "old school" style of play.  A lot of it seems to hinge heavily on metagaming.  If one of your characters died because of brown mold, how do the other ones magically know how to avoid it?  How does one of your characters who is on their first trip out of their home town know to check a long abandoned crypt for live traps on the door handles?  If no one in the group survives the Beholder fight, how does the next group know to be wary of it?  So many questions, not nearly enough answers.

Art from GIS for "Tomb of Horrors"
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The PCs take a night on the town


The PCs take a night on the town.  As you might expect, the town does not survive.  This is the case with most things the PCs encounter.  For DMs this can become frustrating.  This is where you learn to let go.  Everything you create will likely end up destroyed by the PCs.  Letting go is easier when you don't spend overly long creating any of it.  So learn to be a lazy DM.LooneyDM outPC quotes, in honor of the topic. Wibble: (( we should go back to the main city and buy a ton of airhorns ))Wibble: (( sonic attack them to death ))Pliny: (( Holy shit! Nothing saved! ))Pliny: (( I think this is the first time this has ever happened to me! ))* Pliny cries tears of joy!Sora Katra: "Your attack on the khyberspawn allowed us to drive off their army. We should be able to retake The Great Crag today."I'kishaeila: (( I misread that as kittyspawn. ))Thransil: (( Screaming Thundering Bow of Songs? ))Pliny: (( It is the epicest thing ever! ))Thransil: (( Thransil's amazing diplomacy check wins the day...even though dicekhan is a little bitch ))Pliny: (( Zombears! ))Wibble: (( Victoria's Secret Amazon Warriors ))* Drogun rolls: 1d20 => 3Drogun: (( where did my feet go!?!? ))* Iki rolls: d20+19 => 19 + 19 = 38Iki: (( I found them! ))Pliny: (( You're logicking it down from panicking? ))Pliny: (( Man, it's like the opposite of those shows where robots are destroyed by sending them into logic loops ))Wibble: (( only we can start forest fires! ))Pliny: (( Are we going to fight zombie trees?!?! ))Wibble: (( zombie redneck trees! D: ))I'kishaeila: (( reasoning with the trees... negotiations would go in rings... ))[...]