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Updated: 2010-11-26T01:08:38Z


RamónCommented on Ike's Place May Be Moving Once Again in SFist


There are a shitload of locations on Mission Street, between 16th and 24th streets that he could set up in; none of that stretch is residential, so he could save himself the trouble of dodging the torches and pitchforks. Or is it that hipster refugees from New Cuyama find the area, you know, too icky.

Commented on Oxycontin on the Rise in the Tenderloin in SFist


Hipsters, homesick for that back home high.

Commented on Before Gratefulness Abounds, Tell Us Your Thanksgiving Dinner Pet Peeves in SFist


Time to rent a port-a-potty and invite the people with churrias to use it.

Commented on Before Gratefulness Abounds, Tell Us Your Thanksgiving Dinner Pet Peeves in SFist


You're upset about Beaujolais Nouveau? Try a few square bottles of Manischewitz at the turkey table.
On the plus side, we kids would get blitzed on the stuff.

Commented on Video: Halloween Fight at East Oakland Denny's in SFist


I thought the Gungans and the Naboo were at peace?

Commented on Armed Man Threatens to Blow Up Bay Bridge, Doesn't in SFist


Tick-Tock Tick-Tock Tick-Tock Tick...............

Commented on Scene from a Child's Happy Meal Toy Joy in SFist


Little Henry (for now) should be free to pursue a life of morbid obesity and the accompanying health risks.
Fortunately, he lives in the Hayward, the land of the free, and luckily he'll have the tutelage of his dad, Haystack Tonts.

Commented on Here's Your Chance To Be A Porn Extra in SFist


Little Waldo : "Daddy, what's a cenima?"

Father : "Get outta here! Go ask your mother; I'm busy watching my evening gay porn."

Commented on Video: Fight at Mission Bay McDonald's After World Series Game 1 in SFist


Did any of them need an amberlamps?

Commented on Map: Race and Ethnicity, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley in SFist


"What about the problem with The Census bureau not considering Hispanic, Latino or Spanish to be a race even though many people consider that to be their racial identity?" —— When did this become a problem? Did it become a problem when myopic pilgrim invaders ran out of ways to cubbyhole people? Or was it their inability to understand the nuances of a language other than English and the myriad possible definitions given to a word, such as raza?
Raza doesn't have a single immutable definition.

Commented on Woman Killed After Prius Hit And Run in SFist


I saw this guy yesterday, about 1:30. He was turning left from Cole on to Frederick. All the windows were down and his expression caught my attention; sort of a "I'm too hip for the room", but I was thinking; Dude, you're driving a Prius! - not exactly a babe-magnet.

Commented on Church Bell Swiped from S.F. Catholic Church in SFist


Search all suspicious looking shopping carts.