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Preview: Mt. Elgon (Koo Nyoo)

Mt. Elgon (Koo Nyoo)

Kania's collection of matters associated to persons from and friends to the people who live on the eastern slopes of Mt. Elgon

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The Dire Need For An Alternative Voice Of Reason To Vet & Hold The Political Class To Account


While speaking at a Gotab Minnesota conference in Minneapolis, MN during the Summer of 2011, Martha Karua, also known as the ‘the Iron Lady’ from the slopes of Mt. Kenya made a plea, that unless the Kenyan middle class joins political parties, there will be no peers to hold (to pressure) the politicians to be responsible. She made her assertion that it was the poorly managed and undemocratic political parties that were the main avenue of most vices plaguing the government. She made a desperate, but a genuine call ‘for an active participation from Kenya’s middleclass (within & outside) in guiding and holding Kenya’s political process and its leaders to account.This thought concurs with what I am about to briefly discuss, on the role of misplaced tribal peer pressure or the alternative voice of reason that has been a culprit of quite a number of ills as well in the Kenyan society at large and more specifically among the Kalenjin dialects, wherever they reside. With Election to be held in the course of the year (2012 or 2013), there is a dire need of change in tact, on who makes the tribal call. It necessitates that the tone of political discourse be managed and driven by the human rights precepts of inclusion of all beyond tribe. This can only be attained if at the helm the leadership is level-headed, rational, from the middle of the tribal class who cannot be bought nor sold for a thirty pieces of silver. The level headed independent class is critical in the guiding the process, and survival of a people that are in the midst of identity and leadership wilderness as we speak. However, some hope can aspired if the peer pressure within this class skews level headedness to a more sober direction.There are a number of similarities between religious or ethnic peer pressure and peer pressure in general; the main difference is the driving force of the former is ethnicity or religion, while the later is often driven by environmental factors which can include religion and or ethnicity. It is fair to claim that either kind of pressure is driven by a constant denominator, the sense of belonging also referred to as the sense of acceptance or the sense of inclusion. For a peer this sense is very critical for it defines their sense of place in the context to time. Ones age mates are just as crucial as ones family of origin when defining ones norms and taboos in a snap shot in a given group. It is the cumulating of those snap shots over time that define or re-define the ethnic or cultural norms and taboos. This impact often is easily manifested in design, dress, lingual vocabulary, lingual accent, mannerisms and the likes. Could it be that the Kalenjin DNA is constituted to an irrational sense of self, thus often the resumes include ‘rants and raves of war and destruction of property’, when such an opportunity avails itself?When a certain age group sag their pants, often it is a call not thought through in totality, for it arises from an unspoken decree from one’s peers. For most of us who do not belong to that age bracket or grew up in a different geographical setting, we often get uptight and wonder what went wrong with the generation in question. I am reminded of this young American gal who had just graduated from high school, declining a job offer simply because one of the requirement; her work environment required her not to wear makeup. To her, presentation among her peers was more important than a 400 dollar weekly paycheck. Yes! Such are the snap shots of a given group in time.Observations are also made of peer behaviors that are dictates of certain religious views. During the wee moments of the Bush II presidency while visiting Iraq, one of the journalists threw a shoe at him. Based on both Jewish and Islamic belief that was of the most demeaning act towards a person he passionately hated. For the shoe represented not only being the least pampered of one’s attire, but it is as well a medium believed to accumulates all kinds of dirt and impurities. For other cultures, spitting at, or flashing the middle f[...]

Will the electorate be enticed by Uhurus newfound love of Ruto?


When the rich and feasting and playing cards the poor on the other hand are watching and hoping that someone will remember them and drop a meal there way. This line explains what is going in Kenya at the moment. Hon. Ruto knowing that his political relevance was on the line, jumped quickly to using the tribal card. He is clinging and spinning so that he can re-define himself. At his lowest the other crafty and opportunistic politicians have seized an opportunity to meddle with what has been a solid ODM presence in the nation until when the Maize saga unveiled the curtain. The reality on the ground – Poverty and Hunger are grinding While all this is happening the poor countrymen on both sides of the valley are hoping that may be change will come their way. For the Kalenjin masses the focus is shifting quickly away from the issues; the poor performance in the just announced KCSE results, the high prices of fuel and availability of affordable fertilizers given that the rains are about to fall and off course on the table is the nightmare of every Kenyan - the increased cost of living. For those on the other side of the valley, the fears are the same; insecurity and their wellbeing on the west rift tops the list, equally potent are those still languishing in IDP camps and the advent of an era of one peaceful nation under God. While the lowly, the poor and the political incorrect are hoping and wishing some light at the end of the tunnel, the politicians are busy planning to dim that light. It is such a light that exposed the corrupt dealings that are evident that the politicians are a part. The political math – how to stop a presidency of the people It is this light that has brought forth a new founded camaraderie among members of parliament. They have to embrace one another so that they can siphon the coffers dry to sustain and maintain their status quo. There is a re-birth of a true coalition of those that think only of what they will individually benefit out of the any political marriage. Such pseudo- relationships are all over the political forum within and without Kenya yet this one stand out. Whose main agenda is- who can continue to protect us come 2012? Political Mathematical genius looked at Uhurus data, and they could statistically predict him being a presidency come 2012 that can protect the status quo. Uhurus significant statistical errors make him a perfect fit to protect the many members of August house who do not want to leave the high places. Uhurus profile has it all from His dad to the dealing that he had with MOI. After all Uhurus wealth is tied to everything that his dad – the 1st head of state – grabbed/looted from the Kenyan people. Those surrounding his as well most of them in one way or another benefited from both Kenyatta and Moi presidencies and who in essence see doom if a presidency of the people ever finds place in Kenya. With the likes of Ndungu report and that recommendations from the Anan report, many of the who is who in Kenya’s corrupt list are in a panic to re-direct the political destiny of the nation. Wait a minute the mathematician exclaimed! Uhuru cannot deliver the Gema electorate with the likes of Muite, Saitoti, Kimunya and Karua hunting the same. The mathetician recommended that they pursue the weakest link in the other party. The ambitious Ruto seemed to be a perfect fit. He was at his lowest, comrades and business partners with Uhuru and after all has a lot to benefit from the marriage given his tainted past and the cases that keep on piling against him. Play Moi card the mathematician recommended, by sweat talking the Kalenjin, diving the Luhya and damn the Luo. Once that marriage takes place and insurance policy is secured from the Akamba or from the Miji-Kenda. The ramifications of the math What a mathematical genius? The political marriage has several impacts. · A very critical causality are the Luo ODMers for they will becomes a tribal skeleton and thus irrelevant and relegated to where they have always[...]

