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mental meanderings of a multifarious simpleton!

Updated: 2014-10-07T02:37:35.753+01:00


Just A Band - Ha-He


Another great one from Just A BandThese guys are taking creative concepts to the next level! May people be encouraged to get down and get fresh

wishful thinking?


ToneSo I've been treating myself to some eye candy. Currently being inspired by a guy called Tone.I can hardly find any information about him or his techniques which is mildly frustrating.But you can check out his website at http://



Kenyans are pretty dramatic and being away made me forget how interesting Kenyans can be: Amidst the bra clinics (I'm sceptical about these by the way); rioting high schoolers; the random guy who was being charazwad by a mob off kenyatta avenue; 300 (or more) flats that seem to have popped up everywhere; the gossiping watchmen at the gate; the weird topics on radio; Kencell changing its name yet

These funny feelings...


I think I'm a little bit sadeither that or I'm hungryor maybe its a little bit of both...Sigh



I came across this and thought I'd put it up for those amongst you who are so inclinedThe African Photo Entrepreneur Programme is specifically aimed at growing photo entrepreneurs who can compete on the global stage in terms of photo production and market savvy. Launched ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the programme will be run in South Africa in the latter half of 2008 and represents an

I want to be busy now!


I like being busy. I like being involved.I..I...I...Today I read this:" 'The press of busyness is like a reaches out seeking always to lay hold of ever younger victims so that childhood or youth are scarcely allowed the quiet and the retirement in which the eternal may unfold a divine growth.' The truth is as much as we complain about it we are drawn to hurry . It makes us feel

black cotton!


I have a new hairstyle!and its soooo not me.Its all funky afro diva-ish. Hence the title of my post.Black cotton!Although I like the sound of that title; It would have been my title regardless of whether I was or was not rocking this gadget on my head.Yesterday I happened on a random clip of Beyonce and they were talking about her alter ego Sasha (MPD anyone?). In keeping with my new hair, it may



Just-A-Band ...If you haven't already , then you surely need to check out these guys. Amazing stuff! Kenyans doing their thing!http://www.just-a-band.com've just come out with an album called Scratch to Reveal ,as you'll see on their site and blog. Buy it, buy it, buy it!Here is a sample of their work. Enjoy! Iwinyo Piny-Just-A-Band



Today at church the speaker spoke of a trip she made to the Sinai peninsula last year. Their guide was a man called Howard. 'Oward (as he was known) is a Bedouin. Interesting.How many Bedouins are there ,out there , called Howard? He may have changed his name for their benefit though, for ease of pronunciation(or whatever). In fact quite a large number of Chinese people adopt English names on



Africa what’s your story, Where is your king, Where is your glory, A land so rich yet torn, So filled with laughter and scorn, Watoto wanavimbwa na hasira, Upo enzini, huku kimya,Teleza, teleza, Jirani anauliwa, We stand and heave a sigh. I'm a witness,we're grinning, The world is spinning, ooooh , we’re winning! With no surprise , we shield our eyes, No dye

come one and all...


This may be a departure from my regular content, but I just had to get the word out!If you're a responsible driver and trying to find a way out of the terrible traffic jams in the city as well as save a little on fuel consumption...I suggest you get in touch with these guys. They're cool,professional, run a good business and are men of integrity...yes, I'm unashamedly marketing, but it is true.If

Art matters...?


My sister sometimes describes me as artsy. But she's my sister, bias is encouraged. A friend of mine describes herself as and artist trapped in the mind/body of a scientist (or was it the other way round) ...Anyway, sometimes I do wonder about being 'artistic'. You see I can spend inordinate amounts of time drawing things and writing random things (I even have a blog) . I love cloth and colour



'In rural Madagascar access to market centers has been restricted by lack of roads , and the government has had few resources for road building or maintenance. With assistance from international donors the government has developed partnerships with local community organization and commercial road construction firms to create and maintain hundreds of kilometers of rural roads . In the



Everyone has their bath time routine. Where you hang your towel, where you discard your clothes, where you put your soap, how hot you like the water, how high the shower head should be, window closed, window open...and so on, and so forth right?So when you're sharing a house with 4 others, theres bound to be some turf wars. I'm currently engaged in a battle that I must win! You see, one of my



I never realized how much I don't like writing essays!! Writing for me is more enjoyable when I don't have to bother backing up what I say. Maybe this is why I blog and bother my friends with long emails basically about nothing.I guess sometimes what is needed is an escape from always having to prove something. This is why I'll probably never be an academic or politician (not like Kenyan

I'm A Woman


fashionista!That word eh...I need to vent just a little bitIts probably no wonder that I came across the quote I mentioned in my previous post. God was trying to keep me focused. But people keep asking me why I don't wear enough makeup;I remember with fondness the days when Vaseline on the lips was enough of a fashion statement. Other ones ask me whether I've lost weight,If I'm planning on



“Beauty connotes humanity. We call a natural object beautiful because we see that its form expresses fitness, the perfect fulfillment of function.”Theodore Cook

very random


Yesterday was one of those days that took on this weird, diaphanous quality. Don't know why. Then again my imagination has the uncanny ability of coming up with the ridiculous. I've noticed it in my occasional love affair with daydreams and the many moments I've found myself battling with wishful thinking .To top it off I'm a closet romantic .Sigh. So it is safe to assume that given the

See. Hear.Do


Voice.Kenyans are talking, texting, facebooking, emailing,blogging, writing, singing, saying....And whats it all about; change,inspiration, despair, doubt, anger , name it.At the end of the day, whether they realize it or not,time has been spent on the desire to be heard and you know what, its great!After all, let them who have ears listen right?Well, I'm feeling kind of frustrated, cause I'm

I hope..


'humpty dumpty sat on the wall , humpty dumpty had a great fall'Sigh... I'm not going to bother dissecting the rhyme. What I'm wondering is why it jumped into my mind when I decided to let myself think of the events of last week.I understate when I say it was not the best of weeks for some.Its interesting though, the way some of us remain chronically hopeful. Am I one such woman?I'd like to

this and that


gawsh...blogger still works!otherwise....I'ts 11pm and I'm putting off work thats terribly important because...because...because, this is the logic that prevails in my person at this time of night or (cough)most of the time.random thoughts floating around in my head...-i think bobby womack isnt too bad!quite groovy. My friend on the other hand is going to a 'jimmy eat world concert'..who?!or am I



hmmm,.....I've been away!That might even be a mild understatement.So today, I thought that in the spirit of good manners ,I would write something on my blog,see if I've missed it and also to say hi to you peeps.Yes, all of you there in cyberspace.I'm sure I've missed a lot on some of your blogs.Now, where to start.heh, so much has happened since I last wrote, top of the list being that



My bed is falling apart! All its legs are kaput, and it tends to swing from side to side .So when time for bed fikas, its all about finesse.No somersaulting into the bed nowadays…sigh. The landlord knows about these my tribulations lakini he is procrastination incarnate and so won’t do jack until we leave. Plus there are like 50 other things he has to fix in the house, so what’s a bed!Anyway…So

Now look!


I’ve been tagged! Courtesy of egm and so there’s mild excitement in the brain. However, how to go about finding revelations is the question.Eh let's see...1. I’m the 6th born in a family of 7 kids, 4 years younger than my bro and 8 years older than my small sis. I still wonder what type of family planning strategy that was. Anywho, I was a cute baby; cheeks were round, skin soft, nywele’s timam,



walala!wonders never cease!ive really chekad!talk about dedication. shes made my day!