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Success In The Show Pen

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How much are they asking? Price wise... I am looki...


How much are they asking? Price wise... I am looking for a nice mare to potentially show.

I showed arabians until I was 6 and then went to q...


I showed arabians until I was 6 and then went to qh. I was COMPLETELY clueless when it came to showmanship! Coming from Arabian halter to western showmanship was a culture shock. My parents bought me a cute little mare that was probably the only ring sour 3 yr old ever. Only could be shown in a bosal, anything else she ran through at a lope. Finally hooked up with an Appaloosa trainer and I got a solid app. (thank goodness, the thought of keeping a 90% white horse clean is still a nightmare) My western pleasure horse had to learn showmanship and everything else too. When I got him he was the reluctant puppy at the end of the lead. Turned out he has a flair for it. He naturally chose to spin on his left hind and crosses over correctly in the front. He can spin 8 360's without lifting his pivot foot to the right, as well as to the left. He pivots on the hoof on the side you are on. He also has an rom in reining and will make you dizzy he spins so quick, and yes he spins in the same manner under saddle. We came in 2nd in the nation in showmanship for year end and got 93.5 points in one season.
Why is there a preference to which hind is the pivot foot? I see your reason and it makes sense, but it always looks to me like the horse is stepping out of the spin as opposed to working under themselves. I recently purchased a qh and have started teaching her to set and the rest of showmanship. It takes countless hours of work for it to look natural and for your horse to be phenomenal at it. I haven't started teaching my mare to spin because she naturally plants her right and I didn't want to encourage or discourage that without knowing what is correct for aqha.
I use to hate showmanship and thought it was boring until I finally got the picture. Now it's been 20 years since I was in the show ring and at 32 I'm at a loss for what's right. Rule books don't explain the whole story...

Your choice of language blatantly shows your level...


Your choice of language blatantly shows your level of education. You would win more points without profanity. Don't interject profanity while trying to sound educated and believable. You had me until piss and son of a bitch, and yes I'm quoting you. Shakes head and walks away......

The people I lease my trail riding horse from did ...


The people I lease my trail riding horse from did a tail block on their performance horse & it got infected. Then the horse kept rubbing its butt against the stall so they "fixed" that with an electric fence. Now I guess they are tired of paying vet bills because my buddy coliced & they canceled the vet, which I could have paid for myself had I known... I was out walking him, waiting for the vet, who never came. When I called the vet to find out what the hold up was, they said the owners called to cancel & said they'd "let me know," but never did. Guess they figured to save some money by having me walk him all day waiting for a vet. How is that fair? There's money for this tail block BS, but none for my buddy when he needs a vet? I'm just the dumbass they conned into a lease, because the owners are so smart & rich they have to shave a nickel off everywhere & take advantage of people. As a lease I have no rights and can't prove anything. Just my word against theirs. They've got em all fooled. Selling horses with all sorts of problems to parents whose kids want to ride. I know what they're doing, but can't prove it & nobody would believe me anyhow against these pillars of the community. Gonna post this anonymous case they see it and want to block my tail next.

We are currently researching treatment options but...


We are currently researching treatment options but in all honesty his future is cloudy in terms of his condition. But nothing for me will change - his is my furry child (along with 2 other horses :)) and he will forever be taken care of.

We need to quit arguing over these issues and come together for the horses sakes. I don't care if you are an official, a competitor, a trainer, or a backyard tail blocker - this HAS to stop! Right along with the arguing! This is such a hard fight as it is - it is hopeless if we can't come together. Maybe I don't completely agree with the way this post was written - but in my research I stumbled upon it and was very upset at the bickering (honestly I didn't read all of the original post b/c I believe the anger, language and context makes you come across as ignorant and not respectable - I am just trying to be honest so you can make improvements in the future).

Let's come together people - not for each other - for the horses.

I have been a vet tech at an equine only hospital ...


