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Jump on and Ride

The ramblings of a foodie that loves animals. For more than just eating. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Success is not final, failure is not fatal It is the courage to continue that counts.

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Fred Is A Dink


I'd rather have a dink than a lame horse though.There were good moments too but he was obviously feeling good enough to misbehave.Here he is behaving. HOW in the world can a toed out horse paddle like that?Mandy of course was a complete angel. She's almost always good.(except for Giraffe moments)She was giving kisses before going out.It didn't help. More dinky moments. About 300' from home he decided to behave.The Brown Dog ClubLeft to Right: Gypsy, Mico, Honey[...]

You know, it was so long since I was last here that I ...


had to go and check to see what I last wrote. For SHAME.Anyhow, there have been many things happening here all at once and also in succession. a tropical storm,a hurricane, equine injuries, human injuries, and, finally, a bit of riding.Lessee if I can fit it all into one post.Just a funny, If you look close, you'll see that it's a Mennonite taking PVC pipes home with his horse.Human injury, Juan put the disc grinder into his leg just above the knee. 5 stitches and a near heart attack for me later he's fine.  Fred did something we're NOT sure about, but somehow panicked, ripped a door(that he wasn't tied to) off it's hinges and fell back into the *tack room* straining a deep hip muscle. The only person present quit right after and we never made sense of his *story*I have delved into neon tack.  I tried yucca flowers with scrambled eggs. They're GOOD.(flor de isote) I got a Heartrate monitor for the horses. IT has GPS and everything. sodarncool The day Fred was supposed to be ok'd by the vet(pictured) we woke up to his hind leg blown up like a balloon. Hurricane Richard wreaked havoc on our property and in our lives.(a friend died as a result from events during the hurricane) This is 100% grapfruit crop loss. Three weeks before harvest was to start.(a friends farm) This was just a very dark storm front moving through. I love that colour. Miss Bree had her very first ever official ride. She was a complete star. No fuss, no spook, no buck.  and...I hennaed my hair. Then I went riding with saran wrap on my head. I thing Fred and Mandy were discussing how silly I looked.He seemed pretty comfortable riding yesterday. We did a one mile, walking only ride yesterday afternoon. He thought we should trot. Fred has been coughing a lot lately, we seem to have gotten it under control with 24/7 turnout and Slippery Elm Bark in his feed 2 x/ day. All the ridicule was worth it though. :) Loving to way the colour took.[...]

Vet was out this afternoon to assess Mandy...


he thinks she's very close to fully healed. Her tendon has softened and really increased in flexibility. He said about 95% good now. We got the go ahead to increase trotting times, so we go to 6 minutes tomorrow and next week so long as she's still comfortable she'll go up to 8 minute. Once we hit the 10 minute mark we'll be able to increase 5 minutes/week.She's been telling us she's ready for quite a while.Here's a short video of her trotting.and walking AFTER trotting.  The farther we go, the better her walk looks. She's usually a little stiff as we first head out, but loosens up considerably after trotting.I'm just so SO happy about how well she's doing.and here's me on Fred just starting out this morning.and what he looks like right now:Shall we recap?How he looked the day I tried him out before buying him.(yes, I felt a little bit guilty sitting on that but was impressed that he didn't fall over) Amazing what a little bit of consistent care can do for a body.In other adventures. We went to Spanish Lookout the other day. The water was over the bridge.I was little skeered.While there we dropped TWO broken washing machines off with the Maytag Man.(seriously)and brought home a working oneI was smart on the way home and took video to record my death if we went over.(me being a melodramatic chickenshit and all)Hello, my name is CheekyMare and I'll be your friendly washerwoman this weekYes, the washing machine broke on Saturday and we already had this much backlog.(restaurant, hotel, 10 dogs, mom, me, etc etc etc.)LesighSo, that was my last couple of days. How was yours? [...]

It's Hoof Time.


I'm pretty happy with my farrier. I think she's doing a great job and Fred's (all of them, but it's his feet starring here)feet look great.I took measurements this morning two days after trimming.His feet have gotten bigger over the last TWO(TWO YEARS I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!) years.This morning:His measurements:               W                  LLF:      4 13/16"       4 13/16RF:     4 15/16"       4 13/16LH:     4 7/16"        4 5/8"RH:    4 1/2"           4 5/8"His feet look huge to me. (keeping in mind he's barely 15hh)Here's the handsome boy.and his hooves:LF:LH:RH: Why...yes, I do wear inappropriate footwear around my horses sometimes. (busted)RF:any imbalances are more than likely because the recent road work had them worn down to the point that taking enough off to completely balance would have sored him. (he paddles on the front) He's comfortable on all terrain and we're walking over some pretty big limestone.I'm thinking about ordering some boots.[...]