Minnesota Winters - A poem


Shoveling Snow Pheew! My hydraulic handkerchief went throwing the mucous out of my running nose against the southerly breeze with no success The entire creamy mass landed partially on my cheeks and the rest found home on the jacket, yak! With determination I continued to push and push the heap of snow, with my back begging and chest burning In a moment I asked myself how and why in the whole wide world did I end up in Minnesota of all places. The harder I pushed the faster the breeze blew my rather short nose and the colder and desperate I felt All over in the neighborhood, snow blowers trotted as they so easily cleaned their driveways Often, this was my opportunity to constructively work out, and inhale fresh air; this time around the opportunity was unpalatable and vengeful Snow blowers in the hood got louder and closer yet no one even tried to fake to help these recent immigrant Each shovel got heavier and heavier, the slip on several occasions and later a fall made it even more difficult The harder I pushed the faster the more a begged that someone with one of the loud machines would help this desperate son from the equator The thought ran through my the head that may be to spare my health I should visit sears to acquire my own machine Another trend of thought was more consoling, acknowledging that I was half way done and winter will be done shortly The beauty of white covering the tree branches gave me some reprieve and solace Wait a minute! Just as I was nearly declaring victory, than the snow plow dumped a huge heap back onto my drive way Oh no! The drive to push the fluff once more was punctured, but the task ahead of me was cut Oh!! Snow, how we love sliding, sledging and skating over you, I did know that you take all that in count On this fateful day, I seemed to have paid prices for all those who’d generated joy and fun out you the entire season As I retired to the warmth of the house, mugongo was ngoo! While my ears were as dry as the hills of Karamoja Minnesota even with your harsh winters, I still do know where all my adorations for you come from? Yes! Minnesota’s winters can be truly harsh and brutal but in you we are seasonally reminded of our true place in nature. By Figuhr Samedi Kania – January 2007 [...]

Is Rutos judgement Impared?


What is impairment in relation to competence in public service?For one to be competent and deliver services without bias, they must be objective, fair and balanced in the decision making process. Public leaders are hired simply to make firm decisions that are objective, fair, and good for its stake holders. One of the elements required from a public leader to remain serving, is that they maintain objectivity in clearly separating his personal good from the publics. What has transpired time and time again with the Kenyan governance system is a repeat of the same problem ; a blurry boundary between the personal and public good. When a leader goes forth to use his office to advance his personal good that is graft, others may also see it as immoral, unethical and wrong. Simply such an act is abuse of power, because such a leader stops to maintain a clear boundary between his personal welfare and the welfare of the public or the stake holders. In the social contract of service, there is a legal caution for all public leaders not to use their offices to benefit themselves and those close to them at the expense of others (electrorate) . The fall out is that the leader has crossed the established boundaryand their reasoning at that juncture of such a leader is clearly impaired. The leaders perception is therefore blurred so much that you cannot distinguish between what is of personal gain from public good and responsibility, of which you are suposed to represent objectively. Or, in other words, you do not have the good of the public at heart, but yours. This in itself nulls the Leaders contract between them and the public (electrorate) . All public leaders in whatever caliber should be held to this same standard. When you hold a public office it is required that you don't give any special of favors (tenders) to associates (companies) that are in one way or another linked to you. Because by doing so clearly indicates impaired judgment. A decision maker or Leader whose judgment is impaired cannot effectively serve the public with impartiality as required by the commitment such a public office. It is imparative thus for a leader who continues to serve, they be able to serve all without impartiality. The track record of the Minister vis-a-vis the maize scandal Back to my question, is the Judgment of the Minister of Agriculture Impaired? To answer the question lets fairly look at it. First, is he a public officer? Yes is the answer. He is held by the social contract for serving and fostering the public good without impartiality. With reference to his oath of office. Is the decision he made with regard to controversial sale of maize from the national reserves objective? No. Based on the following reasons 1. One of the firms involved in arranging the transactions was Africa Merchant Assurance Company (Amaco), where the Agriculture minister held shares. Mr Ruto confirmed that he was part-owner of Amaco. http://www.nation. -/1056/524670/ -/u1v9u3/ -/index.html 2. Mr Ruto had only sacked junior officers at the State agency responsible for the cereals reserves - the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) - while leaving the managing director, marketing manager and other senior officials in place. http://www.nation. -/1056/524670/ -/u1v9u3/ -/index.html Is this the only instance that the minister’s judgment has been impaired? No. The minister tendencies lean towards several claims of incompetency. This includes a court case that is pending with similar unethical behavior that was brought to question with the claim that he and others unlawfully acquired land in the infamous Karura Forest. Does Minister have the public at Heart? The events that called upon this inquiry make it seem that his desire to serve, protect and defend the people of Kenya is not part of his agenda. If a lowly parent found himself in the ministers shoes, everyone will be on his case. I equate him to a Dad who sold all his p[...]

