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Adopt a Living Legend

Updated: 2016-09-07T21:25:32.742-07:00


Adoptables in Burns, Oregon


The following photos were taken in Sept and Oct of 2012.  Contact Patti Wilson for more information on adopting any of these horses:

Gelding #1512
I love this boy!  Very curious; he spent a good deal of time at the fence studying me and finally reaching out to smell my hand.  He's a very cool guy!  

While I've not got numbers on any of these three, they're pretty unmistakable!

2 year old black filly, #1267

Curious, but cautious!  3 year old gelding #1630

Three year old pinto mare, #1636



This super adorable gelding is # 1740.  Can't see the back from here, but I'd venture to guess he's got a line down it!  $125 adoption fee.



Pretty bay mare, two or three years old.  #1752.

More Than a Pretty Face



This pretty little mop top is just a tad shy, but curious enough that when the other girls came up for a quick sniff, she did, too. Not overly confident, but doesn't appear terribly fearful, coming or going she's a pretty girl!


2 year old filly
Stinkingwater HMA

For more information, contact Patti Wilson at 541/573-4424 or email

Pretty Buckskin



This little girl's got attitude! But that's okay, because she's pretty enough to pull it off.
As we understand it, she's a bit full of herself. A wee bit pushy with the other girls. A tad bit aloof when people show up along the fenceline. But who can blame her? She's beautiful, and she knows it. She's got alpha mare written all over her. Looking for a strong partner to bring out her attributes!


2 year old filly
Stinkingwater HMA
For more information, contact Patti Wilson at 541/573-4424 or email





Beautiful red dun mare with the prettiest eyeliner, don't you think? She wants to look her best for you! Or maybe she just wants to feel pretty (you know how those pregnant girls are...all that natural glow, yet sometimes they still need a little boost!)

Warm Springs HMA
For more information, contact Patti Wilson at 541/573-4424 or email

Darling Pinto Filly



This precious little yearling filly has just enough white to make her noticeable, but little enough that you won't spend your days trying to keep her clean. This leggy little girl with her pretty, feminine head is going to be a show stopper!

Tag #9987
For more information, contact Patti Wilson at 541/573-4424 or email



Dove Has Been Adopted, thank you Rachel Wilson!

Dove is currently in training with Matthew Wilson of Silver Lake, Oregon. Ten years old, 15.1 hands. She's not only beautiful, but smart, too!

Lovely Gray Mare


Beautiful beyond compare...

This ten year old gray mare was measured at 15.1 hands (roughly) and is ten years old. Originally gathered in Cold Springs HMA, released into Sand Springs, she was gathered again in 2008...but they found her in Sheepshead! Must have wandered across the road. She foaled in the corrals in '09 and has been waiting for her adopter since then.

Mustang U has arranged to have her sent to Oregon EMM trainer Matthew Wilson where she is available for adoption.



Email for more information and an adoption application.

Extreme Mustang Makeover


Extremely Satisfying!
Extremely Gratifying!
Extremely Fun!

The Northwest Extreme Mustang Makeover is coming to Albany, Oregon in March
Trainer applications now being accepted
Get yours in today!

Click here to apply

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Wadatika and Sky Bar's Chance, ADOPTED



(image) Tika continues to improve. She's very sensitive and quite intelligent. She requires a soft approach and would benefit from someone willing to sit and have their morning coffee with her while she learns to trust someone new. She's pushed the halter over her ear a few times and allows me to put it back into place. She can be caught in a small area but is not ready to live life on a grander scale yet. She lets me rub her face, I've untangled her mane, and I can rub her with the end of the rope (it's a big deal for some horses to be touched with that rope.) Her biggest accomplishment this week was learning to eat grain!

Tika has a lot of potential in the right hands.


Sky Bar has done very well this week! He's continuing his ground training by being saddled, wearing the snaffle, and the other day we introduced ground driving. He was a bit confused at first, but figured it out pretty quick and before long was driving all over the arena, turning both left and right. Sky Bar is going to make a dandy little horse for someone!

Both of these horses will be available at the Bellingham event at BB Stables.

11:00 Viewing

12:00 Equine Nutrition Seminar

1:15 Stick Horse Races

1:30 Saddle Fitting Demonstration

2:45 Wild Horse Demo's Begin

3:00 Silent, Competitive Bid adoption

4:00 Revive A Back Astride Demonstration

Don't forget that Saturday, Sept 26 is National Wild Horse Adoption Day!

Sky Bar's Chance


(image) Sky Bar definitely has kid potential. He's a pretty easy going fellow.

He went for his first walk through the woods with us the other day.
He was alert, but he walked nicely.

The saddling went without a hitch last week. He continues to improve with picking up his feet; he'll hold them up now rather than ask for them back right away. He doesn't appear to know how to lunge when outside of a round pen, but that will come. I left him tied at the arena wall and he did fine.

For a bit of grain, he loads nicely. Without the treat, when we first approached the horse trailer, he was unsure. A slight tremor went through his body. He'd walk up to it, but not enter. He's a bit nervous about hauling; he paws while confined (both in the trailer and a stall.) We will make several short trips over the next couple of weeks to help him learn to relax. So far, that's his only real vice, and certainly one that can be overcome.

Lovely Sorrel in Salem, Oregon


Denise Phillips of Salem, Oregon took on this lovey sorrel mare. She has this to say:

This mare is one of the nicest mustangs that I have worked with. She is very quiet and always looks to pleases She was a bit on the thin side but is now gaining weight. If I had room she would be staying here.. She leads well, lounges walk,trot and working on the canter, can throw a body blanket on her, fly spray her and can pick up all of her feet. We are working on tying and loading in to a trailer.

Want more information? Maybe want to take a look? Contact Denise at



Adopt A Living Legend is brought to you by Washington trainers Tracey Westbury and Jamie Thomas. Both women have competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover events and are enrolled in the Trainer Incentive Program (TIP.) On this blog you'll be able to follow the progress of TIP mustangs who are available for adoption through both trainers. If you're interested in adopting, contact the trainers and set up an appointment to come see them!