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Updated: 2018-02-19T08:40:03.237-08:00


Pony pedi and doggie agility


So it has been a fun adventure here.  The pictures are not in any particular order Willow has finally learned to take her dumbbell and will run around with it in her mouth at times, so continuing training has commenced. Tessa finally looks pretty good, they got their pedicures done today.  Heidi's feet could have looked better if she didn't lean on Michael.  He was still a bit sore and stiff from surgery.  Still better than they were for sure.  I'm aiming on a 10 week schedule for now.  We are learning "Over" and she's got room to go higher if she wanted to. Then some afternoon adventuring around to check the creek out back.  [...]

Merry Christmas!


Wishing everyone a happy, joyous, merry Holiday season no matter what you believe in, but most of all: 

Nothing much


 Horses are doing pretty good. Tessa is still carrying extra weight that she shouldn't be.  She needs more exercise than what I am giving her.  They got to come out and graze in the backyard today because it's not raining. 

 Dad used up the rest of his can of white paint that on Jess' car so it looks LESS like a rust bucket now.  
 Willow enjoyed the warm fall afternoon while the horses were grazing in the backyard. 
I got a new roll put out yesterday.  The girls are good about shoving the holder around to reach the bottom in the middle when it's empty. 

They also got a new mineral block yesterday the old one was gone.  

End of vacation


Today was the last day of my vacation and I got my little Texas English spot buck in today.  Trick is a good looking little buck.  I can't wait until November 4th Bardstown show.  I will see what the judges think of him before I let him cross into my girls but I am hopeful!   

I didn't get to ride any at all but my girls are so much happier knowing they are starting to do good.

I have started a different feed regimen for Tess and this time it does include a feed balancer for half her grain and the other half is a low glycemic value grain and she's back on the Spirulina wafers to try and bring her weight down into a more controlled area.  I have to be careful as the spring grass comes back in to keep her weight down.  I will invest in a grazing muzzle if I have to. 
I do however need to organize myself to get riding lessons so I can keep Tess more exercised than I am currently.  It will take some time and I will need to invest in a trailer so I can haul her out to an arena to work more.  

Quick update


So it's been a stupid long time.  In that long amount of time not much as gotten done.  I have gotten the horses a horse style round bale holder, as modeled by the girls:I have ridden each girl about once a month.  A lot of it has been the heat.  Tess is far more tolerant of the heat than Heidi is. Willow has also been good, she's turning into a little pretend farm dog:I FINALLY caught the Bald Eagles in flight this past week! I also got a calf through work.  Her name is Diana and A.Lisa is bottle feeding her.  She's had a really rough start so we are all praying she can perk up and thrive.  Only picture I have of her on my computer is this one, she's a little black angus heifer calf.  She was abandoned and the farmer brought her in and paid for the first round of Colustrum and a shot of Draxxin.  Said anyone that wants to bottle feed could have her.  I said Me!  Then I had to go call Lisa and make sure she was alright with it.  So the calf came home.[...]

Minor flooding Last night


There was some minor flooding during last nights storms.  My land bridge was the only major thing affected.  All the critters are good, abet dirty.[...]

New spots


Had a rabbit show today . . .  I sold two Dutch does and I was given an offer on two spots that I couldn't refuse at that point.

Meet Blue Boy(needs a new/better name)

He is a little bit lighter marked.

Meet Cricket: 

Much better marked and is Blue Boy's daughter so line breed her back to him and I should get my blues!  

More of a boring few weeks!


Loving the body type on my pony girls, and they've been enjoying the sunshine and warmth. I also let GiGi out in the playpen with her remaining 7 kits.   Heidi and Tessa were waiting as patiently as possible for supper Mom had Willow outside when I got done and she was waiting for me right outside the gate.  [...]

Riding kind of week


So last Sunday  2/5 I first rode Tessa.  It was an interesting ride as I haven't even tried to ride her since she was three, and she's almost 9.  She was good, but I think I need to change around that padding that I had under the saddle.  Today I took Heidi out.  Been a touch over 5 months since the last time we rode.  [...]

Little things


In the only effort I have to do rabbits again I bred EVERY doe I had in the barn.  3 due 1/23, 2 due 2/2 and the last three due 2/14. Well Flower lost her 7 kits, Legend has 3 and Hailey has 4 from 1/23Then on 2/2 Natalie has three and GiGi(english spot) has 9Only leaves Clover, Raven and Connie for 10 days from now.  Natalie's: Hailey's GiGi's: Legends: The horses have been doing pretty good.  I am a little worried that they are developing thrush with everything been so wet lately.  4 more weeks at the latest until they get their feet done.  I am going to attempt to get them done mid month since Tessa really needs it.  I finally picked up her feet today- first time since she's been home.   They were curious as to what dad was doing as he was putting down the latest 6 buckets of rock dust over the walkway.[...]

