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Preview: Little Wooden Doll

Little Wooden Doll

Updated: 2016-11-01T16:43:17.942-04:00




Won't be long until Easter!  The weather will be getting warmer and all of Little Wooden Doll's fashions will spring like and colorful!  How fun!



Don’t you love this cheerful and fun Christmas dress? We think it is perfect for Christmas Eve fun! Lots of Santa Clauses everywhere! And a lot of red glitter at the neckline! Merry Christmas LWD!


Alphabet Dress



Our Little Wooden Doll is getting ready for school to begin! How appropriate is this sweet dress? Letters of the alphabet are scattered all over the fabric. And do you see the little bottle of glue in her pocket? LWD is ready and excited about going to school. Easy to buy on

Little Wooden Doll is a flat doll and stands about 9 inches tall. She is a lot like a paper doll, but made of wood. One of a Kind. Her clothing (and she has quite an extensive wardrobe!), is made from a variety of fun fabrics. Clothing is for the front of the doll, with Velcro shoulder tabs to keep the outfits attached.



Love this dress![...]




We Three Kings!  I just couldn't resist this fabric!  The entire Christmas Story is on the fabric!  On the bodice, are the three kings - looking happy and kind!  And on the skirt, can you see Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus?  There is even the humble donkey, the sweet little sheep and the very protective cow!  Little Wooden Doll loves her new Christmas dress!

 What a wonderful day here in Mt. Washington!  No teaching today!  Candles giving off the aroma of pine trees and Christmas music softly playing - sure is putting me in the mood for Christmas.  But only in the Little Wooden Doll shop!  The rest of my home looks quite prepared for Thanksgiving!






Won't be long until it is Thanksgiving Day!  Our Little Wooden Doll and her family are so excited about all the festivities!  Lots of wonderful traditional food, plus all that football!  Woo Hoo!  And our LWD will be dressed ever so appropriately in her "Gobble" dress!  Don't eat too much LWD![...]



Autism Speaks 2015!  Our Little Wooden Doll supports finding a cure for Autism!  As you can see from the pattern of her little colorful dress, their logo is the "piece of the puzzle".  It is an excellent choice for a symbol - Autism and what causes it, is still such a puzzle to the medical community.




It really is ALL little Betsy McCall's fault!  How I loved those paper dolls!  My cousin (who was also my godmother!) would faithfully, each month, give me the latest monthly copy of the magazine!  In truth, I loved all paper dolls, but Betsy was always a favorite.  Below is a sample of the original Betsy McCall followed by a picture of my own Little Wooden Doll - same concept, just different materials!  Love ya', Betsy! [...]



Grandpa's favorite dress for Little Wooden Doll!  It's a Christmas dress!

We have been really busy!


Finally, hoping to get back to the Little Wooden Doll blog!  It's been a long time.  Our little shop has grown over the last few years and the fun level has grown even more!  Have a wonderful Sunday!




How can it be December 9th already? The days just march on so very quickly. Today it is Christmas Tree buying day! We will head off to our favorite Newtown Christmas Tree lot and pick up one large tree (living room) and one small tree (dining room). Hopefully this weekend both trees will be decorated and giving lots of new holiday cheer to my sweet home.

I also hope my cats don't decide to climb the trees! Oh dear! They certainly love batting the ornaments!

Our Little Wooden Doll is all dressed up to go shopping! She's wearing her Santa Claus outfit with the green corduroy pants! One of the 'santa claus' even has a bit of red glitter shining back at us.




"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other one is as though everything is a miracle." Albert Einstein

So - I think I will go with the thought that 'everything is a miracle'! Who knows what this day will bring to me, but I believe in a Master Plan, so no worries for me. What is supposed to happen, will happen; and I will do my best to appreciate it all.

Today is actually my Friday! Taking a day off from the real job to pursue the work of the dream job (LWD). Also, kind of excited - heading down to see Joel Osteen tomorrow night! I've never seen him live before, only his great TV show, so hopefully the entire program will be uplifting and entertaining.

My Little Wooden Doll (above) is always reminding me that she needs new clothes! So wearing her little plaid pants (which I love and wish I had) and her sweatshirt top with lots of silver glitter, she keeps looking at me as though to say "the leaves are falling and time is rushing by" and we have much to do!




"Now the days grow cold,
As the year grows old,
And the meadows are brown and sere;
Brave robin redbreast
Has gone from his nest,
for this is the Fall of the year."

November 1st! How quickly the year has passed. Two full months left of 2011 - so let's make the most of these chilly precursor days to Winter.

Working on our Little Wooden Doll's winter wardrobe - so many activities for November and December! The "real" job takes sooooo much of my time and so too does the teaching, but one pays the bills and one feeds my heart - so all is good and I will always find time for LWD.

November is the month of our Thanksgiving - much to look forward to and makes me think of Irving Berlin's line: "Got no checks, got no banks. Still I'd like to express my thanks -I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night."