I have been a vet tech at an equine only hospital in North Alabama for over 5 years and an additional 3 years spent in the small animal vet bus. I have been riding and competing horses for over 13 years. I have ALWAYS had my horses hocks injected when my vet (and boss) suggested it - when there is a lack of fluid in the joints it can make even daily movement difficult for the horse. We do hock injections so often and I see so many horses who almost know its coming stand there like angels because they know it helps. The needles we use are tiny. I wouldn't go so far as to say hock injections (or any joint injections for that matter) are an issue.Now, tail blocking on the other hand, is another story. We DO NOT do tail blocking at our hospital. In fact, I have a very great story about it...a horse that had his tail blocked that is now owned by me thanks to it:A western show barn that we do some work for took this gorgeous paint horse to have his tail blocked (by a non-licensed "practitioner") and guess what? 4 days later they realized the horse hadn't relieved himself since! They brought the horse to him and my Dr. told them it was a result of the block - that he may stay that way forever, that he may get better to an extent - no one knew. So for 2 months he stayed at the hospital and I evacuated his colon and passed a urinary catheter 4 times a day. I was appalled when I asked them what his name was and they said "I don't know...paint horse?". I instantly responded - about Ghost (he has a beautiful bald face)? And Ghost he has been since. They took him home after 2 months claiming they couldn't pay to have him here and said if they didn't euthanize him for testing at a university they would probably try to auction him off to someone who lacked the sense to know what was wrong with him after they got what they could out of the show ring with him.I would ask about Ghost now and then and even got to see him a few times. Well about a year and 3 months later they approached me about taking him. They said "oh he only has to be cleaned out twice a week now". So I took him - and again, was appalled. His feet had not been done in probably 14 weeks, his back was covered in rain rot, he had not been cleaned out in 4 days (and let's just say twice a week was NOT enough) and he had a raging bladder infection from the previous owners not keeping a sterile environment when draining his bladder. This horse had reached his limit. He stood in the corner completely depressed. He had never seen a treat, didn't know how to pick his feet up and had never known the love of a single individual. For the past 3 and a half weeks now Ghost has undergone a full round of antibiotics, daily groomings, weekly baths, LOTS of carrots and apples, a farrier visit, and multiple sterile bladder flushings and now gets cleaned out every OTHER day. He is in the process of becoming a polocrosse horse and is completely absorbing his training! It all sums up to about 4 nights ago I was cleaning up after our flushing procedure, the barn was dark and I could hear him munching on his dinner. I propped my arms up on his stall door and watched him eat. I had been wondering to myself if he knew who I was, knew how much I cared about him and wanted him to feel better. A few minutes later he came over to the door and rested his chin on my arms and let out a gigantic sigh. That said it all for me.Ever day for the past 2 weeks when I whistle he nickers and trots to the gate - the person that sticks her arm up his rear and passes a tube up his manhood is the person he is the happiest to see. I have had a hard time getting the previous owner to sign anything stating he is mine (some crap about if he gets better they are afraid I will try to sell him for lots of money...can you believe that load!!!!!) but I will tell you this - if he ever tries to come back for him I will fight [...]

You are so freaking awesome!!


You are so freaking awesome!!

Great Article. Please share your tips!!! Please...


Great Article. Please share your tips!!! Please don't be stingy!!! LOL I could use all the help I can get...

My friend told me this activity and I got interest...


My friend told me this activity and I got interest so I try to search online and read more of horsemanship. By the way thanks for sharing this topic.

Nice Blog ! I Like This Very Much. Methods of Mode...


Nice Blog !
I Like This Very Much.
Methods of Modern Farming

glad someone is as disgusted as I am at even the t...


glad someone is as disgusted as I am at even the thought of tail blocking. It is hideous. I have a quarter horse who was a western pleasure horse at a young age, who now at age 20 can't swish his tail very well. So someone blocked his tail, then sent him on to other homes ( trail riding, lesson horse) without much of his primary defense against flies left, for the REST OF HIS LIFE, apparently!

I have tried them all. Sta-Sound Joint Supplement ...


I have tried them all. Sta-Sound Joint Supplement is the best and it is half price. all you have ot do is compare whats in it and the amounts.

Wow, just stumbled into your blog via about 2 othe...


Wow, just stumbled into your blog via about 2 others and I LOVE IT!

You had me at the "if I get one more goddamn dirty look from a hoity toity, stick up his ass trainer that lopes his horse crooked as shit down the rail as I pass them at the lope," PART!!
WHAT the heck is up with that? Do they think that is 'normal' and how a horse is supposed to move? Your horse should lope straight down the rail, not at an angle. Sorry you have to tilt your horse to the rail to make them lope off!

And you didn't even touch on the peanut pusher nose on the ground 'winning' horse. Or the 'troping' horse. The lope or canter is a 3 beat gait people, THREE!!! and people wonder why the horse show world is declining.

You could fill this blog with stuff, and I'm sure you have I just haven't found it all yet!

Blog on girl, blog on! You've gotten another follower!

I use Sta-Sound Joint Supplement. Its the best one...


I use Sta-Sound Joint Supplement. Its the best one on the market and the price is right at 155 for six months and free shipping.

