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300 Mile Mark



TAZ & Bling were able to ride into the 300 mile mark together.

Have had several days off now due to a nasty cold. Bling & TAZ have enjoyed some well deserved time off.

It's been icy & cold, so no better time to be sick & take some time to rest...

1st Day of Distance Derby!


Happy 2012 everybody!

45mph winds were predicted, I suspected Sunday's ride would be a challenge! I'm not crazy about riding in the wind to begin with AND I chose to ride Bling, not one to ride much on those extremely windy days I wasn't sure how she would react to things blowing all around her.

Ride was pretty uneventful. Neither Bling or I were thrilled about all the wind. I noticed in several of the pictures taken that I'm leaning into it to stay on that's how strong it was blowing at times!

Bling handled the cornstalks, etc blowing all around really really well. Didn't have any spooks out of her. YAY!!

13.60 miles
3 hours, average speed 4.4

Waubonsie Poker Ride~ August 27, 2011



MOTDRA Indian Caves~ Ride Day


It must not have really hit me that I was actually competing in my FIRST ride. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be & slept really good! Woke up to some interesting 'May Day' type songs being played over the loud speaker at 5:am!! What a neat way to welcome the day!

Got dressed & headed out to make Bling her beet pulp mash, give her hay & prep her for the ride which would start just after 7:am.

Time flew by FAST!! Had just enough time to eat a quick breakfast & the coffee was the best!! Saddled up & rode around camp for a few minutes, just enough to stretch Bling's legs before timing out.

(image) & we're off!!

(image) ...wish us luck!!

My First CTR experience~Memory Full!! (Part 1)


When I tried taking just a few more pictures at the MOTDRA Indian Caves ride, my camera came up saying 'Memory Full"!! So I figured that would be a most appropriate title for this blog. :)

Where to begin?? I am not much of a writer, but so many of my friends & supporters have asked & I wanted to share my experience of my first Competitive Trail Ride.

The original plan was to take TAZ, to compete. But after Lil Man, our miniature donkey, attacked her & she came up sore.

I usually alternate riding TAZ & Bling, so they were both pretty much in the same kind of condition.

Arrived at camp Friday evening. Right away Bev Chesnut asked if I wanted to go out with her and finish up marking the trails with her & she could help answer any newbie type questions I might have.

I was in awe of just being out on the trail & enjoying the scenery, I couldn't think of hardl anything to ask!!

Bev & I were out there for about three hours & rode 5.5 miles marking the trails.

Saturday was a relaxed day. Spent a lot of time cleaning Bling's pen & keeping her clean for Vet In scheduled around 3:00PM

I waited & waited for Shannon & her new endurance horse, Haily to show up.

She stood wonderfully for the vet.


Trotted out willingly for me & trotted circles both directions like a pro!



Missing My Horses



Today was one of the first days in a couple weeks that I've even gone outside to see the horses & TAZ. To my surprise, Geronimo was the first to come up & greet me. My heart sang! I think he actually was missing me too! I took the time to pet & rub on them all, & there was Geronimo following me all over wanting more. At one point he even penned his ears at TAZ & chased her off.
I'm sitting here with a sick feeling in my stomach & a emptiness in my heart. I miss riding & the time I was spending to work towards getting back on Ger. Every decent day that goes by the feeling gets worse. It won't be much longer & I will have missed all the extra nice days we were blessed with to ride this season.
Friends I know are going through the same. New horses, new goals. It feels like it will take forever for the warmer days to roll back around so we can pick up where we left off.
I CAN'T WAIT to get back on & ride Geronimo! I hope I will be able to take him on some PRR rides. And that's just to start!
So for now I'll just sit her in my chair with V.V.& stare out the window & daydream. I'm sure I'm not alone.
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Couch Day 5



I took my beloved Pom dog, V.V.(vicious valentine), last Friday. Vets took blood & X rays. V's blood work was off the chart & I have one very sick puppy. X ray show an enlarged liver. Vet traced an outline with his pen and noted that V's liver is full with tumors.

He is on three different medications. We will take him back in another week to do the blood work again & a ultrasound.

There is nothing else they can really do.

So I've been spending every minute sitting with my V.V. I am lonely & very sad. V has been my 24/7 friend. I will be lost without him.

Please send your prayers?

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New Horse ~ New Blog :)


Knowing that I'm already a TERRIBLE blogger, I'm still going to add another one! :)

One thing I am good about... Pictures & Videos! Enjoy!! :)



(image) Made it again to a Wednesday night ride with the Platte River Riders (Lincoln chapter). My truck broke a belt & was overheating on our way up for the ride two weeks prior. So, I was excited to head out even though we had 6 inches of rain. It didn't rain quite as much out in Lincoln.