Kenya National Anthem according to politicians


I found this interesting article in another forum and i presume that you will indeed not miss to be amused as well.
It may sound sarcastic but it is also hilarious and unfortunately true:

Kenya National Anthem according to politicians
Politicians of all persuasions
Strip this our land and nation.
Fortunes motivate us and keep us.
May we steal with impunity
Dodge taxes in unity;
Plenty be sourced within our dockets.

Let all politicians arise
With scams both wily and foolproof.
Eating be our earnest endeavor,
And our cake-stand of Kenya,
Heritage of plunder,
May we fight forever to perpetuate.

Let parties with one accord,
In common greed united,
Bankrupt our nation together,
May the agony of Kenya,
The fruit of our behavior,
Remain hidden from our 2012 voters

An open note to the gotab Gaa Forum


Wazee na Wamama, For your information may I register that most of us within the precincts of the Gotab Gaa forum are friends I fact good friends to Hon. Ruto and have a continued good will of the Kenyan nation at heart. The central question still remains: Do we in as Kenyans/Kalenjins and friends of Kenya condone the conduct of the Minister of Agriculture (public leader) for using his office to benefits himself and his cronies at the expense of the common good? This question is a moral on in nature; it goes down deep into what are our values as a people. Remember, what is being put to test here are the fabric of who we are. The answer to these central question if we will ever come to agree, then determines the parameters that these forum would employ to make claim of the acceptable from unacceptable conduct. Whether Ruto steps down is inconsequential, for he might be operating in a very different ethical paradigm, if my assertion is true then that is a paradigm that the common person needs to shun. And the damning of such can in a small way be done here in this forum. For those calling for Kiraitu inquiry i would presume that same guidelines should be followed a discussed below . Process to resolving the dilemma So that the issue can be put to rest, There is a dire need within the Kenyan civil and governments systems a need for a systematic and a predictable way of conducting business.With the matter at hand a I am giving a snippet of a suggestion that, first it is critical for the stake holders to separate the person from the problem. When one claims that there is a potential of being blinded, or being driven solely by the tribal card, such is a manifestation that there lack of clear boundaries on what is being examined. Important therefore is that we define the problem, for it then makes it easy for us to subscribe to some degree of objectivity and may be reason more fairly. The question therefore is do we have a problem based on the conduct of the Minister? Based on the news articles it has been reported that the Minister of Agriculture used his office to benefits himself and his close associates. Across the debate there seems to be a consensus thus far. Which affirms that there is sufficient amount of data to make claim that yes, we have problem? The third step is to consult with the rules and regulations in place to guide us to resolve the problem. Several sources are available. The one that comes to mind is the oath office that the Minister took. The oath clearly mentions the dos expected from his public service. He took the oath of office which mandated him not to conduct himself otherwise. And the Laws of the land do agree with this view. Fourth step is what is best practice when you a public leader goes against their oath? World over except Kenya, the best practice is, he step aside for investigations to be carried which will either exonerate him or otherwise. Some have made claim that that the Minister is clean. Please share the criteria that you followed to arrive to that claim. The ramification of such a claim without a sound moral basis is in essence we are setting a terrible precedence. I call it terrible precedence because we will be creating a society where the mighty and wealth have a right to trample over the weak and poor. Which negates the very reason why we are advancing for a democratic society via through this forum? [...]

The Kalenjin Spin out of the Maize Scandal


Some Kalenjins now want to employ a Political Spin to a criminal activities that the top cream are engaging in.
All I can say is Wacheni fitina, porojo, uchochezi, uvumi na wivu!
Let us face facts. Some of your claims that we are being avenged by the Kikuyu are frivolous. This is how spin overtakes reason.

You want us to believe that Kalenjin leaders are saints they cannot steal? mmmmhhhh
Many of our own are languishing in jails for pre and post elections crimes, why not apply the same standards to them politicians?
You are also saying that the likes of Kibor, the formation of a investigative team and reports on the dailies are all but illusions?
The seed of enmity you are trying to plant is counterproductive and for the short sighted. today its the other tribe tomorrow twill be the other clan.

Quite an number of folks in this forum have Judeo-christian names; do you also use the Judeo-christian values to make you assertions?
Some of you even make claim to be Christians, why not call SIN by its name? Sorry may be you are double faced?
Think twice folks. Do not allow to create a storm out of a rumbling tummy; In Islam it is inferred that a thief has 39 days to.... but the 40th belongs to justice.
We have lived in artificial fear for long; while the likes of Ruto, Biwott, Moi et. al., and other spinners have many close Kikuyu business partners and associates.