*******Here is the video of Big yellow caddi being...


*******Here is the video of Big yellow caddi being shown, just a little preview. The loping so much on the forehand makes me CRINGE but I am a dressage trainer so maybe this is ok in AQHA?


I personally use Matrix 5 HA. It has the highest l...


I personally use Matrix 5 HA. It has the highest levels of everything my mare needs to stay moving her best. (MSM, HA, Chondritin Sulfate, and Glucosamine) It was recommended to me by my vet, and I highly recommend it to anyone with a horse that has arthritis in any joint that takes alot of stress. My mare is buck kneed, and must use her fetlocks to attempt to make up for her poor little knees in the pleasure classes. She has arthritis in them fairly bad, and this supplement actually helps her to use her front legs correctly. I highly recommend it.

I completley agree with you. My mare had a tail jo...


I completley agree with you. My mare had a tail job done around age two just so the guy could win some $$ on her in the futurities. I hate it, but have found a way to manage. When we bought her the trainer was braiding her tail and then tying it to a side ring on her blanket with some baling twine. This would cause the urine to run down her legs, and became a method we didn't use. Due to the urine often sitting on her legs, when we got her she actually had "pee burns" like what a gelding gets due to urinating. A great trainer and an old owner both told us to use OB gloves. We braid a small section of her tail up on her tail bone and just below, and then tie in 2 gloves with the middle finger missing so that we can insert the tail. I have to clean the underside of her tail daily, and halfway down the tail bone it crooks to one side and then goes back to being straight. It is miserable to watch her defecate/urinate, however she has a high quality of life now (atleast higher than earlier)now that we are using this method and keeping everything completley clean. I did not do this to her, and would never choose to if I had any other choice. I have heard of acupuncture to help cure it, however we are scared of injuring her tail more. Someone also used a weighted tail (no clue why) that was a cap style, and it ripped all the hair out of the last inch of her tail bone. I am not a fan of the weighted tails when they are sued incorrectly, however I think there needs to be an alternative out there for those obsessed with winning.

Been reading your blog for a while but never felt ...


Been reading your blog for a while but never felt the need to comment but Joint stuff is near and dear to me. My swear by stuff is Nimble Supreme by Adeptus Nutrition. The lady who owns it is a PHD Equine Nutritionist and actually took the time a few years back to talk to be about the product and my horse's problems. She uses a patented low molecular wt HA (lower the better for absorbtion)Glucosamine HCI, condroitin sulfate, and collegen which is a better absorbed form of Sulfer (same thing that Msm provides). My fav is the fact that all ingredients are human pharmacutical grade product. Can you tell I've done a lot of research? :) Anyway my 27 year old is fully sound again and my 4' jumper comes out much looser and has been sound in the past 4/5 years that I have owned him and had him on the stuff.

Hi There, Wondering what is up with your mare? di...


Hi There,
Wondering what is up with your mare? did you re-do hypp test & what was out come? Did your mare have the PSSM test? What was that out come? Hope all is well CC

I use hyaluronex for joints, expensive but effecti...


I use hyaluronex for joints, expensive but effective. its also liquid so my picky supplement eater cant eat around it. i think msm is more of an anti-inflammatory (prbly more effective for tendon health on its own) although it is used in conjunction with other ingredients in several joint supplements.

I use a multi purpose hoof joint and coat combo I ...


I use a multi purpose hoof joint and coat combo I love it i guess he doesnt need the joint supp so much but it makes me feel better to have him on it. What I DO LOVE is MTM it regulates lactic acid and really lets them move nice!

My vet says the only two worth buying are Cosequin...


My vet says the only two worth buying are Cosequin or GLC5500. Incidentally, he sells GLC5500 for a LOT of money. Might be why he pimps it.

MSM and Cortaflx have done nothing for Lucy though.

I love Matrix 4 by Med Vet Pharmaceuticals. It...


I love Matrix 4 by Med Vet Pharmaceuticals. It's pricey, but it was the only thing that really made a difference in my high maintenance show horse.

We use Rapid Flex by Manna Pro on my mom's 3yr...


We use Rapid Flex by Manna Pro on my mom's 3yr old Draft/QH cross because of his slowly maturing joints and it is working wonderfully!!! He was so sore before and now he is back to running around and acting like himself again!

We used to use Flex on my jumping mare. She was on...


We used to use Flex on my jumping mare. She was only slightly "off" with her left hip. Flex helped her out a lot. I only put her on it back when I was jumping her. I really liked it.

I was also wondering if you could give some tips on yearling lunge line. I have two APHA Solid fillies that I am wanting to show and have never done lunge line in a show. So, any tips would be great!! Thanks!