Loaded up Bling around 3:pm & arrived at the MoPac trail with time to spare. Saddled up while the sun was shinning.

There were 6 other riders.

We headed out & the storm heading in. It got dark and we could hear the rumble of thunder in the distance. We rode out about 3.5 miles when the lightening started getting too close for comfort & started to rain, HARD! So we all turned around & headed back to our trailers.

Bling handled it all REALLY well. I had a BLAST!! & would do it all over again! :)



(image) ...I haven't been up to much the past few months.

Our youngest boy graduated & will be turning 18 next week. He finally lucked out & was hired for a job today! He has already moved into his own apartment. SO, I'm now officially an empty nest-er!

Regardless, there still has been a fair share of drama around home! I won't go into all that. :(

Everybody already has a pretty good idea of how uncooperative the weather has been, so there's a excuse why I haven't been riding nearly as much as I usually do.

Funds also ran out, so no money to compete as planned... :(

On a good note, I was asked to ride & put some extra miles on a friend's green broke 4 y/o. She was an absolute DOLL! A total JOY to ride! One of the true highlights of my Summer!

Since then, said friend and another friend have been starting to get together more often to ride on a regular basis. :)

I have two things I look forward to... Nearly every weekend to meet up with friends to ride & every other Wednesday I try to meet up with the Platte River Riders (Lincoln) for an evening ride. (Truck broke down one Wednesday... grrrrr!)

More good news! I have a new horse!! A 3 y/o Arabian mare. I will try to keep you all updated on her...

I say "TRY" because I know I'm guilty of neglecting my blogs. Most times I post on Facebook and call it good... (shame, shame on me!!)

It's storming badly here tonight. I hope there will still be a PRR tomorrow. I've been looking forward to it for weeks now! Keep your fingers crossed we don't float away!

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Soggy out there!


We had a pretty good rain this morning & it was warming up pretty nice. I knew it would be really muddy out there, but saddled up Bling any way.

So glad I did! What a really nice ride today! Bling behaved really well, going out on her own. Navigated through the remaining drifts like a pro!

Water everywhere, she even stopped to take a few sips here & there!

Came across a couple big dogs, probably dumped off... They were more scared of us & took off the other direction. Another dog, a German Shepard, luckily got called back into the yard before he could get up too close & personal... I almost bailed, but didn't have to. :)

Tomorrow I will be loading up TAZ, picking up my friend Joni who will be bringing her Mule, Josie. We will head out to Brownville, NE to meet up with Shannon & Amelia to ride a 10 mile loop out that way. Suppose to be decent weather wise.

6 miles, muddy, 45 degrees

Warm & Breezy!


(image) Took Bling out for a ride around the pasture. It was a little windy, not bad, but she was on HIGH ALERT about every little thing. We rode around for 30 minutes then I unsaddled her & took her for a short walk down the road to show her that I wouldn't let anything 'get' her...

The auto shop, across the street, had their big door closed but you could hear the 'buzz & burn' from some one welding on something. The wind also blew on some sheet metal on a shed... all the little boogers out there!

I will take her out everyday and get her re introduced with the world again... sigh...

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

Yesterday's Ride


Burrrr! Cold yesterday, but still managed to ride Bling bareback around our yard & pasture. You can clearly see how Bling felt about it!

Here's a short clip of the ride in the yard.

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

...and another in the pasture...

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

This weekend's temps look like there will be a little bit of improvement, 30's!!

I'm not even going to entertain the idea of riding for the next couple days. Instead, I will work out down stairs on the treadmill. Walked 5 miles today.



The pictures say it all! Bling is such a 'Stall baby'. She's asking to go in!

(image) This is her looking depressed.

(image) When I don't give in, she resorts to pouting under the lean-to...

TAZ doesn't look pleased either!!!

Short But Sweet!


Today was Bling's first conditioning ride of 2010. We weren't out long & didn't go very far!

Today's riding was done along the shoulder of a very well paved road. Hubby drove along to be sure that drivers passed respectfully, as the ditches are filled full with snow... Fields are still drifted deep in snow.

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

These next clips were taken on our way back towards home. She naturally wanted to trot a bit faster, so my hands were bouncing all over the place to try & keep her at a pace I wanted her to go. She kept flipping her head some in protest. I'll need to work on that a bit more. :)

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

...We have some work to do! ;)

First ride of 2010



Looks like TAZ is saying, "Do we HAVE to?"

It wasn't very far or for very long.

