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Preview: From Kindergarten to PHD

From Kindergarten to PHD

Just some thoughts on how a single mother juggles being a mother, and an entrepreneur at the same time. The challenges and how to keep it together.

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Words....I love these words


A long walk......I love Jill Scott...just had to share these words

Verse 1

You're here, I'm pleased I really dig your company
Your style, your smile, your peace mentality
Lord, have mercy on meI was blind, now I can see
What a king's supposed to be
Baby I feel free, come on and go with me

Chorus 1

Let's take a long walk around the park after dark
Find a spot for us to spark
Conversation, verbal elation, stimulation
Share our situations, temptations, education, relaxations
Elevations, maybe we can talk about Surah 31:18

Verse 2

Your background it ain't squeaky clean shit
Sometimes we all got to swim upstream
You ain't no saint, we all are sinners
But you put your good foot down and make your soul a winner
I respect that, man you're so phat
And you're all that, plus supreme
Then you're humble man I'm numbYo with feeling,
can feel everything that you bring

Chorus 2

Let's take a long walk around the park after dark Find a spot for us to spark Conversation, verbal elation, stimulation Share our situations, temptations, education, relaxations Elevations, maybe we can talk Revalation 3:17


Or maybe we can see a movie
Or maybe we can see a play on Saturday (Saturday)
Or maybe we can roll a tree and feel the breeze and listen to a symphony
Or maybe chill and just be, or maybeMaybe we can take a cruise and listen to the Roots or maybe eat some passion fruit Or maybe cry to the blues Or maybe we could just be silentCome on, Come on

Repeat Chorus 2 x 2
Repeat Bridge
Chorus 3

Let's take a long walk around the park after darkFind a spot for us to sparkConversation, verbal elation, stimulationShare our situations, temptations, education, relaxationsElevations, maybe baby, maybe we can save the on, come on

Replenishing a tainted image


"By our very use of the term we imply that something can be done to it; the image can always be more or less successfully synthesized, doctored, repaired, refurbished, and improved, quite apart from [though not entirely independent of] the spontaneous original of which the image is the public portrait." -- Daniel J. Boorstin, The Image; A Guide to Pseudo-events in AmericaThis article was published in CAN-DO! the how-to business magazine for everyone, which came out with its maiden issue in December 2008.Replenishing a Tainted Corporate ImageAre you facing a crisis or are about to face one? Learn the basics of how to make good of different public relations strategies in order to weather the storms of an ensuing crisis.The bizarre, the unthinkable, the unexpected, the unimaginable, can bring the day-to day operations of an organization to a stand still and cause strategies on growth and spending plans to be thrown out. The only certainty is that no organization is immune; every organization is vulnerable to crisis.Today we use the term "image" to convey what a person or an organization appears to be, which is sometimes very different from who/what they actually are in private. The terms "good image" and "bad image" as used today rarely reveal anything about the relative amounts of fact or fiction in an image. They simply reflect how positively or how negatively people who are exposed to the image respond to the person or organization represented by the image. Insofar as public relations is able to help people or organizations project "good images," it can help them receive favorable public responses whether they deserve them or not.Therefore, corporate executives may say who better to face the scrutiny of media in times of crisis than the media expert? However, crisis management means more than media relations.Although business people, especially public relations professionals, claim everyday that they face crises, the fact being however that a crisis impacts normal business activity and can even threaten the existence of the organization.Crisis researcher Otto Lerbinger (1997) classified seven types of organizational crises.1) Natural Crises, including crises of the physical world or acts of God.2) Technological crises, such as the Union Carbide chemical tragedy in Bhopal, India; the worlds worst nuclear power plant disaster in Chernobyl, in the former U.S.S.R.3) Confrontation Crises, involving confrontation, for instance between organizations and activist publics.4) Crises of Malevolence, such as malicious acts and terrorism.5) Crises of skewed management failure.6) Crises of deception.7) Crises of management misconduct.A simple guide with examples on how to avoid an ensuing crisis and how to maintain a positive corporate imageTo some public relations professionals and corporate executives, there is a distinct correlation between the role of public relations and reputation, especially in times of organizational crisis; others perceive the public relations functions as having little impact on reputation.Case Study 1GTV Kenya was the second pay TV in Kenya, after South Africa’s DStv MultiChoice, and began operations on June 29, 2007, ceasing operations on the 31st of January 2009. This was after the Board Directors of its parent company, Broadcast Gateway Services (GBS) approved a plan to liquidate the company.The pay television network left thousands of subscribers, including many English Premier League fans, stunned as it withdrew its services. It had been scheduled to broadcast a live Manchester United versus Everton match on Saturday 31st of January and a Chelsea versus Liverpool match on Sunday 1st of February 2009.Subscribers expressed dismay with the company for ceasing operations without notice. Customers received only a short message telling them that the channel had gone off air. Calls to GTV Kenya offices went unanswered, and its website only carries the statement from the Board of Directors of the parent company in the UK. Barely a week before GTV’s closure, the Head of GTV Kenya[...]