Emily With Glasses



Emily is a red haired, green eyed little doll with glasses that a little girl can play with for hours at a time.

There are many different outfits of clothing for many occasions including Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Play Dates, Sleep Overs, Dancing and many more.

Click Here To See More Of...Emily With Glasses

Hannah With Glasses



Hannah is a brown haired, brown eyed little doll with glasses that a little girl can play with for hours at a time.

There are many different outfits of clothing for many occasions including Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Play Dates, Sleep Overs, Dancing and many more.

Click Here To See More Of...Hannah With Glasses

Mia With Glasses



Mia is a blonde haired, blue eyed little doll with glasses that a little girl can play with for hours at a time.

There are many different outfits of clothing for many occasions including Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Play Dates, Sleep Overs, Dancing and many more.

Click Here To See More Of...Mia With Glasses

Back At School!



Back at School! Our Little Wooden Doll has started back to school this week! So – it’s “goodbye” to summer fun and “hello” to homework again!

Wearing her school uniform for St. Adelaide School, LWD is all set to start her studies. She actually loves school and being with all her friends that she missed seeing during the summer.

Study hard, Little Wooden Doll!

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Blue Corduroy - White Heart


Blue Corduroy – White Heart! Our Little Wooden doll is sporting one of her favorite outfits today. She loves anything in corduroy but especially this dark blue one and it has a small white heart appliquéd to the bodice.

Click Here To See More Of Blue Corduroy - White Heart

Quilting Time



Quilting Time! Our Little Wooden Doll and her grandma will go shopping after school today for some fabric to make a new Christmas quilt!

Wearing her plaid dress with the stitched heart will definitely get her in the mood. One day, she hopes to quilt as beautifully as her grandma!

Happy Stitching!

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Autumn Leaves



Autumn Leaves! Little Wooden Doll’s mother made her this pretty autumn dress, getting ready for the Harvest Ball!

The dress is a long skirt and a bodice all adorn in many colored leaves. No doubt she will have to wear her shawl when that full moon starts to creep up the horizon!

Click Here To See More Of...Autumn Leaves

Day Camp



Day Camp! Our Little Wooden Doll is headed to French Park today with many of her girlfriends – for a day of great fun! They will go hiking, eating lunch at their little camp site and spend the rest of the day doing various activities, including making ‘sit upons”. Thanks to all those moms who are leading the way!

Summer is coming closer to an end and school will begin soon, so enjoy yourself sweet LWD and appreciate this exquisite (although hot) day!

Wearing her denim shorts and a plaid red and yellow smock, you will be very stylish, too! Don’t you love the rhinestones?

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Sunflower Girl



Sunflower Girl! Our Little Wooden Doll is all decked out in her ‘sunflower’ dress! Her Grandma has lots of sunflower plants in her back yard and they are taller than LWD!

This little dress is a warm yellow with sunflowers on the neckline and one solitary flower on the skirt!

Hey, Little Wooden Doll - will you and your Grandma be searching for sunflower seeds today?

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Happy Sunday - August 1st, 2010!


It's our Little Wooden Doll's official anniversary! One year ago today we began marketing and selling the three sweet little dolls. The dolls were actually completed in July; we had about 15 outfits by end of July and on August 1st, 2009 created the Etsy account. Today we have over 100 outfits! We also have a new 'wardrobe' and a few new dolls in the works - I can't wait for them to be finished - thought they would be done months ago, but one of the lessons I learned is that budgeting the money is tough!I thought the favorite doll would be "Angel" - she has the black hair with a pink band, but she actually turned out to be the least favorite! I have sold more of "Eva" - my brunette - than the other two. The favorite outfit is "Playing with the Baby Lambs" - it is a little denim jeans with a red bandana top outfit.In October, I will be at the Mercy Fest Craft Show, which takes place at the Immaculate Heart of Mary church - if you have the time, stop by. They have a wonderful selection of all kinds of items - especially great ideas for Christmas gifts.The Villager, in Mariemont Ohio, still carries the Little Wooden Dolls - it is a great shop right in the heart of Mariemont!Thanks to anyone who has supported me - it has been so much fun. The Little Wooden Doll is a combination of two favorite past times for me when I was young: I loved paper dolls and I loved making clothes for my real dolls! Watch for a post in the future - I still have some of those dolls and a few of the outfits that I made when I was (probably) about 10 years old! Trust me - Vera Wang has no worries!To Kelly - my most loyal blogger fan - thank you for all your kindness and your very creative comments about the outfits! And to Curg - my webmaster - you have found a new vocation! Thanks for helping and being technically savvy enough to get my website created and updated everyday!Hopefully sometime today, we will post the first outfit ever put on Etsy. I thought it was soooo cute at the time and now I just wonder what on earth I was thinking! It is time for a 'do over' for this outfit! The idea was pretty good - a little forest green outfit with a white apron for cooking - but the 'seamstress' wasn't at her best that day!Love to all of you!Diane"All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney[...]