It was 21 degrees when I left & 26 degrees when I arrived back home. The wind was blowing about 15mph, so it felt a lot colder, more like 15 degrees...

I started out riding TAZ in a field. I walked TAZ through snow about 3 feet deep. At around 1/2 mile TAZ just stopped! I kicked her to encourage her on, I spanked with the reins... She would not take another step! She wasn't blowing or tired, it was like she was saying "What's the purpose of this?!" She just could not see any point in going another step further. She has NEVER done this to me in all the years I've had her.

So we turned around and followed her path back toward home. Decided then to find a paved gravel road to ride on, it was still very slick in spots. I tried to enjoy the ride. As long as the wind was at my back it was fine.

We rode along some woods & at the end of them a herd of about 30-40 deer came streaming out. I couldn't believe how many there were! TAZ & I, or all the deer also scared up some pheasant. All that nature was neat to see!

Finally had the transmission in my truck repaired. Picked it up yesterday. Naturally, cause it was 40+ degrees yesterday! Today is going to be in the lower 30's. I'll take it! I may try to ride, if I can find somewhere safe to ride!

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

Snowed in!


Excited that it warmed up enough to ride a little today & there was no wind! Troy got up early (he works nights) just so I could go riding, while he waited around for the UPS guy. (he NEVER came!)
I bundled up in record time! TAZ was not too overly thrilled about being saddled up.
We rode 5.5 miles. Would have tried for a couple more but each Level B road I took was blocked with DEEP snow drifts! So, TAZ & I just turned around & headed back. I was alright by it as I didn't want to get TAZ sweat ed up. It still gets cold at night & I don't blanket them. (I don't own a blanket) Christmas wish list, a fleece/wool cooler?
Finally figured out how to add MP3 music to my cell phone, so it was nice to listen to some of the songs while riding. I think TAZ enjoyed it too.
Arrived back home just in time, sun setting, the hunters were back out...

12/12/09 LONG time, No post!


Guess what it's been doing in SW Iowa? Around 13+" of it!
I had planned to ride today, but by the time I made it outside it had started to drizzle. (freezing drizzle!) Not good when you depend on glasses to see! (...I know... Excuses, excuses!)
Meanwhile, TAZ & Bling are out roaming around the pasture digging through the snow for a few bites of grass. Heck, I guess they deserve it! :)
Everyone stay warm!

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Didn't know if I was going to get out to ride. I've been feeling a bit on the 'blue' side- I guess in anticipation of Winter?

Or, maybe it's the bad dreams I've been having lately. I don't like to call them 'dreams'...

Thankfully a good friend of mine called. It was her day off & she wanted to ride. That was all the motivation I needed. So I saddled up both Bling & TAZ.

We rode a leisurely 8+ miles today. Made a stop at a remote cemetery & looked around. The dates on those headstones were amazing!

I REALLY should take my rides more seriously. I would like to spend more time conditioning, etc.

There's still a couple more chances to enter a CTR or Endurance ride before the season ends around here.

One more post :o)


(image) This is my new friend Joni. She lives just 5 miles down the road from me! We've been riding a lot together & has since bought herself a Mule! ...& a Spotted Tennessee Walking mare... (I ride Bling when she rides the TW!)
(image) These are a couple of pictures taken Saturday @ Lake Of Three Fires & Josie's (her Mule's) first organized ride! Josie did GREAT!
(pictures taken from my phone)

A couple pics!


(image) Just thought I'd post a couple more pictures of Bling!

Hi to all!


I know it's been an extremely long time since my last post, I apologize greatly! Just that time of year when I'd much rather spend time outside with the equine than sitting at the computer.

I've been riding both TAZ & Bling, both doing very well.

I am very proud of Bling! I've spent all Spring/Summer getting to know her... trying to find any holes she might have & I can't seem to find her doing anything wrong, EVER! She is so willing & tries very hard to please!

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

I'm STILL riding!



Sorry I haven't been around to post much~ I plan to write more when the weather forces me indoors more. Meanwhile, I'm riding as often as possible!

Have a new friend who has ridden TAZ several times. She liked her so much that she bought her own Mule. It's so cool to have a MULE riding buddy!!

Still here, but RIDING!!!



Hi to all! Sorry I haven't posted at all for a REALLY LONG TIME!!! I plan to post more often when the weather forces me more indoors.

I've been riding A LOT, but still have not made it to any competitions... & for now, I am just fine with it.

Been riding Bling & have grown VERY CONFIDENT with her! She moves out great!!

Still riding TAZ... My good friend Joni rode her several times, loved riding her so much she bought her own mule! So, now I have a Mule riding buddy!!!