It is just yesterday that we killed our neighbors, maimed the innocent in the name of fairness and democracy, Can't we learn from our past mistakes?
The graves are still visible, scars and memories still linger, refugees camps are still out there, why do we want to tread down this road again?
How irrational, short sighted, and subjective can our community be? Or maybe we lack the ability to discern right from wrong?
Most of us living away from North Rift; are sojourners yet the natives continue to treat as friends, and share thier resources with us. Can't we see if we cannot think?

Wacheni fitina, porojo, uchochezi, uvumi na wivu wenzangu wakalee and be human for once
Let us face facts. Some of your claims that we are being avenged are frivolous. This is how spin overtakes reason. That we end up hurting the innocent.

The Kenyan Roads


The Kenyan Roads – My experience on 20th of December 2007 It was a typical evening and all of us had assembled at Elgon view residence after running a few errands in Eldoret town. I had particularly run late that evening while trying to fix the aging Peugeot 505. As a result I could not deliver the used oil to the Tanning farm as the helpers there had requested. Picture 1- Elgon View Residence, Eldoret – KXX in view I am told that by applying used oil on the wooden fencing posts, the oil prevents the posts from being eaten by termites or absorb moisture from rain, thus given them some longevity.When I realized that dinner was going to take much longer and the sun was still up, I asked my young brother, Lattimer and Niece, Linda if they could join me to the farm. This is roughly about 10 kilometers away, to drop off the used oil. The two agreed to join me and off we went.The younger ones wanted to join, but I insisted that since they had not showered, that they do so in readiness for early retirement for the night. Melanchthon and Baraka bought in and gladly ran to the gate to let the car out of the property.Off went North-west bound on dusty and bumpy old Nairobi road. As soon as we were west bound on the Nairobi Road, while driving slowly, just past the Moi university campus while the road took a curve of some sort, on our right hand stood a 16 wheeler semi - trailer whose occupants were busy trying to change a flat tire. I saw one gentle man close to the road, but it did not cross my mind that there was a safety concern. Picture 2 - the 18 wheeler Semi Trailer No sooner did we arrive at the farm, than it started getting dark. We met the Chesubei’s with whom we had a conversation. Given that the general elections were underway in a few days and their nephew, Kawon and a neighbor as well was vying for a contentious parliamentary seat in Mt. Elgon.We then made our delivery and excused ourselves to leave because the car we were was anyways unreliable. There had been several occasions that it would cease starting, that we embarked to our primitive mechanical skills of survival. This was a reflection of the trial and error artisans, who claim to do the opposite. Often times that not they made the cars they worked on worse than they arrived in the name of repair. On our back, west bound on Nairobi road towards Eldoret, while driving at around 45 kilometers an hour, and following another car at a short distance, all of sudden I was awaken to a rude shock. The car that I was closely following suddenly swerved to the right. Not knowing what was happening, given that I was travelling at a slow speed I presumed that I had a good handle of the situation. What I did not realize is that the car in front of me had barely avoided a tire belonging to the semi which had been laid on the road as a life saver. Because the semi truck had been parked on the left hand side onto the road, as a safety net for the turn boy who was trying to fix change the tire. What this crew did not realize is the fact that the tar is black, the tire is black too and the roads are not lit. The only way one could see the object that was laying on the road was by touching, or hitting it. That is exactly what happened to me. Picture 3 - the wheel/tire that was on the road While the car in front of mine was struggling to regain control and come back to the left side, on the opposite direction there were lights of an oncoming car that was fast approaching.By the time I realized that the object was right in front of my left wheel, I had hit the object and lost control. The car veered towards the right, while the oncoming car was right on.Picture 4 - the oncoming car that my trunk collided with While trying to regain the control of the car, the survival instincts kicked in on being struck by the lights of the oncoming car. I knew that all was gone, out of desperation as I [...]



Thanks the Obama’s for ushering in a new & unique era

As I sat on the sofa behind the TV box and listed to all the formal preps, rehearsal and speeches. It became evident that the guy on the TV was one of our own and now was the Head of the Union. What had been like a dream had become real? Barack Hussein Obama is now the 44th president of the most powerful nation in the whole wide world.
My son Baraka, earlier in the morning, did not want to go to school, because he knew very well what the day meant. The magnitude of this event was a realization of the devotion that Barack Obama had about his dream. Because of his unwavering focus and hard work,he had arrived at his destiny. His new address in and will remain to be the most coveted address in the entire union, if not the world.
Just like my son this event has been a spectacle of hope. Its fruition opened new perception about human possibilities over limitations created by some persons amongs us. All, foes and friends alike can attest to Barack famous line, that it is only the US that this possibility can be possible.
The line of possibility could be read as far East as Indonesia and Japan where children and adults a like gave up sleep to witness the historic clock usher in a new era. It was captivating even for people in the little known village on the shores of Lake Victoria, Kogelo, as the international media and lime light, covered them as well as they a waited for their own to usher in a era.
All I can say is that America you have surprised me beyond imagination. I know that you have even surprised the 44th president himself. He must have not slept last night, just like he did not sleep during the election night after the results we announced.
Mr. President Congratulations! We are now open to even greater possibilities. Let the next head of the Union be a female with Cuban roots. You put well, that this is the audacity of Hope. Hope that all races, gender can be equal beneficiaries of the American dream.
Thank you to the Obama’s for what you have taught all of us. The lesson of Yes we can! Tis a lesson that goes beyond religion, creed, race, nationality, and far and beyond all the other ‘isms out there.
Yes I can, leave my American dream a mid the financial quagmire.

