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Rafael Argus an NPC for FrontierSpace


I recently picked up the Referee's Handbook for FrontierSpaceThe Referee's Manual has some helpful tables and info for generating adventures, NPC's and encounters. So I thought I would stat up a Major NPC following the rules from the Ref's Handbook.I present to you Rafael Argus- Notorious Bounty HunterRafael ArgusSpecies: Human   Origin: Bounty Hunter  +5 to BP score, +1 to Init score, Disadvantage on diplomacy checks when dealing with "High-Society" types, Price on his head $4,000 creditsRank 3Language: Terran, Galactic CommonMovement:  8Initiative: 4BP: 46STR 55AGL 50CRD 70 +3 damage bonus on ranged attacksPER 65INT 50WIL 45Skills: Thief:  Disguise +5Explorer: Tracking +5Marksman: Blast Pistol +10Warrior: Unarmed Combat +0Weapons & EquipmentBlast Pistol (2D B)  w/ EU pack (20 EU)Security Ballistic Suit (protects 25 BP)Sonic Knife (2D S) w/ EU Pack (20 EU)Smoke Grenades (x3)Disguise KitDigicompassWristcomSunglassesRugged AttireTorchlightBackpackCanteen190 Credits (on hand)Rafael Argus is a rogue, a thief and a bounty hunter. He has a disregard for authority and those in power. He also has a paranoid streak, he regularly changes his appearance in order to throw off the authorities and to keep his bounties unsuspecting of his true identity until it is too late. When things turn against him in a fight he will attempt to use his smoke grenades to escape. Based on a character from the Buck Rogers T.V. Series. Episode 106 The Plot to Kill a City 1976 [...]

Star Trek TOS Heroclix!


I just found out that WizKids is releasing a set of Heroclix minis based on Star Trek TOS.
Here's a link

I haven't been able to determine scale yet, but I am soo hoping they are compatible with 28mm.

Oh and since it is Simian Saturday! Here is a rendering of the Mugato figure from the set!

Cyclopean Grappler Ape for FrontierSpace (Simian Saturday)


I hope everyone here in the U.S. had a great Thanksgiving! I ate way too much, so next week my wife has informed me we will be eating lots of salad! NOOOO!!Anyways I've been reading over my copies of the new Old School feel Sci Fi RPG FrontierSpace, and am really enjoying it.  Part of how I learn the nuances of a new system is to work up some interesting aliens and monsters for that system. I used the Alien Creature Generation rules from the FrontierSpace Referee's Manual. Enjoy!Cyclopean Grappler ApeBP  113 STR  240AGL  60 PER  60 INIT  1 MOV 8 (can climb vertical services)Behavior: Cunning Attacks & Defenses  Slam 75% 3D Grapple 55% 2D Frenzy/Berserk: When this creature is reduced to half its starting BP, it enters a frenzied state, lunging and attacking anything it can reach (add 20% to attacks and -20% to resistance checks, increase all damage by +5).Description     These large 8'+ tall one-eyed alien apes are a true terror whenever they are encountered. Originally from an obscure jungle planet on the Frontier, they are scattered across the galaxy apparently as a result of zoo exhibits. Some of these beasts have escaped into the wilds and now prey upon those that once viewed them as freakish exhibits. To compound the problem a recent trend by pirates, unscrupulous criminals and worse is to use these creatures as guard beasts. However, only the most vile and desperate would do this for no one has really been able to successfully domesticate these creatures, and they seem particularly hostile to humans. Many cantina tales exist (some are even true) of criminal hideouts being overrun by the very beasts being used to guard the compound. I first worked up this space simian back in 2012 for Stars Without Number. My how time flies! [...]



I recently picked up the Player's Handbook for FrontierSpace, a percentile based Sci Fi RPG from DWD Studios.  I have to say I really like it!  The system is lite enough to be easy to pick up and play quickly, yet has enough moving parts that characters feel different and unique. The combat system is also light, yet versatile. The artwork hearkens back to my old school gaming days, and I mean that in a positive way, feels very much like the old Star Frontiers game, with a sleek, fun rules system. I would have liked the psionics abilities to have been included in this book rather than the Referee's Manual, but I understand not all Referee's will be using psionics in their games.
All in all, I am quite pleased with this purchase and recommend the game for those looking for a fun, easy to play/run Sci Fi System.You can get it Drive Thru RPG. I'll be posting more about this game over the holidays. I'm currently playing in a face to face 5E game, but hope to take FrontierSpace for a test run soon! 

