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Augustus' Reign

An American Mustang

Updated: 2017-09-23T00:06:28.859-07:00


Double Digits


This happy face is now 10 years old. (image) (image)

April Rainy Days


Not much to report on lately, but we have been loving the rain we are receiving. Like most places, we need it. Makes for some soggy horses and slippy situations though. Stay dry out there! (image) (image)

G'day strangers!!


Hello everyone! Decided to sign back in after a very long hiatus and noticed there were a few pending comments, so wanted to post in case anyone was still out there. :) I have been very busy with lots of traveling and Gus has changed tremendously but still such an amazing horse with an awesome personality. With the nature of social media, I have mainly focused on Facebook and Instagram, but thought it was time to say hello again and make some updates. Gus is 9 years old now and we are still at Shiloh Horse Rescue where he enjoys his boarded life with many of the same (and new) pasture mates. Shiloh is still going strong, focusing on The Lucky Horse to sell handmade shoes in order to support the ranch and all of its endeavors. NWHA is not really in existence any longer and actually the status of the group is in limbo, so unfortunately I have no updates on that. But, alas, Augustus is still the same fun and mischievous guy and a blast to ride. We are still loving life out here in the Mojave. I will try to update the site more often, but in case any one is interested, you can follow my account on Instagram - @bonzamate. I tend to post a good mix of travel and horse photos and maybe you will find them interesting. Also, I am on Vimeo: Until next time, please enjoy some recent photographs of Augustus. (image) (image) (image) (image)

Good 'ol Gus 11/3/12


He knows when you're happy. He knows when you're comfortable. He knows when you're confident. And he always knows when you have carrots. ~Author Unknown

Riding in the Heart of the Mojave 10/27/12


“A man on foot, on horseback or on a bicycle will see more, feel more, enjoy more in one mile than the motorized tourists can in a hundred miles.” Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire

The Dusty Trail 10/25/12


"May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds..." - Edward Abbey

Megan and Gus 10/20/12


Megan took Gus out again on Saturday and we all went for a nice ride. James joined us for the ride on Colby. I rode my other horse, Sawyer, who hadn't been out in a while since I am trying to get him fattened back up. It was cool, because for the first time, someone was riding Gus on trail WITH me. He has gone out with Megan plenty of times, but always when I am not around. It was really neat to see him out on trail under someone else and see how he handled and looked. He was a perfect gentleman and treated Megan like a lady, haha.

King of the Mountain 10/13/12


Augustus went out for a nice day trip with Megan, James, and his fellow equine buddy Colby. They rode up into the Mesquite Mountains on the CA / NV line and had some great view of Sandy Valley and the Nevada desert below. With all the recent rains, there were plenty of water holes along the way for them to sip from and play in. This is one of the few times Gus has gone out on trail without me, and he did awesome. No issues, no problems, and no one got bucked off. Makes me a proud Dad to see my boy going out on adventures even when I can't be around. Thank you James and Megan for taking care of him and letting him have some fun!

Instagram Photos 10/17/12


Various Instagram photos taken over the last few weeks.

Happy 6th Birthday, Gus!


A Happy Birthday to my boy, Gus! Six years old now! :)



Augustus and I are staying cool in the Mojave during our Monsoon season thanks to our ranch tub, but still having some fun in the arena with some impromptu bronc riding! :) Life is good.



A perfect day for a trail ride. Jeremy on Sawyer and Shawn on Colby.

That sweet Mojave rain...7/13/12


Monsoon season is upon us out here in the Mojave. Keep it comin' Mother Nature!



Augustus and Iceman - Nevada Mustangs

Nothing better..


Nothing better than having a lazy weekend with your Mustang. No rush, no saddle, just spending awesome quality time together. Fortunately, we do this alot. 7/6/12-7/7/12

September 2011


Thanks to Purple Sage Photography for this sweet image of me and my boy. Too cool.