Vibram Footwear Review and a Story About My Jungle Excursion.


So, I went for a three Mile walk in the KSO Treks last night. I really liked them. No trouble at all except for one stone that hit my arch and hurt a teeny bit. Not enough to lame me, just made me say ouch.I'm walking over some big rocks too. Now I may have a leg up over the average person trying out *Barefoot* footwear  (now that's an oxymoron) for the first time in that I already spend the majority of my life either in Crocs or barefoot and my feet have spread over the years into a fairly natural configuration as opposed to someone who's worn narrow toed shoes for the majority of their life.But the terrain I'm walking on daily (for exercise) isn't exactly smooth:The KSOs I used. (LOOK! That's Fred's hoofprint from the morning ride)MAN! Fred has some HONKING big feet. I'm a size 8 which means my feet are 9.5" long from heel to toe)Anyhow, yesterday's walking adventure:I am supposed to get out on the road no later than 4:45 pm to be able to complete the full 6 miles before dark. Juan was fuzting about with this and that and after waiting for him until 5:05 pm I (rather annoyedly) set out alone with the Brown Dog Club.When Juan isn't along to keep me gaspingly hopping to keep up to his ground eating walk(that's what growing up in the mountains of Western Honduras will do to you) I tend to meander a little more than I should, stopping to look at Ooooh! a Pygmy Kingfisher, what's that random blurry black spot in the road ahead of me? (Grackle) LOOK peccary tracks!...I digress.It took me an hour to reach the Bridge. (just short of three miles) and in accordance with my aloneness I sat down on the bridge to watch the water flow and listen to the sounds of dusk falling in the tropics.Yes. Sitting down to reflect in the gloaming 3 miles from home alone without a phone or gun (or BUG SPRAY) is ALWAYS a good idea. *smacks self*@6:15 I decided I really NEEDED to get up and head back through the creepy silence of the Cacao groves before I ended up sleeping on the bridge for the night. I might wake up drained of blood by the vampire sized mosquitoes we have here. (Not to mention the VAMPIRE bats) I raised one leg and looked up...there was Juan cresting the riverbank and coming down the hill.I got up and breathed a quiet sigh of relief that my chickenshit self wouldn't have to brave the Cacao alone. He met me 1/2 way up the hill and mentioned that he should probably cancel the rescue truck already on the way.(He had called Angel as he was certain I wouldn't have come all this way on my own and was getting worried that he hadn't encountered me)I have to say, I found the thought of an Angel riding to the rescue in a Dodge Ram 250 mildly amusing.  What? are the wings broken?  (at least the truck is white?)Anyhow....all this getting fit shit flew out the window at the thought of being able to ride in a nice comfy truck for the three miles home so I saidNO, NO DON'T DO THAT! We therefore had some time to kill. Juan points at the 20' tall coconut tree growing on the river bank and asks if I'm thirsty.Does a jaguar shit in the woods?  HELL yeah.But you don't have a knife to open the coconut or a stick to get it down...He laughs.and I'm jealous because I can't do that.I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT! *kicks*The Coconut Water was VERY refreshing.Angel arrived just in time to drain the dregs from my coconut.(Juan having drank all of his own)and then I went home and slept the sleep of the innocent all night.This morning I got up, got dressed and put on my Treks. Then proceeded to amuse a large portion of Belize City by wearing them out and about all day long through shopping and Dr's visits. It was an amusing day.I'm still wearing them and they're still comfortable.Vibram on AmazonVibramWebsiteThe difference between the two models I have:The KSO Treks are slightly more shoelike with a thicker sole and the Kangaroo leather is SOFT and cool but I can feel the fabric sock liner around the heel a little more.(still wor[...]

It's a Toe New World


I got new shoes in the mail today.


(object) (embed)

I'm going to have the weirdest footprints in the jungle now. :D(image)

Video. FINALLY. Me, Fred, Mandy, and a little Gypsy.