Chuck Norris Scenario Generator


John Stater of the Land of Nod blog suggested the fun notion of -"When doing modern games, adapt scenarios from Chuck Norris movies. Just enough plot to make the scenario work, but gonzo enough to be fun at the table."I thought this was a fun idea to go through the Chuck Norris movies and work up a random scenario generator for some action gaming!  Who knows with a little work you could even  adapt this to different genres. I think I'll tweak it just a minor bit and use it for my upcoming Gathox Vertical Slum games : )Enjoy!Chuck Norris Scenario Generator Locations- Roll a d4 for the number of key adventure locations then a d20 for specific locations (keep duplicates!).1 Jungle2 Ruins3 Casino4 Wasteland5 Desert6 Warehouse7 Houseboat8 Run-Down House (in the middle of nowhere)9 Dojo10 Bar11 Diner (that overcharges outsiders)12 Restaurant (Chinese!)13 Wrecking Yard14 Prison Camp15 Terrorist Training Camp16 Guerilla Base17 Back Alleys18 The Institute (Mental Hospital + so much more!)19 Abandoned Theater20 Abandoned HouseMissions (roll a d6 for the central mission of the scenario, ACTION is the key concept of the scenario!)1 Rescue POW's2 Quest for lost Treasure3 Defeat Foe (roll on the foes table)4 Save Old Teammates5 Save Hostages6 Save the Damsel in DistressFoes roll a d30 (what do you mean you don't have one!?!)1-3 Enemy Soldiers4 Savages5-6 Guerrilla Forces7-8 Terrorists9 Genetically Altered Sociopath10-11 Assassins12-14 Drug Gang (roll on the Drug Gang Table)15 Mexican Bandits16 Gang of Horse Thieves17-18 Crime Syndicate19-20 Gangsters21-22 Martial Artists23-Crooked Cops24 Ninjas25 Crazed Serial Killer26 Cultists Religious Zealots27 Supernatural Being28 Militants29 Hit Men30 Neo-NazisDrug Gang Table (roll a d6)1 Drug Runners2 Asian Drug Gang3 Gang of Iranian Drug Dealers4 South American Drug Cartel5-6 Vicious Drug GangPotential Friends & Allies (roll a d12)1 Prowler Robot2 Pet Wolf3 Loyal Canine Sidekick4-5 Ex-Army Buddy6 Sympathetic Priest7 Old Mercenary Friend8 Missionary9 Inscrutable Woman of Mystery10 Holy Man11 Martial Artist 12 Friend on the Force (Cop)  Additional Story Elements1-4 Illegal Drugs!5-7 Illegal Weapons8 Treasure Map9 Cobra Venom10 Cursed Scepter (optionally roll a d8+1 for the number of pieces)11-12 Potential Romantic InterestSo making some random rolls let's see what we get.. 2 Locations, rolled a 17 for a Back Alley and a 3 for a this will be an urban adventureThe Key mission is a 3... to defeat a Foe..rolling to determine the foe I rolled an 11...Assassins! For potential friends and allies I rolled a7 for an Old Mercenary Friend...under additional story elements I got a 9 Cobra Venom!!  Cause you know Chuck Norris was once bitten by a Cobra and five excruciating days later the cobra died!  : )Anyway this looks like assassins are working out of the Casino, killing targets in back alleys across the city. Our player(s) are brought in to deal with the issue, an old mercenary buddy provides some intel on the location and may even help with the final fight. But then in the final battle it is learned the master assassin is a master of Cobra Venom Style Martial Arts! Will our heroes prevail!!  : )[...]

Summer of Gaming and Exploring Gathox!