"The Mojave Outback"


An early morning sunrise out where the wild ones roam. A great start to an always awesome with my boy. 6/24/12 (image)



(image) (image) (image) (image)

Augustus and Colby 6/16/12


Augustus, Colby, and the beautiful Mojave sunset. Nothing like a play date in the cooler evening. These guys have so much fun! Thanks to Megan for letting my boy out and for taking these great shots. (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

Welcome back, Wishes! 5/28/12


My daughter-in-law is back at the ranch! Yeehaw!! Welcome back, Wishes. We definitely missed you, especially Gus. Jenny Kane, Wishes' owner, moved her into town so she could see her more often, but due to special circumstances, they have come back out to Sandy Valley. This is great for everyone at the ranch because these two make a great team and were missed dearly. Augustus and Wishes basically grew up together and formed a wonderful relationship and were instantly love birds. Today,they played and had a great time in the arena, and it was like they never left. Looking forward to Wishes and Jenny joining us out on trail for many more adventures. Wishes sure has grown up and looks beautiful. Gus better keep an eye out on the other geldings...he may have some competition. :) Other than that awesome news, hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. Augustus and I went on a nice ride, and I couldn't think of anywhere better to to be than on the back of my Mustang.

May is here...


May is here and the summer heat is right there with it. We are now in the 90's and 100's, but managing to stay cool and have fun. Gus and I have been doing lots of work in the arenas while still exploring out on trail. You can't beat good times with good friends. It is going to be a great summer. [...]

Proposed Wild Horse Ecosanctuary


BLM Selects Proposed Wild Horse Ecosanctuary on Private Land for Environmental Review As part of an ongoing effort to reform its national Wild Horse and Burro Program, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced today that it has selected for environmental review a private land site proposed as the location for a wild horse ecosanctuary. The selection of the to-be-reviewed site, a private ranch in southeastern Wyoming 30 miles west of Laramie, means that the BLM will conduct an environmental assessment of the site under the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 to determine the proposed ecosanctuary’s environmental viability. The BLM expects its NEPA analysis of the private land described in the ecosanctuary proposal to be completed in three to six months, after which the agency will make a decision about whether to enter into a formal partnership with the private landowner. The proposed 250-horse ecosanctuary would help the BLM feed and care for excess wild horses that have been removed from Western public rangelands; the facility would also be publicly accessible while providing potential ecotourism opportunities. The Bureau’s selected proposal came from Richard Wilson, owner of a more than 4,000-acre ranch situated in Wyoming’s Centennial Valley, a summer and winter recreational area that encompasses the town of Centennial, located on Highway 130. In all, 19 parties submitted private land ecosanctuary proposals to the BLM in response to its Request for Applications posted on on March 15, 2011. Proposals were turned down if they did not meet the BLM’s minimum requirements, including ownership or control of the necessary land and a proven ability to provide humane care for at least 200 wild horses. If a partnership agreement with Mr. Wilson is finalized, the BLM would sponsor the ecosanctuary at a funding level comparable to what the agency pays ranchers who take care of excess wild horses on long-term pastures in the Midwest. The partnership agreement would also contain a fundraising component, the money from which would help defray costs for operating the sanctuary, thus saving taxpayer dollars. “This selection is a milestone in our overall effort to reform the Wild Horse and Burro Program and put it on a cost-effective, sustainable track,” said BLM Director Bob Abbey. “Although the Wyoming ranch can likely handle more than 250 horses, taking a cautious approach will enable the BLM and Mr. Wilson to properly assess and resolve any issues that may arise in the early phases of this innovative partnership.” Mr. Wilson and his wife Jana, managers of their family-owned Deerwood Ranch near Centennial, Wyoming, said the ranch “is a perfect place, a safe haven for wild horses.” The Wilsons have 15 horses of their own. “I’m excited about the prospects of operating an ecosanctuary for wild horses,” said Mr. Wilson, who has 26 years of ranching experience. “I look forward to the possibility of working with the BLM in caring for these icons of the American West.” The BLM is also analyzing a second set of proposals that would involve the establishment of wild horse ecosanctuaries on a mixture of private and BLM-managed land. The Bureau is still analyzing these proposals, for which the Request for Applications was posted on on March 25, 2011, and has made no selection at this time. The BLM is preparing to publish a proposed wild h[...]

March 2012