What is the Currency of Indentity?


A few nights ago that I tried to speak my mother tongue with my son Baraka Chemmoss Kaania,only to be surprised, that one from my own loins did not understand one of the many languages that I claim to speak. When said to him, subai werii? He wondered and asked, Dada what are you saying? I tried to repeat the same line but his face, registered even a greater surprise. It was then that it dawned to me that we as a Samedi Kania family had undergone a significant transformation in terms of the context, norms and values. This was a kind reminder that my Saboat roots have undergone systematic decline and it was just a matter of one generation down the road, that it will all be in archives that Samedi Arap Kania immigrated from Kenya and his origins, blah, blah, blah.This was also an kind affirmation that as a family, it had not been a priority to include other languagual repatoires in our curriculum. Wait a minute! This thought brought some flash backs. When in Eldoret – Kenya, recently between the end of December 2007 and January 2008, I experienced many sad and scaryy things.With the ethnic clashes at the peak, tribal indentity became the standard of indentity and the proof of the indentity one was expected to be fluent in that respective mother tongue. While driving from Ziwa towards Eldoret, we were stoped as at a road block, by this youngmen you then did not speak any other language other than the local dialect. If you could not hold a conversation in that meduim it was summarily concluded that you were not one of them, therefore, the rest was often sad stories told. I wondered for a moment if my son had been in Kenya at that time, without a spokes person or a defender, he might have been persecuted by his own.This thought made me question my self. What is the true determinant of ones indentity? Is Baraka, not one of my own? If so, why should it be that language overides, his genes? May be the currency of indentity of tribal affliations (in Kenya), is tribe, language and related practices. So that if you are not in the main stream, you will eithr be forced to the center or be ejects and disowned. It was in the middle of this, that it dawned to me that my sons name sake was the President elect of the United States of America. Can the same standards apply to him? Wait a minute, Baraka Obama if anything new no or a few luo words, yet he was not only a tribal hero in Kogelo, was one a hero even in the streets of Nairobi, after his victories election. If my claim is true the Baraka Chemmoss can as well still be a Sabaot, even without speaking the local dialect, only if he becomes a high achiever in whatever field he pursues. I therefore have a game plan for Mr. Baraka Chemmoss Kania. The first and surer way to make sure that Baraka becomes respectable in the village I came from is by, pushing him to achieve. If rises above the tide then the pre-resquisite to admission is waived, that is my plan A. If plan A, is not viable, then plan B can as well be pursued, by starting a rigorous language acquisation program right now, and right here. For studies conform that before the age of 11 there is a possibility that, if Baraka Chemmoss is trained, he willl soon be able to salute me, Subai Baba. What I joy when I salute him back Aboo werri. Plan C, might be the easiest, to forget all about Mt. Elgon and its people and teach him Chinese instead. Afterall, Far East is the direction of immigrating in Baraka’s future. But for know Please Konja Chuu, let me weigh my options to determine which is the best plan. [...]

Happy New Pikap Tulwoop Kony


It is year 2009. What does that mean? To many it is a time of euphoria, celebration, benchmarking and setting new milestones. Or using different terms it is a time for individual, at times collective, reexamination of goals, directions and what we want to aspire in the next 360 or so days. This sounds like a something worthwhile for us to pursue as well in this forum that seems to take forever to take off. For the Sabaot, there is just so much to worry about even for those of us that are counted to the lucky ones for immigrating to the first world. This past year was dreadful. There was and still is fear, anger, wrath, regret, pain, loss, sorrow, anxiety and even compounding depression just to capture a little bit about how we still feel. We were a community that started 2008 with such an embracement. We had continually killed one another in 2007 and by the begging of 2008 that terror was on going. As a community we had the blood of the innocent in our hands. Such a grouping was not decent or honorable, but we stuck in there to claim our bad name. The feeling reminded me of the saying, n-go saa-mus muria kubo chii. Here we are at those same cross roads. Nothing much has changed, we still hate one another. Many are still hurting. Many more are still displaced. Just like me, scores are refugees in their own country. Like the children of Israel in Babylon it is painful to find yourself as a refugee, more so without any source of livelihood. However there is a glimmer of hope this year. In many areas now some sense of security is assured. You can travel with some degree of certainty. You can go to sleep to find the goats are still in their kraal. To many this sounds weird. Yes! Where we call home, Mt. Elgon has always been weird. And this less weird year is the hope of the Sabaot people. We cannot wait for the day that we will be a part of the mainstream. The day when we will enjoy the freedom that other Kenyans have called theirs for the last 40+ years. Sons and daughters of Mt. Elgon, Happy 2009! Be reminded that “happy” has no bounds, no tribal limitation, no lingual restriction, no color bias, nor socio-economic strata. Happy year means, celebrating the diversity that Mt. Elgon has. It is by accepting one another that we will transcend the problems of today and starting preparing ourselves for the challenges of tomorrow. There is no beautiful country, sweet waters, hospitable people, fertile soils, unique terrain, like the slopes of Mt. Elgon. We are all lucky and should count ourselves proud to be called “pikap koret” irrespective of what others think or tell us. Let the those from Rok-ook (Lwakhakha) embrace those from Endebess, while the folks from Kaptama play a friendly volleyball match with those from Kimo-bor (Kimabole). Let the folks from Chepkital have field day in Changara. Let Etawan and Muron and Waase be human once more, and embrace one another as we play our unique roles in making Mt. Elgon the home of all, my home and yours too. Happy New Year! Arap Pkania Shabattai aka Samedi [...]