Greetings all!
I haven't posted in quite awhile. I've actually been doing a good bit of gaming. I finished grad school and this allowed my school enforced hiatus from gaming to finally come to an end. I spent a good bit of the summer actually playing in several games. I've been in an ongoing 5E Curse of Strahd Campaign that currently has us around 4th level or so. I was able to play in an awesome Labyrinth Lord Mini-Campaign that was loads of fun. I've also taken up the DM mantle after quite a long time and have started running a 5E home-brew campaign. I've even tried my hand at a bit of minis painting (well mostly terrain) and I've had loads of fun. I think I've gamed more this past summer than in the past four years combined!  As a result this blog has not been updated in quite awhile. With some store credit, I picked up the Starfinder core rulebook, OMG! that is a huge book! Yikes! The art and layout is impressive, but it is taking me awhile just to read it!  That combined with all the 5E gaming I've been doing of late has me finding myself yearning for more OSR goodness in my gaming rotation, Christian's Labyrinth Lord mini-campaign was rules-lite but oh so fun. With the OSR in mind, I picked up a recently released product Gathox Vertical Slum.
I was able to read a few early drafts of this product and have had a few exchanges with the writer/artist David Lewis Johnson (a great artist by the way!). The PDF (print version is due out any day now) is a fun, imaginative and rather Gonzo setting. Based on the White Box rules, but you should be able to adapt it to most old school rules. You will need a copy of the rules system of your choice to play it, in order to complete character generation.
Here is the official blurb for the game,

"Welcome to Gathox Vertical Slum, a far out, gonzo science fantasy campaign setting for Swords & Wizardry White Box Edition and other classic tabletop role playing games.
Aliens, mutants, spellslingers, and hardened criminals struggle for dominance in a lawless city built upon the back of a wandering, world-hopping godling. Inside this tome you’ll find:
* A fully mapped and fleshed out Vertical Slum, stuffed to the gills with greedy factions, hook-laden NPCs, and seedy locations.
* A new gangland system for running domain-level games at level 1.
* 43 fully illustrated strange and inimical monsters to spring on unsuspecting players.
* New classes, skills, ability checks, hirelings, and gear for players to work their will across the mean streets of the Great Spire.
* A vertical dungeon introductory adventure to test the skills and resourcefulness of new and seasoned players alike.
* Over a hundred lavish interior illustrations by D.L. Johnson.
* Five pieces of interconnected chapter fiction contributed by Josh Wagner."

I'll be reading this one a lot more and hopefully give it a run soon. I may even try to run it as an online game. Christian showed me how much fun it can be to play via hangouts, so I'm thinking this setting with White Box (or maybe B/X) would be fun.  More to come...

The Wasteland of Gath: Part 3


I was lucky enough to get in another session in Christian's Wasteland of Gath Campaign. I'm using the Labyrinth Lord rules for my foray and having a blast with the setting and the old school rules system.

Christian did a great write-up of the session (including stats!) here. The dice were running hot and Righteous Rude slew a household of vile mutant cannibals, while rescuing a little girl that the malformed family had kidnapped. Kerg and Rude are slowly bringing civilization to the Wasteland of Gath. I'm having a great time with his game, and am really glad he convinced me to give online play a try. The sessions are quick and loads of fun. Plus it is great to be able to actually chat with someone I've known for years, but have never met "face to face". Google Hangouts has now allowed me to have that "face to face" connection.  I'm excited to see what will happen next!  More to come...

Continuing adventures in the Wasteland of Gath


Yesterday I was able to do some online gaming with Christian again, we picked up from last session.
This was the second session for Righteous Rude, Sledgehammer of THE Metal Gods, and his new acquaintance the repentent dwarf Kerg.

                     "Wonder what lies in that pit up ahead?"
Two beasts down, but one remains and Righteous Rude is down to ONE HIT POINT!!

One thing about going back and forth between my 5E game and my Labyrinth Lord game with Christian, I must remember how lethal LL is, especially at low levels!  Rude will meditate on using his sling more in the future, and maybe a little less direct melee especially when outnumbered and Kerg is caught with his pants down!  LOL

To read the full session report check out Christian's write-up

What a great week!!!


 In spite of the heat and the storms it has been a good week. As I posted earlier I was able to try out online gaming for the first time with Christian. I wasn't able to participate in Free RPG Day, was out of town, but a good friend picked up an item for me that I really wanted. The Starfinder First Contact book.
I'm looking forward to giving it a read.
I'm blessed to be in a fantastic gaming group. Last night we played another session in our group's Curse of Strahd 5E Campaign.
The entire game session was role-playing. No combat, just the players interacting with each other and the different NPC's. The DM did a great job and the 4 hours just flew by. It wasn't until I was heading home that I realized we didn't have a single fight all night and it was loads of fun. I talked to the group and when we wrap up the Curse of Strahd Campaign (probably late Fall). They'd like me to run Starfinder!  I'm excited, the rules aren't even out yet, but I want to give them a spin. What we've heard about the game so far has everyone excited. So I've started working up some ideas for my upcoming Starfinder Campaign.