So, I finally got Youtube to u/l some video for me. FINALLY. The internet has been a complete ass for me for the last month. *kicks shitty ISP*So this morning Me, Mandy and Fred went out for our *morning constitutional*FRED BUCKED. But didn't buck me off.Here we are walking before he decided to buck. (go right ahead and giggle at my getup it ain't pretty but it's comfortable and that's more important)and here we are beginning the 4 minute trot.(the buck happened right after Juan turned off the camera)AND... here is little Miss Bree wearing a saddle. WAY to big for her, but fine for her to get used to swinging stirrups and whatnot.yeah, as per usual she couldn't care lessWhen we got home and I took Fred's saddle off I noticed pressure points on his back and that was the likely cause of the buck so good to know it wasn't for no reason and we won't use that saddle again for him.(It was the first time I had used that saddle on himIt seemed like it fit when I checked it out just before we left)and here is me walking with Gypsy yesterday afternoon. We were just starting out and she was fresh.and here we are at the bridge I mentioned in my last post. Huh...the dogs are still fresh and I am decidedly not. Ahh well, we have 3 miles left to walk.Juan isn't fresh either. Poor boy. He took a nap.Then on the way home Mico *found* a wild animal. (it was either a deer or peccary still not sure) He didn't catch it, but it took an extra 1/2 hour to find and catch him...So this is what the sky looked like when we finally got home (well, we're about 600' from home) after the bushwhacking detour to retrieve Mico. (and this is why I won't go out alone) Mico is the one on a SHORT leash.Dipshit dog.[...]

She done good...


We trotted an unbroken 1/2 mile. I know that doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment but it's a big deal for us. Now I just need to wait and see how her leg likes the increased activity. Fred was a star again. Even when Mandy bit him on the shoulder. (What a little guttersnipe)

So we rested immediately after the trot and it's possible that she may have been slightly uncomfortable...or the flies were just getting to her. She rested that leg and stomped/kicked out a bit. Seemed a little teeny bit uncomfortable when we resumed walking but she soon smoothed out into a good walking rhythm for the last 1/2 mile home.

So. The daily routine now seems to be:

Saddle Fred

Halter Mandy and Bree.

Saddle Mandy if it's weight lifting day

Mount up.

Juan leads Mandy

Bree either has an Angel or a Saint accompanying her. (Private joke... our other two workmen are named Angel[pronounced AN-hel] and Santos respectively)

I ride Fred ahead and we have our little power struggles going down the hill. By the time we hit the one mile mark we've usually got all the discussions about which direction we're going to go in (mine or his) worked out and we settle in for a two or three minute trot to get the kinks out.

Once we've got that done, Mandy and Bree are hitting around the one mile mark.

Fred and I trot back to meet them and I take Mandy for ponying on the ride back.

We trot the allotted time.(I kind of guessed it today, but we did a 1/2 mile and it felt like it was about four minutes)

Tomorrow we just walk.

THEN there's the dogs. I skipped yesterday as the dogs were just dragging when we hit the last mile on Tuesday(especially Honey). But right now we're regularly doing a 4.6 mile afternoon walk daily up from 3 miles last week. I'm working on making it all the way to the bridge. which will put us just under 6 miles round trip. Awesome. I'm going to have to figure out some way of having a water stop along the way though.

Even when I wait till 5 pm and get back just before dark the temps are still in the 90s most days and it's hard on the dogs.(and me)

Here's a google image of our routes:

 As Mandy improves in her back muscling I'm hoping I can put Juan on her (he's much lighter than I) and we can increase our distances. Today all I'm going to worry about is her leg. She seemed fine on it after resting an hour but... you know, I'm a worry wart.

If anyone has ideas for ways we can improve the routine for the horses suggestions are always appreciated.(image)

Three rides in one week. Put a mark on the wall. No food pictures today.


 Mandy's *halfperson*makes me laugh. Fred ponying like a pro. He really makes her have to stretch those legs to keep up to him. Waiting for the slowpokes. Waiting for the slowpokes...again. Almost home. Yay! Hose time! Little to the left there. Ahhh, yesh. Right there.Today we worked on Mandy learning to drop behind and come up the other side while being ponied. She done good. I'm so proud of Fred. He seems to be taking his new job(ponying Mandy) very seriously. I think my boy is growing up.[...]