The grabbers of KAPTAGICH FOREST


Area Plot No. Allotee ID Address Size (ha)Kiptagich 1 Kiptagich Tea Ltd Box 1 olenguruone 80Kiptagich 3 John Kipchumba Lokorio 4829105 8.5Kiptagich 552 John Kipchumba Lokorio 4829105 4.21Kiptagich 4 Col. Jonahan K. Rono 770805 8.42Kiptagich 5 Samson Cheramboss 268738 7.37Kiptagich 6 Hosea Kiplagat 8.42Kiptagich 7 Mark A. Too 8.42Kiptagich 8 Zakayo K. Cheruiyot 581776 8.42Kiptagich 9 Reuben E. K. Kiptanui 8289104 8.55Kiptagich 10 Rev. Jonathan Bii Kipkemoi 6021574 8.09Kiptagich 11 Michael Kipbos Terik 7899614 8.22Kiptagich 12 Lee Njiru 892380 10.49Kiptagich 13 Sian Enterprises Box 45675 Nairobi 9.8Kiptagich 21 Sian Enterprises Box 45675 Nairobi 8.42Kiptagich 22 Sian Enterprises Box 45675 Nairobi 8.42Kiptagich 23 Sian Enterprises Box 45675 Nairobi 8.42Kiptagich 617 Sian Enterprises Box 45675 Nairobi 94.7Kiptagich 24 Joseph Dalldosso Lotodo 4290996 Box 45675 Nairobi 6.84Kiptagich 25 Michael Rotich Chesikau 642038 Box 14003 Nairobi 7.39Kiptagich 44 Michael Rotich Chesikau 642038 Box 14003 Nairobi 8.42Kiptagich 26 Phillip Kibirech Ngetich 324967 Box 413 Kericho 7.9Kiptagich 27 Major Wilson Koitaba Lalabur 7.37Kiptagich 28 Musa Sirma 8.42Kiptagich 866 Musa Sirma 4.21Kiptagich 867 Musa Sirma 4.21Kiptagich 29 Samuel Bundotich 3649079 Box 24587 Nairobi 8.42Kiptagich 30 William Cheruiyot Morogo 459199 8.42Kiptagich 31 Joan Kiplagat 20565056 8.42Kiptagich 32 Reuben Kipkemoi Yegon 4824166 Box 457 Kericho 7.9Kiptagich 33 Titus Kipkoech Korir 6016073 Box 223 Kericho 8.42Kiptagich 34 Kipngetich Arap Korir Bett 8.42Kiptagich 341 Kipngetich Arap Korir Bett 2.11Kiptagich 35 Francis Sang 3303487 Box 181 Rongai 8.42Kiptagich 36 Kiptui George Chesang 4830557 Box 1848 Nakuru 6.84Kiptagich 37 Augustine K. Cheserem 8846865 8.42Kiptagich 39 James Chepsongol 9.84Kiptagich 40 Howard Kingetich Rono 10886501 7.89Kiptagich 438 Joseph Mutai 2302601 4.21Kiptagich 403 Joseph Mutai 2302601 2.11Kiptagich 43 Joyce Kabale 8.43Kiptagich 45 Dinal Chelal 8.42Kiptagich 78 Dinal Chelal 4.21Kiptagich 46 Kongoy Farm 44.74Kiptagich 879 Kongoy Farm 4.21Kiptagich 880 Kongoy Farm 4.21Kiptagich 882 Kongoy Farm 4.21Kiptagich 42 Thomas Kiprop Kirui 4830451 Box 7013 Nakuru 8.42Kiptagich 47 Thomas Kiprop Kirui 4830451 Box 7013 Nakuru 10Kiptagich 551 Thomas Kiprop Kirui 4830451 Box 7013 Nakuru 4.21Kiptagich 48 William Kimeyo Arap Mosonik 23124225 Box 542 Nakuru 8.05Kiptagich 49 Edward Sambili 2302601 7.05Kiptagich 50 Tim Tim Holdings Box 16379 Nairobi 8.42Kiptagich 51 Tim Tim Holdings Box 16379 Nairobi 8.42Kiptagich 53 Tim Tim Holdings Box 16379 Nairobi 3.16Kiptagich 147 Tim Tim Holdings Box 16379 Nairobi 4.21Kiptagich 428 Joseph Rono 736866 Box 40530 NairobiKiptagich 55 Primary School 6.85Kiptagich 56 Trading Centre 6.32Kiptagich 57 Health Centre 6.32Kiptagich 58 Church A. I. C. 8.42Kiptagich 59 Kiplagat Cherono 4544813 8.08Kiptagich 60 Ann Chebet Sitonik 735038 8.08Kiptagich 62 Dr. Nehemia Ngeno 52455321 7.37Kiptagich 63 Dr. Julius T. Rotich 4827995 7.37Kiptagich 64 Paul Chemngorem 1122169 7.37Kiptagich 65 Maj. General J.K. Tuwei 402638 8Kiptagich 66 Musa Kipsang Kiyai 7.37Kiptagich 67 Daniel Kirui 285639 8.42Kiptagich 68 Thomas Kiprop Kirui 4830451 Box 7013 Nakuru 8.42Kiptagich 69 Grace Chepkorir Kirui 1801633 Box 1 Olenguruone 8.42Kiptagich 70 Kaplong Mission Hospital Kericho Catholic Diocese 8.42Kiptagich 71 Kaplong Mission Hospital Kericho Catholic Diocese 8.42Kiptagich 72 Samuel Kipchumba Kandie Limo 602356 Box 280 Kabartonjo 8.42Kiptagich 20 Samson Kimaru Birir 6017693 Box 1 Olenguruone 8Kiptagich 74 Samson Kimaru Birir 6017693 Box 1 Olenguruone 7.5Kiptagich 75 Samson Kimaru Birir 6017693 Box 1 Olenguruone 7.75Kiptagich 825 Samson Kimaru Birir 6017693 Box 1 Olenguruone 4.21Kiptagich 73 Angela Milgo Birir 4828959 Box 13537 Nakuru 7.5Kiptagich 76 Sammy S. Komen Mwaita 3350[...]