Nice-well nice-ish Saturday


Today was actually a fairly nice day.  After visiting Grandma down in Stanton I got to go out and spend a little time later in the afternoon with the big girls.  First thing I did was fit Tessa's bridle to her since I was dodging afternoon rain showersI had to leave Heidi tied to the fence as she won't let me do anything with Tessa while she is around. So afterwards I took the ring off the haybale and pulled the twine's up since I forgot to cut those off. The sun did another apperance while I was out there.  Then afterwards I got Ayden and Willow out to enjoy the last rays of the setting sun as well.[...]

Wet mess


It's been a wet mess here lately.  So much rain

The girls are disgusting, the ground is even more disgusting and I will have to find a summer field for them to rotate into to drag, seed and rest dad's field.  Oh right now how I wish I made the money to board them both so this wouldn't be such an issue.  It's one of the few perks that I do miss to boarding- having the hot water in the wash bays.  I could hose their legs clean, dry 'em up and still ride.  But boarding isn't much for me anyway.

Winter time Burrrs


Hay bale seems to be holding pretty good.Girls are getting used to having to share mePuppers weren't happy with the cold.   They didn't get too much outside play time.[...]

Happy New Year!


Seems like a very fitting day.  I had dreamed of getting Tessa back for so long, she came available, Mikey enabled me and here she's home again.  6 years to the day that she first had arrived here with me.  Now she will not leave.  She will stay with her big sister Heidi, and little sister Willow from now on.  Dad and Aunt Lisa humored me and took the trip with me- for which I am super glad as Dad is a fantastic driver, especially with a trailer and in craptastic weather(which wasn't forcasted to come in until later!)Willow was super happy to have me home again.  She and I are tied together and while I missed her I think she suffered worse than I did.  She moped around and wouldn't drink/eat for mom and Jess so I let her out to romp and roll after I got home.Heidi makes Tessa look dinky tiny!  But they are good friends, real quick.  I think both mares were tired of being alone.  [...]

Another busy weekend


Another weekend of crazy adventuring.   NOT in order.  Just however this felt like uploading.  

 Picked up a round bale for Heidi Saturday afternoon.  The guy has these 5 x 5 's for $25 and I know Heidi likes them- I got one from him earlier this year. He said he should have an extra 5 or 6 more for me to feed to Heidi the rest of the winter.  Dad and I shoved it off the truck Sunday afternoon.
Saturday Morning, my milk jug with Epsom salt idea didn't work to keep her tank thawed so I had to go buy a tank heater and a new end for my power cord and get something in the tank for her so she could drink.  
 New End
 Slide the plug into the pipe to keep it out of the weather a little bit
I paid for 11 bales and actually ended up with a total of 13 bales.  12 for the bunnies and one for Heidi to eat since I hadn't gotten the round for her yet. Bunnies LOVE it, and Heidi inhaled a whole bale in less than 24 hours. 

End of the long weekend off


It's been a whirl-wind of a weekend.  No pictures from Thanksgiving I didn't take any.  I've actually spent some time with Heidi now and some time with the bunnies.  I am thrilled to have Connie's litter pushing the 2 week old line and still have one of the dutch babies alive and her adoptive daughter is alive as well.  Loving the ears on the foster Velveteen Lop for sure. Now without further adieu, Pictures!  The finger, well lets just say Allen shot me.  With my own nailer no less.  Put a brad through the top of my knuckle and today it's sore.  It happened Saturday afternoon.  Dad pulled the brad out and said it didn't feel like it had hit the bone and it really didn't hurt Saturday.  I was too busy laughing because I will have to explain it to my bosses come Monday.  Today it was actually sore and it's starting to bruise up.  I kinda think we got the tendon so it's just time to heal. [...]

Busy days ahead!


Been a whopper of a season so far.  75 yesterday, and today a high of like 45.  So the wind was cold and biting so Penny got her light blanket and Heidi got her sheet.  Connie's remaining baby and the foster Velveteen Lop are doing great.  Hopefully this cold snap doesn't ruin this.  I took some random pictures from around the barn today.Willie (Above) and OKG (Below)Chaucer on top and Raven below ^Willie on top and OKG on the bottom belowThe plasticed front door and the side of Natalie and Connie to try and hopefully keep these babies alive and keep the cold drafts off the nest box.  [...]

Posting finally!


It's been a crazy few months but finally posting some pictures of this cool weekend! The ponies are doing good, little over 2 weeks until Penny goes home to Kylie Now this is the way to spend the evening as the sun sets, with my best friend beside meThen waiting for dad to come out of the woods with his deer, I watched the moon rise.Even got to try a quick almost silhouette of my truck First star of the night came out.  [...]