Hellooooo-o-o-o-o.(listens to echoes)


I do apologize. Life here has been a little crazy busy as of late.Mandy: Doing great. We're up to 55 minute walks and just last week added trotting in hand and walking saddled but not ridden. She has no muscle left to carry a rider. She's been handling the increased exercise with no soreness or heat though. Next week we go up to four minutes and I'm going to add 10 pounds of weight for her to carry.We alternate days. One day saddled and one day trotting. (this is what me and Floyd the vet agreed on)Dogs all well and also getting in better shape with daily walks.I'm also well and trying hard to cut down on my smoking.(partly why I'm been offline as I tend to smoke while I right now)At least...I'm eating well? REALLY well. A sampling of my meals over the last little while.Hummus with sliced cucumbers and cheater's kibbies.Cilantro Garlic Tilapia with Vegetable Rice  Insalta Caprese Lobster Tails With Tomato and Avocado Salad Whole Fried Fish with Stew Beans and White Rice Pupusas Revuelta with Curtido Mango Chicken Fish Serre with Fufuand...the restaurant has been busy.some unothodox lunch clientsFred is looking absolutely wonderful ... Bree says Don't bother me...I'm busy.Thanks  for your patience and I will TRY to post more often.[...]

T.S. Alex, making a sweater from scratch, and a second all weather paddock.


With T.S. Alex slated to slide right past us, the boys worked really hard yesterday morning and moved one entire dump truck's worth of (WET) crusher dust into the small paddock one wheelbarrow at a time.The girls thought it was pretty nice. Mandy's still not allowed loose to test it out though. Then...Alex decided to turn to the west and head straight for us. Yesterday afternoon was pretty soggy.Gypsy was very worried and shadowed me while the other two stayed dry up on the porch. Fred thought being in was boring, but there was lightning not too far away from us and he likes to stand right out under the power lines.Pretty much at the worst of the rain and wind. Bree wanted me to know that her room LEAKS! Humph!So all the inactivity due to weather spurred a visit from my muse...I started another sweater. This one is a lovely grey in  angora with a very soft hand. I started the night of June 23rdand have already finished the yoke, neckline, and armholes. All the thinking work is done. Now it's just mindless scutwork.^That second pic represents about two unsmoked packs of cigs. Quitting smoking that you can wear. ;-)Gotta love that. Almost forgot, the garden this morning is very VERY green.[...]

Finally. Something went right.


After deciding to cover the one big paddock with Crusher Dust last month, the day we were going to do it the heavens opened and we got 14" of rain in two weeks. Being that all the ground around here is made of *White Marl* not only is it slick, it's the kind of ground that will swallow vehicles whole.Before:The last 10 days have been unexpectedly dry and I snatched at the chance to get the CD down. 10 loads later I have one brand new paddock. :-) I'm so SO happy right now.After: One paddock to go.Doing the big one first means that no matter the weather I will always have a place to walk Mandy.Even if I can't turn her out in it yet.[...]

Can I get a drama ...


holiday please?I think I need a direct vet line. I'm sorry for calling so often so late(or early) to all my veterinary saviours. You know who you are and I am grateful for each and every one of you.I was relaxing last night upstairs at my Mom's house after we closed and Juan calls me and says he found a venomous snake on my sidewalk right at my gate with the dogs...He says: She's got blood on her head.*bang goes the laptop*  WHO?!? WHO HAS BLOOD ON HER HEAD?!?Juan hasn't quite got use of the personal pronouns down pat. He meant the snake... Just about stopped my heart right there.So I hit the ground running and made it down to my house in record time. Made sure the snake was pinned securely and inspected each dog and all the horses. No visible injuries.It seems that at least one of my dogs bit a Tommygoff  (Fer de Lance)  instead of the Tommygoff biting them.Once I was reasonably certain that no one had been bitten, I went down and had Juan put  the snake out of it's misery. Then I took pictures.(of course)Pinned snake taken on the fly going to check dogs.(it was dark and I wanted to make sure it really was a Tommygoff.Blood where the snake was found relative to my gate.Dead Snake. (it was mortally injured)Pics of the puncture.Then I went to bed and slept fitfully.This morning everyone is alive, alert, and feeling fine.I'm a lucky girl.[...]

