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A Very Special Quilty Gift


I've never, ever bonded with my laptop, so by the time it boots up and begins to behave, I've lost the impetus to write up a post. Such is the case today.   Besides that, I miss PicMonkey. I might have to splurge and purchase a subscription. I'm not exactly tech savvy,  and PicMonkey makes it so darned easy. I wanted to share a quick update on the doggie blocks I have been working

A New Year's Challenge: Consider the Children


Already, we're a week into the new year!  My, how time flies when you’re having fun.  Happy New Year everybody!  I’m 'sew' inspired from reading the many year end/new year posts, I haven't been able to stop sewing long enough to write a post of my own! First up is a Dog Gone Cute block update!  I’ve been working diligently, and am confident I’ll make my self imposed deadline to have

At Last!


Greetings from Texas! Finally! There was no time during this past month for blogging or sewing, and I only managed to read a few blog posts. I stayed with my elderly family friend and she has a very large family. I certainly got my family "fix", and now I'm totally drained, so it might be a few days  before I set up my sewing area(s). I'd like to thank everyone who checked in with me

Scraps Equal Lots of Little Gifties


 Last night was Halloween. We don't get kids anymore.  They all grew up. So sad. Well, since finishing Linda's birthday surprise quilt, (Happy Birthday, Linda!  Today's your special day!) I've been winding down my sewing, and getting ready for my annual migration south. My summer scrap baskets were full to overflowing, so thought I'd make a few zippered pouches to gift my very

Too Much Fun in a Nutshell


The NSQBQ girls, Linda, Sheila, Lesley, and myself, gave a quilt show at the 10th Annual Fibre Arts Festival  in Amherst, NS this past weekend. Our venue was the town hall lobby,  so space was at a premium, but we made the best of it! A special thank you to the Town Hall personnel for tolerating us on such short notice. We didn't make it easy! Can you just imagine

"Sew" Much Gratitude


I am truly blessed with some pawsitively awesome quilty friends, worldwide! As I visit one blog, and then another, or take an extra minute to check out Instagram, I'm seeing Dog Gone Cute blocks popping up everywhere. Here is a very poor, and I apologize for that, picture of the blocks I've rec'd from  my Canadian blogger friends, with a few smaller blocks thrown in by me

Disaster Relief Comes in Many Forms


Oh, boy, Mother Nature's wrath shows no mercy.  As I write, I'm worried about the southeastern population of the US and concerned about those already affected by Hurricane Irma.  I can't watch the news because I find it so upsetting. I know we all want to help, somehow, and it's frustrating to know how.  The needs are overwhelming. As many of you know, my daughter and SIL reside in Texas.  

Ma'm, Put Your Hands in the Air...


"Good Morning!  It's Sunday, July 9th.  My name is Jane Pauley, and this is Good Morning America!" What?!?  July 9th?  How did that happen?  The quilt show is only one month away!  I'd better start finishing some quilts! And so it began.  Quilt Central.  One month of focusing and no playing allowed.  If I wandered from my goal, I was afraid I'd hear heavy footsteps, and then:  "Ma'm, put

Retractable Scissor Keeps


Three posts in as many weeks!  Can you believe it?  Not like me at all, but I got mail today and I'm pretty excited.  My Janome (have I mentioned lately how much I love, love, love my Janome?) came with it's own table, but there isn't anyplace to put 'things', so I started wearing my scissors on a lanyard.  Well, it works great, except whenever I get up, or lean over to manhandle manipulate the

Domestic Diva? Hardly!


At some point during my early morning sewing binge,  it occurred to me that sewing on a domestic machine isn't exactly  'being domestic',  so I decided to bite the bullet and threw not one,  but two, loads of laundry into the washing machine.   Then I felt smug because I could sew while the washer did all the work!   I don't have a dryer, though, so I did have to stop long enough  to

Round Robin Exchange


Five years ago,  4 Nova Scotia quilt bloggers' worlds collided (try to say THAT 3 times fast!) and a very special bond was formed. Last fall, when this small but mighty group met  for the last time before winter,  we discussed our third annual challenge,  and decided that a round robin might be fun.   So, we set up a schedule that wouldn't be stressful and got to work. Sheila

Slow and Easy Wins the Race


When summer rolls around, there often isn't a lot of sewing time on the docket. I know, for me, grabbing snippets of sewing time has to satisfy that innate passion. Sew a strip together here, pin blocks together there, press those seams quickly before you head out the door; and it amazes me how much I can accomplish. First things first. I finally finished my green Paper Lanterns