Ready to go


I decided today was storage room day.  I took all my horse stuff out and put that in the back of my  truck, and I used my trash can as a trash can and cleaned out my side of the storage room.  I combined, tossed quite a bit of stuff and then repacked it back in the room.  This was my end result:
 and all the horse related stuff I had stuffed away came back to the barn and I've been through it
 Some of the horse blankets that have now been listed on Craigslist:
 Penny came in to try and help after pushing Heidi out of there.  
I talked to the Housing Authority and it'll be November before they have a place open for me.  So two more months here and I should be in my own place.  Then I will have to decide what I am going to do with all the bunnies and with Heidi.  I'm leaving Penny there for Candice if I do move Heidi.  She's just not a mare that I really like.  She's just not, I don't know.  

Fun day


I had a really good Saturday, it was a little crazy at first, I had to get up and head to work to make sure Mikey actually showed up.  So after that I got home and waited a little bit of time and go Rachel and Michelle together, since they are down to help Kylie pack, got Willow and Gemma together and headed out to get Grandma.  Then realized I forgot the last Mini lop to sell- Hawkeye- and we had to come back and get him too.  So Rachel, Michelle, Gemma, Willow and Hawkeye in the backseat of my little car, Grandma and me up front. Got out to the house,  I started my laundry then Michelle and I went for a ride.  Penny got a heck of a work out under Michelle- which she needed and I just felt good getting back in Heidi's saddle for a ride.  Been almost a month. And the early afternoon was sat outside enjoying watching the Hummingbirds.  I def need a better lens to get some better pictures. [...]

Quick update!


The horses have been doing pretty good, I had to put a round bale of hay out for them on the 2nd and they ate half of it, I knew that pasture was a bit thin.  But the two are doing good.  I miss not having them closer but I hate boarding at a boarding barn.Even after playing with the ponies for a little while on Saturday, I vacuumed out my car too.My little rock and roll ready steady girl:She's always ready to go where I go, when ever I go.  [...]

Ponies are happy!


I took Penny to give her a good home until I can either find her one or she dies of old age.  Heidi was happier to be home again too, I think she prefers being quiet and out in the countryside. Baby Velveteens are doing great!  I am so excited to have the litter on the ground.  I really do want to rebuild from here and keep just my Velveteens and my dutch bunnies. [...]

Small update


Well for a quick short update- 3/19 Was first dog show of the year for us.  Feeling proud of Willow, yes we worked hard but still for not having a trainer or any kind of specialized trainers, to not NQ and not DQ I feel happy, when we place in the ribbons it's just that much better to me.  7 total in my class, 6 showed up and only 3 of us qualified.  We took 3rd place with a score of 189/200.  I didn't ask what I did wrong, I have a feeling I know what some of it was.  But something to improve upon going forward!Heidi has been good, nothing much to update on there.  At the end of April I've chosen to move her back to dad's at least until the grass wanes again because I'm looking at working a second job and won't leave me much time for her and there's no point to me to keep paying as much for board when I  won't get to see her anyway.  This way will also save dad on gas as he won't have to come get grandma, I'll come out every Saturday, or as close to every Saturday as possible and bring Grandma with me. Yesterday, 3/25, Dad went through my brakes on my car.  They had been acting kinda squirrelly.  Thankfully the  pads and rotors weren't too bad, they had been replaced not that long ago, since the new ones I had ordered from JC Whitney were not the right ones.  The pads didn't fit and the rotors were not the ones we had thought they were.  Whoops!  I had picked up the Calipers locally so we only ended up going and getting new pads.  Time to return the JC Whitney ones!  The right caliper had started to leak, dad said it wouldn't have one much more than a month anyway.  The car brakes so much better now! [...]

Girls day with Kylie


First thing we did once we were both up was go to the barn.  We had every intention of getting all 4 equines ridden today. Kylie needed to get on Sabrina again and it's not for a long time so I took Penny.  She needed the saddle time, she gets forgotten more easily. Then after short rides for Penny and Sabrina we grabbed our drafty girls and got their energy out! Then after several hours at the barn, well spent, we ran some errands to Lowes for staples(for the air gun), then Kroger for some groceries, and then lastly TSC for some stuff and then we headed for home!  Then we watched Flicka 3-which was really good, and now Dreamer.  Then I think we're both calling it a night!  [...]

Better late then never update!


Nothing much been going on in the past couple of months.  I've gotten myself together and gotten a couple Velveteen Lop bucks in to breed with.  I got lucky when a Maryland breeder was going through Kentucky on a personal road trip, had an abundance of bucks  and made me a deal on two bucks.  Meet the boys:As of right now I've bred the blue/tan harlequin(second buck) with Oasis in hopes of a blue or broken blue.  My mini Lop babies are five weeks old today!  I've been so ecstatic to have baby bunnies again.  Tomorrow Natalie's are 5 weeks old.  Steel buck REW Doe Chestnut Agouti Doe Broken Steel doe- Aya Sora's DestinyFinally warmed up some and I put Heidi into the wash bay and gave her a quick scrub down.She's been fitting up, dropping weight and just generally being a VERY good girl.  We ride outside 90% of the time and we will work quite well inside as well.  [...]