One Dog's Story


part of it anyway.This is the story of Gypsy. Rescued by the Belmopan Humane Society. (I can't take any credit for this amazing story, only pass it on)GYPSYJune 30/09 call from Wendy ***** *** ****Saw a dog in San Martin, [address]. chained to dog house starved almost to death.Wendy & I went to house, saw dog, Gypsy. Indeed she is dying from malnutrition. She also has 5 puppies trying to drink from her. [Owner], says the puppies are 6 weeks old. July 1 – I returned with Patsy . Brought food, (Mash) vitamins, food bowl, info, activity book for children. Dewormed her, PyrentalShowed them how to feed dog, need to feed her small amounts 3 times a day plus feed the puppies.Pictures from July 1, 2009Owner has 3 other dogs, all males, puppies of Gypsy 10 months ago.Gypsy has been impregnated by her own male dogs.The owner does not like females as they always get pregnant. I asked her to help get Gypsy healthy by feeding her the food BHS provides and I would find a home for her. She agreed.July 6, returned with Patsy. Gypsy is thinner if it is possible. The other dogs got hold of the mash bag and tore it open and ate everything. She has not been fed for days as there is sickness amongst the children and the mother is at the hospital all the time.July 7 – phoned owner, asked if I could remove Gypsy from her premises. She said yes. Had her sign a release form and returned with Patsy in the pm and moved her to foster home, Judith F*****. Dr. A***** gave her a complete checkup and an antibiotic shot for a light infection draining from her vulva.Judith to feed her 3 times a day and vitamins twice a day.July 7thJuly 8 – checked on Gypsy. She is eliminating properly, seems brighter and slept well in her dog house. Gets along well with Retsi, resident dog. Introduced her to Leila.July 17 – Dr. B***** visited Gypsy, gave her anti rabies & dog vaccine. Checked her over, clipped her nails. Gypsy is feeling much better, gaining strength, going on walks.July 20 – Lilly walked Gypsy to property to keep Leila company for the morning while volunteer work was being done in Resource Center. Walked her back after lunch. She still has discharge, took to her to Dr. A***** who gave her an antibiotic shot and prescribed quinocalf 2 tablets morning and night for 7 days. Says she is doing very well, is putting on weight.July 27 – looking good, though she still has discharge. Dr. O***** says spay will take care of that. Scheduled for spay.July 31August 4 – Spayed. Judith F***** assisted Dr. B*****. Gypsy was pregnant!!!! She lost a lot of blood. Put her on puppy chow, canned dog food, vitamins. Wouldn’t eat or drink for 24 hours. Put on amox shots every 3 days. Aug. 7 – eating and drinking and feeling better. Judith to prepare liver for her to build up blood.Aug. 8 – Dr. B**** put her on Penicillin tablets daily. The day after receiving Penicillin tablet she has stopped eating. Judith admin. Fluids.Aug. 9 – Gypsy is losing weight quickly. Judith took her to Dr. B**** clinic where she stayed for 3 days. I noticed a pattern of her becoming sick every time she has penicillin. Suggested she be put on a different antibiotic. Poor dog has been taking amox or penicillin for over a month now. Dr. B****gave fluids and different antibiotic shots for 3 days. She is eating again.Aug. 13 Brought her back to Judith’s, she will recuperate better there. Infection and discharge STILL there.Aug. 15 – asked Dr. H****’s opinion. He suggested Cefalexin for 14 days.Aug. 16 – started her on Cefalexin. She has put on some weight since the 13th. Her coat is changing color. Old dead fur being brushed out every day.Lilly took her for long wal[...]

Navigating the abyss...


You know how tendon rehab is only supposed to be done on firm ground and in straight lines? Well, we have the straight lines at least...

(object) (embed)

Twice a day we have to walk this path to get to the only firm ground around. I think she's doing pretty well all things considered. (especially as she used to refuse to cross puddles)

Those pictures of Fred yesterday? We made a little magic with a hose and copious amounts of soap.

Bree says: I see you...


Well, Ra


iny season is here....Fred says hi.I say lesigh...(I wasn't really planning on leaving him in the paddock today, but the damage was done when I got there so...)We did Bree's second backing yesterday. On the road. While walking Mandy.Hohum.and Mandy is doing really well with her walking. (no pics for once)We've been experiencing some spectacular sunsets over the last week. I did NOT play with these pictures. I wonder if they're connected with that volcano in Guatemala that began erupting last week...[...]

Seriously? Seriously. SERIOUSLY!?!