Secret Sewing Revealed


It is my delight and extreme pleasure  to finally be able to reveal the 2017 Atlantic Canada Row X Row Experience designed by Linda Coolen Smith of Scrapmaster, in collaboration with Karen Chase, Sugar Free Quilted Designs, for Patch Halifax, the best little fabric shop in Halifax, NS. I was very honored when Linda asked me to test her pattern for her Halifax Row X Row On

Adding a Little Color


Spring in the Atlantic Canadian Maritimes  is often synonymous with  relentless rain and lingering cold temperatures. Even if the sun comes out, the winds are bitter cold.  And June isn't getting off to a very good start.   It can't last much longer! Can it? So, what do you do when it's windy, cold,  and usually wet, day after day after day? You work with the brightest,  most

More May is for Makers


There has been a lot of sewing going on in my house, but not very many finishes! Wish I could show you a picture of my new design wall! But there is some 'secret sewing' on display, so maybe next time. I'm delighted to share with you my only recent finish. It's a new pattern released just today by our very own, Linda at Scrapmaster and Karen of Sugar Free Quilts Follow the Arrow.

May is for Makers


Yay!  It's May! Given the fact that time passes much too quickly,  I'm not one to wish it away. That said, I've never been so happy to see a month arrive! It's been pretty cold up here, and I've had about enough! Not to mention that May is for Makers! I've completed two flimsiest just in time to share, But let me apologize for the pictures up front. The forecast for the week is dismal,

Dressing Up Granny


How often we read about quilters finding inspiration everywhere, from nature to bridges, floor tiles to ceiling tiles, even fruit and vegetable displays at the grocery store.  And that's true for me, too, and I snap all kinds of pictures, but never do anything with them. Well, the other week, I was at a local drug store, and in walked an elderly lady, dressed to the nines in skinny black jeans

One Monthly Goal March Finish


It's time for And I did finish my green paper lanterns flimsy. However, I packed it into my luggage before photographing it. Sorry about that! But I'm on the road, now, so it isn't going to happen. Before leaving TX, I made a Diaper Clutch from a tutorial at LemonSqueezyHome. I've made several of these because my sweet friend in Houston asked for one when she had her first child 7

Counting Down


Eight days and counting, before I head back to the northeast coast. Progress is being made in my sewing room, despite all of life's distractions. Here's a quick pic of my design wall (I'll never live without one again!). My green Paper Lanterns quilt is just about all sewn together. Just a couple more rows to sew to meet my one monthly goal. While I was constructing

Secret Life


As my green Paper Lantern pile grows, my secret sewing is closer to being finished. I look forward to replacing one for the other on the design wall. I only have ten three more lanterns to make! I fly back to the east coast in just a few short weeks, and I'd like to be packing a finished flimsy instead of a baggie full of partially finished blocks. So why not link up to  Elm

New Pattern, New DrEAMi! Project


You know that charm pack you couldn't resist purchasing, but you only bought one, because you didn't have 'a plan', and it was an impulse buy? And it sits on the shelf looking pretty, but you don't know what to do with it, because you only have one? Or maybe you won it in a give away? Received it as a gift? Well, let me tell you, Stephanie @ Loft Creations, has just published

Double the Pleasure


Blogging has taken a backseat   since arriving in TX for the winter. There has been a lot going on in Blogland, and I have to admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed. It overcomes me every so often,  as I'd like to be able to make everything I see, But I know I can't. So, I plug along and do my own thing. And the sewing machine has been humming! Almost as soon as I arrived, Crafty

Shopping Joann's? BEWARE!


First of all, Happy 2017 from Texas! I just know it's going to be a banner year  for everyone! I haven't been very motivated to blog of late, until today's shopping trip to Joann's. I guess this post is mostly for my US quilty friends. I don't purchase fabric from Joann's, but I do avail myself of their multiple coupons to stock up on essential items throughout the winter

Winners and a Finish


I would like to thank everyone for contributing to the comments on my last post, "Things My Mother Used to Say". I got quite a chuckle from some of the responses! I'd like to add one more from my mom, something I can hear her telling me several times a day, "Never leave a room empty handed." Not being the best housekeeper in the world,  this little piece of advice keeps me on my toes,

Things My Mother Used to Say Give-away


My mother has been gone an awfully long time, having passed away at the young age of fifty in 1982, but I still hear her words every day. One of the things she used to tell me is, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I bring that up now because quite often I read a blog post about how upset someone is after receiving a negative, and sometimes abusive,