Also this week, I was a kickstarter for the Mutant Crawl Classics RPG. The PDF was released this week to kickstarters, so I've been reading through it in my spare (ha ha) time. It looks really cool, and I'm sure it will be put in the gaming rotation at some point.

I got some great books in the mail from my buddy since 8th grade, Tormentor. Somehow he always remembers my Birthday, even though I try to keep it on the down-low. Thanks Tormentor!

On a personal note, I got the best gift of all. I don't talk much about my personal life on the blog. Try to keep it about gaming. But felt this was appropriate. My grandson is getting close to 3 years old. He stays with us some of the time. He is developmentally delayed, and undergoing evaluation for autism We have worked hard to find ways to play, talk and interact with him. This week was the first time that he and I had truly interactive play. He was listening to me, following directions and truly playing with me. I'll never forget that smile and the gleam in his eyes when he and I were playing. That first magical moment is something I will treasure forever.  Well thanks for letting me share.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Get some gaming in this weekend and spend time with friends and family! They are what makes it all worthwhile!
Good Gaming -B.B.

Online Labyrinth Lord in the Wasteland of Gath


  The journey begins....
I got to play in my first ever online game earlier tonite. Christian of the Destination Unknown blog encouraged me to play a quick session in his Wasteland of Gath game. I had a fantastic time. I've been corresponding with Christian for awhile now, and it was wonderful to have a "face to face" talk/game session with him. I had worried about the tech issues and my limited abilities with technology but we had no issues during the game.
 Gathering and burning the bones of the unquiet dead for a funerary rite to THE Metal Gods
Proper graves and burial rites for the two souls at peace.
Thanks again Christian!!

Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2


My wife and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 today. We both really enjoyed it. We couldn't decide if we like it better than the first one. All in all it was a fun movie and if you liked the first one then you will most likely enjoy this one as well. This one is chocked full of Easter Eggs, and I will need to watch it another time or two to get many of them. I'm a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic from way back and there are some great tie-ins to the comic series. Also there are several scenes at the end as the credits roll (5 in all I believe) so don't leave until the end.
From a gaming perspective this one has some fun fodder to use in your sci fi RPG's!

Friday Night Ravenloft!


Last night we resumed our 5E Ravenloft game, I'll avoid spoilers, but suffice to say the first adventure in the Ravenloft campaign is quite tough. The DM really knows how to run the game and the other players are fantastic gamers. I've been playing since '79 and I really find myself challenged by the skill and ability of this group. I'm trying to get my head around the various nuances of 5E, this group is not only helping me make the transition to 5E but are making me a better player. Which rocks.  We finished the first Ravenloft adventure (Death House) Holy Crap was it challenging. The DM said he was impressed that we all made it out alive, great tactics and teamwork got us through, it is a TOUGH adventure for the recommended levels. I now have a 3rd level Tiefling Rogue!   Even Strahd showed up for a cameo! The DM has the Ravenloft board game so is using the minis from that! Good stuff.
It is so great to be gaming again!  Hope you all have a great weekend and get to roll some dice!
Take care, B.B.

Dark Naga- City of Talos for 5E


My buddy Kevin of Dark Naga Adventures latest kickstarter is available. This is the third adventure module in the Haunting of Hastur series. If you enjoyed his earlier work, you will want to get in on this kickstarter.
Good Gaming -B.B.

Scrappers Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish!


I recently learned about the Scrappers 28mm Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish Wargame.
I haven't played 28mm Skirmish games since Necromunda first came out many years ago. Moving large armies across the tabletop never appealed to me but original 40K Rogue Trader and the later Necromunda game were lots of fun. Scrappers draws heavily from classic Gamma World (Some of the Factions in the game are very similar to classic Gamma World Cryptic Alliances), you can use your own minis (just because I haven't played skirmish games in ages, doesn't mean I don't have a ton of suitable minis lying around). You only need 3-15 minis for your crew, so again right up my alley. I've talked to a few friends at the local hobby shop and I've got them interested in trying this one out, so should be fun!
The game's Facebook page is HERE
Here's a review and a play report of the game
Now to go through my boxes and find some suitable minis to use! Have a great weekend and I hope you get some gaming in! 

Game Store Bargain Treasures!