kindergarten mum and budding entreprenuer


It had never been my intention to be a business owner. Now in my late twenties, a single mother of one, i find myself, having to learn how to juggle being a single mother and how to network and manage my business all at the same time. Life hasn't quite turned out the way I thought it would. Right now, I thought, I'd be practising as a lawyer, didn't matter where, as long as I was making serious cash. Also, by now I should have a family etc. with the dog and cat thing going on. But life just isn't like that. Instead, I'm just trying to take my business off the ground, hasn't been long, but still at start-up. it's difficult.

My driving force, my son Ethan. From adversity, opportunities are created. Adversity can either break you or make you. I have to provide for my son, who is also mildly autistic. Finding out my son was mildly austic was devastating. So, I started recapping on where, and how it could have happened. But after a while, I just came to accept that things are the way they are, and it's not about how it happened, though knowing, would have helped in coming to terms faster. It would also make me feel better if i could then in turn help someone else avoid ending up in the same situation i now find myself.

From this, I find strength to live, to make sure my son has all he needs, especially for his education and his medical needs i.e. speech and occupational therapy, that does not come cheap especially in Africa.

Therefore, I have really not been trying to balance my work and personal life, but instead I work on having harmony in all areas of my life. When you are a business owner, it is hard sometimes to find balance. I was always trying to figure it out and felt like a failure when I could not make it happen, and I still have my moments, I could balance my check book but I could not balance my life. The idea behind harmony is understanding that sometimes life is all about the family, and other times I have to really focus on the business to take it to a new place, and not feel guilty about what I am doing. This usually happens when, I have to be in the office late, or have to network either for work or personal reasons. I have learned to weave my business, my family, my physical and spiritual life together, creating flow between them and accepting that there will never be perfect balance but there can be harmony. When I gave up being guilty, when I gave up being perfect, I found harmony.

So whatever it is I am doing, I want to BE there 100%. When i'm with my family and friends, I'm there 100%. When it's work, I am present with the task at hand 100%. Otherwise, I would say that being a woman I have had to learn some of the techniques of men. Also trying to be mum and dad at the same time to my son. When it comes to business, I've learnt how to ask for the business, how to leverage my time and my network, how to delegate to others and how to toot my own horn. Women actually tend to wait for the business, we hope that our network or friends will help us but we don’t ask or set clear expectations, we believe that we can do it all so we are not good at delegating to others or saying No, and we never ever toot our own horns we have to learn how to do that well. Ask any guy about his accomplishments and he will rattle them off, ask a woman and she will have to think about it.

My 1st passion is the law. My second, fashion. At the moment, I am a non practising Lawyer, and I'm actively persuaing my Image consultancy business, it's not easy but i'm moving on steadily everyday.

I'm still a young woman, and that means I still have time to grow my enterprise, and I know somewhere down the line and soon, i'll be able to make a big impact in the Kenyan economy and the Global economy at large.