We claim to be from the East Africa and know very little about the region. Read on Straus's article to appreciate the beauty in Tanganyika


Tanzania Safari Tour Attractions - The Big 5 National Parks by Karl-Heinz Straus Tanzania is one of the great safari destinations in Africa and the attractions found here can be included in any itinerary for those visiting East Africa. Tanzania safari conjours up ideas of game drives and while this is true, visitors can also enjoy climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, bird watching, enjoy water sports and other activities. With so many attractions to talk about, and for the sake of keeping it short, we are going to look at the major attractions found in Northern Tanzania. The national parks found in this region include Lake Manyara, Tarangire National Park, Serengeti and Mt Kilimanjaro. 1. The Tarangire National Park The highest numbers of elephant in Tanzania are found in Tarangire National Park. Tarangire is a popular place to stop for those that are gong on safari in the Northern circuit. The park is located a few hrs drive from the town of Arusha and some of the animals found here include gazelles, zebras, elephants and giraffes. 2. Lake Manyara National Park The park of Lake Manyara is comprised of grasslands, woodlands and swamps. The lake itself is alkaline in nature and is home to thousands of flamingoes as well as different kinds of birds. These bird species include the egrets, storks, ostriches and pelicans. Other bird species include the rare pygmy goose and species of ibis. Baboons are also found in large numbers in this park. Animals found in this park include the lions, warthogs, elephants, wildebeests and hippos 3. Mt Kilimanjaro - Mount Kilimanjaro includes the highest peak in Africa and this has made it a popular tourist destination since its opening in 1977. Kilimanjaro was formed over 1 million years ago by volcanic movement along the Rift Valley. The highest summit is Uhuru Peak on Kibo, which is one of the Seven Summits of the world. The Seven Summits are a list of mountains that are the highest on their continent. Mountain climbing is the major motivation for visiting this park, and getting to the summit of this snow-capped mountain is a great achievement for mountain climbing enthusiasts the world over. 4. Ngorongoro Area The Ngorongoro Conservation Area adjoins the Serengeti National Park. The Ngorongoro is part of the Serengeti ecosystem and is contiguous with the southern Serengeti plains. These vast plains extend into the north to the unprotected areas of Loliondo division which are kept open to the wild animals by means of trans-human pastoralism practiced by Maasai The Ngorongoro Crater is located within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and lies between Lake Manyara and the Serengeti at about 80 km west of Arusha in the Crater Highlands area of Tanzania. Ngorongoro Conservation Area was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage site and boasts of the largest intact caldera in the world. The bottom of the crater supports many wild animals and for those that are interested in bird watching, game viewing and game safaris will find this place fulfilling. Olduvai Gorge, a, archeological site is also found in this area. 5. The Serengeti Serengeti National Park borders Kenyas Masai Mara Game Park. Its far-reaching plains of endless grass, tinged with the twisted shadows of acacia trees, have made it the quintessential image of a wild and untarnished Africa. Its large stone kopjes are home to rich ecosystems, and the sheer magnitude and scale of life that the plains support is staggering. Large prides of lions laze easily in the long grasses, plentiful families of elephants feed on acacia bark and trump to each other across the plains, and giraffes, gazelles, monkeys, eland, and the whole range of African wildlife is in awe-inspiring numbers Serengeti National Park is renowned for[...]

When a Curse becomes a blessing!!!!!


Follow the link below to learn about the blessings that tragedy brings others.

The judgment is yours. Is it acceptable that the plight of those who suffered in the hands of SDLF cruelty, be an opportunity for CBO/NGO founders to enrich themselves? This is not the only field that CBO/NGO founders have exploited. Be reminded that they continue doing this to meet their selfish and greedy appetites. I make this claim because you will hardly find testimony of genuine beneficiaries of most initiatives. A classic example is what the government did early this year soliciting international help and to date most of the funds have yet to trickle down to the very IDPs.
Again think about it squarely. If the governement the watch dog of NGO is not transparent who will?

Read on an example of the many proposals at this blog:

The beauty flowing on the slopes of Mt. Elgon


Follow the link below to enjoy the scenery of the Mt. Elgon from the caves , the high altitude terrain, habitat and wildlife

Growing up i still clearly remember the weekly walks we took to the four caves surrounding the Kapsokwony District HQ to the south, not forgetting the falls on river Nguresai and of course leaving class without the teachers permission to chase a rabbit/hare that found its way to the schools play ground. It was such an experience.

Enjoy it!