It's all over now...but she nearly has me done in.All of a sudden Monday night I ran down after getting caught up with a big group at the restaurant to quickly walk Mandy in the dark.I halter her and lead her out onto the road, she was really good even though it was pitch black and I didn't bother to take Bree.Half way down I see her stretching her neck waaaaay out. On the way back...she's foaming and dripping drool.WTFinF???Haul ass the rest of the way back, get her in the stable where there's light and see this.Oh no... no no no no no no NON!IT'S TETANUSWNVEPMEE/WE/VE ZOMG RABIESYes...that is how I sound inside my mind...I can be kinda loud.Soooo anyhow, had a vet come out the next day. The same one I called in a panic wayyyy past working hours. She's not a horse vet but she's a good vet. :) (two vets actually)Thank you Jane and I'm so sorry, but I've zoned on the other vet's name... I know we're far far past your normal route.We flushed her mouth, but other than then seeing fresh blood we couldn't find or see anything going on.She WAS at least eating and drinking so we decided to come back at it the next day but with sedation.Yesterday(Wednesday morning) I wake up and Juan tells me she's not tilting her head and he hasn't seen her drool...Another wonderful vet came out to help in the afternoon and Mandy stood up really well for the IV shot YAY! Then Mike had a good feel round in her mouth.Nothing there...he found some abrasions/lacerations on her tongue, but whatever caused then was gone. She self resolved.Whew! SO glad that it turned out to be seemingly minor but jeebus, I'm emotionally exhausted.This is the third thing...PLEASE let it be the last for a long time.When Floyd(the horse vet) gets back from FL I'm going to have him come out and have a good look round all three equine mouths to look for potential developing issues that we can maybe catch before they become problems.I need sleep.another big shout out to the Animal Medical Center I don't know what we would do without your help.Especially Mike, Jane, Phyllis and Miriam. You guys rock![...]

Going Gone by Laura Crum


It came in the mail on Friday and I finished it yesterday. :)

My only complaint...I read too fast. ;)

If you like mysteries, and you like horses, Laura Crum's your go to girl.

align="left" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="height: 245px; padding-right: 10px; padding-top: 5px; width: 131px;">

I do have one other bitch. I got interested in her books in January, combed the internets and got Every. Single. Book. in the series.(thanks to a wonderful friend who collected them at her house and mailed them down to me in a onener) Except one of the sellers crapped out on me and I missed a crucial book. Ack!

Yes...I am one of THOSE people who have to read series from the beginning. This is driving me crazy.(image)

She's trying to kill me...


with stress.Soooo, the scab on her injured leg is now a itty bitty teeny tiny scab and we're rubbing Mederma on it in the hopes of keeping the scar tissue elastic.She's walking good and without serious evidence of pain although still clearly short in the leg.Per the vet's instructions we have her still stalled and out twice daily for 10 minute hand walks.per my gut's instructions I'm as of yesterday also letting her out in the small paddock under close supervision in an effort to prevent yet ANOTHER injury...Yes, this IS her OTHER hind leg.It's not that serious, I know, but geeze. Can you just... STOP!?! STOP ALREADY I'M STILL BROKE FROM THE LAST ONE!She tried to roll in her stall and cast herself legs up. The injuries are from smashing her hooves against the back window WOODEN  bars... I didn't see it till the next morning(the second time, I was there for the first) but I know for sure what happened as one of my workers saw the whole thing, he just didn't think it was necessary to TELL me. *sigh*See that long scrape down the cement? That's my mare. I'm so PROUD. >. align="left" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="height: 245px; padding-right: 10px; padding-top: 5px; width: 131px;"> align="left" [...]

Hooves again. Mandy...


has some weird stuff going on due in part I'm sure to her confinement and work load.A short vid from this morning, she's obviously low in the inside of the injured (right hind) leg. Correspondingly she's high on the inside of her left front. We're going to try and fix this tonight or tomorrow.Her leg seems to be doing well.Her sole on both hinds is doing something funky.can you see a kind of bulge? It looks like it's wanting to slough.She seems comfortable...Her leg bearing full weight while we were looking at the other hoof.Look how teeny tiny that scab is!Angles don't look bad.Her fronts are wanting to slough too.Flares are [] thisclose to GONEThese soles look a little more normal.The toes that she took off pawing have almost grown in.Just have to figure out WTH is going on in those hinds...[...]