Went by the old Hobby Shop in town (one of the last ones these days). I haven't been there in awhile, and lo and behold found some cool stuff in the used RPG section.

The Night Below box is dinged up pretty badly, but all of the internal contents are there and are in excellent condition. I got all of this for under $15 bucks!
I had Night Below many years ago, but sold it off before I ever ran it.
Looking at this pile of coolness, I do believe I need to try to work all of these items together somehow into a cool campaign!  Night Below is a great Underdark Campaign, but using the Role Aids books to supplement it could make for an even more awesome setting.  Now to just decide what mechanic to use?  I'm leaning towards 5E, but Castles and Crusades has been calling out to me, and ACKS is a great system as well.  Decisions...decisions!
More to come!

Let the Christmas Vacation Begin!!! The Metal Gods of Dwimmermount!


while listening to...

up next
and don't forget the...
Special Thanks to Kevin for the copy of Dwimmermount!
Special Thanks to Tormentor for the Helion Prime and Sabaton CD's!
Special Thanks to the Great State of Tennessee for the Jack Daniel's!  

ACKS : Let the Work Begin!


The kids aren't home, my paper has been submitted, my honey-do list is complete (for now), that means it is time for CAMPAIGN DEVELOPMENT!
After months of going back and forth as to which Fantasy RPG System I wanted to run, I find myself back in the OSR, and sitting down comfortably to work on and hopefully run a Campaign using the Adventurer Conqueror King System (ACKS).  There are a ton of awesome Fantasy RPG's out there, my bookshelves are full of them, which was part of my issue, I kept chasing after that perfect system. Oftentimes to the detriment of my creativity and my players. The key thing I like about ACKS is that at it's core it is B/X D&D. The edition I grew up with and have arguably played the most over the years, yet ACKS has some fun new features and rules tweaks that allows players to customize their characters without me finding myself overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the different fiddly bits (like I experienced with Pathfinder). Given my hectic schedule this system really looks like it will meet my current gaming needs. While I haven't decided 100% on the campaign setting, I am leaning towards going with the official ACKS Campaign, set in and around the Auran Empire. The late Roman Empire feel to the setting seems like a refreshing break from the straight Tolkien Fantasy gaming that I grew up with, while keeping some of those elements familiar to D&D gamers (i.e. Dwarves and Elves).  Of course with all the cool stuff on my gaming shelves, I will be working in other material from my gaming library to use in my ACKS Campaign. Pictured above are a few of the books I'm planning on using. I've always liked Labyrinth Lord's Realms of Crawling Chaos, while I don't intend to go full-blown Cthulhu, this book is a great resource for Chaos elements to pull into my games. I'd also like to have some psionics in my game, not in a heavy handed way but having some out there, to make the game a bit more unusual and unique from things I have done in the past. And what campaign would be complete without monsters, but with ACKS even the traditional humanoid races have an interesting twist about them, so I'll be using my copy of the Monster Alphabet to put unusual spins on the monsters in the campaign. Well, that's all for now, I need to quit typing about the campaign and start working on it!  Have a great week and Good Gaming!

By This ACKS I Rule!


Here's a little something I worked up to kick-off my upcoming ACKS Campaign!

Original cover by Mike Ploog, from the Marvel Comics adaptation of R.E. Howard's Kull. No copyright infringement is intended. 

Weekend Reading: Conan, Kull and ACKS!


What an awesome day to go to the mailbox!
I know what I'll be doing this weekend! 