Mt.Elgon Genocide Update! as on 02.04.2007

follow the link below and review some of the impediments that inhibit our growth as a community. Sad that we allowed trigger happy psychopaths to reign and promote the spirit of heroism from acts of inhuman treatment among our selves - Sabaotok-.

I profoundly remember my Uncle Mwalimu Timothy Kemu Kwalia pioneering to start the first elementary school in Chepkitale in the 1960's. The passion then was to provide an equal playing ground to all sons and daughters that hail from Tuluop Kony to excel, irrespective of ones clan or dialect.
We need a rebirth of that Zeal that united our fore parents all the way from Pon'gom to Kapchorwa and from Kitalel to Toror. So that the theme our discussions can center on matters such as Academic Excellence, Economic equity, and providence of basic needs to all in the Kot ab Sabaot.

Mt Elgon athletes Thriving in conflict


by Mutwiri Mutuota It’s an area famed for a conflict described by international media as ‘The silent genocide’ and the presence of Kenya’s second largest mountain that gave its name. The scenic Mount Elgon District has witnessed violent clashes perpetrated by the outlawed Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) in tussle over land. The rebellion has left more than 600 dead and some 200,000 displaced since 2006 according to reports. In March the Government sent in the Armed Forces to quell SLDF insurgency after efforts by regular, administration and Paramilitary General Service Unit police officers failed to stop the militia’s excesses. The military operation dubbed ‘Okoa Maisha’ (Save Lives) brought calm to what was one of the most volatile spots on earth. With all media attention firmly focused on the Mt Elgon conflict, the region’s biggest success story has continued developing almost unnoticed. Distance runners from the volatile region have quietly ascended to the pinnacle of the sport against the background of terror and abject poverty. Kenya won the overall team title at Edinburgh’s World Cross this year with six of the 30 athletes in the team hailing from Mt Elgon. None of those finished outside the top ten where Leonard Patrick Komon, 20, won silver behind Ethiopia’s living legend Kenenisa Bekele. In Edinburgh, the Masai siblings Moses Ndiema (fifth, senior race) and Linet Chepkwemoi (bronze, senior women), Titus Mbishei (fifth, junior race men), Doris Changeiywo (fourth, senior race women) and Levy Matebo (tenth, junior race men) also stood out. Mbishei went on to win 10,000m silver at the World Junior Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland in July. At the Olympic Games in Beijing, Ndiema and Chepkwemoi finished fourth in the men’s and women 10,000m races. Amazingly, the entire Mt Elgon District that covers an area of 944 kilometres square does not have a single stadium, running track or training camp. Here, one comes face to face with the rugged terrain; biting poverty and threat of war that has made many youth in the area take to their heels in search of a better life. “I have the talent to run and I intend to use it to escape to riches,” said Justus Ngeiywo, a 20-year-old prospective 800m and 1,500m runner hailing from Kaboiywo, a settlement scheme near Kaptama, one of the talent spots of Mt Elgon. “In March, I went for training in mid-morning when SLDF soldiers caught me and forced me to run eight kilometres to deliver a message to their colleagues in Kapsakam,” adds Ngeiywo, who went up to the provincial level at this year’s track championships. “They were targeting athletes to use us as their messengers when the army came and disrupted their communication. However, I took advantage to warn four other runners and together, we escaped to the Mt Keboiywo Forest.” Ngeiywo joined other SLDF victims fleeing to the mountains or neighbouring towns of Kitale, Chepkitale and Kimilili. The conflict did not even spare the notables. Endurance training “We moved to the high altitude area of Marakwet in November and fortunately, the region was not affected by the fighting, although moving to other parts became difficult,” Komon had said before he left for Edinburgh. Exploits of Ben Jipcho, Shem Kororia (both retired) and the evergreen Edith Masai provided a template for success that has inspired the emergence of the region as a catchment area for distance runners. Kororia in particular has played a key role. In 2005, the former World Half Marathon champion, converted one of the commercial b[...]

Kenyan children tell of abductions, torture –


Hundreds have been terrorized, first by militias and then the army

Follow the link below for more detail:

Kenya: Secrets of the Waki List The Nation


Kenya: Secrets of the Waki List The Nation (Nairobi) Email This ...

By Jean-Louis Kayitenkore(Jean-Louis Kayitenkore)
An MP from the North Rift is accused of ferrying "militias in lorries owned by another local politician to attack the Kiambaa church near Eldoret -- which was burnt at the height of violence. A former MP from the region was accused of ...
Jean-Louis Kayitenkore Blog -

Kot ab Sabaot


Welcome Home! Karibu Nyumbani!

As a member of the Sabaot community in the Diaspora, I have a divine/existential duty of informing members of this generation about the existence of the "Sabaot people". There are many ways of accomplishing this very goal. The way I chose is by this public forum that has the potential of enhancing our views to be heard world over by more persons than we could ever imagine.

There has been enormous interest on the events that happened in the recent past in and around the slopes of Mt. Elgon the home of the Sabaot community. Some of the highlights during this period were despicable acts that affected the Sabaot people , their neighbors and friends.

The terror that gripped this region has had far reaching effects; the members of the community are in the process of recovering from emotional and physical wounds caused both the militia and the government instruments that subjected to untold fear and torture.

As the community tries to find it way out these unfortunate predicament, this forum will in part try to voice such concerns and more important suggest ways and means of in helping this community to find its rightful place in the global society.

All Sabaot People and Friends of the Sabaot fraternity out there are welcome to contribute.

Sere Koo Nyoo!