So, hooves...yes, it's that time again. Bree


Bree first. These pics are untrimmed. Her fronts were trimmed about two weeks ago, but I think Juan left her toes too long. I'm hoping we can get her trimmed tonight. Then we'll post update pics.She has tiny little feet to go with the rest of her.Fronts too long.Front rightFront view.Hind rightHind leftHind viewLeft FrontAll in all I think she has EXCELLENT feet. Here are a couple shots of a day or two after she arrived two years ago.Right frontRight hind.[...]

Something NOT about Mandy. Bree got saddled...


yesterday. She was a star. Totally not phased about anything.

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Today, she had her first passenger

(object) (embed)

I am so proud of her. Too bad she's such a little shit. I'd never trust her with a child.

What she needs is a smart, very small, very light, well balanced adult rider that knows how to keep the upper hand with a pushy mare.

We're not going to be doing *real* riding anytime soon. She's not quite three,(and too small for anyone over 120 pounds) but I think she's mentally ready to learn about carrying a person. We'll just do a little futzing and then leave her be to mull it over.

I'd love to be able to pony her along on trail rides with the other horses though. I think it would be good for both her mind and body.(image)

We has a scab...


an itty bitty teeny tiny one.I realize that this is part of why her leg is so swollen because all that fluid can't just fall out of her leg...but I am SO glad to see it close up for another reason. It is mind meltingly hot here right now with humidity to go with it and I hate keeping her leg all wrapped up. I've switched to thin cotton quilts and thin poly wraps, but...ICK.I know no one really comes here to read my ponderings so I'll get on with the good stuff. PICS!This is her sore this morning.She's itchy itchy itchy and I know part of that is from being all wrapped up constantly. The doc ok'd leaving her leg unsupported every other day to allow it to get some air. What I'm REALLY looking forward to is when unwrapped means NOTHING on the leg instead of a light bandage over the sore.Her garb this morning. It's close to 100* F and 80% humidity.I've been rubbing her leg with bag balm the last few days to help with the itching.It won't do any good to heal up the sore and have her chew a hole in her leg because of the itching so I'm trying to get it as UNitchy as possible before removing all protection.This morning I did something different:I covered her leg from hock to coronet with Anti-Monkey Butt powder before wrapping it. I think she liked that. I think she liked that a LOT.It kind of looks like maybe she's a little less swollen today.Maybe it's my imagination...I hope it's not.She REALLY looks forward to her 10 minutes a day out of jail.*laughs* God I love this mare's attitude. Personality times 100[...]

Mandy is coninuting to improve.*knock on wood*


She's extending it farther back and putting more weight on it.We went for a ~relatively~ quiet walk last night. (one attempted bite and one attempted rush) On the whole, well behaved considering how long she's been locked in a box.This is her leg this morning after we iced it and before we re-wrapped.Look at her USING those tendons!and the cut itself. Looks a little ooky, but I've been told to not wash more than every 4 days or so. I'm keeping it covered with a maxi pad and either sulfa powder or wonder dust depending on if there's any proud flesh beginning. I only use wonder dust if I see PF.I think it's looking pretty good.[...]

Ahh well, I've been scared to jinx it, but it feels like we turned a corner...


in Mandy's healing process. She's been cleared by the vet... *GUESS WHAT!?!?!!!!! BELIZE HAS AN EQUINE VET NOW! OUR VERY FIRST!... to start handwalking. 10 minutes a day. For the next two weeks and a re-evaluation.Can you tell I'm just the teeniest bit excited about that? An actual vet who went to school and studied horses? Oh WOW! I'm hoping we'll get along well. I think he has a pretty good hand with them so far.Anyhow, off tangent. Yes, the wound has begun to shrink and was shrinking measurably four days in a row but plateaued again yesterday. The process of wound healing would be fascinating to me if it wasn't MY baby healing. :-\However, I think it looks pretty good and here are some pictures to show the world that.April 2ndApril 14thIt's also gotten itchy...April 15thI took a risk and let her out to get some sun on the leg unwrapped yesterday morning.Sun is good.ETA: On a lead, not loose. and here we are heading out last night. 10 minutes total.and coming home.Bree was a complete shit the whole way but understandable perhaps considering she's perfectly healthy and in jail.We're a long way from the finish line but I feel good about it right now.[...]