Moloids for ACKS


Thanks to Eric Fabiaschi's recents posts about the Adventurer Conqueror King System (ACKS), I started reading my ACKS books again. I have to say this is a great system. B/X at the core of the game, but with some great versatility and character options that don't overwhelm this busy DM. So for fun I converted an old Marvel Comic's race for adventurers to encounter while exploring the deep subterranean depths.  Moloids% in lair:  50%Dungeon Enc: Work Crew (4d4) / Work Gang(1 union)Wilderness Enc: Union (1d6 work crews)/Lair (1d10 work gangs)Alignment: NeutralMovement: 60' (20')Armor Class: 0Hit Dice: 1d4 hit pointsAttacks: 1 (weapon)Damage: 1d3 or weapon -1Save: 0 level humanMorale: -2 (in numbers fewer than 10, their morale is -3)Treasure Type: Special (Moloids, do not value gems, coins or jewelry, however, if encountered in their lairs, they could be working to maintain powerful machines of the ancients). XP: 2Description      Moloids are short (4' tall average, advanced moloids can be up to 5' tall) yellow-skinned, emaciated humanoids. Males and females are almost indistinguishable from one another to non-moloids, in fact other than the rare advanced moloids, to outsiders every moloid looks exactly the same; short, thin, yellow skinned humanoids, with large pointed ears, no visible nose and large, heavy lidded eyes, with very small pupils.      Moloids make terrible warriors, they are workers not warriors, and will flee danger at the first opportunity, as well as, the second and third opportunities. They don't have the drive or interest in making weapons, and if forced to fight will use clubs or staves or whatever other tools they have at hand.      Moloids live exclusively underground, and will only venture onto the surface at the command of a powerful master,  if commanded to the surface during daylight and without some form of protective eye wear they will be at -3 to morale.  They suffer a -2 penalty to all attack throws when in full sunlight. However, they have superior infravision 90' and keen hearing.  Moloids are believed to be descended from a slave race created by some ancient peoples (Atlanteans?) thousands of years ago.  They have lived in the deep earth for untold millennia, and whatever they once looked like, or whatever their full potential once was, countless generations of inbreeding has reduced the race to its current sad state.      Moloids are not innovative or creative (other than the rare advanced moloids), they usually wear simple rags as clothing, and beyond their occasional use of protect eye goggles wear little clothing or gear. However, they are exceptionally skilled at maintaining existing equipment and machinery. Originally designed to service the great machines of the ancients, they are innately skilled at keeping such forgotten devices in working order, however, they cannot explain to others how they work or expand on what the machines already do. Subterranean Giant Monster Training: The moloids have lived in their deep caverns underground for generations, and share their lairs with a variety of subterranean large monsters (perhaps also creations of the ancients). Somehow the non-creative moloids have found a way to train these various giant monsters, in a way equivalent to the Animal Training Proficiency. It takes many moloids working together to train just one beast, but they have the time and the numbers, so any given moloid work gang, and especially a moloid lair [...]

Pathfinder Worldscape #2


The second issue of the Pathfinder Worldscape comic released this week. This issue has a bit less action than the first issue, but it does explain a good bit more about what is going on, in particular how the Worldscape setting "works". Oh and yes that is indeed a Green Martian on the cover! Woo Hoo!  I am still really enjoying this series. This is the kind of campaign setting I would really enjoy playing. The end of the comic includes some Pathfinder stats for Green Martians, an encounter map and even Green Marian firearms rules. Even if you aren't a Pathfinder player, there is good stuff in here for your games. Oh and minor spoiler>>>....
this issue shows us that a Simian Army is on the rise! YES!!!
I personally can't wait for the next issue!

Apes Victorious Now In Print!


    "What's that you say? Apes Victorious is now available in print?!"
That's right General! You can get it right HERE!

Pathfinder Worldscape!


A while back I posted about the upcoming Pathfinder Worldscape comic series. Well the first issue came out this week and I was able to sit down and read it tonight.
I really enjoyed the first issue. My only complaint is that when I got to the end of the issue, I wanted more! Even if you are not into Pathfinder, I think there is some great stuff in here for anyone who is a fan of Swords & Sorcery, Pulp type adventures. I won't give away any spoilers but I will definitely be using ideas from this series in my own games. I really like the world-setting they are creating and I can see myself running adventures in such a setting. Some Pathfinder RPG stats are including (Red Sonja!!), but I can also see myself using the setting with many OSR rules systems (Fantastic Heroes & Witchery and AS&SH immediately come to mind). Also don't forget the 2nd edition Kickstarter for Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea starts tomorrow!! Anyways, I hope everyone is having a good week, and I hope you are able to squeeze in some gaming this weekend!

Apes Victorious NOW AVAILABLE!!


The PDF is NOW available!!!  Get it HERE

Apes Victorious!


Big announcement just in time for Simian Saturday!
Head over to Goblinoid Games: Apes Victorious Page!!
The No Art PDF for this game should be available soon (hopefully early next week, is my understanding), the character sheets have already been posted, they look fantastic! A print version will be coming soon, the gracious Dan Proctor has opted to not go the Kickstarter route and will be making this available soon!
Want to talk about this awesome upcoming RPG? then please join the Google+ Apes Victorious Group. We are looking for a few good Apes!
Have a Fantastic Simian Saturday!